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It's not so much what you have left on your media device, it is what British Intelligene plant on it, you should be concerned about.

GCHQ Intelligence officers given immunity from hacking laws, tribunal told

Legislative changes exempting law enforcement officers from ban on breaking into people’s digital devices were never debated by parliament, tribunal hears
Hacking into private computers, laptops or tablets appears to fall under a general class permission for such activity, Privacy International said. Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian

Owen Bowcott Legal affairs correspondent

Friday 15 May 2015 18.52 BSTLast modified on Saturday 16 May

GCHQ staff, intelligence officers and police have been given immunity from prosecution for hacking into computers, laptops and mobile phones under legislative changes that were never fully debated by parliament, a tribunal has been told.

The unnoticed rewriting of a key clause of the Computer Misuse Act has exempted law enforcement officials from the prohibition on breaking into other people’s laptops, databases, mobile phones or digital systems. It came into force in May.

The amended clause 10, entitled somewhat misleadingly “Savings”, is designed to prevent officers from committing a crime when they remotely access computers of suspected criminals. It is not known what category of offences are covered.

The act is primarily deployed to provide legal cover for domestic investigations. It is thought that individual warrants are not being obtained to justify each inquiry. Different legislation – section 7 of the Intelligence Services Act, nicknamed the “James Bond clause” – is believed to permit activities abroad that would otherwise be illegal.

Addressing the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, which deals with complaints about the intelligence services and surveillance, lawyers for Privacy International said they had only been informed of the alteration earlier this week.

The effect of this amendment has passed everyone by … It was hidden in plain sight.Ben Jaffey, Privacy International

“We had previously thought [hacking] in this country to be unlawful,” said Ben Jaffey, a lawyer representing Privacy International. “The effect of this amendment has passed everyone by. Attention was not called to it during the parliamentary process, which may not have been accidental. It was hidden in plain sight.”

Hacking is more damaging than mere interception of messages, Jaffey told the tribunal, because it involves unlocking a backdoor into someone else’s computer system which was meant to be secure. It is not clear whether the damage done is always made good following a hacking attack.

Hacking into someone’s computer appears to take place under a general class permission for such activity, Jaffey said. “There’s something profoundly objectionable in bugging and burglary of computers without any [individual] authoritisation from the secretary of state,” he told the IPT.

Changes to the Computer Misuse Act were introduced by the Serious Crime Act 2015 which received royal assent on 3 March 2015. No reference to the true impact of the changes was made in the parliamentary explanatory notes that accompanied the bill, according to Privacy International.

Nor was there any public debate, the organisation claimed. “No NGOs, regulators, RIPA commissioners, the Information Commissioners Office, industry, or the public were notified or consulted about the proposed legislative changes,” it added.

“The underhand and undemocratic manner in which the government is seeking to make lawful GCHQ’s hacking operations is disgraceful,” Eric King, the organisation’s deputy director said after the hearing. “Hacking is one of the most intrusive surveillance capabilities available to any intelligence agency, and its use and safeguards surrounding it should be the subject of proper debate.

“Instead, the government is continuing to neither confirm nor deny the existence of a capability it is clear they have, while changing the law under the radar, without proper parliamentary debate.”

Professor Peter Sommer, one of the UK’s leading experts in the Computer Misuse Act, said he had also only belatedly discovered the changes to the legislation. Altering the law without proper public debate, he said, risked “building up unnecessary mistrust”.

“I wasn’t aware of it until recently,” he said. The previous clause dated from a time when police officers physically seized computers and examined them in a police station.

Security services capable of bypassing encryption, draft code reveals

“Now if you have remote access,” he said, “you can hack into a computer and put in a Trojan horse program. I have looked at the government notes covering the changes and it was extremely obscure guidance. But they are giving highly intrusive powers to go into someone else’s computer.

“If this had been done properly, people would have said we want a principled debate about this. There’s a danger now that [lawyers] will say that the police or spooks have put things into their clients’ computers.”

In February, the Home Office did publish a “draft equipment interference code of practice” which explained how law enforcement officials could track down serious criminals and terrorists by hacking into their computers.

