Wednesday, 8 August 2012

41 Year Anniversary Ongoing British Torture Internment Occupied Ireland

London 2012 may be, where the Olympic Games are happening but it is also probably the capital, of world wide human rights abuse. Right now Marian Price is dying in internment torture without trial, as a political prisoner of conscience. She has been force fed for more than 6 months of a hunger strike and tortured in solitary confinement for almost a year, an Olympian feat by an standards of resistance, in the context of being interned without trial 41 years, after the introduction of internment into her life experience, with two judges ordering her release, along with the queen of England. They have however been overruled by an even darker, secret force, with a record of sadistic low intelligence in Ireland but a law unto themselves only.

Forty one years ago in the early hours of the 9th August 1971 British soldiers introduced internment without trial, by kicking in the doors of hundreds of Irish homes at 4.A.M in the morning. Internment torture has been used by the British Government in British Occupied Ireland, in every decade since the creation of their sectarian based scum state, to suppress any form of genuine political opposition. Internment since the creation of British Occupied Ireland has happened in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s  and today as another Irish woman called Marian Price is dying, while many other republican suspects are imprisoned without trial. Despite the spin of a peace process the reality is a police state without due process ran on injustice, sponsored sectarianism and British bigotry.

The secret services relied on faulty intelligence with the British Army kidnapping 342 men. The intelligence was totally inaccurate and most of those arrested had no connections with paramilitary organizations. Others while progressive minded, in belief were not active for decades.Prominent Civil Right's members and in some instances in Armagh the British Army ripped the area apart trying to find and kidnap people who were dead for more than 4 years.Intelligence rlied then and now on paid informers who would say anything to collect their beer and drug money, resulting then and now on totally inaccurate intelligence. British alienation from the community created a huge intelligence gap in their files then as it does now. Intelligence was so far off the mark that within 2 days the British were forced to release 116 of those kidnapped by the British. So it is with internees like Marian Price and Martin Corey today.

Internment and British torture were so much part of the Irish Republican experience, that they preempted it accordingly. No Loyalists were arrested in the initial operation, despite the UVF being active with British sponsored sectarian murders since 1966. The first Loyalist internees were not kidnapped until 1973. The reaction of the community was rage, reinforced with news of barbaric British torture of the internees. This rage increased support for the IRA and started a campaign of civil disobedience that was supported by everyone in the nationalist community.British brutality in the internment centres and internment was seen as communal punishment to humiliate. The result was a backlash of violence across British Occupied Ireland.

In an  IRA press conference on the 13th August, Joe Cahill, the Officer Commanding Belfast IRA stated that internment had had no effect on IRA structures and would continue.The ranks of the IRA were swollen with volunteers after the introduction. In the remainder of August 1971 after internment was introduced, 35 people were killed, more than the total for the previous 6 months.With the impending death of Marian Price currently dying interned in British Occupied Ireland the IRA has been reorganized and volunteers are said to be flooding into its ranks.

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