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UK referred to International Criminal Court for war crimes in Iraq

By Jean Shaoul 
3 June 2014
International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, has accepted the complaint lodged in January alleging that UK military personnel committed war crimes against Iraqis in their custody between 2003 and 2008. She has ordered a preliminary investigation.
It is the first step into a possible criminal prosecution against Britain’s political and military leaders, including politicians, senior civil servants, lawyers, Chief of Defence Staff and Chief of Defence Intelligence, who bear ultimate responsibility for systematic abuse of detainees in Iraq.
This is the first time the ICC in The Hague has opened an enquiry into a Western state. Almost all of the ICC’s indictees have been African heads of state or officials. The United States—not a signatory to the Rome Statute that established the ICC in 2002—and the other major powers get off scot-free. The ICC has turned a blind eye to the most blatant human rights abuses in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the West Bank and Gaza, where their perpetrators are protected by a US veto at the United Nations Security Council.
At the same time, the imperialist powers cynically use the court to target people hostile to their interests. As a result, the ICC has become widely discredited.
Bensouda’s decision flows from an official complaint by the British Public Interest Lawyers (PIL) and the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) last January. Their 250-page submission, the most detailed ever submitted to the ICC on war crimes committed by British forces in Iraq, took years to compile. It documented the new facts and additional evidence that had become available since the initial complaint in 2006.
In 2006, the ICC’s then-prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, said that he had received more than 240 complaints relating to alleged war crimes during the Iraq war and occupation, mostly by the US and Britain. He concluded that there was little doubt that wilful killing and inhumane treatment, crimes that fell within the ICC’s jurisdiction, had been committed. But he refused to mount an investigation because of the small number of cases—fewer than 20.
PIL and ECCHR’s compilation of evidence relating to hundreds of other victims and thousands of claims makes a mockery of his decision, which the ICC has been forced to concede. Bensouda said that she was reopening the case because the new complaint “alleges a higher number of cases of ill-treatment of detainees and provides further details on the factual circumstances and the geographical and temporal scope of the alleged crimes.” The Responsibility of UK officials for War Crimes Involving Systematic Detainee Abuse in Iraq from 2003-2008 documents claims by 412 Iraqis of severe physical and psychological abuse while in the custody of UK services personnel. The list of the most serious allegations is damning.
They include the use of sensory deprivation and isolation, food and water deprivation, the use of prolonged stress positions, the use of the “harshing” technique which involves sustained aggressive shouting in close proximity to the victim, a wide range of physical assault, including beating, burning, electrocution or electric shocks, both direct and implied threats to the health and safety of the detainees and/or friends and family, including mock executions and threats of rape, death, torture, indefinite detention and violence.
There are claims that British personnel used environmental manipulation such as exposure to extreme temperatures, forced exertion, cultural and religious humiliation. Other allegations referred to a wide range of sexual assaults and humiliation including forced nakedness, sexual taunts and attempted seduction, touching of genitalia, forced or simulated sexual acts, and forced exposure to pornography and sexual acts between soldiers.
In all, the victims made thousands of allegations of mistreatment that amount to war crimes: torture, inhuman or degrading treatment as well as the deliberate infliction of grievous suffering and/or serious injury. They were not dissimilar from those of the infamous US torture at Abu Ghraib prison. The sheer scale of the crimes, committed repeatedly at numerous sites and over a long period, testify to the systematic use of illegal methods of detention and interrogation, sanctioned at the top of the military and political chain.
UK military commanders “knew or should have known” that forces under their control “were committing or about to commit war crimes,” but failed to act. “Civilian superiors knew or consciously disregarded information at their disposal, which clearly indicated that UK services personnel were committing war crimes in Iraq.”
PIL and ECCHR specifically called for Britain’s most senior army personnel and politicians, including former Secretaries of State for Defence Geoffrey Hoon, John Reid, Des Browne and John Hutton and Ministers of State for the Armed Forces Personnel Adam Ingram and Bob Ainsworth as officials who should have to answer claims about the systematic use of torture and cruelty.
The British government has rejected the allegations. Foreign Secretary William Hague argued that there was no need for an ICC investigation because Britain had in 2010 set up IHAT, the Iraq historic allegations team, which was already examining allegations of mistreatment.
IHAT is little short of a farce. In the nearly four years since its establishment, IHAT has completed just a handful of the cases on its books, fining one soldier a measly £3,000 for badly beating an Iraqi, which was captured on video. Its case list includes 52 allegations of “unlawful death” involving 63 victims, and 93 allegations of mistreatment involving 179 victims, including all but one of the cases referred to the ICC.
Should IHAT determine that there is sufficient evidence to proceed with charges, it will be up to the director of service prosecutions, Andrew Cayley QC, responsible for bringing court martial cases, to determine whether charges are in the public interest. Furthermore, it will need the attorney general’s consent before he can charge individuals with committing war crimes under English law.
In other words, top government and military figures will determine whether charges can be brought.
A year ago, two High Court judges called for “a new approach” to the probe into the allegations made by 180 Iraqis. While they stopped short of ordering a full public inquiry, they concluded that the IHAT investigation “does not fulfil” the UK’s human rights obligations under international and domestic law, requiring there to be proper public scrutiny of these cases.
The ICC’s enquiry hinges on its confidence in IHAT. While Bensouda agreed to a preliminary enquiry, she did not ask the court to order the formal investigation under article 15(3) that PIL and ECCHR had requested. The court will only try defendants when states are unwilling or unable to do so, i.e., if the British government is unable to demonstrate it is investigating the allegations and is prepared to bring charges against the alleged perpetrators of war crimes.
The ICC has form. The imperialist powers had sought the trial in 2011 of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah al-Senussi during the illegal regime-change campaign waged by the American, British and French governments.
Following the gruesome murder of Gaddafi, and the capture of Saif al-Islam and al-Senussi by Libyan militias, Washington, London and Paris lost interest in an ICC trial which would expose embarrassing details about the intimate relations between the Gaddafi regime and the Western powers between 2004 and 2011.
Al-Senussi would undoubtedly spill the beans about Washington and London’s global torture network, while Saif al-Islam might call the UK prime minister Tony Blair and others as witnesses. Instead, pre-trial judges at the ICC, at the behest of the majorpowers, agreed to al-Islam and al-Senussi being tried in Libya, a ruling that was overturned two weeks ago.