It did not, however, at that stage explain that the Computer Misuse Act was being altered.

Last May, Privacy International, along with seven internet and communications service providers, filed complaints with the IPT challenging GCHQ’s hacking activities. The full complaint is due to be heard in the autumn.

The claim asserts that GCHQ’s actions were both unlawful under the Computer Misuse Act, which criminalises hacking, and that there was not sufficiently detailed legal authority to make GCHQ’s hacking “in accordance with law” as required by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The removal of criminal liability for enforcement officers also, it is alleged, opens the way for the intelligence agencies to conduct cyber-attacks within the UK.

In a separate development, the Home Office has published guidance on the acquisition of communications data relating to privileged information held by lawyers, journalists, doctors and others.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “There have been no changes made to the Computer Misuse Act 1990 by the Serious Crime Act 2015 that increase or expand the ability of the intelligence agencies to carry out lawful cyber crime investigation. It would be inappropriate to comment further while proceedings are ongoing.”



Precisely as the right-wing Institute for Fiscal studies predicted before the Election, George Osborne is now under pressure (from the Institute of Directors) to “slash spending”. The IoD has gone one on from “cut”: perhaps next time the verb will be “decimate”. And then “obliterate”.
Note that few if any of the IoD’s members will suffer a jot from the cuts. Also note that the IoD is specifically ruling out tax rises….which would, of course, hit most of their members very hard indeed.
The Chancellor has promised yet another budget in the summer (we might just as well make them quarterly and have done with it) and has said it will be “a budget for working people”. This is another little weasel phrase invented by the Aussie spin doctor Lynton Crosby; what it means is “people in a full-time contractual private sector job”. As only 22% of us are these days, it isn’t going to be terribly good news for the unemployed, the State retired, or indeed the NHS: get out of that, Jeremy Hunt.
I think a few more people need to take time out here and study what exactly is going on rather more fully. In a nutshell, it is this: because the ConDem coalition spectacularly failed over the last five years to (a) wipe out the UK deficit (b) diversify the UK economy out of financial services and (c) gain new export contracts beyond the EU, those people out of jobs as a result of that failure, or on benefits, or ill will be asked to cough up. The business organisation members who aided in this abject failure, however, won’t be asked to cough up. They’ll just see their salaries and bonuses continuing to go up.
So, Government screws up and business acts as its accomplice; labour force, the ill and the poor foot the bill.
Sorry to repeat the question for the 50th time, but you see so far I haven’t had an answer. As a neoliberal economy is based on eternal consumption and a ready supply of credit, how are lower incomes and dried-up banks going to produce more consumption?
They can’t, period. But still the financial press calls the UK’s Q1 slowdown ‘disappointing’ (to whom – idiots?) and still the talk of China being ‘back on course’ gets blown off course every time data emerges from Beijing….a deceleration rate of 5.2% YOY being the latest one last Friday.
Look around at the overall situation and think: until very recently we had a situation where people were paying governments to borrow money off them. Banks are still offering ‘savers’ virtually no interest on their savings. There isn’t a Western economy booming anywhere: not one. But not a single Western bourse is reflecting that fact: not one. Every week another lunatic (usually German) insists that the eurozone is turning the corner. No it isn’t: it’s in the ER room with severe brain damage being kept alive by experimental drugs.
A 2% rise in interest rates – just 2% people – would move US debt management expenditure from 2 in 5 of all tax dollars to $2.50. In 1976, the UK’s deficit to gdp ratio was 6%…but we had to call in the IMF to avoid insolvency – because interest rates were a staggering 14.25% average during the year.
The latest UK projected deficit in 2015 is 4.8%. BUT that’s with near-zero interest rates. Just a rise of 1.5% would would take our deficit higher than it was when we nearly went bust under Labour. An even remotely normal level at 4% would double it. At that point, bond yields would go into orbit around Saturn.
When the Conservatives came to power in 2010, the national debt was £900bn. It’s closer to £1.6trillion today…80% higher in five years.
No matter what any politician tries to tell you, our current woefully negative trading account means that the UK National Debt is as unrepayable as that of Greece. The big difference being that we have far, far more to lose than they do.
There is no way further spending cuts can have any effect on that, because the welfare and health bills for government aren’t the real problem. The real problem is an unreformed economy ludicrously overdependent on financial services, and a Conservative administration with almost no commercial experience in its ranks to switch to high-margin manufacturing and retraining of the workforce to make stuff.
The money saved by Osborne was a minute part of even the deficit reduction. In relation to the debt, the best analogy I can offer you is that more expenditure cuts now would be like putting one pipette into the Pacific in an effort to stem rising sea levels. The idea that austerity on the one hand is part of the cure for long-term British commercial and business failure is obscenely infantile.
The Conservatives know this, but don’t know what to do except take away our right to resist. The Labour Party doesn’t even understand it in the first place. Nigel Farage probably gave up on this piece after paragraph six. And Nicola Sturgeon cares not for any of it just so long as she gets independence for the Scots.
That is the depth of our political crisis in 2015. Only a drastic change in socio-economic culture, education and our Constitutional processes can even begin to change it.

