Thursday, 14 February 2008

Celtic Archaeology and History

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There are a few images in this that i saw a long time ago, the negative relief double spiral motif carved in the rock is only used this way by my ancestors and on these rocks.. were they from ireland? I have seen a photo of a maori Karetao puppet doll that was found in one of the tombs there. do you know of this?
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its good to hold the ways of your ancestor :)

Te Manu e kai ana te miro nonaa te ngahere
Te manu e kai ana te matauranga, nonaa te AO

The bird that eats berries, theirs is the forest
The bird that eats knowledge, theirs is the UNIVERSE!

Very nice, thanks for sharing this.....

my surname is o"coughlan i have been told its gaelic they done some beuatifull artwork !

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agree wih you im french and my grand father is celtic AND ALl MY FAMILy come from france im dont have any welsh blood ,any scot blood or irish blood,just french blood ...if u use the latin term im half galic (gaulois) and celtic are not exactly from the uK they from the est of europe......they just a part of indo-european....its name is often "germanic's brother" because celts and german are similar in the cultur and in the dressing

Impressive !! The celts were a fine people,skilled in the arts and one of the most creative peoples ever to exist.
Go raibh maith agat !!

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