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British administration of Palestine ended in 1948. During Britain's colonial rule, it was simply known as Palestine. During British rule, Palestine experienced the ascent of the British mentored Zionists, which caused the competing interests of Arabs and Jews against each other. After the Arab Revolt of 1936–1939 to remove the British, a Civil War ensued in 1947–1948. The consequence of the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, led to a 1949 cease-fire agreement, with the partition of Palestine, between the new state of Israel with a Jewish majority, the West Bank was annexed by Jordan and a Palestinian Government set up in the Gaza Strip. Further confusing the issue, was the British Balfour Declaration, promising support for a Jewish "national home" in Palestine.

The Irish Free State, was created on the 6th of December 1922 and was a Dominion of the British Commonwealth, under the Anglo-Irish Treaty, signed by British and Irish representatives, twelve months before. On the day the Irish Free State was established, it comprised the entire island of Ireland but, as expected, northern Ireland removed itself from the new state. The Irish Free State effectively replaced both the self-proclaimed Irish Republic, founded on 21 January 1919, after an overwhelming vote for it's creation, by all of the island's people. However the British mentored the Orange Order, in the north of the island, to create a British junta, they call northern Ireland. Thus two juntas were politically manipulated by the British, to run Ireland from Leinster House in the south, and  Stormont in the north.

Aa any child of history can observe, both Palestine and Ireland are mirror images of each other, and reflect a covert British post colonial policy, which was an extension of their centuries old divide and rule overt colonial policy. Now in the realm of international governance, students of history might argue, such is the way of the world, despite their legacy of immense international bloodshed. However there are two particularly genocidal events, that deserve close attention, because of the sheer scale of the genocide involved, including the Jewish Holocaust by Nazi Germany, which claimed up to six million, Jewish lives, according to many historians. The Nazi war Criminals were put on trial at the International Military Tribunal, which started on November 19, 1945, in the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg.The indictments were a)Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of a crime against peace. b) Planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression and other crimes against peace. c)War crimes. d) Crimes against humanity. The judges were predominantly British. Most of the war criminals were hanged. As a result, the Nuremburg Principles, became the basis of International Law, the Jews were awarded 100 million compensation and the process became the foundation, and of the International Criminal Court in the Hague, to adjudicate such crimes.

Strangely, Britain and it's Commonwealth, was one of the few exceptions, who refused to become members. Perhaps their own genocide in Ireland was a factor? Not a very good example to their American and African cousins or it's former colonies in Asia, where they left a trail of bloody war crimes, upon which which the Sun never sets, (see video right column). However there is one genocide, that exceeds all, one Holocaust that exceeds in numbers, even the Jewish Holocaust, and that is the Irish Holocaust of 1845. The preliminary evidence, has already been carefully researched and gathered, by international friends of Ireland and can be found at this site;  The Palestiians have already made their application to join the ICC. I look forward to all war crimes  in Palestine being prosecuted with justice and proper compensation being made, to all the victims, whoever they may be. This is obviously the civilzed way, to put matters to rest and to prevent further genocide. I demand the same for Ireland and any enabler of war crimes, who would try prevent it. Rulings would then have to be taken, to the International Arbitration Court for restitution in the same way as Jewish restitution, to enable forgiveness. Below is an article, on the Palestinian application. The British Queen, is Commander in Chief of British forces in Ireland, I look forward to seeing her dangling from a rope, in the same way, they enabled Saddam Hussein was hanged. If you care to join me, sign the bloody petition in the righthand column of this page.

Will Netanyahu End Up At The Hague?

The Palestinian application to the ICC has set in motion a series of events with potentially dramatic consequences for both Israel and the Palestinians