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One of the lessons I am learning about life, as I get older, is that in reality, nothing is written in stone, and that the Dialectics of Materialism,  is an evolutionary process. Irish politics, in many respects, is often tragi-comedy. For the victims of it's history, it is pure tragedy but for the survivors, the balance of humour, is a necessity, to escape the insanity of day to day reality, without resorting to alcohol or drugs. It has been apparent to many, for quite sometime, that the illusionary Peace Process of the last twenty years, is a dishonest concept, used as a stepping stone by both the British and Irish political establishment, to please their paymasters of the City of London. This includes bringing the whole island of Ireland, back into the British Commonwealth, something highly likely, in the event of Britain leaving the EU, with the resulting material consequence to all of the island of Ireland. The current Tory government, is in the process of leaving the European Human Rights Commision and coupled with it's refusal to accept standards of International Law, as desiganted by the International Criminal Court, this bodes ill for any human rights activist, be the Scottish or Irish or indeed any citizen, aside from the exploitation of human resources of any people within the Commonwealth.

As someone who regards myself as an Irish Republican and a citizen of the World, with a vision of an Ireland of equals, neither hindered by class, creed or external interference in our Island, I certainly would have serious issues, joining a British Commonwealth, with a Royal Queen as it's symbolic leader. Nevertheless, in the interests of a genuine peace with justice, that would include a Federal Republic, that unites the people of the island, it may have some progressive elements in the interm, if it can be achieved in a genuinely inclusive manner, rather than the usual diet, of it forced on Irish people, with extremely bloody concequence. For principled Irish Republicans and Socialists, a Royal Commonwealth is simply beyond the Pale as we Irish put it, in this our 21st Century. The other issue for ordinary Irish people currently, is that the Irish political establishment, that now includes British Sinn Fein, can neither be trusted or have the ability, to negotiate the best possible compromise, that protects both the material and human rights of Irish people. The evidence is there, for any honest analyist of the terms and conditions of our current, Pseudo Peace Process. The British are past masters, at negotiating the best possible terms of self-interest, with all of their neo-colonies, which include Ireland, with individuals and parties, which are often compromised by their intelligence services and Foriegn Office, prior to serious negotiation. The evidence and bloody consequence, is also there, for all to see, in their neo-colonies.

Having lived on the Continent of Europe for several years and living in Asia for close to twenty years now, I can clearly see as an Irish person, that our neighbours of the adjacent Island, both culturally and economically, being our primary trading partners, have far more in common, including general language, that can be shared to our mutual benefit, above what already exists. It is not my business to say, how English, Scottish,Welsh and Cornish people determine their Government, whose primacy is the Queen of England. On the same basis, I passionately believe, that it is exclusively the right, of all of the people, of all of the island of Ireland, to determne without outside interference, our own political and material arrangements, within the island , which belongs to all of the people in Ireland. On such a self-determined basis, I can see many advantages, from my own experience, that are more beneficial to Irish people, above the present arrangement and the dictats, of a more distant, centralized, corporate . To make this a reality of equals, in the interests of everyone, requires assertive leadership, that is neither corrupted by short term, populist politics or corrupted by global corporations, of purely, exploitative, self-interest, of both the human and natural resources of our Ireland. All of this requires an assertive people, who neither fear transparency or bullying, who can act in terms of the interests of all Irish people, above exclusive, short term, self-interest, who realize the importance of community, above the destructive extremes, of self-will, selfishness and self centredness. In the meantime, the Commonwealth Coup envisoned in the picture above, is a possible short term solution, with the Primacy of the infallible, semi-retired, Pope Bennydick.

