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Che_I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world_Bobby Sands
BornErnesto Guevara
June 14, 1928
Rosario, Santa Fe,Argentina
DiedOctober 9, 1967 aged 39 (execution)
La Higuera,Vallegrande, Bolivia
Resting place
Che Guevara Mausoleum
Santa Clara, Cuba
OccupationPhysicianauthor,guerrilla, government official
Organization26th of July Movement, United Party of the Cuban Socialist Revolution,National Liberation Army Bolivia
ReligionNone Marxist humanist
Spouse(s)Hilda Gadea 1955–1959)
Aleida March (1959–1967, his death)
ChildrenHilda 1956–1995,Aleida b. 1960), Camilo b. 1962, Celia b. 1963, Ernesto (b. 1965)
ParentsErnesto Guevara Lynch
Celia de la Serna y Llosa
Ernesto Guevara was born to Ernesto Guevara Lynch and his wife, Celia de la Serna y Llosa, on June 14, 1928 in Rosario, Argentina, the eldest of five children in an Argentine family of Basque and Irish descent.In accordance with Spanish naming customs, his legal name Ernesto Guevara will sometimes appear with "de la Serna" and "Lynch" accompanying it. Referring to Che's "restless" nature, his father declared "the first thing to note is that in my son's veins flowed the blood of the Irish rebels"

Ireland:When the bishop's blessed the blueshirts

Irish Conservatism too has its Fascist skeletons in the cupboard, even more so than the Conservative Party. Ireland also has it's own peculiar version of Holocaust denial where it is claimed that the Blueshirt movement was not Fascist usually on the basis of criteria so strict one could conclude that no Fascist ever existed anywhere. The Blueshirts were a continuation of Civil War politics but they were also part of European Fascism, the Irish strain of a European disease. The development of the Blueshirt movement came as Cumann Na nGaedheal, victors in the '22 to '23 Civil War handed power over to the vanquished Fianna Fail in 1932. They emerged out of the Army Comrades Association, a Blueshirted veterans group which claimed in 1931 a membership of 100,000. In 1933 the recently fired ex-police commissioner Eoin O'Duffy became leader of the A.C.A. (now named the National Guard) and began to move it in a Fascist direction. O'Duffy had been a close college of Michael Collins during the War of Independence and Civil War and had become notorious among Unionists for making a speech in South Armagh in which he promised to "Give 'em the lead", and he was also hated by Republicans for carrying out several atrocities against them during the Civil War as well as much repression against them afterward. One of the mainsprings of the Blueshirt movement was an anti-Communist paranoia, they believed that DeValera, the Fianna Fail leader was Ireland's answer to Kerensky and that waiting in the shadows for him to fall was a Bolshevised I.R.A. . This line of thinking was justified to a degree, Fianna Fail were spewing a sort of pseudo-radical populism at the time and they were being supported by an increasingly left-wing I.R.A.. In 1931 a new political wing of the Republican Movement was established entitled Saor Eire, as an example of the leftward drift within Republicanism here follows excerpts of it's draft constitution:
"To abolish, without compensation, landlordism in lands, fisheries and minerals"
"To make the national wealth and credit available for the creation and fullest development of essential industries and mineral resources, through Industrial Workers Co-operatives, under State direction and management, workers to regulate internal working conditions" (1)
As Blueshirt James Hogan put it:
"It was the growing menace of the Communist I.R.A. that called forth the Blueshirts as Communist Anarchy called forth the Blackshirts in Italy" (2)
However mostly when they thought of the Red Menace they were simply believing their own exaggerated propaganda. Now who was responsible for this Red tide? Why the international Jewish/Communist/Banking conspiracy of course. As a writer in the Blueshirt journal put it: "The founders of Communism were practically all Jews. This can scarcely be a mere coincidence. It may appear singular that Marx, Engels, Lasalle and Ricardo were all Jews" (3)
The Blueshirts saw themselves as part of the European Fascist movement, as a leading Cumann na nGaedheal member John A. Costello, who was later leader of Fine Gael and Prime Minister of the Irish Republic said in the Dail:
"The Blackshirts have been victorious in Italy and Hitler's Brownshirts have been victorious in Germany, as assuredly the Blueshirts will be victorious in Ireland." (4)
This was not so and much of the credit must go to the people who fought them tooth and nail. O'Duffy planed a Mussolini style March on Rome for Dublin in August 1933 ostensibly to commemorate Michael Collins, Arthur Griffith and Kevin O'Higgins. The Government banned the march and units of the I.R.A. lay in wait to ambush it as it passed over O'Connell bridge. O'Duffy backed down and cancelled the march. The Blueshirt movement was now marginalised, O'Duffy had failed to live up to his hard man rhetoric. Later that year the Blueshirts merged with Cumann Na nGaedheal, the Farmers Party and the National Centre Party to form Fine Gael with O'Duffy as it's leader. O'Duffy was ousted from the leadership after making a speech in which he proposed to invade Northern Ireland.

