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British Government to seek to have intelligence gathered on the Omagh bombing assessed in private, court hears - Belfast Telegraph

The British Government is to seek to have some intelligence gathered on the Omagh bombing assessed in private, the High Court heard today.

Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers plans to apply to have a closed material procedure form part of a challenge to her refusal to hold a public inquiry into the atrocity, a judge was told.
Confirmation of the move came as lawyers for the father of a young man killed in the Real IRA attack accused the authorities of "massively dragging their heels".
Michael Gallagher has mounted a legal action in a bid to force the government to order a full inquiry.
His son Aiden was among 29 people, including a woman pregnant with twins, killed in the August 1998 outrage.
In September 2013 Ms Villiers rejected calls for a public investigation, deciding instead that a probe by Police Ombudsman Michael Maguire was the best way to address any outstanding issues.
Last October Dr Maguire published a report where he found RUC Special Branch withheld some intelligence information from detectives hunting the bombers.
No one has ever been convicted of carrying out the attack, but Seamus Daly, a 44-year-old bricklayer from Cullaville, Co Monaghan, is currently charged with the 29 murders which he denies.
Central to the bid to have Ms Villiers' decision judicially reviewed is a contention that the British Government has a duty under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights to protect lives and investigate the bombing.
Mr Gallagher's lawyers claim a range of intelligence from British security agents, MI5 and RUC officers could have been drawn together to stop the killers in their tracks.
An alleged gap in the information relates to any monitoring of the bomb and scout cars as they crossed the Irish border into Omagh on the day of the attack.
It has been suggested that a BBC Panorama documentary has raised the possibility of other intelligence than the intercept material which has been the subject of investigations to date.
In court today Paul Mclaughlin, for the Secretary of State, confirmed her intention to seek a closed material procedure before the full hearing can take place.
The process, brought in under the Justice and Security Act, can assess whether public disclosure of some information would be damaging to national security.
But with the other side in proceedings kept in the dark about the contents, some have claimed it could give rise to secret courts.
Mr McLaughlin stressed that a special advocate has to be appointed by the Advocate General for Northern Ireland before the application is made.
He added that an "intensive" review of all available material has been carried out.
"We have been going through a difficult process of trying to work out what evidence there is, and what evidence can be served in open as opposed to what is required to be filed in a closed hearing," the barrister said.
"We are trying to put together an enormous jigsaw of what material exists and who it has been examined by."
During exchanges Mr Justice Treacy emphasised how the case centred on whether all intelligence material was made available.
"If the intelligence services don't know what they shared and who with, that would be deeply troubling," he said.
Ashley Underwood QC, representing Mr Gallagher, argued that the Secretary of State should have already notified the Advocate General.
Instead, he claimed: "She has just been sitting on her hands."
Mr Underwood also contended delays in the process were "ludicrous".
Attributing no blame on the government's legal representatives, the barrister added: "I have no doubt there are people behind them that are dragging their heels, but nonetheless heels are being dragged massively."
The case was adjourned for a further review in two weeks time.
Finian Cunningham is one of the few remaining honest journalists left in the world. Let's hope the British do not assassinate him or cause an accident, as they do witth honest journalists and lawyers in Occupied Ireland. Normally when reading an article, I disagree with elements but in the article below there was just one word.

