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The Liars of Labour have hit Irish mothers four times since 2008 over children’s allowance. Each cut for each child, to help feed them, shoe & clothe them, pay for school costs, pay for the heating by gas and electric, one of the highest priced in Europe, pay for everything needed to make sure they are healthy and clean has been cut another €58 a month. Add it all up on top of the increased bills from Labour in government seeing to it that €696 a year has been additionally taken from the mothers of Ireland on top of three other cuts beforehand.

After taking away hundreds again last year, they have also slapped on additional bills and taxes, charges, levies,and still Labour TD’s expect ordinary people to come up with more and more money as more people are pushed deeper into debt and some eventually homelessness? 300,000 Irish people are officially in debt over their electric bills alone. A modest home will in the coming year pay a household tax, a water-charge tax, a “media charge”.Pay more for drugs, pay for a bin services charge, pay more in PRSI, pay. pay... pay...

For everyone the following is what kicked in automatically as regards cuts and charges since Labour came into Government.:
PRSI changes
The reduced rate of Universal Social Charge for those over 70 with an income in excess of €60,000 will be discontinued;
Child benefit payments will be cut by €10 per child for the first and second child, and by €18 for the third child;
The rates of both VRT and Motor Tax across all categories will increase;
Capital acquisitions tax increase and threshold reduction;
Capital gains tax changes for farm land;
The increase in the Prescription levy from 50c to €1.50;
Excise duty on the purchase of vehicles;
The 19 per cent reduction in respite carer grants;
Reduced payment periods for jobseeker benefit claimants.

 All the Labour Liars operate under the fraudulent title of PR, highly paid by Irish Labour government politicians, while Irish voters are hit in their in the pocket and in their bank accounts paying individually hit again and again and again, picking up the bill. Meanwhile they hear on the TV & radio new words daily of state propaganda from Labour TD’s while every time they go to try pay a bill and are immediately reminded that the same TD’s are liars in reality have been chopping and chopping, bit by bit at the money that is supposed to help them get through life.

Rather than have it have it against their name that Labour was responsible for the stopping of the children’s allowance, they have cleverly decided to chop and chop and chop away at it instead with excuse after excuse while at the same time upping their own salaries, pensions and expenses again .

If it was just the childrens allowance, some mothers might accept with reluctance, the cuts. However Labour – yes, the party that is supposed to represent the average person, employed officially or not has seen to it that a lot of very ‘red-line’ core items they swore to protect for the vulnerable, to put it bluntly, Labour has lied about doing so and gone very back on the very basic, clear words they spoke prior for years and during election, but according to a top Labour Minster ‘Isn’t that what they do at election time?’

The reality is that Labour have lied on just about everything. from paying off bond-holders. The graph below will give a very quick glimpse as to what they have lied on, exposing them as bare faced liars on their very words said previously:


Labour members, ministers and TDs can now go back to their constituencies, hang their head with shame and face their own personal families, for their have shamed themselves and stained their family name for ever more as blatant liars. They have joined the Irish disgusting double standard lies that is now a part of Irish political history.Each of their families now has to face the rest of the people in their local area knowing that they, the rest of the public know that there is a disgusting, blatant, u-turning liar in their family and sadly know of the shame that bring down upon the rest of the family name.

Labour TDs now qualify for their lifetime pensions. Thats right, when you serve in office for just two years as an elected TD, you then get another massive pension for life, on top of your already standard state pension that you qualify for upon reaching old age. The difference this time is that once a TD leaves office no matter what age, their TD pension kicks in! If they chose, they no longer have to work for the rest of their lives. Multiple pensions are already stacked up by Gilmore and his cronies on top of their still current huge wages, expenses and perks.

Each Labour party member amid other reasons, has sold their soul away for the sake of getting over the two year elected point after which they are ‘on the pigs back’ for life!, a period in time that then qualifies them for a lifetime pension off the state of Ireland. In the meantime they have gone back on the VERY BASIC red line principles which they did previously stand for since the founding of the Labour party under Jim Larkin – who today is rolling in his grave possibly with disgust! The now traitors in his once great party – not any longer – will keep him rolling for some time. Labour CANNOT be trusted. They cannot be trusted in any way, shape or form. By their own words, anything they say at election time counts for NOTHING, they will lie to get your vote!

We have Labour TD’s now that are virtually gone into hiding, not confirming to their very local people that they have been elected to represent, where or when they might be in at their constituency offices. They are ducking and diving away from been seen on public streets, some from their very own family and only emerge in groups together en-mass as to provide protection and a support boost for one another. Cowardice for labour TD’s has become the mainstream street tactic.

Lets be honest though – who can blame them! They have lied to their local people, they have lied to the nation and they have lied to their very inner Labour ground supporters – the people who got them to where they are, sop to reap the pensions, perks and increasing expenses. Labour is doomed for the long foreseeable future because quite simply now, no matter what they say, they simply CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

Besides the much seen cowardice ranging from facing the public on the streets and avoiding cameras, besides the cowardice of caving continuously to Fine Gael who continue to equally look after themselves and their mates, besides the cowardice in trying to hide behind others and other pitiful excuses for the stuff that has come about – what’s the read reason that labour is doomed at the next election?

Every time a person goes to stick their hands in their pockets, to check their savings to see if their is enough money to pay a bill or even pay for a pint that now has become a definite luxury, they are reminded that Labour cannot be trusted – and Joe Soap is paying the price for it!

That is why Labour is doomed. They have taken HUGE amounts of money from an already struggling people, they have additionally put HUGE bills on their heads and at the next TV sound-bite, speech or election – they just CANNOT BE TRUSTED. They have shown themselves to be complete u-turn artists but even worse – complete liars.

Every time a mother, a dad, a worker, an unemployed person, a saver, a taxpayer daily has to pay a bill, it’s a reminder of what the Labour Party has done and how far they have sunk in credibility - thus the party is doomed for years, if not decades to come. Labour have become the new most hated party in the state including a lot of once staunch Labour voters – the comments centre around the same sentiment now “Good riddance to bad rubbish“. Indeed, I have to agree! Its going to be fun when they try speaking at the next election for nothing now a Labour TD or candidate says, can be trusted at all.
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