The Spanish Civil War

O'Duffy re-emerged onto the national stage in 1936 to form a seven hundred strong Irish Brigade to fight for Franco in Spain's Civil War, this effort was vigorously supported by the Catholic Church. The Dean of Cashel endorsed it stating that:
"The Irish Brigade have gone to fight the battle of Christianity against Communism. There are tremendous difficulties facing the men under O'Duffy and only heroes can fight such a battle" (5)
The aforementioned Saor Eire had by contrast been condemned by the Bishops as:
"a sinful and irreligious organisation" (6)
They pressurised the Government into outlawing it.
Cardinal Macrory Archbishop of Armagh and primate of all-Ireland, while addressing seven thousand pilgrims in Drogheda at the shrine of blessed Oliver Plunket - a preserved, severed head with reputed magical powers, nailed his colours to the mast and expressed his support for Franco:
"There is no room any longer for any doubt as to the issues at stake in the Spanish conflict. It is not a question of the Army against the people, nor the Army plus the aristocracy and the Church against Labour. Not at all. It is a question of whether Spain will remain as she has been for so long, a Christian and Catholic land or a Bolshevist and anti-God one" (7)
Newspapers and in particular the Irish Independent took a pro-Franco line:
"It is well that the line of demarcation in Spain should be made clear. On the one side is a so-called Government which has abandoned all the functions of government to a Communist Junta bent upon the destruction of personal liberty, the eradication of religion, the burning of churches, and the wholesale slaughter of clergy. On the other side are the Patriot Army gladly risking liberty, property, and life, in defense of their faith-Fighting the same fight that our Irish ancestors fought for centuries for the same cause" (8)
Unsurprisingly the multitude of widely read Church based publications were even more vociferous in their praise for Fascism.
The main body organising support for Franco was the Irish Christian Front ( I.C.F.) a broad based pressure group which , in the early months of the civil war , organised massive demonstrations and had , initially at least , more widespread support than the Blueshirts . The Front's founders were Patrick Belton , who was formerly a T.D. for both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael as well as being an ex-Blueshirt , and Alexander McCabe , formerly elected for both Sinn Fein (pre-1922) and Cumann Na nGaedheal and later to be a member of Eoin O'Duffy's pro-nazi People's National Party. At one I.C.F. rally in Cork in September 1936 40,000 people assembled to hear Monsignor Patrick Sexton , dean of Cork , blame the civil war on "a gang of murderous Jews in Moscow" (9) while beside him stood Alfred O'Rahilly , the future president of the University College of Cork and Douglas Hyde , the future president of the Irish state who currently has his head on the £50 note.

Oliver J. Flanagan and Fine Gael

In 1943 elected as an independent to the Dail for the Laois-Offaly area was one Oliver J. Flanagan . In one of his earliest parliamentary speeches he said:
"There is one thing that Germany did and that was to rout the Jews out of their country. Until we rout the Jews out of this country it does not matter a hair's breadth what orders you make. Where the bees are there is honey, and where the Jews are there is money." (10) He was soon to join Fine Gael and remained a T.D. for them until 1987 briefly becoming Minister for Defence in the late 1970's .

Fianna Fail and Alleanza Nazionale

Fianna Fail's members of the European Parliament are part of the same group, the Union for Europe of the Nations, as the neo-Fascist , post-Fascist, or just plain-Fascist Italian party the Alleanza Nazionale (National Alliance).Gianfranco Fini , leader of the National Alliance , describes Mussolini as his "political master" and as "the greatest Italian politician".

(1) Quoted in 'The I.R.A.' by Tim Pat Coogan page 84.
(2) Quoted in 'Fighting Talk' issue 6 pages 16 and 17.
(3) Ibid.
(4) Ibid.
(5) Ibid.
(6) Quoted in 'Ireland since 1870' by Mark Tierney page 293.
(7) Quoted in 'Frank Ryan' by Sean Cronin page 79.
(8) Ibid. page 77.
(9) Quoted in 'The Spanish Civil War and Irish Politics' by Mick Cronin
(10) Quoted in 'This Great Little Nation' by Gene Kerrigan and Pat Brennan page 107.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


An Aggregate from Irish Blog, on the current raging controversy in the Irish Times, on how Gerry Adams and provisional Sinn Fein handled child rape, within the ranks of the Provisional IRA. Having personally resigned from Sinn Fein about 30 years ago having managed their office in Newry, I did receive unsubstantiated reports of such activity. I was however powerless to take direct action. I did however approach senior members of the organization about this and other matters of secrecy.