By Jonathan Cook
January 08, 2015 "ICH" - (Al-Araby ) - At the weekend, Fatah posted an image on its Facebook page of Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu next to a hangman’s noose, alongside the words ‘coming soon’ and the scales-of-justice logo of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.This is certainly how many Palestinians would like to view Netanyahu’s fate over the coming months.
Last week, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, reluctantly signed on to the Rome Statute, paving the way for ICC membership, after he failed to win a vote at the UN Security Council on a resolution to end the occupation by 2017.
The loyalists of Abbas’ Fatah party are likely to be disappointed, however. There are many obstacles to be cleared before anyone in Israel, let alone the prime minister, reaches the dock in the Hague accused of war crimes.
The first test will be whether Abbas’ nerve holds. It will be 60 days before the application to join the ICC takes effect. In the meantime, Israel and the US – neither of which has ratified the Rome Statute – will exert as much pressure on him as possible to change course.
At Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Netanyahu announced that Israel would withhold the monthly tax revenues it collects on behalf of Abbas’ Palestinian Authority (PA) and which it is obligated to pass on.
Given the PA’s precarious finances, that is a blow that will be quickly felt. Abbas dismissed the move, dressing up his diplomatic desperation as cavalier disregard. “Now there are sanctions – that’s fine. There’s an escalation – that’s fine … but we’re pushing forward,” he said.
Israel is threatening to pile on additional punishments this week. Or as a senior foreign ministry official put it: “Israel is about to switch from defense to attack mode.”
Included is a plan to recruit Israel’s powerful lobbies in Washington to ensure the enforcement of legislation requiring the US Congress to halt some $400 million in annual aid to the PA in the event that the Palestinians actually initiate any actions at the Hague to investigate Israelis for war crimes.

Implicating Abbas

Further, Israel is threatening to use its own undoubtedly formidable intelligence-gathering against Abbas and his PA officials, implicating them in war crimes too.
Israel could try to pursue Palestinian officials, including Abbas, through the US courts, which have in the past shown a willingness to back terror-related claims against Palestinians.
In September a New York jury found against the Jordan-based Arab Bank for channelling charitable money into the occupied territories to help poor families, agreeing that this had helped support “terror”.
At the weekly Israeli cabinet meeting, Netanyahu warned“Those who need to answer before a criminal court are the heads of the Palestinian Authority, who have forged an alliance with the war criminals of Hamas.” One of his officials similarly noted that they had “quite a bit of ammunition” to use against Abbas.
An Israeli analyst, Barak Ravid, suggested that the goal might be to “create a balance of terror”, reviving the Cold War principle of mutually assured destruction: “Each side would bombard the other with complaints until they can no longer breathe.”
One course of action Netanyahu is reported to be loath to pursue on this occasion is a glut of settlement building. This was Israel’s response back in 2012 when the Palestinians won a vote at the UN upgrading their status.
But the diplomatic fall-out then is said to have taught Israel a lessonand it will not specifically characterise settlement expansion as part of its retaliation.

Persuading the ICC

The next obstacle will be persuading the ICC to investigate Israel. So far the Palestinians have had little success with the ICC, but previous justifications from the court for inaction are no longer valid.
In early 2012, the ICC dropped an investigation into Palestinian claims of war crimes committed during Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2008-09 on the grounds that Palestine was not a recognised state. That changed with the Palestinians’ change of UN status later the same year.
And in November the ICC’s prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, halted an investigation into an Israeli commando operation against the Mavi Marmara aid ship in 2010 that killed nine humanitarian activists. The case had been made possible only because the ship was registered in Comoros, which had signed the Rome Statute.
Bensouda argued that the deaths of the activists were not of “sufficient gravity” to justify the ICC’s intervention.
But now – with a much wider range of examples to choose from as a member of the ICC, including the attack on Gaza last summer that left more than 500 children dead – the Palestinians should be able to find cases that better qualify.
Nevertheless, such investigations, if they take place, will be laborious and time-consuming, especially as Israel will be actively uncooperative, just as it has been in blocking access to Gaza for UN inquiries into war crimes.
In the meantime, the US will be certain to put pressure behind the scenes on the Hague court to reject cases brought by the Palestinians. It can be expected to threaten the finances of the ICC and arm-twist it in other ways, just as it did Security Council members last week to ensure that a Palestinian resolution to end the occupation failed to win the necessary majority.
The politicised nature of the ICC should not be under-estimated. Its cases so far have targeted only African leaders, and ones that are seen as enemies of the US and the west.
International law experts note that it will be extremely difficult for the ICC to press cases against the leaders of a state widely seen in the US and Europe as a western-style democracy.
That might, for example, encourage uncomfortable comparisons between Israel’s behaviour and that of the US and Britain in the Middle East. If Netanyahu or Tzipi Livni are to stand trial, why not Barack Obama or his predecessor, George W Bush? US leaders are just as culpable for their part in Washington’s extra-judicial executions by drones over Yemen and Pakistan or its rendition and torture programmes.