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The National Crime Agency (NCA) became fully operational in Northern Ireland today.
Officers working for the organisation dubbed the British FBI will be able to use the powers of a police constable and recover criminal assets from gangsters.
Sinn Fein opposed the extension of its remit because of concerns about accountability, which led to a long delay.
Director general Keith Bristow said: "We have consistently said the NCA is committed to protecting the people of Northern Ireland against serious and organised criminals as we do in the rest of the UK.
"Now, with the legislative process complete in Northern Ireland, we will work with our PSNI and law enforcement colleagues and get on with doing our duty."
It will not be involved in counter-terrorism operations in Northern Ireland but its remit includes organised criminality committed by paramilitaries, like smuggling, drug-dealing and counterfeiting.
The agency was established in October 2013 to tackle serious and organised crime across the UK.
Previously, its responsibilities in Northern Ireland were restricted to areas like customs, tax and immigration.
But under legislation passed at Westminster the covert agency took on responsibilities for fighting cross-border crime, child exploitation, people trafficking, money laundering and internet abuse.
It also has civil recovery powers and could be used to "follow the money" in cases like a massive illegal dump recently discovered near Londonderry.
Changes mean the new agency will have to adhere to the same Code of Ethics as the PSNI and co-operate with the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman Dr Michael Maguire.
The Policing Board - which was set up under the Good Friday peace agreement to oversee the PSNI - will also have full scrutiny powers while the chief constable will have primacy over NCA operations.
The Home Secretary would not have veto powers, it was revealed.
PSNI chief constable George Hamilton said the additional capacity and expertise will help his officers keep people safe.
"As the NCA becomes fully operational, we will be working closely with our new colleagues to ensure opportunities are maximised to tackle serious and organised crime and apprehend offenders.
"At the same time, I will ensure that the accountability arrangements being agreed with the Policing Board are factored into every aspect of operational activity to deliver both public confidence and community safety."
David Ford, justice minister at Stormont's devolved assembly, said it would have a significant impact in the fight against organised crime.
He added: "It is important, of course, that it has appropriate accountability within our local framework and it has that with significant roles for the Board and the Police Ombudsman.
"As a UK-wide organisation, the NCA has a level of resources and specialisation that cannot be achieved at regional level.
"There is no doubt that additional pressure has been put on the PSNI because they have not been able to use the NCA's considerable expertise. That will no longer be the case."
Ombudsman Dr Michael Maguire said confidence in local accountability arrangements was key to the extension of the NCA's role.
"My office will now investigate all complaints about the conduct of NCA officers operating in Northern Ireland, from allegations of misconduct through to alleged criminality."


Another bank crash is on it's way to Ireland, far more severe than the last one. The US dollar is a fiat currency, as is pound sterling, the euro and most other major currencies, which in reality, means they are all monopoly money. There are no gold reserves anymore, which their values are pegged to. They simply make it up as they go along. Private, for profit central bank prints it and lend it to governments or other banks at an interest rate. So the Central Bank prints $100, and gives it to the government on the basis that it returns $101. The additional $1 can only ever come from the Central Bank. There is never enough money resulting in the second issue, that all money is debt.

This used to be the way, all of the money in circulation came to exist, until Investment and Retail Banks got tired of this monopoly on debt based currency, and started a commercial money supply. When you take out a loan or other form of credit, a bank gives you that money from its reserves, the Bank simply creates that loan on a computer screen. For example you are given a loan for $100,000. The loan of $100k is entered on the computer and that promise from you to the bank, creates $100k for the bank, in that moment. Their ledger entry, creates the $100k, from nothing. Over 97% of all money is made this way.