 I was told that at that time, we were in a war situation, where we could not afford the luxury of transparency. I subsequently resigned because of this transparency issue. There are many sincere Irish republicans from Republican Sinn Fein, who believe, that their communities are still in a war situation, with all of the evils, that all wars entail. The matter is extremely distressing to the minority of genuine people still alive in Ireland or those who have not emigrated. The gaelic derogatory term sliabheen, means mountain person as in the context of Adam's colleagues remarks, calling his ex colleagues in the real IRA in Derry, neanderthals , but many claim his vocabulary does not extend that far, and that it originally came from Gerry, who is a more pensive politician.

Fintan O’Toole: Tough questions for Adams on child protection
Opinion: SF wouldn’t tolerate evasive answers from other party leaders

Fintan O'Toole


Tue, Oct 21, 2014, 12:58

First published:Tue, Oct 21, 2014, 12:01

Dumped out In December 2009, Gerry Adams told RTÉ radio that when, in 1997, he discovered Liam Adams was seeking a Sinn Féin nomination to run in Louth, “I moved immediately both to stop that and to get him dumped out of Sinn Féin without telling people why”.

The truth is that Liam Adams was never “dumped out of Sinn Féin”. A statement in the party’s own newspaper, An Phoblacht, in 2010 acknowledged Liam Adams remained active in “republican circles” and that he in fact became chairman of Sinn Féin’s Lower Andersonstown cumann for some years after 2000. The same statement also said, remarkably, that Gerry Adams was not aware his brother was the head of a cumann in his own constituency. I do not think that claim is credible.

At any point between 1987 and 2009, when he eventually made a statement to the PSNI, Gerry Adams, if he did not trust the police in Northern Ireland, could have gone to the Garda or to social services in the Republic, where Liam Adams worked for two significant periods with teenagers. He did not do so.

North’s DPP announces independent review of Cahill case
Maíria Cahill to meet Taoiseach tomorrow morning
Enda Kenny says ‘more cases’ in sex abuse cover-up
Allegations open potentially damaging debate for Sinn Féin
Ex-IRA member: Cahill’s account of interrogation rings true

Into this context came a second disclosure of sexual abuse to Gerry Adams. In 2000, Maíria Cahill had several meetings with him in which, she says, she told that she had been repeatedly raped by a senior IRA figure. This time, the allegations acquired a specifically political dimension – one of which both the British and Irish governments must have been aware.
Restorative justice At the time, as a quid pro quo for not kneecapping people, the IRA was being given significant involvement in the justice system through a scheme called community restorative justice.

In a 2005 public submission, the SDLP specifically referred to a report in the Sunday World in 2000 that a senior IRA figure in community restorative justice was an alleged rapist. This reference was to Maíria Cahill’s allegations.

It is inconceivable that Gerry Adams was not aware both of Ms Cahill’s allegations and of their political import. Yet we are supposed to believe he never asked her about the details of the case.

If Enda Kenny, Micheál Martin, Joan Burton or Peter Robinson had this abysmal record on child protection and this history of evasive answers, we know what Sinn Féin would have to say about it.

That not one of the party’s strong-minded women can manage to say it about Gerry Adams is deeply creepy. If you think ordinary cronyism is bad, consider what this party will do to protect one of its own.

Tue, Oct 21, 2014, 12:58

First published:Tue, Oct 21, 2014, 12:01

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Now that Sinn Féin-IRA’s disgusting hypocrisy, has once, again been laid bare, perhaps Garda Whistle-blowers could at last find somewhere else to take their tales of woe? Given the treatment meted out to Ms Cahill, a victim of the savage crime of rape, it would indeed be truly disgusting if some serving police officers of this State continue to have confidence in an organisation which continues to deny justice, a decent resting-place for their victims of murder-'disappearance,' and... » more


@iconoclast they are entirely separate points. If the Garda did not display worrying standards of internal indiscipline as evidenced by Morris and now the penalty points then this would't arise. Remember, in addition to opposition TDs, the Garda whistleblowers have met and were deemed credible by Varadkar and others. Because of Morris, it is their legal right to go to a TD and sometimes this could involve a democratically elected representative of SF.


Maíria Cahill's immense courage in the face of the continual claptrap spouted out by the Shinners is quite something. I haven't heard one Shinner who has the guts to break ranks and fully support Maíria. Not one; no surprises there. Continue shining a light into that cesspit, Maíria.



Have her parents?



Have her parents what?


Mairia Cahill comes from a staunch Republican family which has sacrificed much for many years in the Republican cause.

I am inclined to believe her version of events, and hold in contempt those members of SF who in a manner similar to the mental reservationists of the RCC, consider the protection of the Organisation more important than justice for victims.



Like her parents and uncle then?



Gerry Adams gave himself the right to mental reservation and to lie at will in the quote shown in my contribution above.

Joined at the hip, the RCC, Sinn Fein and the IRA (which still hasn't gone away you know).