Britain’s Weaponising of Ignorance
By Finian Cunningham

April 16, 2015 "ICH" - "SCF" - -  The contract killing of two opposition figures in Kiev this week is stark evidence that the country under the Western-backed regime is descending into a fully-fledged state of chaos and criminality. 
We have already seen the rise of Neo-Nazism militarism, and now the assassination of political opponents on the streets of Kiev. Yet, still, the Western governments and their dutiful news media steadfastly refuse to deal with the grim reality. Instead, they continue to regurgitate slanderous aggression against Russia. And when the West cannot cope with explaining reality they simply disparage Russia for telling lies and «weaponising information». But the truth is that it is the West that is «weaponising ignorance». Wilful, unabashed, woeful ignorance.
Former Ukrainian newspaper editor Oles Buzina was gunned down reportedly by two masked assailants near his home in the Ukrainian capital on Thursday. 
Only the day before, former parliamentarian Oleh Kalashnikov was also murdered at his Kiev home. Both men were known for their outspoken critical views of the ultra-rightist regime that seized power last year with the backing of Washington and Brussels. Kalashnikov had been a senior member of the Party of Regions – the party of ousted President Viktor Yanukovych.
The latest execution-style killings follow a spate of at least four suspicious deaths among other former parliamentarians who had also belonged to the Yanukoych government before it was overthrown in February 2014 in a Western-sponsored coup. 
The new regime has gone on to oversee a state of illegal war waged against the dissident pro-Russian eastern Ukraine regions, as well as teetering bankruptcy, widespread social and economic misery, the rise of private militias under the control of competing corrupt oligarchs, and the systematic glorification of former Nazi collaborators. The formation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, which perpetuated mass killings on behalf of the Nazi Waffen SS during World War Two, has been made into an official public holiday in commemoration of that death squad. 
Last week, the regime’s parliament in Kiev, which is dominated by openly fascistic parties, voted to ban Communist organisations and to erase all symbols of Soviet-era history. Public statues of Soviet leaders and Red Army heroes who liberated Ukraine from Nazi domination have been obliterated. The regime is planning to spend more than $200 million purging cities and towns of their Russian place names. 
Now the assassination of political opponents who are deemed to be «pro-Russian» takes the Kiev regime to a new level of lawlessness and ideological extremism. 
For the past year, Western governments and media have persisted in branding the regime in Kiev as a «pro-democracy» vanguard that was endeavouring to orient the former Soviet Republic towards «Western values», membership of the European Union and joining the UK-led NATO military alliance.
The Western depiction of developments under the Kiev regime is a stupendous feat of denial over what is really happening in Ukraine. The practice of oligarch-banditry and the surge in Nazi-styled paramilitaries, brashly donning SS insignia and carrying out war crimes against the ethnic Russian population; the indiscriminate shelling of eastern Ukrainian cities and villages under the orders of Kiev leaders; and the economic blockade of the breakaway region in a Nazi policy of collective punishment – all these violations have been comprehensively denied by Western governments and their mass media. 
The West’s preferred distortion is to invert reality by accusing Russia of «invading» Ukraine and sponsoring proxy pro-independence rebels in the east. No matter that there is no credible evidence to support such claims; no matter that Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations, including this week by President Vladimir Putin in his annual public Q&A conference; no matter that the eastern Ukrainian rebels deny the «Russian proxy» charge; no matter that the monitors of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe can’t find evidence of Russian invasion; no matter that the head of French military intelligence Christophe Gaumard just this week told his country’s National Assembly that there is no evidence of Russian military incursion in Ukraine, or even plans for such an incursion. 
However, with the emergent campaign of murder against opposition politicians and journalists in Kiev, the Western distortion of reality stretches its elastic credulity to breaking point.
Innocent, unarmed civilians are being gunned down in the streets of Kiev for the sole reason that these individuals have expressed political views that are critical of the Western-installed Kiev regime. If that isn’t evidence of the regime descending into the fascist practices that it eulogises then what is?
Ironically, against this appalling background of Western collusion with atavistic Nazi barbarism in Kiev, the United States Congress this week held hearings on what it called Russia’s «weaponisation of information».
Speakers told the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee of their fears that Russia was winning a propaganda war. Their evidence? Well, because reputable Russian news channels, such as RT, Itar-Tass and Sputnik, were reaching Western audiences with an alternative perspective on the crisis in Ukraine. A perspective that actually explains the nature of the Ukraine conflict in a credible geopolitical context of Washington seeking regime change for its wider pursuit of global military dominance vis-a-vis Russia.
Just because Russian media do not peddle an anti-Putin, anti-Moscow narrative – as the Western outlets shamelessly do – then that is construed as «evidence» that the Kremlin is conducting an information war and «weaponising information». 
Earlier this year, US Secretary of State John Kerry told Congress that «Russia’s military aggression is matched only by its propaganda». Kerry appealed for more than $630 million to counteract the influence of Russian news media on the American public by setting up Russian-language satellite TV stations that will beam Fox-News-style into Russia. 
Kerry’s chain of thought based on false assertion leading to false conclusion is espoused unanimously among the White House, the State Department, the US media and the two chambers of Congress – the Senate and House of Representatives. In other words by the entire American political establishment.
Last month, the House of Representatives voted by a landslide calling on President Barack Obama to send lethal weapons to support the Kiev regime «against Russian aggression».
One of the Representatives, Republican party member Steve Pearce (New Mexico), had this to say to a concerned American citizen, who had written to Pearce deploring Congressional support for the Kiev regime and the drive for war with Russia. 
Disturbingly, Pearce’s letter reveals an astounding dearth of knowledge. He writes:
«Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding Ukraine. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue…
 »On February 22, 2014, the Ukrainian parliament unanimously voted to impeach President Viktor Yanukovych, following months of protest. Former President Yanukovych has since fled to Russia – with Russia now challenging the sovereignty of Ukraine. It is very concerning that Russia is acting in Ukraine and not allowing the will of the people to determine the future of the nation. The United State [sic] should stand up, and let it be known that we will not tolerate Russia invading its neighbors. Ukraine has the right to determine its own course».
Note how there is no mention by the Congressman of how the US State Department funded the violent Maidan protests in Kiev at the end of 2013, or how the CIA colluded with Pravy Secktor Neo-Nazi paramilitaries to violently topple the constitutionally elected Yanukovych government. 
The concerned US citizen who shared this correspondence, Randy Martin, a social media activist, said of Congressman Pearce’s reply: «In his response to my letter, he apparently had no clue about the US role in backing the Neo-Nazi coup that has resulted in the overall collapse of the Ukraine economy, a brutal civil war and genocide against Russian-speaking people in Ukraine, and the fact that the US military is now actively training the only standing Neo-Nazi military in the world». 
The Congressman – as with the rest of the ruling elite in Washington – evidently lives in a state of blissful ignorance about what is really going on in Ukraine. Yet based on this ignorance, he and his fellow Congressmen voted for the supply of billions-of-dollars-worth of weaponry to the Nazi-adulating Kiev regime – a regime where opposition politicians and journalists are being gunned down in their homes. 
Across the spectrum of official American politics and that supposed pillar of democracy – the news media – what we see is «systematic ignorance». 
Never mind American claims that Russia is «weaponising information». Britain is weaponising ignorance on an industrial scale. 

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Story by Aangifan MI5 KINCORA BOYS HOME

The murder of Brian McDermott (above) has been linked to the Kincora Boy's Home which was 'being run by MI5'. BBC News

One of the child brothels reportedly run by MI5 and MI6 was the Kincora Boys' Home.

The UK's child abuse inquiry must look at Kincora Boys' Home - Belfast Telegraph.

William McGrath of MI5 and MI6

One of the key figures involved in sexually abusing young boys at Kincora was William McGrath, an agent of both MI5 and MI6.

Amnesty's Northern Ireland director Patrick Corrigan points out that:

The UK government's newly announced child abuse inquiry cannot compel the release of files from the government or from MI5 or MI6.

"Nothing less than the inclusion of the Kincora home in the new inquiry is liable to see the truth finally arrived at, and justice finally delivered," he has said.

