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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Heavy Gaza attacks kill over 50 Palestinians: Death toll tops 500: Israeli forces continued airstrikes and artillery assaults on the Gaza Strip Monday for the 14th day, killing multiple members of three extended families. An Israeli airstrike killed 11 members of the Siyam family in Rafah, including an eight-month old baby and two other children.
Another Gaza Hospital Hit by Israeli Strike; Four Dead, 40 Hurt: Israeli forces fired a tank shell at a hospital in Gaza on Monday, killing at least four people and injuring 40 others, health officials said. The facility in Al-Aqsa was the third hospital the Israeli Defense Forces has struck in Gaza
Hamas confirms 10 fighters killed in operation: It said that early Monday 12 al-Qassam fighters infiltrated an Israeli military site in eastern Beit Hanoun. The 12 split into two groups; the first fired an RPG shell at an Israeli military jeep completely burning it, while the other clashed with soldiers in another jeep.
Celebrations as Hamas announces capture of Israeli soldier: - Palestinians across the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip celebrated late Sunday following an announcement by Hamas' military wing that it had captured an Israeli soldier.
San Francisco: Thousands protest Israel's bloody war on Gaza: Some of the protesters expressed anger at the Obama administration's inability or unwillingness to do more to prevent Israel from killing so many innocent people.
'British Bulls**t Corporation': Protest in Belfast accuses BBC of 'biased' Gaza coverage: Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the BBC Broadcasting House in Belfast, expressing their concerns over what they see as "biased" reporting by the BBC on the current Israeli military offensive in Gaza.
Kiev forces attack city of Donetsk, civilian casualties reported: Ukrainian troops equipped with tanks and armored vehicles are making an attempt to break into Donetsk, a city of approximately 950,000 people, an official of the rebels' self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, Sergey Kavtaradze, informed Reuters.
Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash - Moscow:The Russian military detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17 Boeing on the day of the catastrophe. Kiev must explain why the military jet was tracking the passenger airplane, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Israel Kills 87 People In Gaza Sunday: Gaza has suffered the highest death toll since Israel's offensive began, with at least 87 people reported killed on Sunday - 67 of them in one area. The death toll rose sharply over the weekend, with the number of Palestinians killed more than 425 since the operation began.
13 Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza Sunday: - An Israeli military spokeswoman told Ma'an that 13 soldiers have been killed in intense fighting in the Gaza Strip on Sunday alone, bringing the total to at least 18 since the beginning of a ground invasion late Thursday.
US to help Abbas and PA rule over Gaza after conflict ends: According to the Times of Israel the American Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro indicated on Saturday night that the US may have plans to see the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas rule Gaza once this current conflict comes to an end.
Dozens of Civilians Killed in Fresh Attacks on Gaza
Video - Warning - Graphic Images - 

This video shows the horror and reality of the Israeli attack on the people of Gaza. It should only be viewed by a mature audiance.
Israelis Gather on Hillsides to Watch and Cheer as Military Drops Bombs on Gaza

By Harriet Sherwood in Sderot
People drink, snack and pose for selfies against a background of explosions as Palestinian death toll mounts in ongoing offensive.
Netanyahu: Erdogan's 'Anti-Semitic' Jibe Desecrates Memory of Holocaust

By Barak Ravid

Prime Minister's remarks follow Erdogan's claims that Israel massacring Palestinians in Gaza and committing war crimes worse than Hitler's. 
Watch Worm Squirm
Kerry Slams Gaza Incursion: 'It's a Hell of a Pinpoint Operation' 

By Haaretz

U.S. secretary of state speaks candidly to his advisers, without noticing open microphone. 
64 Public Figures, 7 Nobel Laureates, Call for Arms Embargo on Israel

By Haaretz

Tutu, Chomsky, Waters, Pappe, others accuse country of 'war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.' 