Everybody knew these things went on. Everybody knew this when the peace process was agreed. All the commentators said stuff like this would come out and be dealt with as SF - a revolutionary movement - became a part of the political establishment.

We all knew before now; why are we making such a fuss about it now? SF will weather this storm, and will hold together just as Adams kept it together for the peace process; the caravan will move on.

And just for the record, I do not support SF.


@OldCodger "Everybody knew these things went on." - these things; i.e. the covering up of child abuse by SF. Really?

"And just for the record, I do not support SF." Hmmm.


@OldCodger Stuff like this... protecting paedophiles and rapists? That kind of stuff. What a strange posting. Have you any empathy?


@OldCodger Very well said, I also do not support SF.



protecting paedophiles and rapists? The Irish people and STate are still supporting them. Hence the miserly sum the Irish are paying out, with the RCC for the abuse inflicted on those weaker than them.


There goes the 'new generation' of Sinn Féiners in politics. Whatever chance they had of credibility and making progress outside their own umbrella-clique, it's well gone now. It is dissapointing that capable and decent and effective Sinn Féin politicians are so ham-strung and compromised by the 'old-guard' and the evil deeds of the past. Perhaps these Sinn Féin young bloods need the moral and physical courage to cut adrift the sad, old millstones of the past- starting with Adams and his... 


@iconoclast All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men(sic) to do nothing.



You mean like the Irish who have stood idly by for decades when unwanted children were used and abused in Irish homes. Everyone knew, from the simple fact that as kids we were threatened we would be sent there if we were bold!


Great article Fintan. I'm not a SF supporter but I have always admired Mary Lou McDonald who is obviously an extremely intelligent, funny, forceful and articulate woman and I am surprised at her attitude to this. She is the natural leader of a SF purely political but the only reason Gerry Adams is still chief is because SF remains a political party backed by a private army. We are at a political crossroads in this country right now and the future threatens to be interesting.............


Sinn Fein have one hundred per cent supported this woman, what's questionable is Martin and Kenny's decision to abuse her vulnerability in a desperate attempt to ingratiate their parties with the electorate . The dozen or so previous attempts by the gombeen men to damage Sinn Fein with their politics of sleaze didn't work ,neither will this.


I.m no fan of Gerry Adams or his party but when I was trying really hard to get articles and links to my blog about all of this, several years ago I was censored in all of the mainstream media in Ireland. Enda Kenny, Micheál Martin, Joan Burton and Peter Robinson may not personally have enabled child rape but all of their political parties most certainly did, along with the Irish mainstream media. Ah but now that Gerry's Party threatens to take Government, it's a different story because its not want the banksters want...



You will get blasted and accused of being a Shinner now. Because the bovinity of the Irish roars really loudly when they are assailed with complex matters like truth and justice. They don't like to be bothered by such trivia. A lynch mob is their reflex. They still wont shift off their *** to actually do anything though.

Not even for victims of sexual abuse.


So let me understand this:

1 You do not hold Aines Adams mother to have any responsibility.

2.You do not hold Aine Adams to have any responsibility.

3. You do not hold Maria Cahill, and her uncle Joe Cahill, and her parents to have any , responsibility for not going to the police with her allegation of rape.

4.You condemn the IRA for conducting a 'kangaroo' court in the absence of Cahill going to the RUC.

5. You do not condemn Ms Cahill for not following through on her case earlier... 


Have they linked Adams to the graves in Tuam yet? It is surely on a matter of time.



No - but Adams is still connected with the graves of The Disappeared. Maybe one of these years he will come clean about his role in these most despicable IRA murders



Your ignorance is scary. Very very scary. You should dress up as a lynch mobber of Halloween, you are making a good attempt to be judge, jury and executioner in this case.


Little lies, big lies, dissembling, half truths, evasion and deflection - it must be Gerry Adams talking about the IRA or his own bloody history with that murderous mob!

"I believe Gerry Adams was never a member of the IRA" - it must be Mary Lou or some other senior Sinn Fein Figure!

"We can be revisionist, and that's a good thing to be at times -" : Gerry Adams gives himself permission to lie about the past!

- "but we shouldn't airbrush our history" - except of course when we lie about our...


@MountainMan2 None of these parties have a right to hold public office, they supervised child rape since the foundation of the two scum states!



Oh, well that's ok. The Cahill family is completely off the hook for not defending their daughter. And so is the SDLP, Sunday World, his uncle, your ma, etc etc etc.

GA is the only morally bankrupt TD in the Irish Dail, is that what you are saying?


You people in the Irish media don't seem to care just how sick Ireland is to informed, intelligent, people around the world, I wouldn't have to go far to see how traitorous the Irish media, along with its bankers are about Ireland and it's people. Beware of the Risen people!