The UK's child abuse inquiry must look at Kincora Boys' Home - Belfast Telegraph.

Children were murdered.

The body of 10-year-old Brian McDermott was discovered in a sack in the River Lagan in 1973.

The UK's child abuse inquiry must look at Kincora Boys' Home - Belfast Telegraph.

4th most searched for celebrity on Google in 2013.

The CIA, Mossad and MI5 know something which the general public may not know:

Philip Tromovitch, a professor at Doshisha University in Japan, has stated that:

The "majority of men are probably paedophiles and hebephiles"

"Paedophilic interest is normal and natural in human males".

Hence the CIA and its friends use boys to control the top people.

Most searched for celebrity on Google in 2013.

In the Dutroux Affair we saw that young girls are also popular with the elite.


Reportedly, boys from Kincora were "being taken to big country houses to be used by public figures, including Lord Mountbatten, the former head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield, and Edward Heath."

Lobster's Ramsay on Paedophile Panics - Rigorous Intuition

Denis Donaldson (centre). As a result of sexual blackmail, the IRA's Denis Donaldson, and many of his friends, secretly worked for MI5.

The 'terrorist' group the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was supposed to be fighting the British.

In 2005, it was revealed that the IRA's Denis Donaldson was secretly working for the British security service MI5.

According to the Sunday World, 3 February 2013:

Donaldson was recruited by MI5 in the mid-1980s as the result of a 'honey trap'.

MI5 is reported to have run Belfast's Kincora Boy's Home as a paedophile 'honey trap'.

Donaldson was an important figure in the IRA.

Belfast. By DanUneken

Donaldson was outed as an agent of MI5.

In 2005, Irish Minister for Justice Michael McDowell advised a US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland that he believed the outing of Donaldson as an informant was a clear message from the British Government that it had another, more valuable, asset within the republican leadership.[8]

In 2006, Donaldson was found shot dead.

Sir Jimmy Savile, believed to have been an agent of the security services, photographed near Kincora.

The security services do run brothels, reportedly.

"MI5 ran a brothel in Church Street in Kensington throughout much of the 1950's and early 1960's for the use of visiting dignitaries, diplomats and intelligence officers.

"While for those too important to visit such an establishment certain discreet gentlemen were called upon to provide young female or male company directly to the VIP hotel bedroom."


"Kincora was run as a virtual boy brothel by loyalist leaders and MI5 .

"Its clientele who preyed for years on vulnerable young boys... included loyalist paramilitary leaders , unionist politicians , judges and public figures .

"MI5... used it as a blackmailers lever."
(Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism)

UK Prime Minister Edward Heath (left). Reportedly, UK Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe and UK Conservative Party leader Edward Heath both used rent boys. POLITICIANS

It would seem that the security services (CIA, Mossad, MI5 and MI6) controlled both sides in the Northern Ireland conflict.

The people in Northern Ireland who want to stay part of the UK are called the Loyalists.

"Loyalists have long had links with Zionist gangsters and have received Israeli weapons.

"In at least one incident weapons were exchanged for intelligence material on British missile systems, and loyalists rely on Israeli-'Russian' mafiosi for supplies of ecstasy pills.

(Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism)

"Loyalists have also engaged in the smuggling of non-Whites into Eire in alliance with the 'Russian' mafia."

(Michael stone, MI5 and Kincora - Irish Nationalism)

Reportedly, in the 1970s, several newspapers claimed that the former UK Prime Minister Ted Heath, who was reported to be gay, was a regular visitor to Kincora Boys Home.

However, references to this have been disappearing from the internet. (cached text )

According to the book Who Framed Colin Wallace? (Who Framed Colin Wallace) by Paul Foot:

1. Colin Wallace served in a special UK Ministry of Defence press unit in Northern Ireland which dealt in "psychological operations."

2. Wallace tried to alert the authorities about what was going on at Kincora.

3. In 1973 MI5 set up a propaganda campaign named Clockwork Orange.

The purpose of Clockwork Orange was to blackmail and control top political figures in Northern Ireland and Great Britain, including Harold Wilson and Edward Heath.

4. In October 1974, Wallace refused to take any further part in the Clockwork Orange operation.

He was sacked and he moved to England.

The husband of a friend and colleague was found dead.

Wallace was accused of murder and sentenced to ten years' imprisonment.

On 30 January 1990, UK Armed Forces Minister, Archie Hamilton admitted that several key allegations made by Colin Wallace were true.

Lord Stevens.

Most terrorists work for the security services.

Lord Stevens, a former UK police chief, is quoted as saying that only three out of 210 terrorist suspects he arrested in a probe in Northern Ireland were not working for either the police, the security service MI5 or the UK Army.

On 21 December 2011, we learn that the IRA was run by the UK security services.

Half of all the top IRA men 'worked for security services'

Ian Hurst, former spook (aka Martin Ingram)

According to a 24-page document, written by UK intelligence officer Ian Hurst:

1. Half of all the senior IRA members were working for the UK intelligence services

2. Freddie Scappaticci, the IRA's head of internal security, the agent known as Stakeknife, worked for British intelligence.

3. MI5 had a network of agents within the Garda, the Irish police force.

From 1982-1990, Ian Hurst (aka Martin Ingram) was in Londonderry handling agents like Frank Hegarty, an IRA quartermaster later murdered for betraying a cache of Libyan weapons.

Ian Hurst has claimed that the 'IRA boss' Martin McGuinness reported to MI6.

Northern Ireland by niknkimnollie

Richard M Bennett, in Asia Times, June 2003, made the following points about the UK security services and assassinations:

1. In the early 1970s Rafael Eitan, head of the Mossad hit-squad known as the 'Kidon', toured Northern Ireland and the Special Air Services (SAS) base in Hereford, England.

