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StarFire Alternity1 day ago

Brillian reporting mate :) Thanks for it all , and all your concerted efforts .

Abel Danger1 day ago

What proof do you provide that Malaysia is involved on this 100%? I don't think so.


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Abel Danger

1 day ago

There is enough technical information available however who is controlling it? NOT a conspiracy to consistently see the same entities (corporations or bureaucrats) involved. The pattern is worn and old. Field will be flying back out to Malaysia as an expert to again meet with a few dozen key officials. None of them on the last meeting were even aware of the BUAP. Where you?

No disrespect, you are stating your points clearly. Thank you.
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Brentae Youngy

1 day ago

+Abel Danger Agreed no one even KNEW of BUAP and Field broke the news TO THE EXPERTS so a whole new dimension is NOW added and yes agreed same people as behind 9=11 and same techniques
SO SAME CULPRITS same black hats that must be stopped



USA and ISRAEL under the directions of the "JESUIT GENERAL" may cause FLIGHT 370 to be flown into the Muslim temple in Jerusalem called "THE DOME OF THE ROCK". After destroying "THE DOME OF THE ROCK"(It is the 2nd or third most holy Sunni Muslim site on Earth) the Jews under the Jesuits guidance can Rebiuld a new Jewish Temple. IRAN may be blamed, FINALLY creating an excuse for USA and ISRAEL to attack IRAN. What do You people think? At least call me a NUTCASE or something. 


Bernard Coldwell1 day ago

Thanks for the update it's crystal clear


Bernard Coldwell

1 day ago

The data given to the public and that of secret tracking devices do not match and that is puzzling or it is a pure decoy to go search elsewhere..man sent on goose chase with its tail tucked between its legs. Have been saying all along that the searches are in the wrong place/s. I often wonder if ANYONE has gone to Isreal to physically seek and check out this second airplane just to verify it...


TheHypnotstCollector23 hours ago

MY father was involved in electronic warfare. Was an "Old Crow" member in 1965 when Old Crows began. O.C. is an electronic warfare club, the emblem is a crow with a lightening bolt in his claws. We were standing in the front yard of our mid peninsula SF Bay Area home talking about spying when he said "we can see right into your eye from 500 miles". That was in 1969. We were tracking satellites visually from the ground earlier than 1962, watched them for hundreds of miles as they ascended and could zoom in close. Of course you must know where to look to zoom in. I have a lens from an early U2 which has 4" resolution at 100,000 ft. And a friend developed every emitter and receiver for at least 2 U2"s. And he made and installed those cockpit array's into the U2's. These kinds of people know that MH370 didn't just drop into the twilight zone. But no agency monitoring the earth will come forward. Because then they will have to explain too many issues, including some of the technology. In c1989 my U2 friend explained how "we" were recording the entire planet and I could get a job driving around in a car shooting pics. We know that as Google Earth today. He also explained what one can do with a digital image in real time.. I was so astonished I never bought a digital camera until 2007, so as to "not feed the beast". Silly rabbit. Remember Gary Powers? He was flying at 150,000ft over Russia in 1962 when he was "invited" to land. Or kiss his ass goodbye. How did Russia find and see that smudge spot 30 miles up, cruising at 150mph? (that slow). . ALL the above is Very old technology..... Oh, Before John Glenn, etc, there were Manned satellites in the 1950's. True. "Some guy sitting in a trailer somewhere in Kansas" is the real hero and we'll never know his name.Show less

corey hammack1 day ago

if intact. then people are alive. what have they done to them? SCARY!!!


Medicinnov8r1 day ago

I think it's so funny that in the beginning, they said that the Rollz Royse engines send all data back to RR. So right there, you know they can track it, and for sure they know where it is. Then they just dropped the whole subject. Verrry fishy.



1 day ago

That's right! I remember seeing that on a show or something about RR. and them being able to track their engines.


Brentae Youngy

1 day ago

YES AND ABEL DANGER reported that also GREAT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!
they know exactly where it is the pukes


sayanlevel51 day ago

its in Pakistan or Iran and i said that from the first day on your first video about this plane

TerriisforJesus1 day ago

Everyone should know by now that NOTHING is done with out a motive,no traffic light, no bus line, no military training, no flight pattern, nothing....

