Tuesday, 18 March 2014


The BBC aspires to be a worldwide news service, but the BBC is in fact a liar for the empire City of London. The BBC a despicable paedophile organization, believes its propaganda is justified with a prejudiced “exceptional, indispensable” right to determine the fate of all peoples.

Just look here:http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26606097

Contrary to the people in the Crimea actually voting, the BBC disputes the referendum along with  other anti-democratic forces that are not voting, such as the Obama regime, its puppet UK government and the media prostitute BBC ministry of propaganda.

Lets look as these BBC lies;

Lie: “Many Crimeans loyal to Kiev boycotted the referendum, and the EU and US condemned it as illegal.”

Fact: More than 80% voted with a vote of 96% to break with Ukraine. So how could it make any difference? The BBC doesn’t care. The BBC whores for empire. Let’s suppose that the 20% who did not turn out would all have voted against rejoining Russia. That 20% together with the 4% who did vote not to rejoin Russia could give a vote of 24% against and 76% for. So despite the liars of the BBC’s dishonest attempt, to suggest it was not a majority vote, it would have made no difference whatsoever if the vote had been 100% instead of 80%.

This is part of the same British logic, which in 1918 did not recognize the result of a General Election, in all of the island of Ireland, where 73 seats out of total of 105, were returned on a clear mandate for an Independent United Republic of all of the island of Ireland. The British not accepting the result of their own democratic election, then proceeded on a sectarian basis, to carve up  a small part in the north eastern corner of the island, with a population of just one and half million people, to create a state of war in Ireland, that has now gone on for almost a hundred years, right up to the present day. 

The island of Ireland is clearly a single entity, that the federal solution of Eire Nua can easily resolve peacefully, with justice for everyone but Empire presstitutes such as the BBC, will daily pump out British empire propaganda, to justify their neo- colonial wars.

The BBC has totally discredited itself as a news organization and revealed itself as an organ of the British Ministry of Propaganda. The BBC has made itself totally unreliable. No informed person ever believes a BBC report. The paedophile BBC needs to be abolished. Anyone who believes any BBC report is a gullible fool. 

Putin will not let the British make Crimea the same unholy mess, that its interventions made in the Middle East and Libya. Putin has a clear view of Russia’s genuine national interests, and reliable access to the Crimean base of the Black Sea fleet is one of them. It has been for centuries, and it will remain so in the future, despite hundreds of years of British aggression.

Demands for civil, political and economic rights, which were portrayed by the BBC as the centre of the Ukraine and Arab Spring uprisings, mean nothing without a sovereign nation state to guarantee them, otherwise national loyalty, is attacked by sectarian, regional and ethnic hatreds, which the British Empire along with the BBC brand of propaganda always exploits with murderous bloodletting as in Iraq, Libya and Ireland currently.

All of this is obvious, but greed and short term, self-interest do not take it on board. "Freedom under the rule of law is almost unknown outside nation-states," wrote journalist and MEP Daniel Hannan in a more intelligent British analysis of why the Arab Spring failed. "Constitutional liberty requires a measure of patriotism, meaning a readiness to accept your countrymen's disagreeable decisions, to abide by election results when you lose." A shame this is not applied to a more enlightened relationship of the islands, that includes Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland currently.

The level of faint commitment, preached by the west Brit media, such as the Irish Times, aping the BBC, is not enough, and without a genuine sovereign Irish media, only military force without consent, prevails. After a hundred years of political dysfunction, political internment without trial, relentless revolution, it is long past the time, for Ireland to learn the attributes of their own title winning rugby team and shun the divisive, paedophile BBC British media, which, is grooming a compliant Ireland, with a divisive, imperial, bloody propaganda of empire.
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