Immunity from prosecution

Nonetheless, Israel has good reason to be worried.
Whether or not cases are ultimately brought against Israelis, the threat of war crimes charges is likely to act as a restraint, creating an atmosphere of doubt, caution and fear on the ground among the Israeli security forces.
That is not something Israel, driven by a military tradition of creating deterrence by terrifying its Arab neighbours into submission, can afford to be complacent about.
As Tel Aviv law professor Aeyal Gross observedthe ICC threat hangs more heavily over Israelis than Palestinians. Palestinian fighters are unlikely to fear an ICC prosecution given that “they are already at risk of assassination by Israel or long prison terms if caught. In contrast, Israelis have enjoyed de facto immunity from prosecution for Israel’s actions.”
Adding to this problem, Israel will have to demonstrate – if it is to be sure of pre-empting an ICC investigation – that it has carried out its own credible investigations and is prepared to prosecute its own soldiers, including commanders, with serious charges.
Until now, even lowly Israeli soldiers have enjoyed almost complete immunity for their actions, and Israel has refused to cooperate with independent investigations.
When Israel announced a handful of criminal inquiries into its attack on Gaza last summer, which left more than 2,000 Palestinians dead, most of them civilians, it washarshly criticised by local human rights NGOs. The two most respected, B’Tselem and Yesh Din, refused to cooperate, arguing that the investigations were a “whitewash”.
Israeli authorities have so far approved 13 investigations into the summer’s events but most relate to minor or isolated incidents, usually committed by junior soldiers. Five of the investigations are into allegations of looting: soldiers stealing money or items from Palestinian homes.

Double-edged sword

That will now need to change, even if only for appearances’ sake.
Similarly, the threats Netanyahu and others Israeli officials have been making against Abbas are a double-edged sword. While Israeli officials have warned that the Palestinian application to join the ICC opens up a “Pandora’s box”, it may be that any damage to Abbas and the PA ultimately rebounds on Israel.
There have long been suggestions that Abbas has been actively conspiring with Israel against Hamas – including rumours that he was closely consulted on Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2008-09. Exposing such collaboration could simply deepen Israel’s troubles.
In any case, weakening the PA – whether by implicating it in war crimes or pulling the plug on its finances – risks its collapse and Israel’s being forced once again to bear the full military and financial costs of the occupation.
That was why the US State Department on Monday expressed its opposition to Israel’s refusal to transfer tax revenues to the Palestinians, saying it threatened “stability” in the region.
The Palestinians joining the Hague court might also serve as a fillip to groups trying to use the principle of universal jurisdiction in their own countries, including several major European ones that have already incorporated such legislation. That would be even more likely were the ICC to appear to be submitting to pressure to avoid prosecuting Israeli officials.
It would leave senior Israelis even more fearful of visiting such states for fear of arrest.
And maybe not least, the Palestinians’ move to the Hague will exhaust yet more US goodwill as it is forced publicly to rescue Israel from the consequences of its own worst military excesses.
Jonathan Cook is a Nazareth- based journalist and winner of the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism - See more at:
Jonathan Cook is a Nazareth- based journalist and winner of the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism

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Charlue Hebdo, the political French satire magazine, based in Paris, in the tradition of Free Speech of the French Revolution, was censored by a terrorist counter gang two days ago. Three days ago, Irish Blog started a petition, to take the matter of the Irish Holocaust, to the International Criminal Court, calling on all Irish militant groups in Ireland, to ceasefire. You will see from those who signed the petition below, that no Irish person has signed it yet, this is because of censorship, because there is considerbale support among ordinary Irish people on this matter, which I researched.  As a result of censorship on Ireland, the Petition got 57 signatures on the first day and one on each day subsequently, thus smothering an alternative, to political violence, to achieve justice and freedom for Ireland.

Approximately eight years ago, the editor of Irish Blog was threatened with death, if he returned to Ireland, because Irish Blog was highlighting the case of  the Disappeared in Ireland, particularly the case of Jean McConville, along with child abuse in the Provisional IRA, when none of the mainstream media in Ireland, would cover the subject. At the same time exactly, I was also censored by the Pensive Quill, who portrays itself as an alternative to Sinn Fein, when I was calling for Gerry Adams, to either resign or take responsibility in this matter. Irish Blog was  also censored by cult followers of both political personalities, along with fascist groups, aligned to the 1916 societies, 32CSM  and many other politcal counter gangs, mentored by the British, in the same way, that certain Provisional leadership elements were. Irish Blog, also from that time, became the subject of British intranets, which are meant to slow it's distribution.

