Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fat Orange Woman Barred from Nightclub in Ireland

An Orange woman was turned away from a nightclub in Galway, in the west of Ireland for being too fat, then called the police. Every weekend fat women who go to the nightclub are called "sluts" because Galway men claim they are an eyesore and an embarrassment to Ireland. Others who are called "cows" have been ordered to be fat slobs in the privacy of their own homes and stay away.

Irish women are in denial about the extent to which they are overweight, according to Government research on obesity. 61 per cent of Irish women are overweight, but just over half of them see themselves as fat. The research was by a cross-Border agency involved in food safety in Ireland. Dr Cliodhna Foley-Nolan, director, said, “There is a big gap between perception and reality and that particularly relates to being overweight rather than those who are obese. It’s seen as someone else’s health problem or someone much heavier than you as an individual.”

The fat woman who was barred from the nightclub, said “I told them they were ridiculous and asked for the manager. He said they had received too many complaints from respectable Galway men about fat women. He ordered me to ‘go away home and lose some weight before you come back here again, fat bitches are bad for business.”

Having a waist size greater than 32 inches for an Irish woman is a sure sign she is carrying too much weight.

Safefood are presently running a hard-hitting, "Stop the Spread," campaign for fat bastards on TV, which is confronting Irish women in denial about their fat.

One Irish business man interviewed said, " To be honest I appreciate that some fat women enjoy being fat, but they simply eat too much and do not take enough exercise. I mean balanced weight is not rocket science, is it ?. Stuff too much food in your fat mouths ladies and you get fat, real fat. They should eat and exercise responsibly and then they could look half human, and not like whales. Ordinary Irish lads end up paying when obese women become a burden to their boyfriends and husbands for the medical services. It's irresponsible and that why more and more Irish men are going abroad for their women."

Dr Foley-Nolan says fatness was “unquestionably” the biggest health issue in Ireland, more serious than alcoholism and smoking cigarettes. The National Adult Nutrition Survey earlier this year that two thirds of women in the Irish free state were overweight. The numbers of fat women has increased considerably since 1990 with more and more Irishmen going abroad to get proper women.

Another Irish golfer interviewed, said, " Some fat Irish women might not like being fat, but sure to be honest, most of them need not be so fat, they are pure 100% lazy or often extremely greedy. I dont think its right to make fun of fat Irish women but they are a national disgrace. They are generally super overweight. The odd fat girl are good craic but they tend to have curves in the wrong places and not much craic in bed, where it counts."

The Nightclub manager when interviewed, stated, That his club had been overrun with behemoths covered in sequined tarp. We have to turn them away at the door. we tried setting high drink prices for fat women to provide a club free of muffin tops and frustrated whales. We had to try to stop young lads being hit by drunk fat frustrated girls, who are pathetic. Decent lads have been forced to call the police on these fat asses. There have been many complaints from decent lads, just out for a night of clean fun. This nightclub is a business. We do not exist for fat women who are unwanted whores with additional seventy pounds midsections. Deal with it ladies !."

The woman who called the police said, “I am disgusted he has the bloody nerve to say this. My companion, who is only a size 14 is not allowed in either."

However the manager said, "That Irish women are feckin outrageously, fat in a world of a fat epidemic!". He said, "Ireland has some of the fattest, drunk obnoxious donkey-sounding women in the world presently. Their fat arses, cross mouths and out of control drinking are seriously affecting the nightclub business. These fat women are not entitled to sex. My nightclubs is not just for “fun”. Sometimes its simply a meat market and my club has the choicest meat.

These glittery fat arses with blood pumping through their black hearts, come into my nightclub and I have to raise the music, so these loud women don’t sound so stupid. Then I find them, blowing some lads from respectable Irish families in the bloody men’s room. Only sickos have blowjobs from fat women in the men's room, when there are plenty of other perfectly decent women about. 

Their excuse when confronted, is that fat women give better head, as they are grateful to get anything at all but let’s get real, we’re talking about real people. Real people get hungry and when fat women get something in their mouth, half way through they are so greedy they take a bite. That’s why fat women aren’t allowed in my nightclub, they are a health hazards for the decent young men of Galway. Besides they are sluts but my club is not for garden variety sluts, not fat sluts and my clients want their women to be at least fuckable."
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