Saturday, 28 April 2012

Green Day - Good Riddance to the Irish - Holocaust Version

Ghengis Paterson and Reichsführer-SS PSNI Baggot, the unelected, unaccountable, English warlords overseeing the British peace process in Occupied Ireland, have decided as a humane PR gesture, to allow children to sit beside the chimneys of the mortuary at Auschwitz, to bid farewell to their their Irish parents as they ascend into heaven. As was announced yesterday the British government plans gas the Irish in Germany after they lease their Auschwitz concentration camp as part of the solution to the Irish problem. The Irish children will be placed on top of the state of the art gas chamber called, "The Little Green House," a luxurious gassing facility with green smoke from the fine dust of the mortal Irish parents, ascend into heaven as the British sanitize Ireland by exterminating all of the remaining Irish.

Nazi-like British Sinn Fein plan to appropriate everything the Irish own, amounting to trillions of Euros. They also plan to confiscate all records relating to Irish investments, bank accounts, deeds and insurance policies. It is believed that Lord Muck and his power sharing partner of the family Robinson have already approached the British Government and will be requesting the Queen on her forthcoming visit, that all  insurance claims due on life insurance policies owed to the Irish by British companies, be paid directly to the Executive in Stormont, until any missing Irish policy holders can be located.

To further sanitize the process this modern form of gas genocide will be conducted, with high tech efficiency and friendly SS PSNI staff, have been instructed to assist the Irish holidaymakers, declared Reichsführer-SS PSNI Baggot's press secretary from London yesterday, assuring the public that all SS PSNI staff will be busy, working hard to ensure an enjoyable camp experience for the Irish genocide. Like the last engineered slaughter of an estimated 6.5 million Irish at the hands of the British Empire, it will not be permitted to call it genocide but simply an Irish cull, as was the case with famine last time Irish extermination was attempted.

It is understood  that Ghengis Paterson and Reichsführer-SS PSNI Baggot, are considering a cull of all of the 80 million Irish diaspora worldwide, based on the sheer scale of the green menace posed by the Irish, which threatens all of the free world at this time. The  'final Irish solution' is to be screened as a series by the BBC to also solve their problem of falling ratings with embedded pundits, commentary and spin doctors to ensure the world has a  thoroughly British take on proceedings. Whole families worldwide will be herded into their sitting rooms by the BBC world service, to watch lethal doses of the BBC on their TV screens, switched on by high-ranking BBC executives.

After many attempts of ethnically cleansing Ireland of its Irish inhabitants nuisnace, the plan by the two Englsih warlords was sold to the BBC to notch up some fantastic ratings with the new Irish series. A BBC spokesperson was quoted as saying, "To up our dying ratings, we realised what was required was something never done before, like  turning mass-killing of the Irish into mass-entertainment. The series will be called the Irish Internment of the Ghengis Paterson Reich. It will be very good box-office and it will save us from having to pay actors."

Like  the current short-sighted strategy of political internment in occupied Ireland, the British didn’t envision in their last Irish holocaust, bringing eager revolutionaries into the Young Irelanders, the Fenian Brotherhood or the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Those who died in the last Irish holocaust provided martyrs for Ireland's cause, to drive the British off Irish soil whatever the cost, by any means, which later gave birth to the contemporary Irish Republican Army. The great hunger as the last Irish holocaust became known, brought a harvest of death that is still with us in modern-day Ireland but then unaccountable english overlords like Ghengis Paterson and Reichsführer-SS PSNI Baggot wouldn't know or care much about that.

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