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Let the Pope Rot in Hell with his Apology for Child Rapists

The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse in Ireland was introduced
by the Irish Government, after 60 years of complaints and pressure, to
investigate the widespread abuse of children, from 1936 onwards. It is generally
known in Ireland as the "Ryan report," one of two official reports
last year, concerning child rape and abuse in Ireland, named after its presiding judge.

The Commission's report said, testimony had demonstrated beyond doubt,
that the entire system in Ireland, treated children more like prison
inmates and slaves than people with legal rights or human potential,
that church officials encouraged ritual beatings and consistently
protected child rapists along with paedophiles from arrest, in a "culture of
self-serving secrecy", and that government inspectors allowed chronic
beatings, rapes and humiliation.

Those children  raped and abused were, amongst other things, stripped,
beaten and raped by nuns, subjected to naked beatings in public,
forced into oral sex and even subjected to beatings, after failed rape
attempts by brothers. One of the children described, how they attempted
to tell nuns they had been molested by an ambulance driver, only to be
"stripped naked and whipped by four nuns to 'get the devil out of
you'". Another described, how they were removed from their bed and
"made to walk around naked with other boys whilst brothers used their
canes and flicked at their penis".Yet another, was "tied to a cross and
raped whilst the clergy masturbated at the side".

The abuse has been widely described along with Ireland's famine, as a
second Irish Holocaust. The abuse was said to be "endemic" across
Irish educational institutions.The Guardian newspaper, which is
outside Irish censorship control, described the abuse, as "the stuff of
nightmares", describing adjectives in the report as being chilling:
"systemic, pervasive, chronic, excessive, arbitrary, endemic".

Without doubt the Irish Catholic Church itself has been guilty of
very profound evil, as well as lots of its Irish ordinary laity, over a long
period of time. Essentially, the Roman Catholic Church is a political
organisation, whatever it might say on its trade description.
So here are some of the questions I have received, as a result of a
series of article in various publications about Irish Catholics,
mostly from people who have emigrated from Ireland, in disgust at what
they term, its  criminal, corrupt, rotten system both in the North and
the South of the island.

"How many more disclosures until Irish society understands that many
in the  Irish Catholic clergy have been running an international
paedophile ring masquerading as a religious organisation." - Sean

"How can anyone take the church seriously when it preaches family
values while at the same time knowingly covering up and protecting
these people and allowing their activities to continue." - Irish

"With more than 30,000 known victims so far in a small country, its
obvious that Irish women, mothers, sisters, etc., were also involved
in the cover up of rape of thousands of Irish children. Why are Irish
women, mothers in particular, so heartless ??." - Mary

"Why is this Church still allowed to be running any type of service
that involves children and adolescents?". - Philip

"In most organizations, the members of that organization, the public,
the government,  or people of good conscience would demand a
resignation in this instance of The Pope, The Cardinal of Ireland and
Gerry Adams. Is there something lacking in the Irish character. -

" If this was done by the employees of any large or private company,
the boss would have to resign. I wonder if the Pope will.??" - Fred

"Why are they above the laws !, Obviously the media, police,
politicians, legal system in Ireland have also been involved in a ring
of child rape and abuse.They say if you put a rotten apple in a
barrel, they all become rotten. Has all of Ireland become rotten?"-

"The establishment in both parts of John Bull's other island,
facilitated  the paedophile  and child rape rings of both the Catholic
Church and the Orange Order but it is actually the British who
organize most of the cover up see link for
details. The obvious question is why? loyalty?". - Richard

As an example of how the Roman Catholic paedophile enabling Empire,  works hand in glove with the occupying British Empire in Ireland, let's just remind ourselves what Gerry Adams, Ireland's best known Catholic politician, who negotiated a deal with the British, did, or more accurately, did not do. He admits he believes his then 14-year-old niece Aine  in 1987 she told him his brother Liam had raped her several times since she was four, yet he allowed him to work in youth groups right in the heart of his republican areas of west Belfast and  Dundalk. Adams said he told Clonard staff and the Dundalk youth centre about the allegations. Both Clonard and the Dundalk youth centres, say they are unaware of any allegations about Liam Adams during the many years he worked there. What is shocking is that if Gerry Adams did indeed speak to Clonard or Dundalk staff, he didn't continue to press the matter,which ravaged both his own family and posed a  risk to children in the heart of his constituencies as WEst Belfast member of parliament and President of his political party.

After the publication of the report above, Adam's party called for
society "to expose the wrong done to those children and ensure that
every step is taken to pursue the perpetrators and those who failed or
purposely refused to carry out their duties to protect children and to
investigate and prosecute criminals". For an MP not to follow through
on an alleged rapist working with children, is a disgraceful breach of
duty but after the news broke about Liam Adams, the party ceased
referring to child abuse and are now demanding that the Adams family
be left alone for what they now call a 'a private family matter'.

If Adams were in any other political party, in any vaguely democratic society,
he'd now be an ex-MP. To this very day, in Catholic Ireland, he remains
President of what is now called, 'Paedo Sinn Fein'  while his
colleague a newspaper publisher called Mairtin O Muilleoir, boasts on
British television that Adams would be elected with the  biggest
majority ever, in John Bull's other Island. Its probably the truth and a sizeable majority of them Irish Catholic parents.