Shortly after his visit there were big changes in UK security policy, including the setting up of what was to become the Force Reconnaissance Unit (FRU) .

The FRU was involved in the targeting of Irish Republicans for assassination by death squads.

The FRU may have been involved in the de Menezes killing.

2. In 1988, three Irish Republican Army (IRA) members were killed in Gibraltar by the SAS (UK special forces).

Reportedly, it was Mossad who had tracked the IRA men.

3. In 1972, John Wyman of MI6 recruited the Littlejohn brothers to carry out bank robberies and bomb attacks in the Republic of Ireland.

Wyman said to them that there was "going to be a policy of political assassination" for which they were to make themselves available.

Wyman gave the Littlejohns a list of IRA leaders to assassinate; these included Seamus Costello, Sean Qarland and Sean McStiofain.

Northern Ireland by Hotpix UK Tony Smith

In the USA, in November 1982, five men were acquitted of smuggling arms to the IRA after they revealed that the CIA had approved the shipment.[98]

There is a theory that many of the Irish terror groups were Mafias run by elements of the CIA and MI6.

It was all about making money from drugs and guns, and discrediting the Republican movement.

Northern Ireland by Slainte

Kevin Fulton, a former British soldier claimed that he had flown to New York, met FBI and MI5 agents and was given money to buy an infra-red device to be used to set off IRA bombs.

(Congress probes 'IoS' revelations on IRA link.)

According to one source: "the Real IRA has in the past been exposed as being run by MI5 agents, as was the case in the Omagh bombing, and it appears that the British officials are keen to continue keeping people in fear through this same control mechanism."

(statism watch - Real IRA plot.)

Former British spy Kevin Fulton reported that "the real reason why the Real IRA murderers who planted the bomb at Omagh, have never been taken to court or their cases investigated - it is because the actual bomber, Sean Hoey, was also working for the RUC (the police)".

(MI5 & the IRA!)

Gerry Adams by Slainte

"In 2006, the Guardian reported that, two British agents were central to the bombings of three army border installations in 1990, the claims included tactics known as the human bomb, which involved forcing civilians to drive vehicles laden with explosives into army checkpoints, this tactic was the brainchild of British intelligence.

"In 2006, it was also revealed that, a former British Army mole in the IRA has claimed that MI5 arranged a weapons buying trip to America in which he obtained detonators, later used by terrorists to murder soldiers and police officers, and British intelligence co-operated with the FBI, to ensure his trip to New York in the 1990s went ahead without incident, so that his cover would not be blown."

(MI5 & the IRA!)

The UK's General Frank Kitson refers to the 'pseudo gang'.

(General Frank Kitson: Trail Blazing Fake Terrorism)

Belfast bomb by Slainte

The pseudo gang works for the military but pretends to be a bunch of terrorists.

The idea of the 'pseudo gang' is to carry out acts of violence which can then be blamed on the people that the military wants to discredit.

Pseudo gangs have been used in Vietnam, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, the Philippines, Kenya, Malaya, Northern Ireland, Iraq, New York and many other places.

Reportedly, the white Rhodesians used pseudo gangs to bomb churches (and murder missionaries) and blame the violence on black guerrillas.

GERRY ADAMS OF MI6? / Martin McGuinness of MI6

UK Prime Minister Edward Heath. Illustration by John Kent in “Private Eye” 11 September 1970. Website for this image

Tonymusings blog looks at some of the evidence concerning former UK Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Among the points made:

1. "Savile regularly visited the notorious abuse-ridden children's home Haute de la Garenne" (on the island of Jersey).

"Savile initially denied ever visiting the home, despite photographic evidence to the contrary."

2. It has been alleged that "One of those who stood most to lose was Sir Edward Heath, the former prime minister from 1970-74, who was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garenne among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht called 'Morning Cloud'...

"The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville.

"He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys on board Heaths yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference.

"Allegedly Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP's with children for them to sexually abuse."

[2011 Sept] The Wheel of Fortune By T Stokes

Brad Lane with Reggie Kray at Gartree prison. (Yorkshire Post) PEDOPHILE RINGS...

3. Reportedly, Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to loiter in London's lavatories and not to try to pick up young boys.

Ted Heath 'stopped cottaging for gay sex to protect his career'. /
Heath warned about gay sex trysts - Telegraph

London boys playing with the police.

"Late one night on the Thames embankment by the House of Commons a British prime minister approached a rent boy."

Reportedly, almost all the rent boys worked for the spooks - CIA, Mossad, MI5 and the KGB.

"The details of the encounter on the Thames embankment quickly ended up on the London KGB station chief’s desk."

Quite naturally, "the KGB man handed the file to MI6", which had close links to Lord Victor Rothschild.

London Cruising Grounds

Website for this image. BBC News - Heath Caper: A Czech blackmail plot against Ted Heath?

'Going "up the Heath" is a bit of a rite of passage for many gay men." -'I go with gay strangers.

London Cruising Grounds

We once saw Edward Heath's Rolls Royce parked outside a large hall where Heath was making a speech.

Sitting alone in the back of the Rolls Royce was a handsome young boy.