This is what drove the dodgy lending, that created the last crisis in ireland. However nothing has changed since then and the failure to regulate the market, means that Irish bailout is paid from public services and the economy, with Irish banks free to continue with the same behaviour, which till bring an even bigger crash, very soon again. Warren Buffet the world's second richest man, warned us back in 2003, that the derivatives market was ‘devised by madmen’ and a ‘weapon of mass destruction’ and Ireland has only seen the first blast in this debt apocalypse. The reality that should have every Irish person worried, is that the derivatives market contains $700 trillionn of debt, that is about to implode, any day now..

Global GDP is at 70 trillion a year, which means that Wall Street and the City of London have run up paper debts, more than ten times the annual earnings of the whole planet. Not alone, can the Bankers not pay it back, the combined earning power of the earth, could not pay it back, in less than ten years, even if every Euro of productive power, went solely to pay off this debt. This why Irish debt is an absurdity of madmen.
This is why the issue of Irish banking practices and and Ireland's corrupt politcal/economic system are leading  the Irish people, to a moment very soon, where it will be matter of the very survival of our people. Both the Irish Corporate media and political estalishment are complicit in hiding and distracting 
ordinary people, from this reality. Other than Iceland,with some South American countries, the West is totally unprepared for this crash, while Asia is quietly making arranegments and preparations for its economies, to handle the looming,terminal crash. 

The Irish Media with the distraction of a Neo-liberal themes, in reality, facilitate a set of economic policies, that are in essence corporate and fascists. The corporate media, by distraction and subtle censorship, have massaged public discourse daily, like the Nazis in Germany, leading up to the Second World War, enabling a corporartist  ideology, that has become widespread, during the last 25 years or so. In the rare instance thst this monopoly is challenged, as in the High Court in Dublin yesterday regarding Siteserv, the result is gauranteed to be the same, as the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer.

"Neo" means we are talking about a new kind of liberalism. So what was the old kind? The liberal school of economics became famous in Europe when Adam Smith, a Scottish economist, published a book in 1776 called THE WEALTH OF NATIONS. He and others advocated the abolition of government intervention in economic matters. No restrictions on manufacturing, no barriers to commerce, no tariffs, he said; free trade was the best way for a nation's economy to develop. Such ideas were "liberal" in the sense of no controls. This application of individualism encouraged "free" enterprise," "free" competition -- which came to mean, free for the capitalists to make huge profits as they wished.

Economic liberalism prevailed in the United States through the 1800s and early 1900s. Then the Great Depression of the 1930s led an economist named John Maynard Keynes to a theory that challenged liberalism as the best policy for capitalists. He said, in essence, that full employment is necessary for capitalism to grow and it can be achieved only if governments and central banks intervene to increase employment. These ideas had much influence on President Roosevelt's New Deal -- which did improve life for many people. The belief that government should advance the common good became widely accepted.

But the capitalist crisis over the last 25 years, with its shrinking profit rates, inspired the corporate elite to revive economic liberalism. That's what makes it "neo" or new. Now, with the rapid globalization of the capitalist economy, with neo-liberla politcs to to boot, we are seeing neo-liberalism with allit's former destruction of the Great depression in Ireland all over again. The Corporate media in Ireland deny this reality and groom the Irish electorate, to keep electing, corrupt government, that serve the interests of Banks and Corporations.This must be opposed and exposed on both alocal and national basis at every instance. It is both a social and and national issue, that requires the unity of both traditions against attacks, that would seek to divide socialists, from the aspirations of a genuine Republic. The genuine interests of both, are one and the same, that will only be realized with unity and solidarity.The last election in Britain, particularly in Scotland, carry the lessons for Ireland, to realize the interests of it's people, as opposed to the corporate elites, with their army of presstitutes and political perverts. Have another read of the "Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck, if you want see, what is on the immediate horizon for Ireland.

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Trident whistleblower says nuclear subs are insecure, unsafe and 'a disaster waiting to happen'

TRIDENT submarines are plagued by serious security lapses, beset by multiple safety blunders and are "a disaster waiting to happen", according to a nuclear weapons engineer turned whistleblower who is now being hunted by the police.