John Rozak1 day ago

So many people in this world fell a sheep along time ago and has never woke up yet 


L69151 day ago

The problem I have with this, is if the powers that be require a commercial aircraft for nefarious plans, they can put their hands on one without any problem. They don't need to hijack or 'disappear' someone else's, in fact that would only create problems like the glare of public scrutiny. The last thing they would want is publicity. 

robert yeahright

1 day ago

you don't think it would be investigated ? of course they have to hijack a real plane if they want the false flag op to be believable, or they wouldn't of done it for 911, you see they have to blame someone , like they blamed the Muslims for 911 when in fact it was Israel and the U.S. If they just built their own jet to use like a missile, it would be obvious who did it cause there are only so many places on this planet that have the equipment to build a jetliner & even then many of the parts have to be contracted out, like the jet engines. It would be too easy to track who built the plane
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1 day ago

+robert yeahright Yes, I'm not proposing they build a plane, I'm saying they could easily get hold of one on the quiet. As you've brought up 9/11, may I suggest that investigation is not something that they would worry about. If you can pull off something like 9/11, and get away with it, finding a 777 to use would be child's play. They certainly weren't worried about investigations into the disappearance of this commercial airliner were they? My guess is that it wasn't the plane they were after, but somebody on it.
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Strelok SIC1 day ago

I think that plane has been shot down by US Navy


Worldfreerfid1 day ago

The veri chip passengers are the key to this mystery. If you find out y they wanted them dead you c how much more simple it all is. Dahboo all you have is a theory so you are the troll. I have proof


Glendale Walter1 day ago

triton power and alien greys

Glendale Walter

1 day ago

lol that can work 2 :)


Shane Birch1 day ago

absolutely this is a scam, 

Tim Lee1 day ago

So who's going to kick it off? That's what I want to know? Gonna get interesting for everyone and real quick both Terrestrially and Extraterrestrial.


Jackie Welsh1 day ago


Christian Ryan1 day ago

CNN = Common sense Not Needed


TheSherlock11001 day ago

The Ppl were let go and given money,Homes, New ID's evey thing, Who Know's were the plane is. 

Rumford Chimpenstein

1 day ago

thats exactly my suspicion, similar to previous hoaxes. got any evidence of this yet?


Big Mike1 day ago

Hey Dahboo, I seem to remember somebody on the news saying that the plane landed in territory controlled by the Taliban somewhere near the pakistan afghcnistan border

Brentae Youngy

1 day ago

I saw that too 


Mit Kribop1 day ago

Great work Dahboo. Must see!


rotobo11 day ago

THE EPHAH ATE IT! Zechariah 5, the Ephah ate it! = 5. Then the angel that talked with me went forth, and said unto me, Lift up now thine eyes, and see what is this that goeth forth.
6. And I said, What is it? And He said, This is an ephah that goeth forth. He said moreover, This is their resemblance through all the earth.
7. And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah.
8. And he said, This is wickedness. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof.
9. Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven.
10. Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah?
Those that Bear Up the Ephah, or, protect it, are the Angels, THE EPHAH is a HUGE UFO'S, Some that open like a packman, made of Lead, and eat up the bad things. Made of LEAD. Nuke, pow, LEAD, poof, EAT IT UP! Goes way out, spits it out, lasers it up, leaves a baby nuke with the pile, or, spits it out by the sun to burn up, splits, pow, gone in 60 seconds. Astronomers all go, did you see that poof?
Pastor, Chief, General, BranchRead more (16 lines)


bonnie beme1 day ago

I agree with you. This plane is intact and will be fitted for mass destruction. It will be soon now that the experts say now that the plane landed and not crashed. Now they have to act fast with their plan. Malaysia IS in on it. Their government have been lying through their teeth to everyone, so much so that they cannot even keep their stories straight.

Darren Woodward1 day ago

I still can not believe that people out there still think this plain is missing and can not be found come on people wake up its time to turn your ON button on to wot is REALY going on in this world..

PubicSavant1 day ago

Common sense says lighting snow on fire will not work....I'm just saying...

Patricia Burch1 day ago

why is the ?


Darby Dupree1 day ago

I don't know if it true but I heard some passengers on this plane had ties to a cloaking patent as well as the passengers connected to Freescale Semiconductors. I do believe the plane is intact but I do not know about the passengers. I agree this is sinister but I do not know why anyone needed to hijack a plane when taxpayers pay for as many planes as the government has the urge to buy. We can conclude the survivors of the missing passengers have received no death certificates or benefits.

