Friday, 15 February 2013


Rape child survivor Fiona Doyle has said, she may take legal proceedings against her mother for not protecting her from her father.
Speaking with Pat Kenny on Ireland's RTÉ Radio One, she said, she may take legal action against her mother who  had instead protected her father, who had sexually raped her for 10-years.
When asked if Ms Doyle was tempted to bring her mother to court, she said: “Those doors are not closed yet. I’m hoping to do something.
“To find a particular law that she can be done on, will be difficult… We’re not accepting this behaviour from men abusing children and we’re not going to accept it from women either.”
Ms Doyle said she will not be visiting her father, Patrick O’Brien, in jail  who is 72 and was sentenced to 12 years jail last month, with nine suspended. The Director of Public Prosecutions is appealing the leniency in sentencing Mr O’Brien.
“I was so desperate to have it recognised that I was telling the truth," Ms Doyle said. "The main thing is to get them parents to realisze the extent of what they both did to me.” 
With hundreds of thousands of children raped in ireland, the outstanding question of what the mothers are doing in the meantime, is emerging as a key question not just about Irish women but women in Britain too, following the BBC cover-up of Jimmy Savile's rapes as well. The BBC is known as Auntie Beeb but Aunts are another days matter!
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