William McNeilly, who says he was on patrol with HMS Victorious from January to April this year, alleges that the Trident missiles it carries are vulnerable to a terrorist attack that "would kill our people and destroy our land". Infiltrators have "the perfect opportunity to send nuclear warheads crashing down on the UK", he claims.
He has written a detailed 18-page report called The Nuclear Secrets, which claims to lift the lid on the alarming state of the UK's ageing and short-staffed nuclear deterrent. He went absent without leave from the Royal Navy last week, is on the run and expects to be arrested. "This is bigger than me, it's bigger than all of us," he says. "We are so close to a nuclear disaster it is shocking, and yet everybody is accepting the risk to the public. If we don't act now lives could be lost for generations."
The risk was "extremely high", he told the Sunday Herald. "My information comes from good sources and I have no reason to lie. If change isn't made, a nuclear catastrophe almost certainly will happen."
McNeilly's report alleges 30 safety and security flaws on Trident submarines, based at Faslane on the Clyde. They include failures in testing whether missiles could be safely launched, burning toilet rolls starting a fire in a missile compartment, and security passes and bags going unchecked.
He also reports alarms being muted because they went off so often, missile safety procedures being ignored and top secret information left unguarded.
"It's just a matter of time before we're infiltrated by a psychopath or a terrorist," he says. "There were some people that I served with on that patrol who showed clear psychopathic tendencies."
The Royal Navy has launched an investigation into McNeilly's report, and is working with the civilian police to find him. It describes his criticisms as "subjective and unsubstantiated", stressing that submarines never go to sea unless they are completely safe.
The SNP's Westminster leader, Angus Robertson MP, is demanding a full explanation and action to rectify all the failings. "These revelations, if true, are extremely concerning. It reads as a nightmare catalogue of serious safety breaches," he said.
"They add to what appears to be a chaotic, shambolic safety culture on these aged subs. Broken or faulty equipment with no spares leading to slapdash patch-up jobs have no place in the Navy and just shows how utterly stretched it is."
Robertson added: "Failure to follow standard safety procedures is unacceptable in any workplace but on a Trident submarine on patrol it could result in extreme tragedy, not just for those on board but indeed for the entire planet."
McNeilly claims that there was a "massive cover-up" of what happened when HMS Vanguard collided with the French nuclear submarine, Le Triomphant, in the Atlantic in February 2009. He quotes a senior officer who was on Vanguard at the time as saying: "We thought, this is it, we're all going to die."
The crash dislodged high-pressure air (HPA) bottles, he says. "They had to return to base port slowly, because if one of HPA bottle groups exploded it would have created a chain reaction and sent the submarine plummeting to the bottom."
McNeilly also outlines a litany of equipment problems, including a seawater leak, a flooded torpedo compartment and defective toilets. A missile compartment was used as an exercise gym, he alleges, and the submarine speaker system was difficult to understand.
He insists that he has been careful about what he has said publicly in order to avoid prejudicing security. He repeatedly raised concerns with his superiors but they were ignored, he says.
McNeilly, who describes himself as "weapons engineer", is 25 years old, and from Newtownabbey near Belfast. He says he joined the Navy in July 2013, and arrived at Faslane a year ago.
After six months training, according to his account, he went on patrol with HMS Victorious for three months earlier this year.
It is difficult to independently verify all his allegations.
The independent nuclear submarine expert, John Large, concluded McNeilly was credible, though he may have misunderstood some of the
things he saw.
Large said: "Even if he is right about the disorganisation, lack of morale, and sheer foolhardiness of the personnel around him - and the unreliability of the engineered systems - it is likely that the Trident system as a whole will tolerate the misdemeanours, as it's designed to do."
The Royal Navy confirmed that McNeilly was a member of the naval service. "The Navy is concerned for the whereabouts and wellbeing of able seaman McNeilly and is working closely with civilian police to locate him," it said.
His report did not pose any security risk to personnel or operations, it added. "The document contains a number of subjective and unsubstantiated personal views, made by a very junior sailor, with which the naval service completely disagrees."
A Royal Navy spokeswoman stressed that security and nuclear safety were taken extremely seriously. "We are fully investigating both the issue of the unauthorised release of this document and its contents," she said.