Brentae Youngy

1 day ago

also I hope you fare well through the storms and winds Darby
My prayers for you and keep safe in Kansas
Brent your buddy in PA

Brentae Youngy

1 day ago

+Darby Dupree I will I thonk nothing has happened yet due to the pressure exerted on the false flaggers behind the scenes I think they did one or two false moves then were stalemated at the time and Pentagon ordered no leave to Diego Garcia EEVEN for TOP BRASS they are concerned with LEAKS and are one false move from being caught red handed and expected we would let up pressure on them NOPE
so yes of course I will let u know what I find as it progresses ok
SEE YA and watch the weather for now ok 
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GreyJedi1 day ago

a plane went missing?

Nate Carranza

1 day ago

slow clap

Pat Kaiser1 day ago

That's why they wanted to get rid of all the lead paint in the past. Kids eating lead paint chips? Yeah right...They could not see through walls of homes that had lead paint...

reebok3d16 hours ago

this is truly a conspiracy what happened here...

unfortunately all we have are theories as to who conspired to commit this act...

Leslie George1 day ago

Something is definitely fishy on this one!

gigaspud1 day ago

Daboo you use a very evil word......Common sense........cnn has run tons of scenarios to keep these trolls busy for years, you have stuck with the best offer of truth ridiculous to think we didnt see where this thing went

wholeesee1 day ago

common sense is uncommon..........................Peace


1 day ago

Doesn't it feel like we're living in the movie "idiocracy"

ayoluca122 hours ago

this is real


LLloyd Hifive1 day ago

don't forget the identical twin in Israel. 

gavin king1 day ago

i think some countrys armed services was testing a top secret weapon or misslle and that plane got hit by mistake


Colin Burchill1 day ago

how many excuses are the governments gonna come out with that sums up what happened this plane! getting annoyed with this lol

Colin Burchill

1 day ago

+Kristof Meeuwes oh yeah exactly, if only the people had the power to see through them ha

Kristof Meeuwes

1 day ago

+Colin Burchill More and more people will start waking up, and hopefully, see these people (MSM, gov's, ...) for who they really are

Shabria1 day ago

I love you so much...lol.You're Awesome. ... keep up threw attitude.

j h9 hours ago

You should always end all of your videos with "Eyes Open". Classic sign off. Thanks.


What about the "twin" Malaysian Airliner that was reported to be sitting in a Tel Aviv hanger, delivered in November 2013? What about the initial claim of 2 stolen passports with 2 Iranians who perpetrated it, then that story went away, I think the plane landed in Diego Garcia and something caused the whole false flag event to be scrubbed? 

tyler ftyre1 day ago

Agree 100% this plane is not in the ocean.


pinwheelgrl1 day ago

@Jake Miller. Or maybe one country didn't want another country getting all that tech ability. Right now it seems like Russia/China are against the rest of the world in the power setup. Cuz they don't want to participate in elevating the us dollar. But now that the us $ is also going way down to zippo, they don't want China to be the new top dog in a fit of revenge. You can be for sure of at least one truth in all this mess, is that it's about power and control.

bushhog631 day ago (edited)

This is a side show or will be used in an attack someplace. The USA knows where this plane is. The people are sooooo stupid, just look at all the laws they have passed, USA passed laws to be able to lie and give out dis info to the American people. The Patriot Act, NDAA plus many more that can and will be used against us, the courts saying the bill of rights is a privilege. Force you to take Obamacare or pay a fine, what kind of shit is that, if Obamacare was all that people would flock to it. Just look around you and see the police state.Come on people you better wake up.

PotatoesHD16 hours ago

Aye could they have brought the USS Enterprise in for the 'final' time for upgrading the tech. 

jojo ojoj1 day ago

Smile your on KH-11


Annie Ng20 hours ago

This is one conspiracy theory that will turn out to be true. Kudos Dahboo777


Prophetic Warrior1 day ago

Is this technology any suprise? Enemy of the state 1998 (Will Smith, Gene Hackman).


1 day ago

Yep, good movie.


pale horse1 day ago

You constantly get the story all wrong with your miss information. You did the same with Ukrain and i told you then as well.? Dont sprea dis info . Do some research 


BadMan Ritchie1 day ago

They can't see me,,, it's cloudy here,always. Great northwest..if they can I'm gonna go out and give em the bird right now..peace dahboo..do think someone has that plane though...

Sara Michelle1 day ago

Clearly hijacked. Everyone is gonna say "conspiracy theory" but was 911 a conspiracy. I don't think so. So please wake up. Malaysia didn't just disappear. 


