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I wrote an article a couple of days ago, demonstrating how Sinn Fein deceit, betrayed the democratic vote of their first party conference for Assembly elections back in 1982, to include unemployment, as one of their principal issues in their first assembly elections. While this may seem a small matter to many people, the seriousness of this, is that if they were prepared to betray their own volunteers, what chance, have the voters, who vote for their promises pre-election.

I had another experience of their betrayal, in the days before they drove me to drink, when the convention for Newry South Armagh was called, to select the candidate for election. It was chaired by Conor Murphy's mother Alice. I proposed Tom Lonergan as candidate, a person of absolute integrity, with a long history of service and commitment, a man of the common people. He was voted unanimously by the convention to be the candidate. However, a week later, Tom asked me to accompany him to Murphy's house, where he was to meet Pat and Alice Murphy. When Tom came out of the house, he was no longer the candidate. Alice Murphy, later explained to me, the "House of Lords" overruled such matters. I will tell you Francie Molloy and Tom Hartley, were pulling the strings from without, undemocratically.

On several occasions later, I was taken to Gough barracks and interrogated by MI5 consistently, about several members of the Murphy family, including Conor for days on end. They got no information from me on this family. Now Conor Murphy and Sinn Fein are calling on all of the Irish people, to inform the British paramilitary police about their neighbors. 
Now again some people may regard this as a small matter. However anyone reporting to the PSNI on  a neighbor, should realize, this has very serious consequence, for that family. That data winds up on MI5 secret police files in London and will affect, all members of that family, well into the future, regardless of whether they are innocent or guilty.The two young innocent men at the top of this blog are just one example of many, of it's consequence. 

Further, with the withdrawal of Britain from the European Court of Human Rights, those who have been informed on, are liable for torture, because MI5, now have Carte Blanche, to treat suspects any way they please. The suspects are also liable for many years of political internment by remand, along with the considerable possibility, of the rest of their lives, incarcerated, as their fate lies in the hands of just a single judge and prosecutor either of which are likely to be bigoted, in the sectarian state of Occupied Ireland. All as consequence of informers, mentored by Sinn Fein. Many of whom, already endure considerable hardship, protecting people like the Murphys. It is not surprising then, is it not, that many people are quite angry about all of this.

People like Tom Lonergan, Red Sarah and the fallen comrades of British violence in Newry & South Armagh, devoted their whole lives, to building people power, that elected Murphy. Some of the people he now castigates, while encouraging constituents to inform on, devoted their resources to the Cause. Their sacrifices were made on the basis of Eire Nua being achieved. 

Once Sinn Fein got their platform as a result of the 10 martyred hunger strikers and  grabbed power, they bargained on a resurrected Stormont, with a Unionist Veto, they set about dismantling Eire Nua and any hope of Sinn Fein's deceitful promises becoming reality. I have no doubt they will do the same in the south, just like the Blueshirts. Conor Murphy is ensuring the Queen's writ extends across Newry & South Armagh, even if it means torture and decades of prison, for the very people, who enabled him, to betray them. Again, this is exactly what the Blueshirts have been doing for almost a hundred years in the south. Conor Murphy and Sinn Fein allies with Irish Left? you must be joking, they prefer the long tails and top hats of Buckingham Palace. 

Some will say, but what about all the smuggling. As my English friend often states, the British Empire was built on piracy of which smuggling is a key element. Essentially Connor Murphy has taken the Queen's shilling, to enable this in South Armagh, at the expense of his own. If there is one fault, that I found with Tom Lonergan and Irish Republicans, I have known like him, from Newry & South Armagh, it is the considerable humility, with which the served the Cause of Ireland, to the point they allowed the power craven, to exploit them, along with the rest of the Irish people. This systematic betrayal of the Irish people today, allows the international Corporations or modern sanitized pirates to exploit the Irish people to the point of intolerable poverty. We better learn the lessons and learn how to stand  up for ourselves in solidarity with each other, put principles before personalities, empower ourselves and not give it away, to self-serving power brokers and politicians. 

Man injured in explosion near Crossmaglen, South Armagh

Conor Murphy said the man was injured when a device exploded close to his family home

25 FEBRUARY 2015
A man has been injured in an explosion near Crossmaglen, South Armagh.

The PSNI said they received a report of an explosion in the Crossmaglen area on Wednesday.

Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy said the man was injured when a device exploded close to his family home as he went to remove a poster.

The Newry and Armagh MP said the incident was an attack on the peace process.

He said: "Over recent months criminal gangs masquerading as republicans have threatened the family of the young man injured.

"Police recently visited the family and told them there was a threat from this group.

"Now these people have attempted to kill a member of the family with a device placed close to their home. In recent months death threats have also been made against a number of Sinn Fein activists, including myself.

"Let me be absolutely clear; this was the work of a gang of criminals and I unreservedly condemn this latest cowardly action. These thugs are opposed to the peace process and opposed to policing because of their involvement in organised crime.

"My party colleagues Megan Fearon, Gerry Kelly and I recently met with the Assistant Chief Constable to discuss the ongoing threats to the local community and I have demanded the PSNI take action against them.

"The threats have now escalated to what is clearly an attempt to murder people in the community opposed to their criminal activities.

"It’s well past time for the PSNI to act before someone is killed."

Newry and Armagh DUP MLA William Irwin expressed concern about the explosion.

Mr Irwin said: "It would seem that this incident was caused by dissident republicans and it is concerning that they are capable of producing such devices to threaten life.

"It is clear there are tensions within republicanism in this area and it is vital that the community cooperate with the police to bring those behind such threats and attacks to justice."

A PSNI spokesman said: "Police in Newry and Mourne received a report of an explosion occurring in the Crossmaglen area on Wednesday morning, 25 February.

"The report was received at 2.26pm on Wednesday, 25 February. It was also reported that a man had sustained injuries and was taken to hospital.

"Inquiries are ongoing and there are no further details at this stage."
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