Adams accused Taoiseach of making 'sliabheen' remarks over Mairia Cahill

Fionnan Sheahan and Niall O'Connor

PUBLISHED21/10/2014 | 17:27

VIDEO: Cahill to meet Taoiseach tomorrow

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has clashed with Gerry Adams in the Dail over Mairia Cahill's allegations of sexual abuse cover-up by the IRA and Sinn Fein.

Mr Kenny will refer the case of Ms Cahill's rape to the Oireachtas justice committee for examination.

The Taoiseach told Mr Adams if the allegations were being made about Fine Gael, he "wouldn't last five minutes".

"Not five minutes," he said.

"You attended and spoke to this young woman. And she says you weren't speaking about the weather," he added.

Mr Kenny said the "false assumption of a war being waged" did not justify abductions, shootings or kangaroo courts.

VIDEO: Pressure mounts on Sinn Féin over Maíria Cahill

He is due to meet with Ms Cahill in Government Buildings tomorrow.

The Taoiseach also targeted Sinn Fein vice-president Mary-Lou McDonald for criticism.

"You can't have blind allegiance from your deputy leader," he said.

Mr Adams accused Mr Kenny and Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin of "playing politics" with the issue and denied the allegations.

Speaking following his heated Dail exchanges, Mr Adams stood by his claims that there was no Sinn Fein 'cover-up' and insisted that he requested that Ms Cahill's uncle Joe bring the abuse claims to the attention of the authorities.

"Absolutely. I met her at the request of a family member who was quite concerned about her and as I’ve said, on quite a number occasions, when I learned subsequently, remember, Mairia Cahill was an adult at that time, I was well intended in meeting with her," Mr Adams said.

"I met her to help her. Anybody else she’s named in Sinn Fein who I’ve spoken to has assured me that they’ve tried to help her and were well intended in dealing with her.

"And she’s acknowledged that her uncle Joe asked her to go to the RUC and it was at my request that she did that because once it became clear to me, subsequently, that there was this entire situation of alleged abuse, of the IRA, of all of this, I went to Joe and said ‘Joe that needs to go to the RUC’."

Mr Adams also accused Mr Kenny of making “sliabheen” remarks.

“I think the Taoiseach’s comments were entirely reprehensible. I made that clear. The way that he and the leader of Fianna Fail have dealt with this very, very sensitive issue has been to politicise it,” he said ahead of an event at Liberty Hall.

“The assertion, allegation, the accusation that Sinn Fein has been engaged in a cover-up, that’s totally and absolutely untrue. That I have been engaged in a cover-up, that’s totally and absolutely untrue.

“The issue of abuse of any kind is the most heinous kind, most particularly child abuse. Anybody who has any information on this, including the Taoiseach and the leader of Fianna Fail should bring it to the appropriate authorities.”

Mr Adams refused to say whether he believed he has been damaged by Ms Cahill’s allegations.

“The electorate will have the opportunity to judge this and many other issues,” he said.

He added that he would be willing to meet Ms Cahill if she requests to do so.

“We were in touch with her. I am quite prepared, the party is quite prepared, and that’s a matter we can work out with her if she wants to meet with us. I’ll meet with anyone.”


I think it's pathetic and hypocritical to hear politicians state "I believe Mairia Cahill". Politicians are not truthful. They all lie. Some lie more than others but in the end they are all liars. They don't care about the truth and they don't care about justice. They care about power and they will say and do anything to keep it.


If they are found guilty they have the comfort of knowing its wont be a kangaroo court.


As much as this poor girls attacks need to be sorted out and the animal jailed she needs to realise that Kenny will use this to score as many points he can get at the expense of SF simply because SF are going to destroy them at the next election, if this girl thinks that Kenny cares about her she is sadly deluded,


@eamonmelia123 She doesn't care, victims never do care about the politics of it. There are more victims out there, three so far were raped by Cahill's rapist. It's not about politics for the victims, it's about getting justice, acknowledgment of wrong doing. If Adams and Mary Lou had done a real mea culpa they wouldn't be in the mess they're in now.


There are too many people trying to use this squalid affair for their own personal agendas and something just doesn't smell right. Wnen the hidden agendas are revealed there will be some very unhappy protagonists left with egg on their face.


@gluglug oh please -- you keep trying to make this go away using politics -- this is about a 16 year old rape victim who was then further victimized, even terrorized, by the IRA. She wants some kind of justice. Keep on point.


Hi Spudpotatoe, if you are referring to myself as being F G, it might go some way in explaining why you call yourself spud, clean out your ears

Patboland6 hours ago

I am sorry but there is not justification in attacking the Government or FF on this. The bottom line is that Sinn Fein having knowingly colluded in sexual abuse of a young girl. That is disgraceful. It cannot be justified in terms of the nationalist struggle. Sometimes the price for a united Ireland is too high. When it involves sexual abuse or the abuse of minors that Lin has been crossed. Surely we should all agree with that?.


colluded..? has that been proven..