Seal Man1 day ago

No one s paying attention to this anymore, its exactly what they want. Look over here! why we do this over there. Hey look a new phone!!! Everyone is asleep,.

Mickael Mika1 day ago

+Jerome Wallace Where did you get the engine data?

codexx91341 day ago

iam telling you something to do with my theory. what do u think dahboo? sent u a inbox couple of days ago


17raposo1 day ago

I agree 100 percent with daboo

TheJojovani1 day ago

good shit brother


Johnny Kat1 day ago

doode.. it's about time to apply Occam's razor... and cut thru the bullshit.

john smith1 day ago


Den Lair1 day ago

I totally agree with you that TPTB wanted the Chinese to move their ships around to see what they have and do not have. I also agree that the plane did not go down, it's SOMEWHERE and some people know exactly where. It's so cruel for the families of the passengers....inhuman as a matter of fact.

obarelida1 day ago

people there was no plane, remember Sandy Hook, remember Boston bombing, there was no plane, its a diversion, for what ever reason, we will find out later!!!


Mickael Mika1 day ago

I'll tell you what happened:

The pilote of the plane was an extremist who wanted to crash the plane into a military base located in one of those remote pacific island, but some US F-15 or so, intercepted and shut the plane down, and the US Armry doesn't wana have blood in their hands....that is the reason we will never find the truth.

Sherlock H12 hours ago

Bullshit. If it landed somewhere, it needs to get CLEARANCE to enter an air space and then communicate with the air traffic control to get clearance to land on the runway.

No country's radar or satellite ping have detected that this plane landed anywhere at all.

tmdavis12741 day ago


David Samuel D.1 day ago

It's all too obvious this is a government NWO job. What they're planning to do with it? We can only guess. Every govt. and news organization knows this plane was landed. CIA/CNN and the rest are just doing their part to uphold the lie.

Vic Speaks1 day ago

You changed your conclusion on the MH370 based on MSM reports for so many times that I had actually lost count. Anyway common sense would point to malaysia being more of a victim being held hostage on the situation than being in on it on the whole conspiracy.

David King1 day ago

The Cia can detect you taking a shit and they can not detect an airplane,,,

swatnc1 day ago

They can take your picture from space and recognize you. But they can't follow a commercial jet bull crap they know exactly where it is. We are involved Israel more than likely Malaysia big conspiracy. 

danny Last1 day ago

gov. shills!Coverup is right,no way that planes in the water..also good excuse to have alot of usa military in the area?I havent seen any common sense in government for over 50 yrs. ..it all been corporate decisions made by there puppets in congress., there motto "greed is good"and thats what i think the bottom line is concerning this flight and the scientist on this plane....

Damian A1 day ago

Plausible fuck my iPhone.


Andrew F1 day ago

Investigative journalism 101. Dahboo7 is on the scent of the smelliest crap this administration & mainstream media- unawake society wants us to believe at all cost.Rule out the impossible, what ever is left, how ever improbable, must be the TRUTH


Lorana Brabster1 day ago (edited)

YOU are the leader of opening the eyes for the people I have watched your coverage since day one and props to you, you got it all ~ thank DB7

Laz Vizion1 day ago

it would be strange to hijack all those high tech passengers just to make a bomb of the plane. There is most likely something to do with the passengers.

Linda Eckert1 day ago

BREAKING: Flight 370 search team admits it “may have landed somewhere http://osnetdaily.com/2014/04/breaking-flight-370-search-team-admits-it-may-have-landed-somewhere/

Star Wars reloaded: Russia unveils global space shield Hypersonic pilotless aircraft are set to become the next phase in the military technical standoff between Moscow and Washington. In response to America’s Doctrine of Pre-Emptive Strikes, Russia is preparing to unveil a space shield with no less of a global reach, that of her Aerospace Defense Forces.This development represents the revival of one of the central themes of the Cold War era – the possibility of ‘star wars
http://osnetdaily.com/2014/04/star-wars-reloaded-russia-unveils-global-space-shield/Read more


1 day ago

Nothing breaking or new in this. Read all this a while ago. US and others already have hyper sonic weaponry and aircraft as well.

tmdavis12741 day ago

Thanks for your info and research Daboo!! Forget the planted nay sayers! They're just trying to do their job... wonder how much it would take for people to take a job that sells out the people? ??? Eventually it WILL effect their family! !! All we can do is pray for their souls!!! Take care, God Bless!

realisrealizerealies1 day ago (edited)

what do other commercial pilots think about this? are you afraid to comment because you might loose your precious job? LETS GET SOME COMMENTS FROM PILOTS ON HERE FOLKS! YES, i HAVE A BAD GUT FEELING AND THAT THIS WHOLE MISSING PLANE THING STINKS OF A COVER-UP AND A HUGE SET-UP!