MI5 'blocked exposure of Kincora sex abuse scandal'

Kincora Boy's Home scandal: South African intelligence 'secretly backed loyalist paramilitary group Tara'

State papers: The perjury that allowed Kincora suspect preacher to walk



Almost 50 years, after the Civil Rights movement in Occupied Ireland, there are less civil rights now, than there was even then, thanks to the surrender of the Bad Friday Agreement, signed by Pedo Sinn Fein, 20 years ago, who are now administrators on behalf of the Queen of England, in Ireland. There will be a British election, for the House of Commoners in Ireland in the coming weeks, and with just a few exceptions, it makes absoloutely no difference, who the British commoners vote for in Ireland, because the facts are, that it is not a democracy by any standards. Either way, the people will get, a neocon Government of kleptocrats and colonialists. Any activist, journalist, Human Rights lawyer, who insists on demonstrating these facts, will be censored, to a lesser or greater extent, and if still insistent, will either be politically interned or assassinated, as has already happened. The British Paedophile Prime Minster, Edward Heath stood up in the House of Commoners, approximately 40 years ago, and promised, that Britain, would not again torture, after they were already found guilty, by the European Court of Human Rights, of torturing many Irish political internees, who were involved in the Civil Rights Campaign. Britain has not honoured those promises and simply has outsourced torture and extra-judicial execution. Britain is not a member of the International Criminal Court, to avoid prosecution for it numerous crimes against humanity and plans to leave the European Court of Human Rights, because it cannot comply with basic, civilized, requirements.

The hundreds of thousands of Civil Rights marchers in Occupied Ireland, were eventually shot off Irish streets, by the British Army, with atrocities like Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy. The Campaign morphed into armed resistance, becuase it had no choice, which was eventually hijacked by Pedo Sinn Fein, with the help of Pedo MI5, the unnaccountable British Secret Service warlords of a Dirty War, still being waged in every sphere of government, with varying degrees of intensity, in British Occupied Ireland. Today there is an undemocratic Junta in Stormont, that includes the Pedos, admininistering the colony, along with a British Vice Royal. The only possible, peaceful, way, to change all of the this, is a total, cross community, boycott, of corrupt corporations and individuals, who have hijacked the instruments of a proper transparent, democratic, community. This requires dialectic unity and solidarity, that always remains, accountable to the people and defends their interests at all costs. This is the challenege for the activists and people, who want real change in Ireland. It is a challenege, that must remember, the hard lessons of recent and older experience, to avoid the pitfalls, of being once again, led by careerists and traitors, to the people of no property in Ireland. The only other alternative, is violent revolution, otherwise the people, might as well lie down, roll over into an Orwellian nightmare and have their offspring raped and murdered by unscupolous predators, like Edward Heath. Below are two articles which explain what lies ahead or perhaps more accurately, what doesn't.

Back to the Dark Ages as the Tories plan to scrap your Human Rights

by mike sivier

A face of evil: Theresa May wants to take away your human rights and leave you at the mercy of government repression.

Tory plans to take away your human rights are moving ahead with Theresa May announcing that they would scrap the Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights if they win the 2015 general election, “in the national interest”.

In whose interest? Not yours. Certainly not mine. She’s quite clearly confusing minority Tory interests with those of this country. They do that a lot.

If you want to get humour from the situation, Mrs May made her announcement at a conference organised to find ways of winning broader support in 2015. How badly off-track can you go?

There may, in fact, be a reasonable argument for modifyinghuman rights legislation; we have all been appalled when judges have made decisions in favour of defendants because the alternative would “infringe their human rights” – but this is not a good reason to scrap the lot. It’s a reason to give out guidance on how it should be properly interpreted.

But getting rid of these rights altogether shows that the Conservative Party wants to turn government into an instrument of suppression, grinding the workers and the poor underfoot. Better people have already raised concerns that the Coalition is becoming an Orwellian “boot stamping on a human face – forever”; this would make that future a certainty.

It is likely that Conservative members of the Coalition government – most notably Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, Maria Miller and Mark Hoban – will fall foul of human rights laws, either in this country or in Europe, if the UK continues to abide by them, and this in itself provides enough grounds for us to speculate about why Mrs May wants to get rid.

As everyone in the UK should know by now, the draconian rules of the sickness and disablement benefits system overseen by Smith and his cronies has led to the deaths of thousands of people who had a right to expect a reasonable level of care from their government. If efforts to seek justice through the UK’s legal system fail, then there is likely to be an attempt at international level. The Tories could fend this off by removing the UK from the convention, although it seems likely that the International Criminal Court might then take a position on the matter.

Scrapping your human rights provides the Tories with many more opportunities for evil, though. Let’s look at what we could lose.

The United Kingdom helped to draft the European Convention on Human Rights, just after World War II. Under it, nation states’ primary duty is to “refrain from unlawful killing”, to “investigate suspicious deaths” and to “prevent foreseeable loss of life”.

As you can tell from the behaviour of the Department for Work and Pensions, the Coalition government has been reneging on this obligation – wholesale – since it came into power.

Is killing disabled people – or rather, allowing their deaths when this outcome can be clearly foreseen – in the national interest? Do you have any family members or friends who are disabled? Do you know any who have died as a result of this government’s barbaric policies? What do you think of that, and of the fact that withdrawing from the European Convention and scrapping the Human Rights Act would mean this government would get away with it?

Article 4 prohibits slavery, servitude and forced labour – in other words, the government’s Mandatory Work Activity or Workfare schemes. The government could try to weasel its way out of accusations relating to this, by saying these schemes are labour “considered to be a part of a person’s normal ‘civic obligations'” but the argument against this – that they have not served the interests of the person but of the companies to which they were attached – is strong. These schemes have been worse than useless at getting people into employment but an excellent money-making scam for the businesses concerned, including the ‘Work Placement Provider’ companies that receive government money for very little.

Article 6 provides a detailed right to a fair trial, including the right to a public hearing before an independent and impartial tribunal within reasonable time, the presumption of innocence, and other minimum rights for those charged with a criminal offence. The government’s current attempt to push through laws allowing “secret courts” to hear evidence against defendants – which they defendants themselves are not permitted to know and at which they are not allowed to be present – is a clear violation of this.

