Sunday, 15 July 2012

CENSORSHIT SECRETS of Olympics London 2012

The Sex Pistols have turned down a request by the organizers to perform at the closing ceremony of the upcoming London Olympics. Johnny Lydon says the reason is due to censorship.

"They came after us for that, but their approach was wrong," says Lydon. "Censorship mattered more than the content of the Pistols. If you're going to be celebrating what is great about Britain, the honesty of the Sex Pistols is one of those things. If you censor the words of any one song, you're killing the honesty and I couldn't tolerate that. From my point of view we said we didn't want nothing to do with them. Such is the world we live in." 

Its a criminal offence to use the words Games, Gold and Summer or photo of London sky. The reason to protect the profits of Olympic sponsors.Accredited journalists allowed walk in the Olympic Park with an overbearing police intimidation to the point that London is going to host not just the Paralympics but also paramilitary Olympics. It's permanent lockdown.Britain after a 40year experiment criminalizing everyday speech in British Occupied Ireland now have extended the lockdown of the English language to coverage of the Olympic Games with serious punishment for those who speak freely.

The British Government granted huge concessions in legislation that breaks the principle of both free speech and equality before the law. giving privileges to the Olympics and its sponsors at the expense of the public. The Games’ organizers can control the use of words  which may or may not associated with the Games. Bans are also in place on the use of the words Olympic, rings, motto, logo, etc, with the organizers appropriating other ordinary word.Its illegal to use two or more words from List A: ‘Games’; ‘Two Thousand and Twelve’; ‘2012’; and ‘twenty twelve’ and join it with one or more words from List B: ‘Gold’; ‘Silver’; ‘Bronze’; ‘London’; ‘medals’; ‘sponsors’; and ‘summer’. Common nouns are now private property.

Article 10 of the Human Rights Act protects free speech, but the British judiciary and certainly the British Government ignored it. The Olympic Games of London 2012 will provide plenty of evidence for anyone paying attention that Britain is a country where freedom of speech is mouthed in theory but suppressed  in reality as in human rights. This time the whole world will be watching as the British intolerant regime  men push their censoriousness envelope from British Occupied Ireland to a record-breaking Olympic worldwide extreme.

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