Gaza: Charity Official Likens Job To ‘Patching up Torture Victims in an Open-air prison’ 

By Robert Fisk

A senior official in the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) humanitarian charity has described his organisation’s work among the 1.8 million besieged Palestinian refugees as akin to being “in an open-air prison to patch up prisoners in between their torture sessions”. 
Escalate The International Resistance
Occupy the Occupier’s Embassies and Consulates!

By Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The occupier’s embassies and consulates must not be allowed to operate as normal and engage in business as usual while its forces are conducting a murderous occupation. 
Harper's One-sided Approach to Gaza is a Betrayal of Canadian Values 

By Linda McQuaig
Certain minimal standards are expected of a national leader in what is known as the ‘civilized world’. 
A Future in Hell:
The Bitter Fruits of Bellicose Policy

By Chris Floyd 

When the Soviet Union fell, there was an opening -- a genuine opening -- to make a better world. But America's bipartisan elites refused to take that path. 
It Was Putin's Missile!

By Pepe Escobar 

Why? Because the CIA said so. 
Blame Russia
Memories, Recollections, Guesses and Speculations About MH17

By The Saker

Like 9/11, there is no way, no amount of evidence, which would affect the unanimous chorus of Imperial doubleplusgoodthinkers in their conclusion that obviously it could only have been "the Russians". 
Transcripts of Alleged Conversations Between Russian Intelligence and Pro-Russian Rebels Released

By Haaretz
Transcripts appear to capture the moments when the rebels realized they had shot down a civilian passenger jet, rather than a military transport plane. 
MH17: World See Tragedy, US Sees “Game Changer”

By Tony Cartalucci
NATO needed a “game changer,” because it was playing a game it was clearly losing. 
Facts Needed on Malaysian Plane Shoot-Down

By Ray McGovern

The history of U.S. government’s deceptions might be reason to pause and let a careful investigation uncover the facts. 
Stephen Cohen: Downed Malaysian Plane Raises Risk of War Between Russia and the West


This is horrible for Putin and for the Russian position. 
You Know Your Country Sucks When You Look Wistfully Back at Stalin

By Ted Rall

America isn't broke, but most Americans are. The reason is simple:
Zero Point
The End.  Of Everything

By Scott Thomas Outlar

Who will fight like a cornered wolf when they come to take you away? 
Death toll in Gaza reaches 337 on second day of ground invasion: As Israel's assault on Gaza enters its twelfth day, the death toll has reached 337, including 77 children, 24 women and 18 senior citizens. More than 2,385 people have been injured in the onslaught.
More than 100 Gazans killed in Israeli assault in less than 48 hours: 110 Palestinians have been killed in less than 48 hours since Israel launched a ground invasion of the besieged Gaza Strip, bringing the total number of dead in the 12-day assault to 339.
4 members of Gaza family killed in Beit Hanoun shelling: Medics told Ma'an that Mahmoud Zuwaid, his wife Daliah Zuwaid, and their children Nagham, 3, and Ruyah, 2, were killed in the attack.
Hamas armed wing: 5 Israeli soldiers killed in new cross-border attack: Hamas' armed wing said Saturday that a group of its operatives infiltrated Israeli territory for the second time in a day and killed five Israeli soldiers.
Israel confirms 2 soldiers killed in cross-border attack: The Israeli army announced Saturday the deaths of two Israeli soldiers by resistance fighters who had escaped occupied Gaza, hours after they had been reported wounded.
Israeli killed, 3 injured as rocket falls near Dimona: - A 33-year-old Palestinian Bedouin citizen of Israel was killed and three others injured after a rocket from Gaza hit a village near the southern town of Dimona on Saturday.
1 in 5 of Gaza dead are children: Sobbing and shaking, Ismail Abu Musallam leaned against the wall of a hospital Friday, waiting for three of his children to be prepared for burial. They were killed as they slept when an Israeli tank shell hit their home, burying 11-year-old Ahmed, 14-year-old Walaa and 16-year-old Mohammed under debris in their beds.
Israel recruits over 100 British teens to join Gaza war: The recruitment of dozens of British citizens to join the ranks of the Israeli military behind the onslaught in Gaza has sparked anger. The Israeli military has confirmed the presence of over 100 British “lone soldiers” serving 18-month tours of duty in its ranks.
'In our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians': Global anger grows as 15,000 protestors mass outside Israel's London embassy
Ed Miliband: horrifying deaths of hundreds of Palestinians 'can not be justified': Video - "I cannot explain, justify or defend the horrifying deaths of hundreds of Palestinians, including children and innocent civilians.