"The naval service operates its submarine fleet under the most stringent safety regime and submarines do not go to sea unless they are completely safe to do so."
But John Ainslie, co-ordinator of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, praised McNeilly. "He is a whistleblower who has revealed that there is a callous disregard for safety and security onboard Trident submarines," he said.
"He should be commended for his action, not hounded by the Royal Navy. He has exposed the fact that Trident is a catastrophe waiting to happen - by accident, an act of terrorism or sabotage."
Edited extract from the dossier of William McNeilly compiled before going into hiding:
'My name is William McNeilly. I am a weapons engineer submariner for the UK's Trident II D5 strategic weapons system. The penalty for releasing this
report will be life prison if I'm lucky.
The worst fear for me isn't prison ... it's the fear of sacrificing everything I have just to warn the public and yet never be heard. My leave expires today. I will be hunted down for not turning up.
When I'm found I will confess and will no longer be able to keep trying to warn the public. This document will enlighten you about the shockingly extreme conditions that our nuclear weapons system is in right now, and has been in the past. I need you to publish this document or send it to someone who will - please, for the safety of the people.
The complete lack of concern for security worries me. The fact is it would have been even easier for me to cause a nuclear catastrophe than to gather information, and gathering information was actually quite simple, due to the amount of ignorance.
We are at war, with a new kind of enemy. The terrorists have infiltrated every nation on our planet. Our nuclear weapons are a target that's wide open to attack. You don't have to be Alexander the Great to see we must adapt our strategies.
The Cold War is over; are we still in a situation where we must invest billions upon billions into a system that puts our citizens at risk? No! We must adapt to the evolving world in order to survive!
I had envisioned a system with strict security and safety. I didn't see how wrong I was until I arrived at HMS Neptune (Faslane). At the gate the guard barely looked at my pass. It's harder to get into most nightclubs.
We headed down the boat. No search at all. It wasn't because we're Royal Navy personnel; it was because that's the standard procedures. Hundreds of contractors go down the boat when it's alongside.
Their equipment isn't searched and they are not patted down. All it takes is someone to bring a bomb on board to commit the worst terrorist attack the UK and the world has ever seen. At a base security brief we were told that thousands of Royal Navy IDs go missing every year. A terrorist can use them, or create counterfeits with them and easily gain access down the submarine.
We went down to missile compartment two deck, set our bags just feet away from the missiles and no-one stopped us. This was our first time on the boat. No-one in the crew knew who we were, but they still didn't stop us. You can carry anything through the security checkpoints without it being checked.
If you've been through airport security after 9/11 you'll have seen how thorough the security is nowadays. If airport security and nuclear weapon security were both compared to prisons, the airport would be Alcatraz and base security would be house arrest.
Seeing the condition of the security and equipment made me more than concerned, for the safety of the people. It was at that point I realised I needed to gather as much safety and security information as I could. My intentions were to make changes by reporting through the chain of command.
I learnt that HMS Vanguard is in the worst of the worst condition. Countless times it tried to sail but had to come back in, forcing the other boats to do extended patrols.
Just weeks after passing out of training I was drafted to HMS Victorious. Day one was a dark, rainy and windy morning. I made it through the checkpoint by keeping my face away from the guards. I didn't show my ID, and I never handed any ID in.
On the first dive there was a loud continuous bang being heard by everyone. It was down the forward starboard side. The next day in the junior rates mess, I heard people complaining about it being ignored.
A problem occurred with the main hydraulic plant. Somehow seawater was getting into it. The amount of actual hydraulic oil in the plant had fallen to 35 per cent. The problem was there until the end of the patrol.
Hydraulics are used to open the muzzle hatches. This defect stopped them from doing a battle readiness test that proves that the muzzle hatches could have opened whilst on patrol, and that, if we needed to, we could have launched missiles.
I could sometimes hear alarms on the missiles control and monitoring position while lying in bed. I later found out that I would have been hearing them more frequently if they didn't mute the console just to avoid listening to the alarms.
One of the watch keepers laughed about how they would deal with any issues. They would deviate from set procedures because the procedures can be "long and winding." If you work on the strategic weapon system you must follow the procedures. Mistakes can be catastrophic.
