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Word on the Falls Road in Belfast last night, was, that Gary Glitter will join the Adams Gang and wants to be their leader. It follows the news, that Gerry Adams brother, Liam Adans is about to be released.
A jury convicted Gerry Adams's brother of the rape of his daughter but was not "properly directed" by the trial judge, a barrister told an appeal court. Liam Adams, from west Belfast, was found guilty in 2013 of a string of attacks on his daughter, Aine Dahlstrom, when she was aged between four and nine.

Like Gary Glitter, he was given a 16-year jail sentence, 
expecting to serve only half of it behind bars.
The case is currently in front of the Appeal Court in Belfast, where his defence say part of the judge's direction of the jury, put the burden of proof on Adams. Barrister Eilis McDermott said, "It comes nowhere near the careful direction, that a judge ought to give the jury, in a case of this kind."

Adams, like Gary Glitter was found guilty of numerous offences against Mrs Dahlstrom, which included three counts of rape, four of indecent assault and three of gross indecency. Barrister McDermott said, part of Judge Corinne Philpott QC's summing up to the jury, had been "opaque" and difficult to follow. She said, "The consequence of it feeds into the criticism that is made of the learned judge, that the jury was not properly directed. This was an issue of credibility." She said a "wholly inflammatory direction about consent and recklessness" when there clearly was no consent by a child of Ms Dahlstrom's age.

One of the judges hearing the appeal, Lord Justice Gillen, said, he could not recall a case, where no reference was made by the trial judge to defence evidence."Is it not unconventional? There is no reference to his evidence at all that I can find, and there is no reference to his witnesses." Like Glitter, the opportunist predator, committed the crimes when he was alone with his daughter, sneaking into her room as she slept. The rapes were committed, over a five-year period up to 1981. Years latter Adams went to work in a number of youth centres across Occupied Ireland and was then sent dow to the south of Ireland.

The conviction pointed the finger at his brother Gerry Adams as why he did not alert the authorities of the rape allegations, when he knew all about them, while at the same time as the leader of his gang, like Gary Glitter, he ordered his cult followers to inform the police, on other cult followers, who were engaged in the same activity. Adams the gang leader, has insisted he acted properly and accused other gang rivals of exploiting his family issue to attack him. A document has been discovered by Gerry Adams' former solicitor, which should have been disclosed during his brother's trial, Barrister McDermott, who also said, "It certainly was material that would have been used in cross-examination."

Adams, first trial collapsed in 2013 but he was later tried and convicted later on that year. The senior judges, Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan, Lord Justice Gillen and Lord Justice Patrick Coghlin, are hearing the appeal. Barrister McDermott said, publicity surrounding the trials and particularly Gerry Adams' evidence, had made it a national issue. She stressed, the trial judge had failed to tell the jury, that Liam Adams did not have to prove anything. The main thrust of her complaint surrounded Judge Philpott, telling the jury, that a defendant's evidence must be viewed with the same standard as that of a prosecution witness. Barrister McDermott characterised this, as the judge telling jurors, the defendant did not have to prove his innocence, but following it up, with a but.

It is at the very least open to the danger, that the jury may have thought that in this case, because the defendant did give evidence, that in some way the burden of proof reverted to him. "There is a major cause for concern in relation to the clarity of the direction that has been given to the jury on this fundamental point." Prosecution Barrister Murphy, said it was a case of where, the judge was not required to review any piece of evidence, sayng that, "There was no evidence other than the complainant. The jury were very much focused upon deciding whether they believed Aine Adams or whether they accepted the evidence of the defendant." One appeal judge challenged Murphy, as to why two other children of Adams, said they had a happy upbringing, yet Judge Philpott did not mention it. Murphy said: "It was close in the minds of the jury towards the end of the trial. It is not something that could have been forgotten by the jury,  that Adams put his children into the witness box."