GameRage1 day ago

You should tell them u whacked off to the fake pics. "Hey, this is flight 370." Then here you come in with, "Thanks dude, I just got done whackin off to it."

paul smith1 day ago

It went north , into a military exercise and was shot down in my opinion.


Plissken681 day ago

I do believe the smoking gun was the copy spotted in the hangar in Tel Aviv, and confirmed to be owned by a company belonging to Soros. The big story that had happened just days prior to the disappearance was how Israel was convicted of crimes against humanity in an international court held in and by Malayasia. 


Panteras Panteralandia via Google+23 hours ago

The Answer to Flight 370! EEC Spy Satellite and A Little Common Sense!


William Gahres1 day ago

Yeah, that's why they have to hard wire a camera into the electric line by your house.

Graustarkian21 day ago

"For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad." LKE 8:17

Rick Dades1 day ago (edited)

I hope some of these comments are not for real. If they are, some of you have no idea what the hell DAHBOO7 has been trying to expose. The entire Global Elitist, Occult Run Secret Societies & Shadow World Govt that is in control of everything, especially the MSM(MEDIA), ALL OF IT. Including wars, elections the rise and fall of countries.

And now, finally there is a global awakening that we are all watching a Puppet Show, a well scripted movie played out everyday all around the WORLD by an invisible Evil God Fearing Christians call SATAN.

This Channel is to WAKE YOU UP, the WALKING DEAD. As the Scriptures say, "Awake osleepers, wake up from the DEAD". That is TRUTH. if you cannot hear it you are either Spiritually Dead or still Sleeping. Could be both. Shalom.Read more

Kristof Meeuwes1 day ago


Jake Miller1 day ago (edited)

You got it. Both the US and Malaysia are covering up. Consider this. The flight was remotely hijacked by US military to draw Chinese defenses away from China in preparation for an attack that was ultimately called off. Perhaps the Chinese response was not as anticipated.

Damian A1 day ago

Particulars aside, of course the global mafia could get a plane anytime they want. Have you people ever heard of pleasurable deniability? Along with distracting the sheep, strategically moving navy's to where they will be needed. Lastly whatever they do with this plane the sheep will be ever more resistant to seeing reality, because they saw the Malaysian people crying on every channel, so it must be true right?


John Dere1 day ago








Poké AK via Google+1 day ago

The Answer to Flight 370! EEC Spy Satellite and A Little Common Sense!


Chris Yates via Google+1 day ago

The Answer to Flight 370! EEC Spy Satellite and A Little Common Sense!

Rich Marconi

1 day ago

Very interesting you got it right 100% about this satellite, new gen. SAT...


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..... FLIGHT 370 Crashes into "DOME OF THE ROCK JERUSALEM"(second or third most holy place for Muslims in the World), Destroys "DOME OF THE ROCK TEMPLE"(making way for a new Temple to be made, fulfilling Bible Prophecy). Destruction of "DOME OF THE ROCK" blamed on IRAN(remember the suposed 2 Iranian passengers on Flight 370 with False Passports). After IRAN is FALSELY BLAMED it will justify ISRAEL and USA to attack IRAN. The Inteligence Agencies LIED to the World about W.M.D.(Weapons of Mass Destruction) in IRAQ. The Inteligence Agencies could also be LYING to us now about FLIGHT 370 going North to "Paint a Picture" that it went to IRAN. Have a nice day and Youtube: "alan lamont jesuits" Youtube: "eric jon phelps" Youtube: "jesuits". Read more


greg williams via Google+1 day ago

The Answer to Flight 370! EEC Spy Satellite and A Little Common Sense!


Ron Griffith via Google+1 day ago

The Answer to Flight 370! EEC Spy Satellite and A Little Comm


Swabby Jam1 day ago

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places
◄ Ephesians 6:12 ►

Mike Oxbig1 day ago

ALl of the issues that are news worthy are only news worthy as distractors the real shit goes down when your burried in conspiracy! And your probably not going to know for a few centuries!

daz Truth via Google+13 hours ago


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