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Rory McIlroy has won the British Open 2014, joining several other Irish golfers who did the same. It's a great honour for a small island like Ireland to have had so many World class golfers. Rory McIlroy who was approached to play for Britain, chose instead, to be one of the golfers, who will represent Ireland at the next Olympics instead. Rory has won several world titles with his Irish teammates already and Rory is a legendary Irishman on the World Golfing Stage, he brings much honour to Ireland.

Top 10 Irish Golfers of All-Time

Here we name some golfers from Ireland,  who make up the Golfers of All-Time list. Of course, we'll updated as warranted, because several of the golfers below will move up. We include Irish golfers from throughout the island of Ireland.

 Padraig Harrington

Padraig Harrington was the first Irish golfer to win multiple professional major championships until Rory McIlroy joined him. Harrington was a top player for years before his career exploded in the mid-2000s. It was in 2005 that he won his first USPGA title. Then in 2007 he won the British Open, and in 2008 added another Open Championship plus the PGA Championship. For his career, Harrington has 14 wins on the European Tour and five on the PGA Tour including three majors.

 Christy O'Connor Sr.

Christy O'Connor Sr. is not really a Sr. at all. But when his nephew named Christy O'Connor, joined the European Tour, everyone started referring to them as Sr. and Jr. And that's how they are known.

O'Connor a stalwart on the Ryder Cup teams shows up often on Ryder Cup records page. He was one of the best players in Europe from the mid-1950s into the 1970s, winning dozens of tournaments on the precursor to the European Tour. He in the British Open posting 10 Top 10s in the Open finishing second in 1965.

Darren Clarke

Darren Clarke never quite lived up to expectations but he definitely lived it up! Clarke put together an excellent career in golf, primarily on the European Tour where he has more than a dozen victories. He also has wins on the USPGA tour. In 2011 he won the 2011 British Open . Clarke's previous best finishes at the Open were second in 1997 and third in 2001. Clarke also played in five Ryder Cups with a good overall record, proving tough to beat in fourballs.

 Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy has just won the British Open of 2014 after winning the 2012 PGA Championship. McIlroy had four wins on the USPGA Tour, four wins on the European Tour, both totals now include three majors. Rory McIlroy's first win in a major happened at the 2011 U.S. Open. All of his majors to date were in dominating fashion - McIlroy winhning each by eight strokes. McIlroy was No. 1 in the worldseveral times. He's still very young.

 Graeme McDowell
Graeme McDowell was putting together a fine career prior to 2010. He had four wins on the European Tour. He wasn't anything spectacular, but was solid. And then 2010 happened. And 2010 was one of the most momentous years for any golfer of the Tiger Woods Era outside of Woods himself. McDowell won two "regular" Euro Tour events, won the U.S. Open, sank the winning putt in the Ryder Cup, then beat Woods head-to-head at Woods' own tournament.

Fred Daly 

Fred Daly started winning tournaments in the late 1930s and continued into the 1950s. He is credited with 20-something professional wins record keeping wasn't so great in those days, a total that surely would be higher except for World War II.

Daly has the distinction of being the first Irishman to win one of golf's professional majors. He won the 1947 British Open. Daly had four other Top 4 finishes in the Open Championship.

Des Smyth
Des Smyth was a consistent, player on the European Tour for many years, winning eight times. The first of those was was in 1979. In his last Euro Tour win, at the 2001 Madeira Island Open, Smyth broke the tour record for oldest winner. He was 48 at the time.