One gang member, interviewed on the Falls Road last night, known as "Kiddyfiddler," said Adams, would be rejoining the Gang soon and that Gary Glitter also wants to join the Gang. However he said he would have to be vetted by MI5 and the Gang. He reminded the reporter, that Sinead O'Connor was not admitted, because she was a born again virgin, and that she was asking too may questions about gang activity. He said Gary Glitter would have to be put on probation first. However a journalist with the Pensive Quill, raised questions, regarding the reliability of the gang spokesperson, which suggested he was a conman. When the Adams Gang spokesperson, was challeneged on this, he countered, that all these reporters were exploiting his Gang's difficulties for political purposes and they would be discredited.

He said Liam and Gary had nothing to worry about, they would be posted out in Ballymurphy or Turf Lodge anonsmously, with one of their hangs out there. Failing that they would be sent down south to one of their safe houses on Gerry Adam's turf in Dundalk, with one of their gangs down there and that the their bhoys, would take care of them. If that failed, they would hide them in Bandit country, where no one would find them, and that Murphy would rescind his order to the locals, to become informers to the British. He also offered our journalist a joint, some cheap diesel, wacky baccy and cigarettes at a discount, which was politely refused for ethical reasons and transparency. He also warned Irish Blog, to be careful what it published or it would be censored and discredited. He also asked our reporter, if he had any further details, as to what happened to the lad from the Isle of Skye, who shot himself overseas. Our reporter declined to comment, as the matter is currently under investigation.

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Willie Frazer, has been accused of many things, including being a bigot, a liar and a hypocrite. Now he stands accused of being connected with British State Collusion atrocities, which are part of the British Dirty War in Ireland. Willie wants to march on Dublin again, the scene of the murder of 33 innocent civilians, at the hands of the Glenanne Frazer counter-gang and other members of British death squads, sponsored by British taxpayers, while Willie Frazer himself, was also sponsored by taxpayers, to speak on behalf of the victims of his father's British, death, squad. Willie also speaks for the loyalist Orange Order, who are accused of hate speech, with many calls for the supremacist, sectarian,  Order, to be declared an illegal organization. 

After Willie's gang paraded in paramilitary uniform through Newry's North Street Flats and threatened to blow up the complex, upstanding citizens of North Street and myself, were forced to hold a 'Buckfast Valium Party' and gate crash Glennane Hall, to let Willie's Gang know, who was really in charge, in the area. That was way back before I sobered up, and I really don't want to do that sort of thing again, but if Willie keeps provoking Dublin, there could be more "Buckfast Valium Parties" on the Summer horizon, with Willie's hate marching season, soon starting.

There are many claims, that Willie Frazer attempted to create a hierarchy of victimhood, with an innocent victims group, while at the same time, claiming his own Father, was just a member of the British Army, when they indiscrimanately murdered, scores upon scores of innocent Irish people, while in fact, he was a member of a British State, death squad, also known as the Glenanne Gang.William McCaughey, an RUC member,(British Police) and Robert McConnell, a friend of Frazer, were also members of the British State Death Squad. McCaughey claimed on the British Broadcating Corporation, that the Glenanne Gang, intended to murder up to 30 school children in Belleeks, in South Armagh. They called it off for fear of an IRA response or Civil War.

Willie Frazer, was mentored, by huge sums of taxpayers monies, for a Victims Forum, which included a fellow Protestant, Alan Bracknell. Willie's father was shot, after the British State, Glenanne Gang, bombed Donnelly's bar in Silverbridge. Willie Frazer, described his father and others involved in British State collusion, such as Robert McConnell, as innocent victims, while sitting at the same table, as Alan Bracknell, knowing full well, his father and Uncle, along with the British Government, were responsible for Trevor Bracknells death. Now this is not just a one sided perspective. In the British Unionist Newspaper today, is an article by the Belfast Telegraph on these matters.

