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The headline of this post says it all for me today because I'm ill right now but I have no problem proving it's veracity, with plenty of evidence. Every mongerel on an Irish street knows that RTE the principal national news service, are pathological liars. I defy them to take the matter before the courts. I believe a properly organized Boycott is the most effective weapon of peaceful resistance. I am calling on all Irish Water protesters, to immediately, draw up an official comprehenive list, of all unethical media and corporations in Ireland, starting with RTE and ensure that it is properly organized. Below is an article from


andersonliesOnce a business man who’s main success was granted by his ability to remain unknown to most people is increasingly coming under the spotlight of an ever increasingly pissed off Irish public. Dennis O Brien, the man who had over €300 million debt written off one week before his FG buddies thanked him for his continued financial support by awarding him without tender the contract to install Irish Waters meters, has recently been targeted by social media users who have taken it upon themselves to find out the truth about the man behind the curtain in Ireland.
While failed, useless mouthpieces like Pat Rabbitte would constitute real people investigating the elite as a form of “bullying” the sad truth remains that waiting on a “journalist” to expose O Briens misgivings is like waiting on Enda Kenny to explain exactly wtf happened with regards to McNulty … in other words …. it’s quicker being dealt with on HSE waiting lists.
Last week,  Irish Examiner writer Caroline O’Doherty posted a story detailing how people refusing to register with Irish Water  will actually save money compared to their counterparts who bend over and agree consent without question. “Households that refuse to register their full details are being warned they face a default tariff based on charges for two adults with no free allowances. However, that works out at €424 per year — less than the €483 that a family of four adults or a couple with two grown-up children living at home who register and receive allowances — will be billed.” wrote Caroline. Seems simple enough right? Sure it doesn’t deal with the question of how you can be billed by a company you have expressively denied to agree a contract with but it’s simple enough right?
Fast forward to today and the Independent (which is about as independent as any of Leo Varadkars thoughts) runs with the headline “Water bills will double if homes don’t register” .. but wait a second ….. didn’t Caroline already cover this? Let’s look at Carolines article a little closer shall we?  “The anomaly emerged as the Commission for Energy Regulation yesterday signed off on the water company’s charging scheme in advance of charges beginning today (Wed 1st Oct 14). The CER said any issue that might arise with households refusing to register would have to be addressed by Irish Water. The firm admitted the system could be abused, but urged people to register with their full details.” Caroline writes. SO Irish Water admit they messed up even this most simplistic of tasks that surely one of the overly payed consultants of big wigs should have spotted.
However “Families who refuse to register with Irish Water will be hit with bills twice what they would pay if they provided the information.  A couple with two children who would pay €278 under the assessed charge system will be charged €630 a year when metered charging begins next July, the Irish Independent has learned. This is because each household which fails to provide details will lose their free allowances and be charged the full cost of drinking and waste water services.” writes an un named Independent writer. And where did this writer get his information from? An un named Irish Water source of course.
Who owns the  Independent? Who does the continuation of the States fear mongering benefit? Which news outlets have consistently banged the drums of Pro Fine Gael choices? Apart from RTE ( who require tax payer monies to keep it’s board of elites in a cushy state number so therefore are as toothless as a newborn) no other business enterprise has supported this government in every decision it has taken as much as the Dennis O Brien owned media.
And as a result of that, Irish social media users will continue to haunt liars and chancers, just like Dennis O Brien, to the end of their days. Irish democracy is broken and men like Dennis are frontrunners when people ask why. Even though Pat Rabbitte would tell you this is a form of bullying, social media users are not hurting people, jailing people, threatening people (mostly) but most importantly of it all. Irish social media users are not lying through their teeth about what they say. Dennis O Brien has on countless occasions and no doubt will continue. Dennis is interested only in his bottom line, so don’t expect his media empire to start telling you the truth. Caroline O Doherty of the Examiner told you the truth last week. The un named writer and un named source at the Independent are telling you porkies based in fear.
Can you guess which media outlet belongs to Dennis?
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