The Fall Of Mosul
Who Is The Jihadi Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

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In the space of a year he has become the most powerful jihadi leader in the world.
The Battle for Iraq Is a Saudi War on Iran

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Is the ISIS invasion of Iraq really a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran for control of the Middle East? 
Black Flags Over Mosul

By Mike Whitney 

If the ISIS starts taking out pipelines and oil installations around Mosul, it's Game-Over USA.  Oil futures will spike, markets will crash, and the global economy will slump back into a severe recession. 
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The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Translated and edited by Israel Shahak

The plan operates on two essential premises. To survive, Israel must 1) become an imperial regional power, and 2) must effect the division of the whole area into small states by the dissolution of all existing Arab states. 
Blaming Obama for Iraq’s Chaos

By Robert Parry 

Washington’s neocons and the mainstream media ignore their own role in destabilizing Iraq with the 2003 invasion. 
Lavrov: Iraq Developments Show Total Failure of American-British 'Adventure'

The events in Iraq are a result of the actions carried out by the US and the UK, and the situation has spiraled out of control, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told journalists. 

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It will be the third time the former IRA brussel spout has pressed  his Majesty's flesh. Muck Guinness said today, that "despite current difficulties" he was "determined to provide forward stinkin political leadership in his capacity as the Deputy Spare Penis and as a representative of all arselickers, I will be licking my Queen again," he said.

"The visit by my Queen is an opportunity to demonstrate my skills at analingus and to further build on a process that is well and truly focked. Despite the current difficulties with my partner Peter, I am determined without being a bitch, that somebody round here will provide stinking political leadership for a failed British Scum State."


Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As -Militants 'seize Tikrit' after taking Mosul: Insurgents in Iraq have seized the city of Tikrit, their second major gain after capturing Mosul on Tuesday, security officials say. Tikrit, the hometown of former leader Saddam Hussein, lies just 150km (95 miles) north of the capital Baghdad.
Bush- Blair Legacy Continues As - Iraq: 500,000 Flee Fighting in Mosul : Militants seized control of the major Iraqi city of Mosul on Tuesday. Iraqi security forces fleeing as the group established their dominance over the city were joined by thousands of civilians attempting to escape even more violence.
Iraq official says Mosul "capable" of ousting jihadist militants as Syria offers help: The stunning assault by the al Qaeda splinter group, which started on Sunday night, saw black banner-waving insurgents raid government buildings, pushing out security forces and capturing military vehicles as thousands fled for their lives from what is Iraq's second-largest city.
Iraqi Jihadists kidnap Turkish consul, staff: Jihadists seized the Turkish consulate in the Iraqi city of Mosul on Wednesday and kidnapped the head of the diplomatic mission and 24 staff members, a police colonel said.
Turkey calls for emergency NATO meeting on Iraq: Turkish official: Turkey has called for an emergency meeting of NATO to discuss the security situation in Iraq after militants took 80 Turkish citizens hostage during a lightning advance, a Turkish foreign ministry official said.
The Arrogance Of Power! White House calls on Iraq government to 'step up to the plate' over Mosul: “The United States is deeply concerned about the events that have transpired in Mosul over the last 48 hours where elements of the Islamic State of Iraq (Isil) have taken over significant parts of the city,” added the State Department in a statement.
In case you missed it; Cheney Was Unwavering in Desire to Go to War : Powell and Armitage called this the Pottery Barn rule: You break it, you own it.
Al-Qaeda Jihadis Loot Over $400 Million From Mosul Central Bank: Al Qaeda-linked ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) militants took over the key northern town of Mosul, where an unknown number of US-made Black Hawk helicopters were parked and have been captured by Al Qaeda (potentially the same forces that have been trained by the US across the border in Syria).