Article 8 provides a right to respect for one’s “private and family life, his home and his correspondence” – and of course Mrs May would be in violation with her “Snooper’s Charter” that would allow the government to look at your emails.

Article 10 provides a right to freedom of expression, which means that, if Mrs May has her way, anti-Conservative websites like this blog would be swept away and its author could be imprisoned (for an indefinite period of time, as the protections under Article 6 would no longer apply).

Article 11 protects the right to freedom of assembly and association, including the right to form trade unions. The Tories have always hated the unions, even in their current, very nearly toothless, form. They would relish the opportunity to make unions illegal and remove the rights of all employees.

There are more, but you get the gist. The Human Rights Act of 1998 is the British legislation that makes the European Convention effective in the UK, as far as is possible, meaning that breaches of it may be remedied in British courts, rather than the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

So that’s what Mrs May means, when she says she wants to scrap these laws. If you have been paying attention, you should be terrified.

You may also be questioning her definition of “the national interest”!

It is clearly a controversial move, and this is why the Tories are taking a “softly, softly” approach to it. They’re putting it out now, two years before the general election, to test the waters, and they know they’ll probably get a reaction against it.

Suppose something happens over the next two years that gives them an opportunity to say – and they will – that “restrictive European laws on Human Rights have prevented us from acting in the public interest”? Won’t that sway the opinion of the Daily Mail-reading public against the very rights that protect them?

It’s a strategy that has worked in the past. By the time the election arrives, you can expect the Tories to have worked the nation up to fever pitch about it – to the best of their ability.

It’s a trick.

They think you’re turkeys and they want you to vote for Christmas.

Do not let them make a fool of you.

Will Washington Kill Us All?

By Paul Craig Roberts

April 15, 2015 "ICH" - Did you know that Washington keeps 450 nuclear ICBMs on “hair-trigger alert”? Washington thinks that this makes us “safe.” The reasoning, if it can be called reason, is that by being able to launch in a few minutes, no one will try to attack the US with nuclear weapons. US missiles are able to get on their way before the enemy’s missiles can reach the US to destroy ours.

If this makes you feel safe, you need to read Eric Schlosser’s book, Command and Control.

The trouble with hair-triggers is that they make mistaken, accidental, and unauthorized launch more likely. Schlosser provides a history of almost launches that would have brought armageddon to the world.

In Catalyst, a publication of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Elliott Negin tells the story of Soviet Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov. Just after midnight in 1983 the Soviet Union’s early warning satellite system set off the alarm that 5 US ICBMs were headed for the Soviet Union.

Col. Petrov was supposed to inform the Soviet leader, who would have 8 to 10 minutes to decide whether to launch in retaliation. Who knows what he would have decided. Instead Col. Petrov used his judgment. There was no reason for the US to be attacking the Soviet Union. Moreover, Petrov reasoned that an American attack would involve hundreds of ICBMs, possibly thousands. He checked whether Soviet ground-based radar had detected incoming ICBMs, and it had not. Petrov decided it was a false alarm, and sat on it.

It turned out that the early warning system had mistaken a pattern of sunlight reflection on clouds as missiles. This was a close call, but Negin reports that “a failed computer chip, and an improperly installed circuit card are some of the culprits” that could initiate nuclear war. In other words, the sources of false alarms are numerous.

Fast forward to today. Imagine an American officer monitoring the US early warning system. This officer has been listening to 15 years of war propaganda accompanied by US invasions and bombings of 8 countries. Terrorist warnings and security alerts abound, as do calls from American and Israeli politicians for nuking Iran. The media has convinced him that Russia has invaded Ukraine and is on the verge of invading the Baltics and Poland. American troops and tanks have been rushed to the Russian border. There is talk of arming Ukraine. Putin is dangerous and is threatening nuclear war, running his strategic bombers close to our borders and holding nuclear drills. The American officer has just heard a Fox News general again call for “killing Russians.” The Republicans have convinced him that Obama is selling out America to Iran, with Senator Tom Cotton warning of nuclear war as a consequence. We will all be killed because there is a Muslim in the White House.

Why isn’t anyone standing up for America, the patriotic American officer wonders, just as the alarm goes off: Incoming ICBMs. Are they Russian or Iranian? Was Israel right after all? A hidden Iranian nuclear weapons program? Or has Putin decided that the US is in the way of his reconstruction of the Soviet Empire, which the American media affirms is Putin’s goal? There is no room for judgment in the American officer’s mind. It has been set on hair-trigger by the incessant propaganda that Americans call news. He passes on the warning.

Obama’s Russophobic neocon National Security Advisor is screaming: “You can’t let Putin get away with this!” “It might be a false alarm,” replies the nervous and agitated president. “You liberal pussy! Don’t you know that Putin is dangerous!? Push the button!”

And there goes the world.

Considering the extreme Russophobia being created among Americans by the Ministry of Propaganda, the demonization of Vladimir Putin–the “new Hitler,” Vlad the Impaler– the propagandistic creation of “the Russian threat,” the crazed neocon desire for US world hegemony, the hatred of Russia and China as rising rivals capable of exercising independent power, the loss of American Uni-power status and unconstrained unilateral action. In the midst of these emotions and minds swayed not by facts but by propaganda, hubris, and ideology, there is a great chance that Washington’s response to a false alarm will bring the end of life on earth.

How much confidence do you have in Washington? How many times has Washington–especially the crazed neocons–been wrong?

Remember the 3-week “cakewalk” Iraq war that would cost $70 billion and be paid out of Iraqi oil revenues? Now the cost is $3,000 billion and rising, and after 12 years the radical Islamic State controls half of the country. To pay for the wars the Republicans want to “privatize,” that is, take away, Social Security and Medicare.

