Monday, 12 January 2015


British General Frank Kitson created the concept of the State sponsored ‘pseudo gang,’ which was experimented and developed further in Britsih Occupied Ireland, to include astroturf political parties. In the case of Ireland, most of the violence that was blamed on the ‘Loyalists,’ was actually the result of death squads secretly run by the British secret state. It was also used later, to form Al Qaeda. The Pseudo sponsored group, is used to advance an agenda of the State, while discrediting the real opposition. The strategy evolved under Kitson in Kenya and Ireland.  

The latest attack in Paris, was used for the purpose of further provoking a right-wing backlash in Europe, end the dithering, wavering support for sanctions on Russia and solidify French support for NATO. One of the brothers involved in the attack, received training in Yemen, a former colony of Britain, which ended with the bloody Aden conflict, in which pseudo gangs were originally developed.

Elements of this doctine, were included in the formation of politcal parties in Ireland, which include the formation of the West Brit, blueshirt Fine Gael Party and what is known by political analysts, as British Sinn Fein today. There are also several other, pseudo opposition political groupings, which are part of this strategy today, who's principal aim is the re-introduction of all of the island of Ireland, rejoining the British Commonwealth, as a counter-balance to the EU, and particularly any strnegthening of the German French alliance.

January 11, 2015 "ICH" - "Lew Rockwell" -   Hypocrites up and down the line. Terrorists themselves. Leaders who have been stoking the furnace of terrorism themselves, creating terrorists, supplying them with arms, tolerating their education in Saudi Arabia. Hypocrites. All those leaders who have been attacking Muslim countries for years on end and supplying arms. Hypocrites. All those leaders who yell “terrorism” when it suits their grander schemes of domination. Now when there is blowback in Paris, they yell “extremism” and use the occasion to continue and enlarge the war on terror. They use it to strengthen police state surveillance and to frighten the populations under their control. The West’s leaders have created terrorism, intentionally and unintentionally, knowingly and unknowingly, depending on the person and situation, and now they again are seeking to benefit from an attack on western ground. These same leaders stand by while Netanyahu engages in slaughtering Palestinians. They dismember Libya. They supply arms in Syria. They attack and destroy Iraq and Afghanistan. They now bemoan deaths for which they bear responsibility, for it is they who have invaded one Muslim country after another.
“British prime minister David Cameron, German chancellor Angela Merkel and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu are among more than 40 world leaders who linked arms as they led the march to loud applause from the massive crowd.
“Speaking at the march, Mr Cameron said extremist violence would remain a threat for many years to come.
“‘We in Britain face a very similar threat, a threat of fanatical extremism,’ he said.”
Among the unnamed 40 are the hypocrites who have been on the attack.
Hypocrites, including Obama:
“In the wake of terrorist attacks in France and elsewhere, the Obama administration announced Sunday it will host a Summit on Countering Violent Extremism next month.”
These leaders have no moral standing whatever, no moral credibility whatever on this matter or any other. They have long since dirtied their hands with their lies and propaganda. In their foulness, they have given up all respect. These are despicable people who are so low that they use the Paris attacks to jump on a moral white horse and act as if they are pure and defenders of their citizens. Hypocrites. They have no intention whatever of changing their very own policies of extremism and foreign intervention that have brought about attacks such as those in Paris and on 9/11. The West indulged in new forms of colonialism and imperialism in the 20th century and now the 21st. This has to be recognized, admitted and ended. It is leading to an even greater conflagration than anything yet seen.

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