British State 'colluded in over 80 murders'

The aftermath of the UVF Step Inn pub bombing, Keady, in August 1976

24 MARCH 2015
The British State was involved in mass murder on British soil, a lawyer has told a coroner's court.


[TICON-A VIDEO] Glenanne gang: Notorious death squad 'fuelled by collusion'

38 years on, Malachi McDonald craves justice for wife he lost to brutal UVF gang

Inquiry urged into collusion claims

Liam Clarke: Time to come clean on the dirty war to ease pain of families

Colum Eastwood: 'Lethal Allies' - Uncomfortable truth on state collusion must be faced up to'


Liam Adams to appeal conviction

Gay cake row: Christian Institute rally for Ashers Baking Company held at the Waterfront Hall Belfast

Suffolk Inn in west Belfast fined £1,000 for watered-down 'fake vodka'

Sinn Fein mayor for supercouncil

The security forces colluded with loyalist paramilitaries in 80 deaths between July 1972 and June 1978 in Northern Ireland's "murder triangle" in counties Armagh and Tyrone, Leslie Thomas QC said.

He said many were carried out by the Glenanne Gang of gunmen with the alleged involvement of soldiers and police officers.

Mr Thomas said it could take a year to hear inquests and compared the task to that of investigating the Hillsborough football disaster.

"If what we say is right this is the biggest involvement of state agents in mass murder on British soil," he said.

He added: "We say that what the families of the bereaved want, quite simply can be put in a few words: they want the truth, they want the truth to come out, they want justice."

Mr Thomas was addressing a preliminary hearing in Belfast of two inquests involving a Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) bombing at the Step Inn in Keady in Co Armagh in 1976 during which Catholics Elizabeth McDonald, 38, and Gerard McGleenan, 22, died.

He said the same weapons were used in many of the Glenanne murders and the killers adopted the same modus operandi, accused the authorities of state-sponsored terrorism and claimed one individual involved in killing Ms McDonald should have been dealt with sooner.

He said: "The murder of Betty McDonald could have been avoided, could have been avoided had that individual been taken off the street earlier on or the weapons been taken off the street earlier on, or there had not been the collusion amongst state agents in covering up earlier murders then in terms of Betty McDonald's right to life we say she may be still here today, living long into life with her husband."

The UVF gang operated out of farms in Armagh and Tyrone in the mid 1970s when the Troubles were at their worst.

Lawyers for the victims have insisted only a public inquiry or an inquest covering all the deaths can get to the truth of the collusion claims. Senior coroner John Leckey said he was constrained by the resources available to his office.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland's (PSNI) Historical Enquiries Team (HET) has found "indisputable evidence" of security force collusion in the group.

Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers has declined to be represented at the inquest. No submission has been made to her seeking a public inquiry but Mr Thomas said the McDonald family was not surprised she allegedly did not want to be involved.

He added: "This is the biggest case of state collusion in mass murder of innocent individuals. This is a state murdering its own, you cannot get bigger than that, and therefore while one sees and understands and looks at what is happening in Hillsborough, if what we say has occurred on, lets face it, British soil, why should that not be investigated?

"British security agents being involved in deaths of British citizens, it does not get worse than that."

Mother-of-three Ms McDonald and Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) footballer Mr McGleenan were killed when a no-warning loyalist bomb detonated outside the Step Inn pub and nearby houses in August 1976. Twenty-five other people were injured.

Northern Ireland's Attorney General John Larkin QC ordered the new inquest.

Mr Thomas acknowledged there had been convictions in some of the other killings he said were linked, but he added a narrow criminal investigation was not enough.

He said across the cases there had been a repetition of similar failings by the investigating authorities, a lack of criminal convictions, the killings happened in close proximity to each other, and created similar victims while pursuing similar modus operandi.

He added the deaths involved a similar group of individuals involved in a number of attacks.

"Many of those responsible were either serving or former members of the security forces. There were close ballistic links between the victims, the weapons used in many of the killings which originated within the Ulster Defence Regiment (a branch of the army recruited in Northern Ireland)."

He quoted the HET report: "Despite the obvious pattern and linkages between these offences, only cursory efforts have been made to investigate further.