A mistake was made on the panel in the control room. A small mistake from this position can cause a disaster. None of the electrical isolations that are required to be made were made, creating a high risk of fire in a compartment which contains torpedoes.
A lot of submarines have been lost due to simple accidents. If one simple mistake is made it can be all over. You can find some of the information online but most of it is covered up. It's only a matter of time before one of the Trident submarines is lost.
Everyone who serves on the Trident submarines knows that it was HMS Vanguard that crashed into the French submarine [in the Atlantic in February 2009]. I was talking to a chief who was on the submarine at the time. He said: "We thought, this is it, we're all going to die." He went on to explain what happened. There was a massive cover up of the incident.
There was a fire in the missile compartment, in harbour. The chief said if it had been at sea there would've been about 50 dead bodies on three deck because of the amount of people struggling to find an emergency breathing system.
The fire was caused by the ship's toilet rolls being stacked from deck to deckhead the whole way along four deck (right beside the missiles and firing units). They reckon it was the heat from the cables that caused the fire.
One motor generator was dysfunctional. There were a lot of problems with the electrical generation equipment. Losing power could result in losing the submarine.
The missile compartment four deck has been turned into a gym. There are people sweating their asses off between the missiles, people rowing between a blanket of shit because the sewage system is defective.
Personal electronics should be banned yet the policy isn't enforced. You can bring whatever electronic devices you want on board. Simple rules like no e-cigs and no shaving are also not obeyed.
One time the supervisor was off somewhere and it would've been easy for me to gather top secret information. To the right buyer this information would sell for millions.
The information I have released in this document has been carefully selected. An idiot may say that releasing information about how open to attack we are will invite terrorism and create an increased risk to security. The truth is the threat already exists.
A few of us got to climb inside a nuclear missile, which could have had up to 12 nuclear warheads on it. I climbed the ladder, put half my body inside the missile and had a look around. If any of us had been terrorists we would've been given the perfect opportunity to send nuclear warheads crashing down on the UK.
Luckily none of us were terrorists. However the rate at which people are getting pushed through the system because of manpower shortages is scary. It's just a matter of time before we're infiltrated by a psychopath or a terrorist.
Some of the personalities on board are already alarming. Probably the most worrying is the junior rate whose hobby is killing small animals. He also expressed his interest in watching dark porn. It appeared most people had breaking points at some point on patrol.
At one point I was told the best way to take down a submarine. I'm not going say how here, that's information nobody should talk about. It's disturbing to know that the people serving on these boats are aware of many ways to destroy them from within.
One of the biggest threats we face is suicidal attack from within. There have been suicides onboard, and on an Astute boat we had a shooter kill his own work colleagues [in Southampton in April 2011]. There were some people that I served with who showed clear psychopathic tendencies.
A missile compensation test was carried out three times and it failed three times. Which means the missiles would have been launched on an unstable platform, if they decided to launch. Basically they're endangering the public and spending billions of taxpayers' money for a system so broken it can't even do the tests that prove it works.
Five minutes before leaving the boat for leave I walked into the junior rates' toilets. The whole deck was flooded in a couple inches of brown water. I tried the senior rates' and it was the same. This summed the system up.
Most people know the Trident programme is a disaster waiting to happen, but they never tell the public. You're guaranteed to lose everything, if you talk. Career, money, everything you own, your freedom, contact with family and friends.
I believe it's in the Prime Minister's best interest to pardon me. Prosecuting someone for alerting the people and the government to a major threat isn't a good image for someone who serves the people.
I raised my concerns about the safety and security of the weapon system through the chain of command on multiple occasions. My concern couldn't have been any clearer. Not once did someone even attempt to make a change.
I strongly believe that the Prime Minister and most people that defended Trident have no idea about how dire the situation is. This is not the time to judge on what they did when they didn't know. It's about what they do now that they know.