In that timeframe Irish Blog, was also highlighing a Boycott campaign, against Israeli produce, because of Gaza massacres. As a result Zionists visited my wife's restaurant, took our new born child and held him in the air, while threatening to drop him to the concrete floor, if I did not cease calling for an Israeli Boycott on Irish Blog. As a result, my wife had to take our child into hiding, in another country far away, because I refuse to be censored by such activity. Since that time, Irish Blog is mostly censored in Ireland, in many subtle ways. Sinn Fein leaders today, call on their followers to become informers for the British, something Irish Blog cannot support, despite disagreeing with offensive, political violence, at this time in Ireland.

Irish Blog up to this point in writing, has also been censored, from sharing in any group by Facebook, because of complaints from cult followers of the parties mentioned above, who track and join all groups I belong to and then complaining to Facebook to censor. Facebook is based in Ireland for tax reasons and is vulnerable to West British, political complaints. These complaints are fostered, not just by cult followers of the above but also all of the leading politcal parties in Ireland. Despite Republicanism being taken from the French Revolution to Ireland by Protestants, with the first principle of Free Speech, it has been hijacked, long ago, using Roman Catholic fascist doctrine and patriarchy, to enforce rigid censorship, since the foundation of the two scum states, founded, after the Irish rebellion.

Irish Blog has mentioned several times, the probability of assasination, if it's editor returns to Ireland and indeed the distinct possibility, even abroad. This was illustrated previously, when agents were sent from Belfast to Amsterdam, where I was then living, to target this writer, under an operation of tying up all loose ends, to enforce the Bad Friday Agreement with the British. Several Irish journalist have been murdered already by British counter gangs in Ireland. Veronica Guerin, Martin O'Hagan, are the best known victims of assasination, under the guise of sectarianism, in the same way, that politcal activists, like Bernadette Devlin McAliskey and Eddie Fulleron were shot by pseudo counter gangs in Ireland. The excuse and cover often used, is that the victims were British informers, locally known as Touts. Irish Blog, wishes to re-iterate at this point, that it's editor, never has or never will, to the point of death, engage in this activity, with regard to any genuine Irish freedom fighter.

On a personal note, I would like to state, that I have always been committed, in my lifetime,  to the  basic tenets of the French Revolution, which are Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. I have experienced in my own life the reality of the old adage, "The Truth will set us Free," and as result committed myself to this philosophy, that the Pen is mightier than the Sword. I wish to convey my deepest empathy, to all of the extended family of the Free Press victims in Paris and I promise you, that only death will silence this, Spirit of Freedom so aptly demonstrated, by my comrade Bobby Samds in Ireland. They may kill the revolutionary but never the Revolution. Our Day will Come, beir bua ! If you agree with this, I really would appreaciate, you sharing this to your friends, if not, no problem, I respect that, but please do not censor it, because it will be already mostly censored by the mainstream corporates. I would also ask you to check out the Petition below, sign and share if you agree, it is a matter close to my heart. 

Censored article of yesterday

As a crude journal, Irish Blog can only conclude, that the attack on the Free Press in Paris yesterday, is further cofirmation once again, of the defeat of the Balaclava, by Kitsonian counter gangs. We need to look no further, than those who benefit the most, from this military attack on the Free Press, for it's origin. The first achievement of the French Republic in it's Revolution, was the Liberty of Free Speech from Censorship. If we are to defeat the censorious Fascists and Zealots, we must engage them, in the dialectic of free speech, which must be accorded them also, in order to engage them, despite the hatred in their content and language.

We must demonstrate to their would be recruits, that any idea, that relies on censorship or violence to sustain it, cannot itself be a good idea, that can live in the domain of either personal or communal freedom. This will require both patience and tolerance.We must ourselves come out, from behind our various masks and demonstrate, that the Truth will Set Us All Free.We must campaign and petition our injustice, before the International Criminal Court, to adjudicate and compensate, to enable the justice, that will facilitate forgivemess and reconciliation.

The PLO have just made and application to join the ICC, while others who portray themselves as warriors of  International Freedom, such as the UK & US are notable in their absenece. I am calling on the ICC, to bring Britain before the court, in the same way that Germany, was brought before the International Military Tribunal, for war crimes committed in the Jewish Holocaust. I hold the British Government, reponsible for even greater crimes, with even more victims, in the Irish Holocaust. I am also calling on militant resistance groups in Ireland, to do the same and help campaign, with all other commiited political parties, to do the same, without delay.