Katy1324 hours ago

@Hope_ @Patboland yes, it has, to my satisfaction, and that of many. It's Mairia Cahill with all of the credibility here, not Gerry and not Mary Lou.


@Patboland ''The bottom line is that Sinn Fein having knowingly colluded in sexual abuse of a young girl''

When were Sinn Féin foundguilty of a cover up Pat ? Did I miss something ? Or are you simply taking on board what others are saying without any proof and coming to the conclusion that it is true ? Can I put your mind at ease with the news that the DPP in the six counties are reviewing the case linked to these allegations and Sinn Féin have welcomed this announcement.



You keep believing like the usfeul idiot you are. You're a great party man altogether offaly. I think anyone with a semblance of a brain (maybe if you know someone, you could ask them) can make their own minds up on this matter and it doesen't look good for Dear Leader. Obviously, your moral standards are inferior to most so I won't be expecting any enlightenment from you any time soon.


@Wesley @Uibhfhailii First of all, you can leave the insults to one side. Just because I hold the view that the shameful display of political opportunism by the leaders of FF/FG demonstrated again today in the Dail, surrounding the Mrs Cahill allegations, doesn't necessarily mean I 'am beholding to any party.



Magdalene laundries , artane , letterfrack , ferns , etc etc etc

just what did enda Kenny known during his 3 decades in dail eireann ?

Katy1324 hours ago

@FascistsInGov @Patboland Why are you trying to divert attention away from the abuse and mistreatment of Mairia Cahill? Is it an inconvenient truth for SF/IRA?


@FascistsInGov @Patboland The patriots of 1916 were to give us a just society. The survivors gave us the Magdalene laundries etc, etc, etc. Apparently their disciples are of the same vein.


hasn't abuse been going on in Ireland all the time. The laundry girls that had babies who were abused by the system and then by the nuns. Deaf ears hear no tales and bring things out to suit your needs never helps. Fine Gail seem to be throwing s**t around hoping it will stick to other parties.Clean your own house up first.


@Spudpotatoe What a pathetic effort of a response. You guys in Norn Iron have been blinded.


what do you say of the word accountability, do you know what it means.


We have had Gerry Adams role (or non-role) in Jean McConville's murder, his knowledge (or lack of knowledge) of his brothers abuse of his daughter, now again Mairia Cahill's rape and his recollection/denial of all things in past.

If it was any other political party Mr Adam's would have been dropped like a hot potato and his party members would be calling for his resignation and distancing themselves from him as if he had ebola.

Not SF however, they have gathered round him and are fighting off all comers, a bit the British army at Rorkes Drift repelling the Zulus.

It really questions the SF's mindset do they still have military mindset or a political mindset ???

Either way it makes no difference. Gerry Adams will survive, retain leadership of SF and Ms Cahill will be forgotten. When all the dust has settled she will probably have to leave Ireland as the hard line republicans in the north will make her position untenable.


Are you so naïve that you don't see FF and FG playing politics with this issue simply to garner some votes? Are people that gullible that they actually believe politicans feigning outrage?


I will not forget Mairia Cahill! Her courage is admirable


''Mr Adams accused Mr Kenny and Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin of "playing politics" with the issue and denied the allegations.''

The only sensible piece in this article.


Right or wrong Enda Kenny, Michael Martin, and Gerry Adams have brought this very sad saga of M/S Cahill firmly into the public domain, whilst appreciatig that M/S Cahill highlighted this personal issue, we must give her the benefit that her motive was purely in seeking justice for herself and others in the same circumstances, only M/S Cahill and Gerry Adams truly knows what she sought and discussed, with Gerry Adams, the overwhelming facts acknowledged by all is that she was raped and abused by a person in the I.R.A. which was under the control of Gerry Adams, in my opinion that is why she met him by agreement , Gerry in the interest of M/S Cahill, his organisation, and the upper house, he has the remit to end this now.


You had better bring your evidence to the authorities.


There are no depths Kenny and Martin will not sink to in the hope of getting another vote at SF's expense.

Kenny finally showed his true colours regarding Northern Ireland when he said the "false assumption of a war being waged" - Our Taoiseach clearly just didn't care that Catholics were burned out of their homes, British army in civilian clothes shot dead unarmed innocent people on the street and the British government colluded with loyalist paramilitaries. These victims must have just been under the "false assumption of a war being waged".

This electorate is under no "false assumption" about our great Leader, primary school teacher from Mayo and his true colours. Election please.


@Tony1221 The likes of our current Taoiseach would have demonised the Cahill family and the community they come from in the past, as nothing but '''terrorists''.

Those who follow Reeling in the years, would have seen Joe Cahill pleading with Dublin for help in 1969, when Bombay St, Conway St were being burned by Unionists, for those pleas to fall on deaf ears. Martins and Kenny's parties can share the blame for the way they neglected those people, they were duty bound to protect under our constitution.


