Monday, 23 July 2012

Breaking News London 2012 - Olympian MI-5 Whistle-blowers

The Internet is currently rife with speculation, that a false flag at the London Olympics starting om July 27 will be used as a pretext for war. Information presented on this blog are for discussion purposes only and I do not endorse or work with any of its authors, The following is a quote, posted by a truther on July 13, 2012.

"There will be at least two or more sets of combined disasters. They will include acts of staged terrorism, artificially constructed “natural” disasters, and either a possible air raid by a foreign fighter jet (from another Muslim country that needs to be destroyed?!?!) penetrating England’s Air Defense and dropping what seems to be an earthquake bomb (T-12) onto the Olympic stadium or any other venues where there will be a massive gathering of spectators.

The most probable targets are as follows
•    Big Ben (100% likelihood)

•    6 major locations in the London underground subways  (100 % likelihood)

•    Olympic Stadium – possible air raid and bomb dropped from the sky on crowds(100% likelihood)

•    London Bridge and Tunnels underneath the Thames River but made to look like its natural or due to a faulty and collapsed undersea and subterranean path (95% likelihood) – perhaps make it look like an earthquake has struck which resulted in the flood by the ejection of the tunnels! Let us not forget that Anubis, the God of Death was paraded on the Thames river on October 3rd 2007, a few months after the “Zion 2012″ logo was revealed to the public!
Another manufactured environmental terrorist attack was attempted underneath the Thames river before on July 6th 2007, shortly before the London bombings were executed by Mi-5 and Mossad in a joint operation.
•    Trafalgar Square (80% likelihood – British intelligence agent Tom Cain nee David Thomas hinted it out!!!)

•    Buses and Bus/Subway Terminals (75% likelihood)

•    Bio-chemical agents and/or viruses will be released into public venues thereby spreading artificially created pandemics and epidemics, resulting in mass casualties.

•    Various Olympic venues where spectators will gather and any other popular public facilities (60-70% likelihood)

•    Random car bombs may go off in public venues (50% likelihood). If you see isolated black/white cars, black/white vans (away from other vehicles) in public locations near crowded areas – then there is a possibility that these are Mossad car bombs.
There are expected to be seven bombs in all. Six regular bombs built with military grade explosives (RDX?!?) and one mega or nuclear bomb. One of the main locations and transportation terminal is Stratford, underneath which a massive bomb has already been placed.

On June 6th (6-6) 2012, the underground in that terminal was closed citing security concerns and exploding pipes as an excuse. Were they rigging the underground with explosives that day?


Important heads of states, especially from Western countries are avoiding the Olympics.A whistle blower by the name of Ben Fellows has had threats made to his life after infiltrating, investigating, and exposing the London Olympics for the security failures that they had.He also mentioned 200 thousand linen caskets capable of holding up to a million dead bodies had been brought into London.

All metal and explosive detectors had been turned off or were malfunctioning and it would be very easy for spies and terrorists to stage massacres. His emails to authorities were totally downplayed as being of no significant concern – suggesting that important individuals with life-saving decision making capabilities are engaging in purposeful criminal negligence. An example of one such individual is Andy Davies – Channel 4 News Home Affairs Correspondent.

The city of London was once the capital of not only the United Kingdom, but much of the British Empire as well. To understand why they would want to destroy London, one can only assume and speculate that it is due to the fact the city has possibly become of no use to them."

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