Remember “Mission Accomplished” in Afghanistan? Twelve years later the Taliban again control the country and Washington, after murdering women, children, funerals, weddings, village elders, and kids’ soccer games, has been driven out by a few thousand lightly armed Taliban.

The frustrations of these defeats have mounted in Washington and in the military. The myth is that we lost because we didn’t use our full force. We were intimidated by world opinion or by those damn student protesters, or blocked from victory by some gutless president, a liberal pussy who wouldn’t use all of our power. For the right-wing, rage is a way of life.

The neocons believe fervently that History has chosen America to rule the world, and here we are defeated by Vietnamese guerrillas, by Afghan tribesmen, by Islamist fundamentalists, and now Putin has sent his missiles to finish the job.

Whoever the White House fool is, he will push the button.

The situation is deteriorating, not improving. The Russians, hoping for some sign of intelligence in Europe, contradict Washington’s anti-Russian lies. Washington calls truthful contradiction of its own propaganda to be Russian propaganda. Washington has ordered the Broadcasting Board of Governors, a US government agency, headed by Andrew Lack, a former chairman of NBC news, to counteract an alleged, but non-existent, “Kremlin Troll Army” that is outshouting the Western prostitutes and “perpetuating a pro-Russian dialogue” on the Internet. In case you don’t remember, Lack is the idiot who declared RT to be a “terrorist organization.” In other words, in Lack’s opinion, one that he can enforce, a truth-teller is a terrorist.

Lack epitomizes well Washington’s view of truthful reporting: If it doesn’t serve Washington’s propaganda, it is not true. It is terrorism.

Lack hopes to control RT with intimidation: In effect, he has told RT to shut up and say what we want or we will close you down as a terrorist organization. We might even arrest your American employees as aiders and abettors of terrorism.

To counteract a Revanchist Russia and its Internet Troll Army, the Obama regime is handing $15,400,000 to the insane Lack to use to discredit every truthful statement that emerges from the English language versions of Russian media. This amount, of course, will rise dramatically. Soon it will be in the billions of dollars, while Americans are evicted from their homes and sent to prison for their debts.

In his budget request, Lack, who seems to lack every aspect of humanity, including intelligence, integrity, and morality, justified his request, which will be granted, for the hard-earned money of Americans, whose standard of living is falling, with the wild assertion that Russia “threatens Russia’s neighbors and, by extension, the United States and its Western allies.”

Lack promises to do even more: “The US international media is now set forth to refute Russian propaganda and influence the minds of Russians and Russian-speakers in the former Soviet Union, Europe and around the world.” Lack is going to propagandize against Russia inside Russia.

Of course, the CIA organizations–the National Endowment for Democracy and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty–will be enriched by this anti-Russian propaganda campaign and will support it wholeheartedly.

Therefore, the Union of Concerned Scientists’ call for cooperation with Russia to take ICBMs off hair-trigger status is unlikely to occur. How can nuclear tensions be reduced when Washington is building tensions as fast as it possibly can? Washington’s Ministry of Propaganda has reconstructed Putin as Osama bin Laden, as Saddam Hussein, demonized figures, bogymen who evoke fear from the brainwashed American sheeple. Russia is transformed into al Qaeda lusting for another attack on the World Trade Center and for the Red Army (many Americans think Russia is still communist) to roll across Europe.

Gorbachev was a trick. He deceived the old movie actor. The deceived Americans are sitting ducks, and here come the ICBMs. The crazed views of the American politicians, military, and people are unable to comprehend truth or to recognize reality.

The propagandistic American “media” and the crazed neoconservatives have set humanity on the path to destruction.

The Union of Concerned Scientists, of which I am a member, need to come to their senses. It is impossible to work out a reduction in nuclear threat as long as one side is going all out to demonize the other. The demonization of Russia and its leader by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and the rest of the American Propaganda Ministry, by almost the entirety of the House and Senate, and by the White House makes reducing the threat of nuclear war impossible.

The American people and the entire world need to understand that the threat to life on earth resides in Washington and that until Washington is fundamentally and totally changed, this threat will remain as the worse threat to life on earth. Global Warming can disappear instantly in Nuclear Winter.Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Spike Milligan

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spike Milligan
Birth nameTerence Alan Milligan
Born16 April 1918
Ahmednagar, British India
Died27 February 2002(aged 83)
Rye, East Sussex, England
NationalityIrish (formerly British)
InfluencedMonty PythonRobin Williams
SpouseJune Marlow (1952–60)
Patricia Ridgeway (1962–78)
Shelagh Sinclair (1983–2002)
ChildrenJane Milligan
Laura Milligan
Seán Milligan
Síle Milligan Harrower
James Maughan-Milligan
Romany Watt-Milligan
Notable works and rolesThe Goon ShowQAdolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall

Sir Terence Alan "Spike" Milligan KBE (16 April 1918 – 27 February 2002) was a comedian, writer, musician, poet, playwright, soldier and actor of Irish and English parentage and Irish nationality.[1] His early life was spent in India where he was born. The majority of his working life was spent in the United Kingdom. He disliked his first name and began to call himself "Spike" after hearing a band on Radio Luxembourg called Spike Jones and his City Slickers.[1]

Milligan was the co-creator, main writer and a principal cast member of The Goon Show, performing a range of roles including the popular Eccles and Minnie Bannister characters. Milligan wrote and edited many books, including Puckoon and his seven-volume autobiographical account of his time serving during the Second World War, beginning with Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall. He is also noted as a popular writer of comical verse; much of his poetry was written for children, including Silly Verse for Kids (1959). After success with the groundbreaking British radio programme, The Goon Show, Milligan translated this success to television with Q5, a surreal sketch show which is credited as a major influence on the members of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Milligan claimed a right to Irish citizenship  as a child of an Irish citizen, after the British government declared him stateless.