"Mr Adams accused Mr Kenny and Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin of "playing politics"

Unfortunately we only have tweedle dum and tweedle dee to ask the hard question on our behalf but these questions still need to be ask! It has been Sinn Fein that has played politics fast and loose with the plight of this Brave Woman hiding its ugly side from the electorate!

No more excuses Gerry, we don't live in an Islamic State we violence and abuse against woman is tolerated!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ALERT DISAPPEARED ! The Pirate of Penzance


   Whenever bullies in the media, succeed in imposing personal political and moral values on others, we have censorship. Censorship on a rampant scale, is carried out on the island of Ireland, by the Irish and British government, as well as their agents on a grand scale. This censorship, according to the Irish Constitution is unconstitutional, and has among many other evils, hidden endemic child rape and oppression, from public view. The suppression of ideas, images and words that are supposedly  "offensive," still enables the abuse of power, corruption, and creates a society of fear, in both parts of the island, that often means death to truth tellers.

Good art is often provocative and revolutionary, it will put the principle of free speech to the test. Scenes of murder and mayhem, dominate Irish and British Television screens, while its citizens and commoners are forced to pay annual TV licences for the privilege of watching it. Much art of our Irish heritage, is seen as a direct insult to establishment beliefs, while sexually explicit material is categorized as degrading and instead, violence is the norm? 
A century after the foundation of the two scum states on the island of Ireland, our experience has been, that censorship, coupled with generational political internment, has in fact created far more depravity and institutionalized violence than otherwise would be the case. Every free dog on an Irish street knows, that all of this, has served the purpose of the power nodes of the Secret Freemasons of the Orange Order/UVF, Unionist parties/UDA, Fine Gael/IRA, Fianna Fail/IRA, careerist Labour/ICA, Official Sinn Fein/IRA, Provisional Sinn Fein/IRA, 32CSM/realIRA and others.
The real purpose of this endemic censorship, political internment and political assassination, is to silence truth tellers particularly from the people of no property and create a culture of Irish liars who speak out of the sides of their mouths. Are you one of these bullied enablers? Are you enabling another generation of child rape? Are you enabling another generation of political neanderthals, like McGuinness, Kenny, Burton, Robinson and company? The article which was published yesterday has disappeared. It is obviously not meant for your eyes and is republished below.


By Pirate of Penzance

There are two Crowns operant in England, one being Queen Elizabeth II.
Although extremely wealthy, the Queen functions largely in a ceremonial capacity and serves to deflect attention away from the other Crown, who issues her marching orders through their control of the English Parliament.
This other Crown is comprised of a committee of 12 banks headed by the Bank of England (House of Rothschild). They rule the world from the 677-acre, independent sovereign state know as The City of London, or simply 'The City.'
The City is not a part of England, just as Washington, D.C. is not a part of the USA.
The City is referred to as the wealthiest square mile on earth and is presided over by a Lord Mayor who is appointed annually.
When the Queen wishes to conduct business within the City, she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple (Templar) Bar where she requests permission to enter this private, sovereign state. She then proceeds into the City walking several paces behind the Mayor.
Her entourage may not be clothed in anything other than service uniforms.
In the nineteenth century, 90% of the world's trade was carried by Britis ships controlled by the Crown. The other 10% of ships had to pay commissions to the Crown simply for the privilege of using the world's oceans.
The Crown reaped billions in profits while operating under the protection of the British armed forces. This was not British commerce or British wealth, but the Crown's commerce and the Crown's wealth.
As of 1850, author Frederick Morton estimated the Rothschild fortune to be in excess of $10 billion [today, the combined wealth of the banking dynasties is $300 trillion]. Today, the bonded indebtedness of the world is held by the Crown.
The aforementioned Temple Bar is the juristic arm of the Crown and holds an exclusive monopoly on global legal fraud through their Bar Association franchises. The Temple Bar is comprised of four Inns of Court. They are; the Middle Temple, Inner Temple, Lincoln's Inn and Gray's Inn. The entry point to these closed secret societies is only to be found when one is called to their Bar.
The Bar attorneys in the United States owe their allegiance and pledge their oaths to the Crown. All Bar Associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the International Bar Association
located at the Inns of Court of the Crown Temple.
The Inner Temple holds the legal system franchise by license that bleeds Canada and Great Britain white, while the Middle Temple has license to steal from America.
To have the Declaration of Independence recognized internationally, Middle Templar King George III agreed in the Treaty of Paris of 1783 to establish the legal Crown entity of the incorporated United States, referred to internally as the Crown Temple States (Colonies). States
spelled with a capital letter 'S,' denotes a legal entity of the Crown.
At least five Templar Bar Attorneys under solemn oath to the Crown, signed the American Declaration of Independence. This means that both parties were agents of the Crown. There is no lawful effect when a party signs as both the first and second parties. The Declaration was simply an internal memo circulating among private members of the Crown.
Most Americans believe that they own their own land, but they have merely purchased real estate by contract. Upon fulfillment of the contract, control of the land is transferred by Warranty Deed. The Warranty Deed is only a 'color of title.' Color of Title is a semblance or appearance of title, but not title in fact or in law. The Warranty Deed cannot stand against the Land Patent.
The Crown was granted Land Patents in North America by the King of England. Colonials rebelled at the usurious Crown taxes, and thus the Declaration of Independence was created to pacify the poplulace.
Another ruse used to hoodwink natural persons is by enfranchisement. Those cards in your wallet bearing your name spelled in all capital letters means that you have been enfranchised and have the status of a
corporation. A 'juristic personality' has been created, and you have entered into multi-variant agreements that place you in an equity relationship with the Crown.
These invisible contracts include, birth certificates, citizenship records, employment agreements, driver's licenses and bank accounts. It is perhaps helpful to note here that contracts do not now, nor have they ever had to be stated in writing in order to be enforceable by
American judges. If it is written down, it is merely a written statement of the contract.
Tax protestors and (the coming) draft resistors trying to renounce the parts of these contracts that they now disagree with will not profit by resorting to tort law (fairness) arguments as justification. Judges will reject these lines of defense as they have no bearing on contract
law jurisprudence. Tort law governs grievances where no contract law is in effect.