What message will that send out to the currently active, thousands of child
rapists and paedophiles in Ireland?
What are they to make of the fact, that few journalists are asking
him hard questions?

The habit of the British controlled Irish media, going easy on compliant child
rapists, abusers, enablers and their apologists still persists, depite all of
the international outcry.

This Adam's example, shines a bleak light on a microcosm of the
heartless rotten culture of depravity and denial, in Ireland, that has not
just been occupied by the British Empire but also the corrupt Roman one for so
long. Ireland did not just endure a holocaust of a British engineered
famine, that wiped out two thirds of its population but a further
holocaust of rape plunder and pillage by Rome, that continues to this
very day. Irish Roman Catholic culture is obviously not genuinely
concerned about its children or the morality of contemporary corrupt Ireland.

The Adams story, as with priestly child rapists abusers and episcopal
cover-ups, is as much to do with power, as religion. Irish Roman
Catholic culture is intensely authoritarian and hierarchical, as is
obviously Adam's Provisional Sinn Fein, which demands unquestioning obedience
to its very Catholic leadership. A leadership that controls Catholic parents to the extent of offering up their children to rape and abuse. Resignations quite righly, are demanded of the
bishops, Cardinal and Pope. Why then aren't the mothers and fathers in
West Belfast and Sinn Fein demanding the resignation of Gerry Adams
for failing his niece and the children of republican youth clubs?

The Pope's Apology

One of the disquieting aspects around the sincerity of last Sunday's
apology by the Pope, to Irish victims, is how Rome behaved during a
very expensive second National inquiry to the one described above.

An Irish church leader likened the revelations in the second official report of
the Dublin archdiocese to “an earthquake deep beneath the surface
hidden from view”, contrasting starkly with the imperiousness and
discourtesy shown by the Vatican’s attitude to its Justice Murphy’s
Official commission.

Her team wrote to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF)
in September 2006 asking for information about a document or any
information about child abuse it received from Dublin. The CDF did not
reply. Instead headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger until he became
Pope Benedict XVI, contacted the Department of Foreign Affairs to
complain that the commission had not gone through the appropriate
diplomatic channels.

“The commission is a body independent of government and does not
consider it appropriate to use diplomatic channels,” the report
stated. Later the commission wrote to the Vatican’s ambassador to
Ireland, requesting all documents in his possession relevant to its
terms of reference. Again, there was no reply. The commission tried
again, it wrote to the papal nuncio enclosing extracts from a draft
report which referred to him and his office, as it was required to do.
That letter too met with silence.

In 2001, Pope John Paul II gave Ratzinger’s CDF responsibility for
handling investigations into child sex abuse. Ratzinger immediately
wrote to every bishop, reminding them that strict penalties would
apply to anyone who released details of allegations made against
priests. Ratzinger’s letter was relying on crimen sollicitationis, a
set of procedural laws, issued in 1922. Its requirements are that any
person making a complaint of abuse against a priest is required to
take an oath of secrecy. Breach of the oath is punished by excommunication.

According to the report: “It appears that both documents were
circulated only to bishops and under terms of secrecy. Each document
stated, that it was to be kept in a secret archive, to which only the
bishop had access. The commission has evidence that the 1922 document
was known to senior figures in the archdiocese of Dublin, especially
during the time of Archbishop John Charles McQuaid, and that, in the
words of one witness, it was a ‘well-thumbed’ document.”

Another document issued by the Vatican in May 2001 under the title
Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela. It signalled a new policy, requiring
all plausible allegations of abuse to be referred to the CDF then
under the present Pope in Rome.

“The commission has been informed that this policy was adopted in
order to ensure a co-ordinated and uniform response to allegations of
child sexual abuse against clergy throughout the Roman Catholic
world,” the report says. “The  chancellor, Monsignor John Dolan, gave evidence that the policy was subsequently modified, as Rome was unable to deal with the vast numbers of referrals.”

The Catholic Church believed that only canon law should have
jurisdiction over alleged child abuse by priests. “He rejected the
view that the archdiocese had any responsibility to report child
sexual abuse to the state authorities.” The report clearly
demonstrated the inadequacies of Irish law and the only response from
the Government since is a Blasphemy Law that enforces a jail term or
huge fine as a penalty on anyone with strong criticism causing offence
to institutions such as the Catholic Church in Ireland.
The apology by the Pop last Sunday, bearing in mind the seriousness of the offence, its widespread nature over a period of more than six decades, demand s more than just a few words. It requires evidence of sincerity in the form of restitution from the coffers of Rome to the victims, not from the collection plates of ordinary Irish people, who have already been asked to pay for this. This is evidence that the lessons have not been learned. Clearly the Catholic controlled politicians are carrying on business as usual without any new legislation.The de-humanized effects and results in the clearly damaged Catholic Irish psyche are clearly evidenced in modern Irish society every bit as much as the former damaged Zionist of Ratzingers fellow fascists. Let the Pope rot in hell along with his princes and politicians of child rape in Ireland and Rome until they show some form of genuine contrition.

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