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1. Tacit Enabler - Supports another's bad habits by staying silent.

2. Overt Enabler - Supports another's bad habits by providing assistance such as money, transportation, approval, etc...

A person who supports another person's bad or dangerous habits.

Enablers tend to fear calling others on their destructive habits because these "others" tend to be friends, family or others close to the enabler.

Thus, rather than risk losing the love, respect, friendship or contact with the person, the enabler chooses instead to play it safe and watch the other slowly destroy themselves or others through their own actions.
1. Bob: Hey Mike, I'm gonna go to the bar, slip a little something into some bitch's drink and fuck her rotten in the bathroom!
Mike, the Tacit Enabler: (Noncommital grunt

2. Bob: Hey Mike, I gotta bring this crack over to that father of four. Give me a lift?
Mike, the Overt Enabler: ...Yeah, hold on.

Demographic pressures, including pressures deriving from centuries of British mentored sectarianism, following a British genocide of the native population, followed by a plantation, which spawned insecure British bigotry, racism and fascism. The pressure from the plantation population's settlement and its alien attributes, enabled the border disputes, ownership and occupancy of land, control of religious worship and historical identity, that fuels the divide and rule bloody tactics of the British today.Massive movement of refugees and internally displaced Irish persons, with the forced uprooting of large Irish communities, south of the border, as a result British inspired pogroms both of random and targeted violence with repression, causes food shortage, disease, lack of clean water, lack of public housing and violent turmoil, leading to a spiral of larger humanitarian and security misery, as Irish political refugees are forced south.

A legacy of vengeance and Irish grievance based on recent censored British atrocities and war crimes in Ireland, on top of numerous past injustices, and the Holocaust with other British war crimes, dating back eight centuries,  which includes atrocities committed with impunity, against the native local Irish communal groups and specific Irish groups singled out by British scumstate authorities, and their mentored orange dominant groups, for persecution or repression. Centuries of British Institutionalized political exclusion, public scapegoating of Irish groups, who achieve a limited status or power, is still evidenced today, with the emergence of "hate fleggers" , pamphleteering and stereotyping, nationalist political groups.Chronic and sustained human flight in both the " native brain drain" of professionals, intellectuals, political dissidents and forced emigration of "the middle class" fuels the growth of politicized exile communities, free from British censorship are also part of the equation.

The economic indicators of the failed British ScumState of Occupied Ireland, are the uneven economic development along sectarian lines, which still persists today, predetermined by group based inequality and residual inequality, in education, jobs, and economic status, the native Irish based poverty levels are growing, while infant mortality rates and education levels are unacceptable as the native Irish are kept on contrived ignorance and misery.
The sharp and severe economic decline in British Occupied Irish society as a whole and the regular failure of state banks, to pay salaries of government employees, their occupation forces and meet other financial obligations to Irish citizens, claimed by the British to be Her Majesty's commoners, is another indication of the failed British scumstate. Political indicators, include the criminalization by the British state, of the Irish language , Irish identity and legitimate political expression, endemic in Orange corruption and profiteering by the fascist ruling Orange Order elites and their resistance to transparency, accountability in political representation. Widespread absence of popular confidence in British state institutions and processes are endemic.

The progressive deterioration of public services, the disappearance of basic state functions, that serve the people, including failure to protect immigrant citizens from Orange fascist terrorism and violence or to provide civilized essential services, such as health, education, sanitation, public transportation, are further indicators of the failed ScumState. Using the ScumState's apparatus for agencies that serve the British mentored ruling elites, such as the RUC insecurity forces, British Viceroyal staff, Central bank, royal services and collection agencies for the City of London.