These private agreements/contracts that bind us will always overrule the broad general clauses of the Constitution and Bill of Rights (the Constitution being essentially a renamed enactment of English common
law). The Bill of Rights is viewed by the Crown as a 'bill of benefits,' conferred on us by them in anticipation of reciprocity (taxes).
Protestors and resistors will also lose their cases by boasting of citizenship status. Citizenship is another equity agreement that we have with the Crown. And this is the very juristic contract that Federal judges will use to incarcerate them. In the words of former Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, "Equity is brutal, but we are merely enforcing agreements." The balance of Title 42, section 1981 of the Civil Rights Code states, " .citizens shall be subject to like punishment, pains, penalties, taxes, licenses, and exactions of every kind"
What we view as citizenship, the Crown views as a juristic enrichment instrumentality. It also should be borne in mind that even cursory circulation or commercial use of Federal Reserve Notes effects an attachment of liability for the payment of the Crown's debt to the FED. This is measured by your taxable income.
And to facilitate future asset-stripping, the end of the 14th
amendment includes a state of debt hypothecation of the United States, wherein all enfranchised persons (that's you) can be held personally liable for the Crown's debt.
The Crown views our participation in these contracts of commercial equity as being voluntary and that any gain accrued is taxable, as the gain wouldn't have been possible were in not for the Crown. They view the system of interstate banks as their own property. Any profit or gain experienced by anyone with a bank account (or loan, mortgage or credit card) carries with it - as an operation of law - the identical same full force and effect as if the Crown had created the gain.
Bank accounts fall outside the umbrella of Fourth Amendment protection because a commercial contract is in effect and the Bill of Rights cannot be held to interfere with the execution of commercial contracts. The Crown also views bank account records as their own private property, pursuant to the bank contract that each of us signed and that none of us ever read.
The rare individual who actually reads the bank contract will find that they agreed to be bound by Title 26 and under section 7202 agreed not to disseminate any fraudulent tax advice. This written contract with the Crown also acknowledges that bank notes are taxable instruments of commerce.
When we initially opened a bank account, another juristic personality was created. It is this personality (income and assets) that IRS agents are excising back to the Crown through taxation.
A lot of ink is being spilled currently over Social Security.
Possession of a Social Security Number is known in the Crown's lex as 'conclusive evidence' of our having accepted federal commercial benefits. This is another example of an equity relationship with the Crown. Presenting one's Social Security Number to an employer seals our status as taxpayers, and gives rise to liability for a reciprocal quid pro quo payment of taxes to the Crown.
Through the Social Security Number we are accepting future retirement endowment benefits. Social Security is a strange animal. If you die, your spouse gets nothing, but rather, what would have gone to you is divided (forfeited) among other premium payers who haven't died yet.
But the Crown views failure to reciprocate in any of these equity attachments as an act of defilement and will proceed against us with all due prejudice.
For a person to escape the tentacles of the Crown octopus, a thoroughgoing study of American jurisprudence is required. One would have to be deemed a 'stranger to the public trust,' forfeit all enfranchisement benefits and close all bank accounts, among other things.
If you don't believe any of this just do your own research....if you still can't accept this as the truth then I feel sorry for you as you can't be's time for the sheep to run at the wolves!!

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“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation."  A Non-Religious Group for the Phukt. Please Share