Friday, 30 May 2014


First Minister, Peter Robinson, is not a responsible politician by any standards in any democratic culture. His latest controversy may push Muslims, along with Anna Lo, especially those working in the health service, to take their skills elsewhere. These are high-calibre, highly skilled people which British Occupied Ireland can ill-afford to lose. 

The sectarian hate talk of Pastor McConnell and his close friend Peter Robinson, have wide-ranging consequences in the British scum, sectarian, bigoted, racist, prejudiced,colonialist state the British call northern Ireland. Their local Assembly or excuse for a boasted Parliament  for a Protestant people, is not functioning like a competent and mature parliament, it never did since its formation and obviously never will in the context of an occupied six counties.

Yet another buffoon, portrayed as an northern Ireland Assembly First or Prime minister, operates without integrity or the basic values of a democratic parliament, making a mockery of a pretentious, civilized, prejudiced Protestant Parliament, for a modern prejudiced democracy of Britain's first colony, which has nothing decent to defend. Robinson and the British are taking Ireland very carefully to the edge of civil war and yet more securocrat profit dividends, for the British Industrial War complex, under the disguise of security in yet another British conspired, colonial dirty war in Ireland.

It is long past time for the prejudiced, bigoted, racist, British colonialists to go, before they start another civil war in yet another of their colonies worldwide, and take their obnoxious, mentored racist, attributes with them , out of what used to be the Ireland of a thousand welcomes. This latest British debacle has disgraced occupied Ireland, once again, world wide. BRITS OUT NOW !

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