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Andrew Boyd
The history of riots and civil commotion in the North of Ireland, and especially in Belfast, proves .. that so long as the Protestant Unionists think they have the right to dominate and insult the Catholics there can never be lasting peace. Nor can there be true democracy while the Orange Order and the Unionist Party are organisationally integrated, as they have been since 1886. Holy War in Belfast p. 199.
holy war
The Orange Order, a powerful force behind the scenes of politics and industry, was inextricably linked to the Ulster Unionist Party 
orange state
Each of the six Prime Ministers between 1921 and 1972 were Orangemen, as were all but three Cabinet Ministers between 1921 and 1969.Every Unionist Senator between 1921 and 1969 – with one exception – was an Orangeman

In 1972 the abolition of Stormont and Direct rule 
direct rule
by successive British governments did not end the explicitly political role of the Loyal Orders. Remember the Loyal Orders are anxious to focus on the social/cultural aspect of their organisations since to do so diverts attention away from their political involvement. Don’t let your attention be diverted!!

what part no
The decision to reject the Good Friday Agreement moved Loyal Orders away from the then the pro-agreement Ulster Unionists and placed it closer to the Democratic Unionist Party

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With regards to the DUP’s refusal to implement the Good Friday Agreement the then Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern,

sent a memo to the US State Department.
“ if the DUP did not engage in the process, he would consider giving a speech in which he reminded people that the Republic of Ireland had changed its constitution to relinquish its claim to Northern Ireland only on the basis of the promise of the Good Friday Agreement,” he wrote

If that promise is not met, he said, he would indicate that Ireland could consider changing its constitution again.” 
Might be worth reminding the current government of this position!!
Last week we saw senior Orangeman William Mawhinney talk about upscaling, upscaling, upscaling protests until civil disobedience was on the cards.
Standing beside him were North Belfast DUP MLA Nelson McCausland and the PUP’s Winston Irvine.

The Orange order made this threat, supported by the DUP and the PUP. Remember the Orange Order has never been simply a religious organisation. The Loyal Orders are political organisations that regard themselves as defending civil and religious liberties of Protestants and so stand in determined opposition to the civil and religious liberties of some 45% of the population in the North of Ireland.

Yesterday we commented on Peter Robinson’s threats about paramilitary uprisings in Northern Ireland. govt ireland act
Who exactly is making the threats?
Peter Robinson, First Minister of Northern Ireland?

rob and macg
Peter Robinson, former member of Ulster resistance who addressed the three thousand-strong invitation-only launch rally at the Ulster Hall, which was chaired by the DUP Sammy Wilson and addressed by Ian Paisley, and Ivan Foster? The group collaborated with the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) and the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) to procure arms.
robinson then and now
Peter Robinson, mouthpiece of the Loyal Orders?
OrangeMan back
Which has any right to?
Sir Reg Empey is one 50% of all Unionist MLAs who are members of the Loyal orders. 
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His lodge is Eldon LOL 7, in the Belfast district.
In his opening address to the UUP annual conference he threatened the government of the Republic of Ireland:

“if proposals to involve all electors of Northern Ireland in Irish Republic elections are pursued, this will undermine the Strand 2 parts of the Belfast Agreement and could lead to a review of the nature and extent of future unionist participation in these institutions.
Dublin would be wise to steer clear of any confrontation on this issu

Who exactly was threatening the Dublin government?
Sir Reg Empey, English peer of the realm?

house of lords
Reg Empey, former member of Ulster Vanguard,
ulster vanguard
a neo-fascist organisation which emerged from a split in the Ulster Unionist Party and was closely affiliated with several loyalist paramilitary groups?
Reg Empey, Orangeman?
reg empey.jpg2
Which has any right to?
As first leader of the UUP not to be a member of the Orange Order,
mike nesbiitt
Mike Nesbitt didn’t threaten. Since up to 50% of the members of his party are Orangemen he fear mongered:
That’s what we’re looking at. That’s what we’re facing. They will start a process. We’ve been through this in Fermanagh. Strabane have been through it. Londonderry have been through it. They start a process of neutralisation – “we want this a neutral space” – but then what comes next? Once they get it neutral they start imposing their dictatorial issues. They will start imposing their Irish language. They will start imposing their Sinn Fein republican agenda onto everyone”.

Who’s fear-mongering?
Mike Nesbitt, Leader of a Unionist party?
Mike Nesbitt, former TV presenter?

Mike Nesbitt, Head of an independent media services company?
Which has any right to?
And whose job is it to countermand these threats and fear-mongering?
Whose job is it to break-up the Orange and Loyal Orders’ massive conflict of interest or sinister power play in Northern Ireland?
Did the intervention of Mr Haass
signify it’s a job for the USA?
After all, they sponsored the founding of the Irish republic in the first place