Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Secret Night Vision Photo Exposes Martin McGuinness Secret Handshake of the Queen of England

A secret republican unit, after performing secret surveillance on Hillsborough Castle tonight, finally observed their two targets, while at the same time remaining almost invisible, so no one could see them taking a night vision photograph of the former Provisional IRA commander, actually kissing the hand of the Queen of England, with head firmly bowed in submission. The occasion was meant to be actually a handshake of top secret priority, with the photographs meant to be kept secret under the British Officials Secret Act for decades to come.

The secret republican unit monitored the suspects with night vision despite poor visibility. It was very difficult because of weather conditions and confusing in the sense of mistakenly monitoring different persons. They managed to successfully get a secret night vision photo, because they had very good quality night vision equipment. Every professional republican unit and head hunters, use night vision equipment to secretly navigate, observe and spy at night.They also used night vision goggles and scopes in their operational activities. The unit were surprised to find that many of the Queen's entourage were actually laughing at Martin McGuinness kissing the Queen's extended hand.

Initially in their surveillance they used night vision scopes or night vision monoculars.They made it easy to deal with getting back to a normal view. Because the operation required secret spying activities, while sneaking up on McGuinness and his Queen, to take the photos of the supposed top secret handshake, which turned out to be a rather old fashioned submission  ceremony with head bowed by the former republican to his Queen.Then constantly monitoring the suspects, while making good their escape, while at the same time using night vision binoculars and goggles, they made good their escape back to their base in South Armagh. It is expected that the British will arrange another photo-op, to hide their embarrassment at such a major breach in the Queen's security.

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