Spike Milligan.jpg

An Oxford woman has sensationally claimed that one of the Royal Princes is, in fact, her son, kidnapped at the age of four and subsequently brought up by Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana as their child. “It was the posh accent which threw me, but the more I saw Prince Harry on the telly, the more convinced I became that he was actually my Arnie,” Forty two year old Delia Krasken, who has been detained by police several times over her attempts to approach the Prince, told Practical Conspiracies magazine. “I know I haven’t seen him since he was snatched from that park when he was just a little boy, but a mother always knows her own child – and that’s definitely him! All the elocution lessons, public school education and privileged, elitist life they’ve subjected him to can’t disguise the fact that he’s still that little kid from the Blackbird Leys estate!” Despite having been sectioned under the Mental Health Act following her last attempt to contact the Prince – jumping over a barrier at the Invictus Games and running toward him screaming ‘Come to mummy Arnie!’ before being beaten to the ground by armed police officers, Krasken maintains that her son Arnie wasn’t the victim of a random peadophile, but was actually abducted as part of a sinister plot on the part of the British Royal family.

According to the unemployed former cleaner, her son was snatched from a park in the notorious Oxford housing estate by a group of black suited mystery men. “I just turned my back for a minute while he was on the swings, when I turned around he was being dragged, screaming, off of the swings by these men dressed like butlers,” Krasken recalled in the magazine interview. “I tried to stop them, but one of the bastards pushed me to the ground whilst the rest of them bundled Arnie into a big black limousine – a Daimler, I think – which was pulled up outside the park, its engine running.” The last Krasken saw of her son was a glimpse of the four year old’s terrified face in the rear window of the car as it sped away. “The police just wouldn’t take me seriously when I went to them,” she explained. “They even suggested that I didn’t even have a son and that I’d imagined the whole thing!” Unlike the police, top conspiracy theorist and associate editor of Practical Conspiracies Eddie Flopper does believe Krasken’s story. “Her experience isn’t unique – there are many similar stories of ordinary children from poor families being snatched by wealthier families to replace their own children who have either died, become sick or just turned out bad,” he claims in the latest issue. “They rely on the fact that no one is going to notice, let alone care about, the disappearance of some lower class brat.”

Most shockingly, Flopper has alleged that virtually everyRoyal pregnancy for at least the last century has been arranged for political convenience. “The reality is that Royal pregnancies don’t happen by accident – they are carefully timed to distract the public from other major issues,” his latest article claims. “Just look at the Duchess of Cambridge’s latest pregnancy – it conveniently occurs just as the government are faced by several crises simultaneously: the Tories start losing by-elections to UKIP, the government is consequently in a state of panic, Ebola is running wild in Africa and now threatening to spread to the US and Europe and ISIS are apparently unstoppable in their annexation of large swathes of the Middle East. So what’s the solution? That’s right, another Royal pregnancy starts to dominate the front pages in order to distract the attention of the stupid masses whilst the Tories slip on Nazi armbands to try and out-fascist UKIP and NATO napalms West Africa out of existence in order to resolve the Ebola crisis!” Obviously, Flopper’s allegations raise the question of exactly how the shady powers behind the scenes could manage to get the Royal women to conceive on cue? Do they have special artificial insemination teams on stand-by? Maybe they like to do it the ‘old fashioned’ way and have ‘studs’ on call at all times, just in case a political crisis breaks?

“The fact is that the pregnancies are entirely fake – that’s why they have to kidnap working class children,” opines Flopper. “We all know the upper classes flinch at the very idea of physical contact, let alone having sex – it’s just so vulgar and lower class to rut like animals. That’s for the peasants. They’d rather it was all done for them by someone else, so that they can avoid all the messy bits and just get with riding horses, shooting things and being rich. So when a convenient Royal pregnancy is needed, the princess in question just has to fake a bit of morning sickness and wear a series of fake pregnancy bumps for the next nine months.” When it comes to the birth, he claims, the Princess in question is simply rushed into an exclusive private hospital where a new born child is put into their arms and they then parade it to the press and public on a convenient balcony. “Of course, the new born baby has actually just been snatched from some random working class single mother who is told that they suffered a miscarriage,” Flopper says. “Needless to say that everyone involved is sworn to secrecy – any hospital staff who threaten to break ranks and spill the secret to the press are eliminated. Just like that nurse after Prince George was born!”

Flopper has further claimed that the children are regularly changed as they grow up. “In the past, if a Royal child developed a degenerative disease or turned out to be mentally disabled, they vanished from public view and were locked away in some remote stately home,” he explains. “But nowadays, they just snatch another working class kiddie who looks a bit like the existing ‘Prince’ and indoctrinate them into becoming a replacement. That’s obviously what happened with young Arnie Krasken – the previous ‘Prince Harry’ developed a ‘fault’, maybe he turned out to be a drooling idiot, or started torturing and killing small animals, who knows, and had to be replaced. If Arnie hadn’t have had red hair, then some other unfortunate four year old would have been grabbed. Mind you, the indoctrination can’t always hide the replacements’ origins. Just look at ‘Prince Harry’ – beneath that thin posh veneer he’s clearly just some young yob from a council estate.” As for the fate of the ‘originals’ in such cases, Flopper has only speculation. “Knowing how ruthless these bastards are, they’re probably ‘taken care of’ with a pillow pressed over their faces in dead of night,” he says. “Still, if nothing else, this all explains why Royal offspring frequently don’t look like their parents it isn’t the result of cuckolding, just child abduction.”