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SINEAD O'CONNOR Not Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society?

It is No Measure of Health to be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society

By Sinead O'Connor

October 18, 2013 "Information Clearing House - 
  There are no media which block mockery of those perceived to be (whether mistakenly diagnosed by media, or otherwise ) mentally ill. They do not care to recognise how dangerous it is to do so.
It isn’t for me that I have been willing to keep putting my head above the parapet, and willing to keep getting the fucking shit kicked out of me.. as I do on the issues of mental health or child abuse. It’s because PEOPLE GET BULLIED WHEN MEDIA DON’T EDIT RESPONSIBLY AND PEOPLE DIE BECAUSE OF THAT BULLYING. (See Miley letter 4 on my site for suicide statistics.)
When editors do not act responsibly on the issue of mental health their readers kill themselves.
That’s the bottom line. Media create everyone’s reality. They create the world as we see it. The music. Who’s a lunatic. Who is sane. Who exactly are media to be allowed define what is sane?
Is having the close up HD slow fuckin motion face of Gaddafi being shot off on the front page in massive technicolor on all the bottom shelves of news stores so that every child in the universe can see it, sane?
Is that a sane practice? No. Did Britney Spears ever do anything like that? No. She fuckin’ didn’t.
Because she is a lady, not a whore for blood. She got made crazy by the media when there was fuck all wrong with her BUT the media. She got Kafka’d.
That’s what happens to her fans then. Those that love her won’t be inspired by her to be their beautiful selves. It doesn’t suit media’s idea of the future that young people grow up to make the world a loving place. So media fuck up the young people’s heroes. Then the young people are afraid.
And what’s the worst thing to be called? What is it everyone’s so afraid of? Being either considered ” crazy” or actually being “crazy”. And why is that such a terrifying thing to be considered? Because “Crazy” people get treated like shit. Not with love, which is what one’s grandmother would expect of one, in the presence of a person afflicted with a disability of any kind.
But as Krishnamurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”. If people like Fowler and the other irresponsibly murderous-tongued media are sane, then I really wanna be crazy thanks. Because you know what? It’s not me going round killing people it’s media.
I recommend all readers to my website wherein you will find a link to a British information pack on mental health advocacy and human rights.
When the afflicted are mocked they die. When their heroes are mocked by their perceived mental afflictions, they die. Not the heroes, they never die, that’s the sad part. It’s the afflicted.
They have to hide. It’s like trying to walk up the street with two broken legs and make sure you walk like normal because if you don’t, people will come and smash up your legs and laugh about it when you scream. And no one will defend you.
That is why I consider I myself the defender of the mentally ill. I myself am not in fact mentally ill.
I have been the subject of a mis-diagnoses, which came about by a doctor who never met me, who on the phone to a general practitioner who was meeting me for the first time, said “from what I read about her in the papers I’d say she is bipolar”.
It suited me to believe it. The fact was I had a baby 5 months previously and his father didn’t want to know him. I was severely distressed by this and had taken myself to the doctor to say I was feeling depressed and not feeling like myself.
I have over the last three years, had three ‘second opinions’ in consultation with three hospitals.
The last results were in the last 6 weeks. All have confirmed that I never did have bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed by media. Because I’m the type of woman that media wouldn’t want being a hero. Because it doesn’t suit them to have women feel strong. And so they’ll use other women. Who’ll write venom about women. Kafka again.
Any woman who might inspire others to be themselves at any cost and to believe that there is a God despite religion, who can be called upon to immediately intervene, when people recognise that religion has them talking to the wall, has to be ‘crazied’. It’s been that way from creation.
I’m honoured to be one in an ancient historic line. Of female spiritual soldiers. Soldiers, not ladies, so don’t gimme any of the “If you’re not a fucking saint and perfect you can’t be a spiritual soldier” shit. Google Jesus mashing up the fucking temple.
I’m willing to fight on behalf of those who are not able to defend themselves, using all I have learned from being treated as the mentally ill are treated. My relentlessness in seeking human rights laws be APPLIED to the mentally is not going to cease. The mentally ill are amongst the most extremely vulnerable of this earth.

When can crazy stop being a term of abuse?

DrS· 8 hours ago
Where is civility and respect?

Where is balance and moderation?

Where is rationality/reason?

There is a great need for tolerance and sensitivity.

Surely citizens can agree to disagree all the while being civil to one another??
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Jackie Blue· 6 hours ago
Everyone is "mentally ill". I've never, not once, met someone considered "sane". "Sane" people don't exist.
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Human Right· 6 hours ago
No doubt a culture lives under the information given it by the media. Much like the Roman Catholic control of Europe for 1500 years where people were told the world was flat, when, in fact, many voyages to the Americas had proven otherwise. Anybody that questions the information of the culture will be in big trouble.
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bonobo bobo· 6 hours ago
Don't remember selecting you Jackie, to be my spokeperson !
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frank scott· 5 hours ago
blessings sinead...

we should all be so "crazy"...

and thanks.
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ulysees· 4 hours ago
Thanks to you Dearest Sinead... Love to you and your strength for your words for your Love... you're timeless an immortal
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dahszil· 4 hours ago
The worst thing of being labled as mentally is getting what well adjusted people say is treatment because they love you. That treatment today rests on the injection or forced pill popping of drugs that are the most inhumane, torturous, deadly and life shortening on earth. These drugs that make people who are merely different into the suffering walking dead are called neuroleptics:abilify, seroquel, haldol, et al. Indeed the so called mentally are the most abused by authority, and unwittingly by "normal persons", on earth.
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Dean· 4 hours ago
A smile, a kind word can ease the hell, those through no fault of their own find themselves. Give a little. You got a lot to spare. She walks around the neighborhood in 60 degree weather in a winter coat with the hood pulled up tight over her head. Sitting out getting some sun and reading I decided to wave and see if I could elicit a smile on her serious face. "If you smile at me I will understand because that is something everybody everywhere does in the same language"
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Brother Stein· 3 hours ago
She read R D Laing.

 Brian Clarke
My favourite people are crazy! If you are poor, you are called MAD, if rich, ECCENTRIC ! People that matter, don't mind and those that mind, don't matter !
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