Smyth also won the Irish National PGA Championship six times; won twice on the Champions Tour; and posted three wins on the European Seniors Tour. He played in two Ryder Cups.

Harry Bradshaw

Harry Bradshaw won numerous tournaments in Britain and Ireland in the 1940s and 1950s, including a pair of British Masters and a pair of Irish Opens. He was a 3-time member of the Ryder Cup team. But he's probably most famous - or perhaps infamous - for one that got away. Bradshaw lost to Bobby Locke in a playoff at the 1949 British Open. But he might have won prior to the play off if not for a strange incident in the second round. On the fifth hole, Bradshaw hit a wayward drive, and his ball came to rest in the bottom of a broken beer bottle. Hey, conditions were rough back then. Bradshaw was entitled to a free drop, but didn't take it. He played it as it lie. Glass went flying, but the ball barely did. He wound up with a 77 in that round.

Ronan Rafferty

Ronan Rafferty was a 7-time winner on the European Tour between 1989 and 1993, and also won five times on the Australasian Tour. He made a Ryder Cup team and lead the European Tour money list. It's a tough call but we rank Rafferty ahead of the golfer at No. 10 because we think Rafferty had a better peak.

Eamonn Darcy

Eamonn Darcy was competitive for a longer time than Rafferty, winning on the European Tour in 1977 and in 1990 - but only twice in-between. Darcy also had second- and third-place finishes on the money list, and made three Ryder Cup teams. Rafferty, Darcy and David Feherty - who would be No. 11 if this list went to 11 - seem pretty interchangable as far as career value.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Memo to the military industrial complex: The Cold War is over

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The United States Military budget is nearly equal to that of the next 14 countries in line as far as military spending. That includes China, Russia and Great Britain. However, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel plans on cutting that number, or does he? While his proposal would trim the number of active soldiers to about 450,000, down from 520,000 (and a peak of 566k in 2010), it really wouldn’t be enough. While many lawmakers seem to believe we are still at war (which we have been for most of our history), the levels of military spending are the highest they’ve been since the Cold War. Thanks to whatever is going on in Afghanistan and nuclear weapons programs, the level of spending isn’t expected to decrease.

Said Winslow Wheeler, a defense budget analyst with the Project on Government Oversight in Washington DCto the BBC, “That level is scores of billions above what we spent during the Cold War when the threats were real and huge. We’re making all the wrong decisions in terms of the bang for the buck that we’re getting for the budget. We will be spending multiples of what China and Russia spend combined.”

Hagel touted the fact that the U-2 spy plane and the A-10 attack jet will be retired, but so what? Even with a 13% reduction in force, we are still spending billions too much on the industrial military complex, and for what? To rouse some possible terrorists out of their hiding places? To fight a nuclear threat from a communist enemy? Which one? The one we owe billions of dollars to (China holds a great deal of our debt), or the one that can’t even install toilets properly during the Olympics? Or how about the one we embargo because they once held on to some missiles for a communist buddy?

“This is a time for reality,” Hagel said. “This is a budget that recognizes the reality of the magnitude of our fiscal challenges.” No it’s not. This is a budget that continues to maintain a ridiculously sized military in order to appease the massive private sector defense contractor payouts. Let’s be clear here, the military only needs to be as massive as it is to make sure that defense contractors and legislators involved stay rich off pointless incursions and military bases. Which is why the Republicans went batshit when they heard about a military budget cut. That means their brown envelopes full of cash will be much, much lighter.

The American people are tired of this shit. We don’t need any more wars, any more stupid and pointless conflicts. Not to mention, we don’t need boots on the ground like we needed in the great wars of the 20th century. We have technology now. Between drones and guided missile systems that can snap the dick off a fly from 1000 miles away, we don’t need the kind of force we’ve had in recent years. Just like after Pearl Harbor, September 11 caused a swell in the military. The difference is that one was war, the other was something that could have been avoided had our legislators not had their damn heads up their asses. They were warned, the didn’t listen because of all this partisan bullshit, and that isn’t going to change.

