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                   Marian Price Ireland's Interned Aung San Suu Kyi

                      BURMA IRELAND "SAME SAME"

This small excerpt is from,  “The Grave of the Hundred Head”,  by Kipling after Burma on his way back to England in 1889. He and his friends made an unscheduled stop at Moulmein on the coast of Burma, where elephants, pagodas, tinkling bells, and a beautiful Burmese girl left a deep mark on Kipling. :

" When I die I will be a Burman, with twenty yards of real King’s silk, that has been made in Mandalay, about my body, and a succession of cigarettes between my lips. I will wave the cigarette to emphasise my conversation, which shall be full of jest and repartee, and I will always walk about with a pretty almond-coloured girl who shall laugh and jest too, as a young maiden ought. She shall not pull a sari over her head when a man looks at her and glare suggestively from behind it, nor shall she tramp behind me when I walk: for these are the customs of India. (From Sea to Sea, p. 221 line 19) "

With the global financial collapse and the  onrush of Armageddon at Olympic London 2012, I haven't been feeling myself lately. I'm recovering my strength here in bed in Aden the gateway to the former British empire, today I am reflecting on another of their former colonies, Burma, Maybe it's all the sexual innuendo in this blog, perhaps I need to explain a  little. My sleep patterns are disturbed, I still wake up in the middle of the night wondering about things like the meaning of the great cosmic game and what exactly do geopolitics have to do with my existential void? I ask myself about Olive and Pui,  it's all so confusing and even though they are aware its an open relationship sort of thing. So many conflicting points of view and ideologies these days its difficult keep it simple if you know what I mean. I have a confession to make which I haven't told Olive or Pui about because they haven't noticed.

Now the Aung San Suu Kyi conflict thing in Burma, was always a big issue with me and I couldn't wait for the sanctions to be lifted so I could visit Rangoon, Thankfully they are, so I visited last month before our protest trip on the Galway Whooker to Olympic London 2012 . There was a spring in my step as soon as I landed. Some old beggar in my face didn’t upset me and I I gave him something small, It felt good, I used to be a beggar myself years ago. Now don’t laugh, after Olive and Pui I never thought it would happen again, if I am honest. Some people say I'm a hard bastard, particularly after I split up with my wife, I was not in the mood. I’m not totally daft if that’s what your thinking, I’ve read a few books on Burma and researched Rangoon before I came and I heard all the stories. You can call me cynical but I know how to have fun emerging world or not. Ok I know what you’re thinking, taking advantage and no fool like an old fool right ? 

But believe me first bar in Rangoon, first woman but she really is different.  Now I have a friend who has known me a long time, who says I would get upon a frog...hmm is he really a friend? It started  the way it usually does. She comes to sit with me, gorgeous!, I buy her a drink not really thinking much and she just sits there looking right at me. I’d just had a blow job yesterday so I was n’t  really looking for action but I hadn’t any objections either. So here we go again I'm thinking, another night in an Asian city, ladies, drink, bar-fine, hotel, shower, blow job, usual shag but when I actually got her on the bed something odd happens. She has nice tits, a very nice ass, with perfectly cute puss but the way she looks at me does something. I cannot explain but I instinctively know it's not a one off. 

Next day when we wake up she says it spontaneously. "You nice man. I want to stay with you." So my cynical part is thinking, more buffalo... old mum hospital...boyfriend up the street. “I have no family in Yangon." She says,  So I ask a few questions and she tells me she’s just arrived in Yangon from Mon state. She’s living with some girls, she does n’t particularly like and would it be ok if she stayed with me until she gets sorted. I ask her how much she wants and she says ‘up to you’. So I take her for noodle soup and I watch her look around the place. The way she’s looking, I can tell she is straight off the farm. She still hasn’t asked me for any money for last night. Before we leave I pass her a large banknote. She gives me a thank you gesture, tucks the money away and I put her in a taxi.

I go looking  around the city but I change me mind because I can’t concentrate. To cut a long story short I took a bit of a nap in the afternoon but when I wake up I'm thinking about her. Part of me knows this is stupid but another part says so what? Right so here we go again and as I get near her bar she’s already seen me. Her smile lights up the plaza, she comes over, I give her a hug, not too obvious. There is a problem however. A couple of guys down the bar are watching. One has got his eye on her and this is what I don’t like. Anyone with a bit of money can phuck her. I ask her why she likes me and I can see she does n’t really like answering questions like this but she says, ‘You like father me.’ That's fair enough, I can be sugar daddy no problem but  she know I like that little furry thing between her legs. I pay a bar-fine again. Is this artificial and sincere at the same time like we can talk about love and peace but underneath everyone there is a darker side with sympathy for the devil and I can feel the evil rising. 

Olympic London 2012  Richard tells me will be, Yanks, Arabs, Pakis, Poles, Chavs, 4x2s you name it and he especially can’t stand the flash City types he calls ‘getters’. When Richard gets a bit much we switch to the future time, AD, dated from the discovery of the Book Of Richard. What’s left of the UK exists on a little island pf communities where the people speak in tongues.This world is ruled by a geyzer called Livingstone III,  the night sky is called dashboard, children ride "motos" and food is called curry. There’s some good laughs in it too but after a while it gets zany and it’s nice to switch back to the real world where the characters are more believable. Writing about London these days is not easy, its a dump.

Where was I ? Oh yes I was telling you about Fon, I was paying her bar fine for about a week. We usually stay in bed till around midday, got some noodles and maybe did a bit of shopping. Then she trotted off and I would see her in the evening at the bar.  Life is odd, you think when you find someone special that’s the end right? But it’s a beginning too and I do love Olive and Pui. I get too philosophical sometimes or maybe Fon’s right. I just think too much. I would never meet a woman like her in Ireland in a million years. First off, Irish women these days are all mouth and very fat. Fat, noisy, pushy but maybe I'm talking about what you mostly find in the pubs these days. A lot of Irish lads are amazed when they come to Asia to find women like Fon. You get some rough ones here also but a woman like Fon can work in a bar, be polite, ladylike and make a lad feel good. It just seems to come naturally to Asian women. Most of them don’t even realize how cute they are. 

I love Ireland but I now love Asia too. The sex is great and there is no hurry but just lying in bed with her is cool too and watching the way she folds her clothes and rinses out her panties. I love the way she lets me look at her body when we’re having sex but she is still quite shy, dressing behind a towel. I ask her what she wants and she says ‘I want velly good man’. She is not really a bar girl at all or what I mean is she’s not really on the game, I go through the options but to telling the truth is all I can do these days. I can keep paying her barfine but that’s daft. How long can two people live in a hotel room anyway ? My visa’s up in a few days and then what? It just started,  I can’t blame her, If it was n’t  me it would be some other bloke.... just sitting there like fruit on a tree,,,but like Adam and Eve  I didn’t have to pick the fruit. So how will it end?Anyway I go to the bar one evening and no Fon . I mention it casual like to one of her friends. ‘Fon she go village,’ I catch my plane out of Rangoon next day.

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