"No determined efforts were made to investigate them in a meaningful fashion.

"This (Step Inn) bombing could have been prevented and should have been detected."

Mr Thomas said precedents for a linked series of inquests were given by that into the deaths of Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko and Azelle Rodney, who was allegedly shot dead by Met Police.

He told Mr Leckey: "I can connect and join the dots in relation to various individuals who were named here to various atrocities, various bombings, various shootings, various matters and I can make the link on various weapons, various ballistics.

"This document enables me to tie up individuals."

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


"Mr Martin said the events of that Easter belonged to no party but to the whole of the Irish people."

Micheál Martin: Events of that Easter belonged to no party but to the Irish people
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  • Clarke Brian Correct
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  • Simon Peter Mckernan Seems like he's running scared the vast majority of dubliners, joined the cause as a direct response to the brutality of the brits but we should never forget that james Connolly and padraig Pearse had core values that provide inspiration for all of us and we should return to those values rather than merely ritualising them and then carry on as if nothing happened!
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  • Clarke Brian The heritage of the Rising belongs to everyone of Ireland and every part of Ireland, wherever they are. It is also part of the International and no one, particulary from a non-republican party, has the right dictate otherwise.
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  • John Patterson Is this the same Irish political class who for a hundred years turned their backs on the uprising because they where embarrassed to be linked to it....he same people who sent their armed special branch men to beat us at Wolfe Tones commemeration.....there shitting themselves because their gonna get hammered at the election
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  • John O'Sullivan Shame Feinn would not hijack the Rising, would they?
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  • Clarke Brian Thsy'd hijack their own family, if they thought they'd get a free ride!
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  • John Patterson I dont doubt they will use it to enhance their political position...and why shouldnt they...its good politics.
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  • Clarke Brian In fact they already hijacked their own families for free rides, so they should be kept well away from any commemorations, never mind trusted with driving the country! Anyone in their right mind, would not vote for paedophile enablers!
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  • John Patterson Thats YOUR opinion Clarke...and opinions are like assholes..everyones got���� but you see the polls tell a different story than the narritive you espouse...and we see the morning after the election will we not....Of course you can vote your heats content...the very people who drove the country to the brink of economic collaspe..
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  • Clarke Brian That is not my opinion, that is the Law. Anyone who enables child rape is as guilty as the perpetrator. Child rape is the most serious crime imaginable.This is what the Catholic country of Belgium thinks about it!

    The case surrounding the Belgian...
  • John Patterson Clarke why are you using examples from Belgium to make some point about Ireland? Thats nonsensical..Belgiums judical or religious traditions have no meaning in Ireland. As for the sexual abuse of young people im in agreement with you. We should have th...See More
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  • Clarke Brian Brussels is the capital of Belgium and it also is the Capital of the EU. The video clearly demonstrates the serious nature of Child Rape, and how corrupt societies, politicians and police cover this most serious of crime up. Anyone with a heart, can se...See More
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  • John Patterson Gosh your making a lot of assumptions there Clarke.. Again i say to you your going of on a tandent over your use of a youtube video that has no relevance to Ireland whatsoever. I agree with you however that indeed yes the Irish political class for 4 de...See More
  • Clarke Brian Any political party that has enabled Child Rape, is not fit for Public Office, period. As regards how the perpetrators are treated, frankly I am not too bothered. It appears you are prepared to vote for a Political Party, who would enable the rape of your children.What a sick country we come from, as a result of our country being raped for 800 years by the Royalty of Rome and Britain, while PSF continue to collaborate with them.
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  • John Patterson I guess we can agree to disagree...������
  • Clarke Brian This is the resignation speech of Brendan Curran, ex IRA, ex POW, a PSF councilor a few days ago.It clearly demonstrates both the undemocratic nature of PSF and their cover-up of Child Rape, and you want these people to run our country?

    Ex Sinn Fein Councillor Brendan Curran’s stormy exit from Newry and Mourne...