Wednesday, 20 June 2012


London’s radiation and social problems, associated with Londons 2012 Olympics and the Queen's jubilee, will be swept under a giant carpet of smugness this Summer. London’s new piggy rich will scramble to ingratiate themselves with royal privilege, while politicians will ride the tide of distraction from real social issues The corporate media of the City of London will carefully choreograph imagery for the commoners like the old Roman empire did with their games for the plebs.

Things are not good in the UK just now, where just a stone's throw from the Olympic stadium, serious social deprivation in Newham, matches the inner city decay of the north of England, without any of the sense of national togetherness, that the establishment would like to portray. As one of the the extremely poor areas of the UK, there is very little this Olympic locality has in common with the Olympic Village, never mind the elite Jubilee Queen and her hangers on.

While Britain’s super-rich in the City of London have increased their wealth during this recession, the combined wealth of its 1,000 wealthiest people this year, £414billion, up 4.7 per cent on last year, while the rate of poverty in London is 28 per cent of its total population. Over one million Londoners now live in extreme low-income families, where despite at least one adult working, there is an increase of 60 per cent in poverty, in the last decade.

Despite well-documented connections between deprivation, inequality and social problems, the corporate media propaganda that last August’s riots were an outbreak of “sheer criminality” is now widely accepted. This smugness may very well come back and bite during the Olympics and Jubilee celebrations. Outbreaks of looting tend to occur in cities just a little too smug about their reality. London’s establishment are both smug and in serious denial about its increasingly vicious inequalities. A Dutch inner city expert Vantisphout after a visit to London had this to to say:

“The reality of urban riots is that they have always turned out to be the opposite of a learning experience for a city. Riots have nearly always resulted in politicians simplifying the problem even more, and citizens looking away even further.” So for the politicians the Jubilee and Olympics are a wonderful distraction, with the message from the aristocracy to the commoners, not to worry about the privatisation of their health service or worry about poverty, with its numerous accompanying social problems> Just clap your hands, smile, clap your hands and smile some more, stiff upper lip, blitz spirit and all that !.  So for the powerful these are very welcome diversions from serious problems.

The Diamond Jubilee marks 60 years of the Queen’s reign, with the Olympics between 27th July to 12th August. it is said that when the Queen was told about the extreme poverty in Britain and told that Lord Muck of Londonderry, was waiting in British Occupied Ireland with bated breath, to go down on his knees, amid even greater poverty where there id often nothing to eat to celebrate her jubilee, that she replied, "LET THEM EAT ARSEBISCUITS."

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