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There was a Dublin demonstration the other day demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador, and Richard Boyd Barrett, a member of the Irish parliament, called for boycott, divestment and sanctions, and the breaking off of diplomatic relations with Israel, so as to bring justice to Palestinians. At 5:00 he says:
There’s a particular word that they use about us: the people who don’t just come out for big atrocities. They call us the delegitimizers. This is the term that Israel uses. It’s a very accurate term. Because it’s one thing for them to have to deal with occasional mobilizations against this or that atrocity. What they fear most are the people who say, No no no, this isn’t just about this or that assault on Gaza, Israel is a dysfunctional racist apartheid state that needs to be internationally isolated and dismantled. That is what they fear more than anything else.
I appreciate Barrett’s honesty. Many on our side say that Israel has no legitimacy. And while I tend to be more laissez-faire (many states are racist and violent), I would point to Daniel Bell’s Vietnam-era guidelines for when a “political system” loses its legitimacy and stability, becoming dysfunctional. Among the factors: “The existence of an ‘insoluble problem’… The growth of private violence… Multi-racial or multi-tribal conflicts…” Israel meets several of those tests.

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  1. seafoid says:
    Systematic killing of non jewish civilians does most of the delegitimising. Yossi Israeli thinks about Palestinians differently to the outside world and that is why all the killings are such a problem. Majoritarianism and chosenness do not fly outside Israel. Ya salaam.
  2. amigo says:
    We had another protest yesterday in Dublin.Numbers were down (500) but that was expected.
    Yesterdays protest was focused on BDS and included a march through the popular shopping centres , such as Grafton Street.Jervis Street and several others.
    Marchers entered shops carrying “Boycott Israel” signs and handed out leaflets that included a list of products from Israel / the Occupied Territories.
    People seemed interested and passers by clapped and honked horns.
    Won,t be easy , but perseverance and commitment will win out in the end.
    • just says:
      Thanks for the report and your actions, amigo! Ireland is really a leader among nations here. You must and should be very proud.
      Éirinn go brách!
      • amigo says:
        Irish people know what oppression is like, although those who actually lived through it are slowly disappearing.
        However , those who admired Israel for it,s earlier perceived bravado are also disappearing and younger people are not accepting Israel,s crimes.
        Ireland will do it,s part as best it can.Less is not an option.
      • Ellen says:
        It is leading here as a voice, and while the attempts at genocide (nothing more than a long ago memory) and ongoing oppression have faded, the memory and scars are in the cultural DNA. (Though not as an adopted self identity as victims of others. That is weak and self absorbed. )
        I think the Irish simply deeply understand the game of occupation of a people and how it is played out.
        In the end it will become a terrible drag, a burden and embarrassment for Israel — a useless waste built on empty ideology of the times. Just as the occupation of Ireland eventually became for English. The English now wish to be rid of Northern Ireland, but are stuck with it as a part of the United Kingdom.
  3. Jon66 says:
    The organizers should ask the people of Limerick about the best method for forming a boycott. It’s been quite a while, but it proved very effective at the time.
    • amigo says:
      Jon 66 better kèep an eye open for those pogromites under your bed.
    • Ellen says:
      Jon66, are your referring to the “pogrom” of Limerick. An episode where a deranged priest and two cohorts are said to have issued threats against the Jews who lived in the Irish country side?
      They were families from Odessa who had landed in Cork (story is the Captain said the Ship had landed in “New York” when it was only Cork to make his trip shorter.)
      So then the the denizens of Odessa disembarked, thinking they were in New York, and made their way into the surrounding towns and villages and carried out the same trades from their homes. Traveling around and selling goods and wares. They were so successful among the Irish households, resentment by other “tinkers” and traders ensued.
      Having been highly sensitized as to where such emotions can lead, and with a drunken priest and his band of two teenagers leading the charge in the country side, the new comers from Odessa made their way back to Cork to take a ship.
      But upon reaching Cork, they were met with so much warmth and greeting, and good cheer while waiting for their departure, they decided to stay. And that is why Cork traditionally had the largest Jewish community of Ireland. The sons and daughters of Eastern European traveling traders became doctors, teachers and leading lawyers. (Remember, Chaim Herzog grew up on Ireland).
