Saturday, 2 March 2013


Marian Price Rally Friday the 8th of March 2013

A Rally in Coalisland on International Women’s Day the 8th March, will be held at the Civil Rights Monument, Main Street at 7.30pm. 

There has been considerable British disinformation, with regard to this event, to confuse and divide supporters of Marian, who has been politically interned without trial (as far as her lawyers are aware) for almost two years in British Occupied Ireland. 

She will be spending her second International Women’s Day, in an isolated hospital unit, after previously tortured in solitary confinement. She was also  previously on a hunger strike, that lasted over 200 days, being force fed for 167 of them.

Put aside party politics, whether you are woman, child or man, show your solidarity with Marian Price, with one United Irish and female International voice on International Women's Day, FREE MARIAN PRICE NOW !. 

The rally is organized by the non-aligned Free Marian Group in Coalisland, who will also hold an exhibition afterwards, to pay tribute to all women who suffered injustice, degradation and denigration as Irish republican prisoners of British colonial occupation.

For people travelling to Coalisland from Belfast, a bus will leave Conway Mill at 6 pm.

ALL International Support ! regardless of sex, race, creed or political party are very welcome !

Marian Price Mural on International Wall Belfast
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