Tuesday, 3 April 2012

English Tory Pervert Disturbs the Peace Ireland

Owen Paterson, has sent the traditional republican Marian Price back to jail because, he says, she breached the terms of the licence on which she had been released in 1980 from a life sentence for the March 1973 Provisional IRA bombing of London almost 40 years ago. But Marian Price was not actually on licence. She received a full royal pardon or “Royal Prerogative of Mercy” when she was freed in 1980 because she was on the brink of death after being force fed in an English prison.

Marian Price's lawyers insist that she had been freed by Royal pardon, not on licence, and that Paterson doesn't have the authority to overrule a pardon. They have demanded production of the document, so that its terms can be established. Paterson says that the only copy has been lost or shredded. Marian’s lawyer Peter Corrigan recently said at a crowded meeting in Belfast’s Conway Mill that this is the only time in the entire history of Royal Prerogatives of Mercy that a pardon has gone missing. Mgr. Raymond Murray, the veteran and most respected of human rights campaigner's said at the same public meeting, “You can draw your own conclusions.”

Eamonn McCann one of the World's leading civil right's campaigners wrote

" There are many people - by no means all of them sympathetic to Price's politics - who are quite prepared to disbelieve this.

Others will find it impossible to believe that a Secretary of State could supply incorrect and misleading information in a fraught and sensitive case. But, oh yes, he could.

But this is wild and wacky Northern Ireland, where normal rules don't apply, where due process is optional and, at the whim of a politician, where anything goes." 

"would appear to fall within the concept of perverting the course of justice".

Perverting the course of justice in both English and Irish law, is a criminal offence in which someone prevents justice from being served on himself or on another party. It is a common law offence carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. This un-elected, English arrogant, autocratic, pervert in Ireland, who has kidnapped Marian in her own land, by his own standards, without a fair trial, should be imprisoned for the rest of his natural life in an Irish prison and tortured in solitary confinement. The way the political temperature is rising in Occupied Ireland currently on the matter, there would be plenty of volunteers to administer it. 

Perverting the course of justice can be any of three acts:

1) Fabricating or disposing of evidence

2) Intimidating or threatening a witness or juror

3) Intimidating or threatening a judge

Also criminal are (1) conspiring with another to pervert the course of justice and (2) intending to pervert the course of justice.

Marian Price will probably die in a British prison without any trial, or sentence or even a release date and not even a date when the Parole Commission will review her case. She has been arrested twice and brought before a non-jury Diplock Court. A judge has ordered twice that she was no danger to the public and that she be released on bail, while having access to the same intelligence reports as Paterson. Each time this unelected arrogant English Tory Paterson overruled the judge, over ruled the terms of the royal pardon and ordered his other English paramilitary Baggot to kidnap her and intern Marian without trial in solitary confinement for more than 300 days after she had previously been force fed for 200 days by other English while shge was n hunger strike as a protesting political prisoner of conscience.

This English Tory pervert of the course of justice is disturbing the peace in Ireland .He has already broken the Weston Park terms of a so called peace process in Ireland, that was sold to republican activists, who were made to understand all political prisoners would be released unconditionally under the terms of the process. The Agreement as voted and sold to the Irish people has been broken in no uncertain terms and several key issues of human rights and civil rights have not been enacted or implemented. 

The reality is that the so called Peace Agreement in Ireland has been broken or well and truly buried by the British in no uncertain terms. Every thinking Irish republican or even the most neanderthal of nationalists knows, that the murder of Marian Price while politically interned, signals the absolute return of full scale war on the Irish people, who will once again be forced to defend themselves with the deadly consequence of what has been witnessed for the last forty years in Ireland from which seemingly the British have learned nothing.

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