The British ScumState uses widespread violation of human rights in an authoritarian, dictatorial military rule by Britain's Secret Services, in which constitutional, judicial, democratic institutions and processes are manipulated. Outbreaks of politically inspired sectarian violence against innocent Irish civilians are rampant. A rising large number of political prisoners, including traditional Irish republicans who oppose the British Monarchy in Ireland,along with political dissidents, who are denied the most basic forms of due process, consistent with international norms and practices including political internment by diplock remand, widespread abuse of legal, political and social rights, including individuals, groups, Irish cultural institutions, harassment of the press, politicization of the judiciary, internal use of military assassination for British political ends, public repression of native Irish political opponents, including religious and cultural persecution, are all part of the British ScumState equation.

The ScumState insecurity apparatus includes a "secret psychopathic state within a state," the emergence of a sadistic elite or a praetorian guard, that operate in absolute secrecy, courtesy of a draconian Official Secret's Act, with total impunity. Mentored British state sponsored private, secret, militias, terrorizing political Irish opponents, labelled by the State controlled British media or demonized as enemie. or Irish civilian spies, seen to be sympathetic to the traditional Irish Cause. Private "armies within the British army" that serve only the interests of their old empire of dominant military and political cliques. They also include the emergence of people militias absorbed, guerilla forces in armed struggle in protracted violent campaign, against British state terrorism or counter-terrorism with their insecurity forces.

Intervention by British external state factors in all of the island of Ireland is ongoing, primarily through a web of M16 drug wars in the South, despite a much touted Peace Process, where military and British sponsored loyalist paramilitaries, engage in the internal affairs of Ireland with, external private armies, British state entities terrorizing the native Irish, in the internal balance of power and failing resolution of the Irish conflict.

Questions about Gerry Adams’s motivation remain

Opinion: Why did civil right movement in North become so violent?

‘It may well be that Gerry Adams came to the view that violent nationalism was a virus that needed to be isolated and killed before it infected coming generations, and that this in part explains his role in guiding the republican movement towards peaceful means while striving to prevent a catastrophic split.’ Photograph: Alan Betson / THE IRISH TIMES
Back in the late 1980s, when I was starting out as a Dublin-based journalist, I had the idea of writing a biography of Gerry Adams. My motive for doing so was the difficulty I had with squaring how this pipe-smoking, tweed-wearing man who sounded so reasonable could be a leading light in an organisation responsible for a campaign of ongoing killing and mayhem.
What struck me while working on the book, and still seems to me to be a key observation, is the way the movement for civil rights in Northern Ireland, encouraged as it was by other such movements around the world targeting oppression, became so particularly violent.
The reason for this, I decided, lay in the fact that Adams, and others like him steeped in the culture of Irish republicanism, were of the view from the start that the civil rights question in Northern Ireland would quickly become the national question. And he and other republican true believers were convinced that the national question could be resolved only through violence: the Brits would have to be driven out. Because they held this view, republicans saw the eruption of violence in the North (which they encouraged) as an opportunity. If the scale of the violence and killing could be increased and maintained, the British would tire and leave.
Virus of militant nationalism One of the real terrors in the room was this tradition that gave such a central role to, and so embraced, violence. Militant nationalism could be imagined as a virus that was passed from generation to generation, ready whenever the conditions were favourable to emerge from its slumbers and wreak more havoc.
A bewildering aspect of researching Adams was reading newspaper reports about the truly awful deaths and maiming suffered by the victims of IRA atrocities – for instance the shoppers slaughtered and maimed on Bloody Friday, in 1972, when the IRA set off 26 bombs within 80 minutes in central Belfast – and contrasting this with Adams’s fictional writing.
One short story concerned an IRA volunteer (you have to believe it is Adams) who goes out after curfew in Belfast to help an injured hedgehog. The story is enormously sentimental and it seemed generally that when Adams sat down to write fiction he found himself inescapably drawn to romantic depictions of life in the IRA. Maybe in real life he lay in bed at night in Belfast safe houses while around him in the city people mourned their maimed and their dead, and young British soldiers patrolled the streets, and he thought the whole scenario romantic. This seemed to me then, and still seems to me, to be at least plausible. How else could the stories be explained?
It may well be that Adams came to the view that violent nationalism was a virus that needed to be isolated and killed before it infected coming generations, and that this in part explains his role in guiding the republican movement towards peaceful means while striving to prevent a catastrophic split.
Hindrance It may also be that he decided, long before the ceasefires, the IRA’s campaign should end because it was a hindrance, rather than a contribution, to its stated purpose.
We don’t know exactly what thought processes he went through, and given the dangers of the world in which he existed, and exists, it may be that we never will.
But Adams’s principle political motivation remains his dream of a united Ireland. Personally I think that his stated allegiance to democratic politics is subservient to this dream, and that even if this view is wrong, to act on a belief to the contrary is to take a great risk.
Adams is a member of the Dáil, Sinn Féin is in power in Northern Ireland, the party is on the rise in the Republic, and it seems it will hold the position of Dublin Lord Mayor in Easter 2016. Indeed it is possible it will be in power, north and south of the Border, come the anniversary of the 1916 Rising, the event that did so much to feed the romantic view of political violence which has so blighted this island. It is not difficult to imagine Sinn Féin wanting to use the anniversary to influence popular views on the legitimacy of the Provisional IRA’s campaign, thereby justifying Adams’s career, and providing a boost to the republican tradition.
People who voted Sinn Féin need to pay serious heed to these dangers. At least part of the energy within Sinn Féin comes from its militant nationalist tradition. That tradition is a menace. We should eradicate it.
Gerry Adams, a Biography, by Colm Keena, was published by Mercier Press in 1990.Vincent Browne is on leave