The Cold War (which amounted to pretty much nothing but political posturing) is well over. It is time to get over it and move the fuck on. It is time to scale back the military, it is time to spend money on education and infrastructure instead. A big ass mother fucking military won’t matter if there is nothing left to irrationally defend.

Two Malaysia Airlines fly into two conflict zones. One in Ukraine and the other in the South China Sea, almost the other side of the world. One is shot down the other is missing for over two months. These are very large aeroplanes with more than 520 passengers. What are the odds numerically of this happening? I asked a lot of questions, of a lot experienced people in the airline industry and people who work in the airlines business in that area at that time. Frankly I was upset and became aware from the off, that there was something particularly spooky happening and that there was considerable contrived disinformation not just from the Malaysians but from the International community on this matter.

I became aware as a result of my questions, that both the CIA and MI6 went separately to Butterworth in Penang to investigate the disappearance of the airline, immediately thereafter. I personally as a result of the questions I was asking, was given a warning by two British people in the area, who used the British Army in the context of the warnings and also visited Penang at that time. I had at the time, more than three close calls of serious accidents, which were obviously contrived. From considerable experience of how the British secret services operate in British Occupied Ireland, along with the way they use their Official Secrets Act, I believe that the British either shot MH370 down or with help, technically hijacked it. Below is information from Wiki on the Colonial history of Penang. I publish this incomplete investigation, aborted, because of the Ukraine event at this particular time, to avert serious war in the Ukraine or worldwide and I believe that my life may be in possible danger from agents of British Secret Services, with regard to this matter, and matters in the low intensity, counter revolutionary war in Ireland presently, in the guise of a peace process.

RAAF Butterworth

During this period, No. 33 Squadron RAF was stationed at Butterworth to provide ground to air defence with Bloodhound missiles. No. 20 Squadron RAF with Hunter FGA9 aircraft were detached here as also were RAF Vulcans and Canberras. No. 52 Squadron RAF providing air supply support to ground troops and police working in the Malaysian Peninsular jungle areas with their Valetta C2 twin engine aircraft along with RAF Single andTwin Pioneer aircraft. 52 Squadron also provided air support to units working in the Borneo jungle areas. The RAF also provided Air Sea Rescue helicopters and Rescue & Range Safety Launches from RAF Glugor on Penang Island. Other RAF aircraft seen regularly included Britannia's, Hercules and Andover transports and RAF Victor tankers when transiting fighter aircraft such as Lightnings through to Singapore.Officially In 1957, the RAF closed the station and it was transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force and it was promptly renamed as RAAF Station Butterworth, becoming the home to numerous Australian fighter and bomber squadrons stationed in Malaya during the Cold War era. However if you know the British as well as their next door neighbours in Ireland, you know that things are never quite what they seem with the British, Two of the notable RAAF units Squadron RAAFand No. 77 Squadron RAAF which saw service with their CAC Sabres during the Malayan Emergency through the Confrontation with Indonesia. From August 1964 onwards, these Sabre jets responded on several occasion to incursions by MiG-21 fighter jets of the Indonesian Air Force flying towards Malaysian airspace but the Indonesian aircraft always turned back before crossing the international boundary, thereby averting possible escalation.[

Another notable unit was the No. 75 Squadron RAAF operating the Mirage IIIOs, it was based at the airfield from 18 May 1967 to 10 August 1983, with a detachment at RAF Tengah in Singapore.As of October 2008, the Australian Defence Force continues to maintain a presence atRMAF Butterworth as part of Australia's commitment to the Five Power Defence Arrangements, with No. 19 Squadron RAAF and a detachment of AP-3C Orionaircraft from No. 92 Wing RAAF being located at the airfield.