Friday, 12 September 2014


Oil and Gas Intelligence Research conducted among the political elite and military establishment in London, indicates, that privately, it has been decided to blockade Scotland's oil in the North Sea, in the event of a Scottish Independence referendum yes result, while publicly the City of London's main political parties are currently ganging up and bullying Scotland, to remain under UK control, by threatening a currency war in the event of a Scottish Independence yes result, according to SNP's deputy first minister, Nicola Sturgeon. The threats are reminiscent of previous British threats, to other oil producing countries in the Middle east and the Gulf, before going to war there.

The Guardian Newspaper has disclosed, that George Osborne, 
Danny Alexander and Ed Balls are threatening the Scottish people, that an independent Scotland, could not keep the pound in the event of a Yes vote, it will not be accepted by the political elite in London as well control of Scottish oil in the North Sea.

The SNP say these threats and bullying tactics will not work. "It will backfire spectacularly on the no campaign, they are treating people like fools. Scottish people are not fools or cowards. People can see the sense of the position we are putting forward for Scotland and the rest of the UK. They know this is a rather cack-handed panicky campaign maneouvre. I am not going to be bullied out of the right position for Scotland and for the rest of the UK."

The SNP's spokesperson Sturgeon made the statement, after the Guardian reported London's main political parties, were threatening the Scottish people, that the remainder of the UK would refuse to form a currency union with Scotland if voters vote yes for independence.The Guardian said that Danny Alexander, the Liberal Democrat chief secretary to the Treasury, and Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, will deliver similar threats in the run up to the vote

Sturgeon dismissed the joint London position as a bluff, when she said that a currency union, would be in the interests of an independent Scotland and the rest of of the UK as it also ensure Scotland would assume its share of the UK's liabilities and debts, after independence. Sturgeon also told the BBC: "The Westminster establishment is trying to gang up on Scotland because they see it in the polls that they are losing the argument.

"This would be an absurd position for any Westminster government to be in. It would cost their own businesses hundreds of millions of pounds in transaction costs, it would blow a massive hole in their balance of payments, it would leave them having to pick up the entirety of UK debt.This is a position that makes no sense, it is a tactical position for the purpose to stir up fear and uncertainty. Let's see it for what it is, call it for what it is."

Asked if an independent Scotland would refuse to accept its share of the debt in the event of a rejection of a currency union by London, Sturgeon said: "The debt belongs legally to the Treasury. They confirmed that point last month. You can't default on debt that is not legally ours. But we have always said, and I will say again here very openly, I that Scotland should meet a fair share of the costs of servicing that debt. But assets and liabilities go hand in hand.

"We have got a London government here, that appears to be putting forward this notion, that Scotland's deal in the union is to shoulder all of the debt but have none of the assets. The position of the government in London is that they will reportedly articulate Scotland's position after a yes vote. It begs the question: why would anyone want to stay part of a union where we are bullied and treated with such contempt?"

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