Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Tony Rooke refused to pay a TV license fee because the BBC intentionally lied about the facts of the 9/11 attacks, when they reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, more than 20 minutes before it happened.This means they had prior knowledge about the attacks and are therfore complicit in terrorism. WTC 7 a 47-story skyscraper was not hit by a plane on 9/11 but collapsed in free-fall speed later. By paying for your TV licence, you are funding terrorism, which makes you liable for imprisonment for the rest of your life and complicit in the murder of innocent people.

Tony Rooke said the BBC must have had prior knowledge of a terror attack, making them complicit in the attack. He presented BBC footage to the judge along with a considerable amount of other evidence which the judge agreed, made a reasonable case to protest. Tony Rooke was found not guilty and was not fined for failure to pay the BBC licensing fee.

The September 11 attacks, resulted in 2,996 immediate deaths: 2,977 victims and the 19 hijackers. A total of 372 people with non-U.S. citizenship died in the attacks, 2,606 in theWorld Trade Center and on the ground, with 125 killed at the Pentagon. Around 292 people were killed at street level by burning debris and falling bodies of those who had jumped or fallen from the World Trade Center's windows. More than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks on the World Trade Center. Most of those who died were U.S. citizens. The other countries with the highest losses, are the United Kingdom with 67, the Dominican Republic with 47, India with 41 and just two Irish citizens.

Since then Paedophile associates of the BBC, have been spreading rumours, that the IRA were involved, to distract from BBC ivolvement in the crime. A Sinn Fein MP was asked by families of missing Irish to intervene, who confirmed later, that one Irishman had been found. The BBC Paedos, rumoured that an undocumented Irish worker, using false identification, narrowly escaped, who stated afterwards, that he saw many undocumented Irish construction workers, going up to higher floors on ladders, the morning the buildings came down, suggesting that the IRA had dynamited the buildings. 

After 45 years of BBC propaganda, about the troubles in Ireland, Irish people are well used to BBC bullscutter.The moral of this story is; don't pay your BBC licence, otherwise you are funding terrorism and you are guilty of funding British Dirty War. Gerry Adams has since stated, that Sinn Fein are good for business, so we can all safely assume, they would never interfere with American Corporate business or the World Trade Centre.

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