Thursday, 30 October 2014


Willie Frazer has again been refused a personal protection weapon, because of his suspected links, with the Flegger RA in East Belfast and Crossmaglen and is not at all happy about it. Willie Frazer said that the the Free State government is interfering far too much and he doesn't recognize them and that paramilitaries are welcome. He admits that these paramilitaries have murdered people, but he elaborated by saying, ‘thankfully not in my community’. Former IRA Chief of Staff Martin McGuinness, believes this is an absolute disgrace of a statement, which should be withdrawn immediately, but Willie is not listening, because he is a dissident, who has no time for McGuinness, who previously called all of Willie's associates, neanderthals.

The Flegger RA, over the past week, have taken down, what they term are several PSNIRA Officers, who were on duty in Belfast, and are now recovering in hospital from serious injuries. The Flegger Ra were formed recently, after Willie Frazer reported to the Minister of Regional Development, that other dissident Orange Vounteers tried to murder him. He also claimed that the Provos were responsible for his abduction previously, after the Flegger RA, tried to murder Conor Murphy, a member of the British Parliament. All of this is a result, of what Susan Mckay referred to in her book, as, ‘Northern Protestants, An Unsettled People, in which Willie said, "if a Paki came over here from India and shot dead a Provo, I'd shake his hand."

Willie who is a professional mourner, admits he uses his parades in memory of victims of violence, as a cynical political propaganda message, to get its anti-Agreement message across. Willie in a telephone interview stated,``We are bringing that message down south.'' Frazer is extremely angry at being refused a personal protection weapon again, because of his links with  to the Flegger RA.
He is also angry that Conor Murphy, a member of the British establishment is trying to make Willie out to be a subject of ridicule. This along with all the other spiteful, hate-filled words against Mr Frazer and other libelous remarks about former Loyalists, by other British establishment figures in the Gerry Adams party, has motivated many former Loyalists to form the Flegger RA.

Many former Loyalists simply cannot stomach the concept of PSNIRA policing as being synonomous, with the concept of being British and have decided if you can't beat them, they might as well join them, especially if there's a few Euros involved. The change by former loyalists to the RA, has come as no surprise at all to the  non-British Scots, after their recent Independence referendum, with the former bastion of Britishness, loyalist paramilitaries, switching sides. One Provisional sinn fein councillor, commented off the record, "Let our PSNIRA British police, deal with this matter," adding that there are a lot of spiteful, hate-filled words against Willie and that everyone needs to adhere to British Law & Order. They must accept PSNIRA Policing and Justice like everyone else adding that Gerry Adams was unavailable for comment, because it is a very difficult time for Gerry at the moment, who is busy, trying to teach some of his older dogs, new tricks!

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