I want you, dear reader, whatever your current nationality, to take personal responsibility for this petition and campaign. I want you my fellow Irish to pit your heart and soul into this effort, to reclaim your birthright and full restitution for the harm done. If the Jewish people got 100 billion, then Ireland is entitled to 200 billion, with greater numbers and inflation. We can then sit down as equals, with the British Government, and intelligenttly work out a proper settlement, of issues affecting our islands, in a Spirit of Forgiveness and Co-operation.



  • author: Brian Clarke
  • target: International Criminal Court
  • signatures: 59
we've got 59 signatures, help us get to 1,000
Irish Blog requests the International Criminal Court, to immediately initiate an investigation into the Irish Holocaust and the British genocide of six milliom people in Ireland. We believe the the ICC Prosecutor has a reasonable basis to believe, that a crime against humanity, within Irelamd and the Court's juristiction exists and that both war crimes and a genocide has been committed against Irish people. We believe that an investigation, would be consistent, with the principles of International justice. We furnish the following preliminary evidence, as a basis for an immediate investigation.

Irish Blog seeks the support, of all Irish people and political parties, to empower the prosecution of this investigation. We urge all Irish people and political parties, to examine carefully the following preliminary investigation in the link below and mentor the request, that both Irish and British Governments make available, all relevant material, within their juristictions, to help the International Criminal Court arrive at a fair, just, settlement with appropriate restitution to any victim or their next of kin, primarily to prevent a re-occurrence of these crimes against humanity and that all parties recognize, the gravity and consequence of genocide and holocaust. Irish Blog also requests, a ceasefire, by all military and paramilitary forces in Ireland, until this matter, is thoroughly investigated and adjudicated,

you have the power to create change.



Jen Valentino, RI
Jan 08, 08:45
# 59
Hugh Smith, United Kingdom
Jan 08, 05:03
# 58
Raynbow Rotar, BC
Jan 07, 14:50
# 57
Yvonne Wey, Switzerland
Jan 07, 05:33
# 56
Bill C, Germany
Jan 07, 03:06
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Pam Barciszewski, MO
Jan 07, 01:33
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Jan 06, 18:07
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Jan 06, 15:06
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Jo Sullivan, NY
Jan 06, 13:57
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Jan 06, 13:16
# 45
I am Irish (mom and dad)
Michal Mydlarski, Poland
Jan 06, 11:31
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Jan 06, 07:55
# 39
David Dice, PA
Jan 06, 08:02
# 38
Nicole Maschke, OH
Jan 06, 07:49
# 37
For my mother's parents. For my brothers and sister in Ireland. For all those brave and courageous men, women and children, who stood their ground. Defended their homes and said proudly who they were, and that their lives mattered. While I cannot be there to stand by your side on this. Know that my soul is there with you. The waters are no barrier between us. For I am there. I am proud and honored to stand by your side. May the wind be always at your back. Godspeed.
e ralston, IL
Jan 06, 06:46
# 36
Donna Tanner, MA
Jan 06, 06:54
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Susie Caps, CA
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Srecko Arnus, Slovenia
Jan 06, 03:17
# 13
Not only Irish people also in whole so called British empire in past, This empire together with France and Antanta forces when was first world war gave our people and land to Italians. Same happened when end second world war. For me is this genocide. So called big country even now each day doing this around the world and dont forget on crimes who maked in more than 2000 years Vatikan and catholic church.
Andreas Giovani, Cyprus
Jan 06, 03:02
# 12
Dimitris Dallis, Greece
Jan 06, 02:45
# 11
Richard Rosenheim, NY
Jan 06, 02:39
# 10
K Halboth, WI
Jan 06, 02:20
# 9
It's ABOUT Time! The TERRIBLE and Fully Preventable GENOCIDE against the IRISH people by the British should be fully accounted for and the perpetrators brought to justice! The Irish Holocaust is still deeply entrenched in the minds and hearts of those of Irish ancestry; especially those that reside in the United States where many of our Irish ancestors arrived in Slave boats starving and impoverished. We Will Never Forget!
Name not displayed, CA
Jan 06, 01:34
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Luke Scott, VI
Jan 06, 01:19
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Alan Smith, United Kingdom
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