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In 1998, the Omagh bomb in British Occupied Ireland,  killed 29 people and injured over 200.  MI5 Secret Service are responsible for vetting all staff and people who come within the vicinity of the Queen of England and are the unaccountable overlords of policing in British Occupied Ireland. They allowed a whole host of pedophiles, to be intimate confidants of the British Royal Family, the most infamous being, Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris, whom she knighted. An MI5 agent, was at the centre of the prosecution of Irish republicans, accused of being behind the British False Flag of the Omagh bombing, a court previously heard in the matter.

David Rupert, provided evidence against those accused. His intelligence, while working for MI5, who used raped boys in Kincora and in Sinn Fein, to groom evidence, used in their grooming of the Irish political establishment. Rupert himself, did not give verbal evidence in the Belfast High Court, instead, testimony he had given against another, in a 2003 trial in Dublin, was used, because the British agent was afraid of cross-examination. Michael O’Higgins, a barrister, told the court at the time, that Rupert is a “confidence trickster,” whose “motivation was financial,” and his failure to give evidence, meant that he couldn’t be cross-examined.
David Rupert has a dubious past and was an agent for MI5, who was recruited, after being in serious financial trouble. Rupert owed creditors $20 million, on accident claims, against his Kentucky trucking company, along with unpaid US taxes, he had overwhelming financial reasons, as well as trying to keep his brother out of jail, who was arrested in Florida, smuggling marijuana.

In 1996, Rupert used FBI funds to lease a bar and a holiday caravan park in Co Leitrim. He later abandoned the bar, which was subsequently burnt down in mysterious circumstances. Rupert never met the accused. When Rupert was first asked to testify against the accused, he refused. He only changed his mind after he was told, that agents knew of his affair, with a member of the Irish Freedom Committee in Chicago. Agents produced photographs of the Chicago apartment, where they alleged, Rupert met the woman, thus blackmailing him, to give false evidence. Rupert was put in a witness protection programme.

Many of the facts, widely known, about the whole affair, are identical to those used, during false flag operations elsewhere, and from the evidence of other whistleblower accounts. Over many years, articles in the British press, reported stories, told by Kevin Fulton, a British double agent within Gerry Adam's organization, who became a whistleblower, with regard to collusion between British Intelligence and Gerry Adam's cult followers. In 2001 he blew the whistle on the Omagh bomb, making public, that “British security forces, didn’t intercept the Omagh bombing unit, because a British double-agent involved, would have his cover blown, as a British operative, if the False Flag operation, was uncovered.

The British agent, Fulton, also revealed, that he, “phoned a warning to his British handlers, 48 hours before the Omagh bombing, giving details of one of the bombing unit and the car registration number." In 2003, senior Police, were accused of ignoring a clear warning about the Omagh bomb, to protect British agents and“the bomb was allowed to ‘go through’ to discredit Irish resistance to Britich occupation in Ireland and prop up a Pseudo Peace Process, devoid of truth and reconciliation.

Family members of the 29 Omagh victims attempted to have a meeting with  the British Prime Minister, regarding their concerns over its False Flag status. The Prime Minister, angered the bereaved families, by refusing in a cowardly manner, to meet them. In 2006, it was revealed, that Britain's Secret Service, MI5, withheld critical anti-terrorism intelligence, months before the Omagh False Flag. The sinister and pedophile grooming of British False Flag British Intelligence operatives and double agents, adding flames to the fire of British Occupation, is now slowly emerging, after many years of British cover-up. However many of the intimate details, have been taken to the early graves of Irish lawyers and journalists, assasinated by other British False Flag units in Ireland. The British have refused an official Inquiry into the matter, despite persistent demands from the families of the victims and promises reneged on, of a Truth & Reconciliation forum, as promised, under the now, almost defunct, Irish Peace Process, corrupted by MI5 paedophile blackmail.

Britain prior to Omagh, organized  their agents, to force, involuntary human bomb attacks, which involved forcing civilians, strapped to drive vehicles, with huge amounts of explosives, into their own army's checkpoints, as part of their Dirty War in Ireland. MI5 also arranged, weapons-buying trips abroad, where detonators were obtained, to be later used by their agents, to murder their own soldiers and police. British intelligence co-operated with other agencies, in the 1990s to obtain technology, used in Occupied Ireland by their agents , which have killed British troops. The purpose of all of this, was to prolong experiments in counter-insurgency, later used worldwide, with British armnaments and expertise, paying a handsome dividend and expanding MI5's powerbase considerably. Many within Gerry Adams' Sinn Féin, liaised intimately with British Intelligence in these activities, where Child Rape, was the common perversion, that groomed this relationship. Denis Donaldson was just one of the more infamous examples, who also took intimate details to his grave, after being executed. Sinn Fein’s chief negotiator, Martin McGuinness is another accused of being a British agent by former British Army intelligence officer Martin Ingram, who also revealed, that Belfast republican Freddie Scappaticci, was a British agent.

Scappaticci was given millions in British taxpayer monies. along with a home, job, new identity and a new face by plastic surgery, in return for working as an MI5 agent. A leading British newspaper was threatened with a court gagging order, when MI5 learned that the newspaper planned to publish details about Scappaticci’s role as their agent, who along with Denis Donaldson, was a close confidant of Gerry Adams, who oversaw Sinn Féin’s administration office, before he admitted on the BBC. whose staff were also vetted by MI5, that he was a British agent for twenty years. Four months later, he was shot dead, hours before a planned visit, by Prime Minister Tony Blair. A short time later, the personal driver for Gerry Adams, Roy McShane, another agent of MI5 was outed, while Sean O’Callaghan, another member of Gerry Adams' Sinn Fein ruling council, was revealed to be another agent

With all of these above facts, and perverted accusations against Seamus Daly, based solely on the statement of a paid agent, on the basis of solving his financial problems, bribed to give testimony, and the proven prior knowledge, within British Intelligence about the Omagh bombing, the logical way of getting real justice, and the truth of the matter, would be an independent inquiry, which the British refuse. The infiltration and False Flag links between British Intelligence and the Provisionals, are too numerous to brush under the carpet, along with Britain's Force Research Unit, set up to collude with Loyalist False Flag Operations, which later, because of all the bad publicity, changed its name to the Joint Support Group, becoming active abroad, the calls for an Inquiry within the British establishment are getting louder. With MI5's proven track record of being a Pedophile Protection Agency among the elite and its agents of False Flag Operations, the prosecution of the innocent Seamus Daly, is meant to stifle these calls, in the absence of conviction of the real protected perpetrators, 16 years later, being prosecuted.

Irisb Blog asks you to share this article, which will be restricted by intranets, as part of an ongoing campaign by British Intelligence, to discredit and silence the writer and other Irish activists, attempting to stop MI5, perverting the Course of Justice in Occupied  Ireland, which is a serious crime even by British standards. Aside from the innocence of Seamus Daly being on the line, there are many other innocent victims of British False Flags on the line, please do your best, because most at the Irish political and judicial system has been corrupted by all of this activity. Irish Blog asks you to call for the malign British interference in Irish affairs, to be removed and a transparent, Truth & Reconciliation process to begin immediately, before all of these sordid facts and many more, are taken to the grave.

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