      Families of Cork still miss their Jewish neighbors and their memory. But some are coming back!
      • Jon66 says:
        “Newspapers like the Limerick Leader and the Irish Independent supported the boycott, as did Arthur Griffith, the future founder of the nationalist Republican Sinn Fein party.
        An editorial in the Leader said: “Ireland is, at present, being drained of its Gaelic population by emigration and Jewish colonists are trooping in to fill up the places of emigrants, and to turn Ireland into a filthy Ghetto.”
        The deeply anti-Semitic Griffith had long assailed the Jews as one of the “greatest evils” of modern times.
        The economic boycott lasted for two years – although no Jews were killed in Limerick, their livelihoods were destroyed, leading most or all to depart for other parts of Ireland, especially Cork, or to Britain and the U.S.”
        Must be two different incidents we are referring to. In this case the boycott proved effective.
    • amigo says:
      jon 66 , some haze clarifier for you.
      The Republic’s Jewish population has experienced little or no hostility since the latest outbreak of violence in Gaza, the chairman of the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland, Maurice Cohen, has said in an interview with The Irish Times.
      “There have been a few emails and messages but not very many. There have never been any major incidents of anti-Semitism in Ireland. Yes, there were those slogans along the [Dublin] quays and on hoardings last year but those involved just foolish people. Such are isolated incidents.”
      People make a distinction, he said: “They see us as Irish people of the Jewish faith.” There were, of course, “virulent examples of anti-Semitism on certain online publications”, he added.
      ( Those would be pesky online opposers of Israeli brutality) Got to get his whinge in somewhere.)
      Former president
      Mr Herzog’s father, former Israeli president Chaim Herzog, was born in Belfast and raised in Dublin. His grandfather, Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, was Ireland’s first chief rabbi from 1919. In that role until 1937, he was a strong proponent of Irish independence and openly supported the first Dáil and the republican movement during the War of Independence. He became an Irish speaker and was known as “the Sinn Féin rabbi”. He developed a close friendship with then Fianna Fáil leader and taoiseach Éamon de Valera. In 1966, a forest near Nazareth was dedicated to Mr de Valera on behalf of Ireland’s Jewish community.
      Mr Cohen said that when he was growing up in Dublin during the 1950s and 1960s “there was a huge affinity between Ireland and Israel”.
  4. Citizen says:
    Go Ireland! Show them some Western countries still have some morals and ethics!
  5. We are protesting downunder too.
    Sadly, our prime minister john key, is being weak. Only the green party (~10% of vote) is active
    link to 3news.co.nz
  6. Bandolero says:
    Among the factors: “The existence of an ‘insoluble problem’… The growth of private violence… Multi-racial or multi-tribal conflicts…” Israel meets several of those tests.
    Israel, it’s lobby and lackeys have one more feature which in my view is even much more horrible and should not be forgotten. Besides that Israel commits serious serial crimes against Palestinians, Israel, it’s lobby and lackeys are constantly trying to push others into wars and bloody conflicts.
    Most prominent:
    - Israel lobbying for war against Iraq
    - AIPACs lobbying for bomb Syria
    - constant lobbying for bombing Iran
    And many of the usual prominent guys of Israel firsters were also on the forefront in lobbying for:
    - Tough action against Russia over conflict in Ukraine
    - Bombing Libya
    - Georgian attack on South Ossetia and Russian peacekeeper troops stationed there
    - ENcouraging Kurds to fight secession wars in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran
    - Encouraging Azerbaijan warmondering against Armenia
    - Bombing Belgrad
    - Pressure Sudan to heat up conflict there with campaigns like Save Darfur
    - Supporting contras in Nicaragua
    - Supporting apartheid South Africa
    - and so on and on and on
    Besides that Israeli forces massacred many people in Lebanon, bombed Syria and Sudan, and it’s intelligence service murdered people in, among others, Norway, Syria, Dubai and Iran
    I think this record of permanent pushing for wars, conflict and suppression of people’s rights everywhere is – combined with the power of it’s global lobby – what distinguishes Israel from so many more other rogue states.
    And, adding to this, Israel coordinates it’s vicious policies closely with Saudi Arabia, a similar rogue state that is constantly poisening muslim people in the whole world by propagating a medieval interpretation of Islam and encouraging racist violence mocking any idea of universal human rights around the world.
  7. seafoid says:
    Self hating does not appear to be as dangerous as self delegitimizing.
    “Lehava spokesman and former lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari denounced Jews intermarrying with non-Jews of any denomination as “worse than what Hitler did”, alluding to the murder of six million Jews across Europe in the second world war.”
    • just says:
      Rivlin sounds a bit sane. I posted this article yesterday:
      Apartheid/miscegenation…… pretty sick. And “worse than Hitler” is an interesting premise, eh? I guess it’s ok to say something like that now. Thanks Ben- Ari.
    • tree says:
      Lehava spokesman and former lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari denounced Jews intermarrying with non-Jews of any denomination as “worse than what Hitler did”
      To riff off the old anti-communist slogan, Ben-Ari is saying, “Better dead than wed.”
      Ah, the Zionist Jew’s underwhelming concern for his fellow Jews, on display once again. Its just like the white supremacist, whose concern for his fellow whites ceases the moment he detects they are “race traitors.”
      • seafoid says:
        Why don’t they just change the rules on who qualifies as a Jew ? It makes no sense in this day and age.
      • just says:
        yep– sure looks that way. Not only Ben-Ari, but his cretinous & bloodthirsty followers:
        “Protesters, many of them young men wearing black shirts, denounced Malka, who was born Jewish and converted to Islam before the wedding, as a “traitor to the Jewish state”, and shouted slogans of hatred towards Arabs including “Death to the Arabs”. One song included the words “May your village burn down.””
  8. RoHa says:
    Intermarriage is a matter of people freely choosing to marry the person they love. It is a matter people freely trying to make their lives happy, full, and flourishing. It is a matter of accepting our common humanity.
    And these people declare it worse than mass killing motivated by hate and denial of common humanity.
    Only a really sick and twisted mind could say that.
    • eljay says:
      >> RoHa: Only a really sick and twisted mind could say that.
      Welcome to the Zio-supremacist mind, a place where morality is just a matter of a goal and the methods to achieve it.
  9. talknic says:
    @ seafoid “Lehava spokesman and former lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari denounced Jews intermarrying with non-Jews of any denomination as “worse than what Hitler did”
    Supremacist supremacy reigns supreme.
  10. just says:
    ” U.S. students ramp up BDS movement in wake of Gaza war
    Operation Protective Edge triggers growth of anti-Israel student groups – including Jewish members; Pro-Israel groups counter movement by boosting leadership training.”
    here’s a gem:
    “At AIPAC’s Saban Student Leadership Seminar in July, attendees compiled a 72-point list of pro-Israel activities and campaigns to bring to campus, including a “siren simulation dinner,” which would be interrupted by a “red alert” siren. AIPAC did not respond to multiple requests for an interview.”
    • seafoid says:
      super link, Just
      “As we see every time there is violence, Israel is further marginalized in campus discourse.”
      Violence is Zionism’s Viagra .They can’t get enough of it. And while they are pleasuring each other intensively they have no idea what the pictures are doing to the image of Israel abroad.
      Regev should spell it out to Yossi I.
      • just says:
        I thought it was a very good compilation. Your comment is accurate, to say the least.
        Interesting that this happened to the Dersh’s latest lame attempt at lying to the world:
        “The British Guardian newspaper rejected an ad written by Harvard University Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, JNS.org reported over the weekend.
        The ad, titled “The Empty Spaces in Gaza,” counters the claims that Gaza is “one of the most densely populated areas in the world,” and is based on a an article of the same name that Dershowitz wrote earlier this month for the Gatestone Institute.”
        and then he cries that The Guardian has an ‘anti- Israel bias’…….waaah!
  11. jon s says:
    According to Mr. Barrett Israel should be “dismantled” – which can be achieved only through a bloodbath of genocidal proportions.
    He’s got one thing right : “that is what they fear…” I wonder why…

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