Loyalist campaigner Willie Frazer was in Newry again today dressed as a radical Muslim cleric.He was again wearing a long black robe, skullcap, a false beard, another eye-patch with a hooked hand. Frazer was protesting at an upcoming White Picket Protest in Newry against British Political Internment and he claims, that Islamic preachers and Irish republicans.

The loyalist, from Markethill, County Armagh, who was recently in court, for possession of a prohibited weapon and encouraging or assisting an offence to be committed was found not guilty as British loyalists while hundreds of Irish Republicans are remanded or political interned for years on trumped up charges prsecuted by a force under the command of the disgraced RUC who are proven sectarian murderers.

Willie aside from insulting Allah and Muslims was displaying his displeasure at Newry, where an up coming protest against Internment by remand, is being held on the 28 th of June on Monaghan Street at 3.00 p.m.



A Syrian War Spillover: ISIS Attacks Mosul

By Moon Of Alabama 
June 10, 2014 "ICH" - While the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is fighting other Islamists in Syria's east it has gained enough resources to also launch capable attacks in Iraq. In January it captured Fallujah, a conservative Sunni city. Last week it attacked Samara and threatened to capture the Shia shrine of Imam Al-Hassan Al-Askari. The Iraqi army reinforced there. But that attack on Samara seems to have been a diversion.
Today ISIS set out to capture Mosul, Iraq's second biggest city. The government troops there were, allegedly, told to not resist or deserted and fled. ISIS took over prisons and police stations and released some 3,000 of the prisoners. Many of whom will now join its ranks. It robbed banks and replenished its already large financial resources. It captured tons of new weapons, ammunition and trucks. The civilian airport is in its hands. Civilians are fleeing the city.
Prime Minister Maliki, with a yet unstable coalition after he won a recent election, has little capabilities to fight back. The Iraqi army alone is unlikely to be able to take on ISIS and the Sunni Anbar tribes that support it. The Iraqi air force is too small to make a difference. Maliki will have to resort to sectarian Shia militia and will have to arrange a new coalition with the Kurds. ISIS has helped him there as it recently attacked political offices of President Talabani, one of the two major Kurd leaders.
Iraq will need further support to push ISIS back. We may soon see some rather weird coalitions growing against it: Iraqi Kurds allied with Shia Iraqi Arabs and the more secular Iraqi Sunni tribes; the U.S. air force riding shotgun for the Iraqi military in coordination with special forces from the Iranian revolutionary corps.
Without its bases in east Syria ISIS would be incapable to achieve such gains. This spillover of the Syrian conflict should be the alarm signal even Washington can not deny. The Syrian government troops will be needed to tear ISIS down. The U.S. must now turn away from the insurgents in Syria and support the Syrian government troops in their fight against the common enemy. Unless that happens the ISIS problem will only fester and threaten more states in the Middle East including Jordan and Turkey.

This article was originally published at Moon Of Alabama
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Hundreds killed as ISIL insurgents gain ground in east Syria: A six-week offensive by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) against rival Islamists in eastern Syria has killed 600 fighters and driven 130,000 people from their homes, a monitoring group said on Tuesday.
Syria rebel infighting kills 45 fighters: The two jihadi groups were allies but had a falling out earlier this year and have since intermittently clashed in some of the fiercest rebel infighting in the Syrian civil war.
Rebel sniper guns down government fighter in Damascus suburb: Video - Rebel fighters targeted government supporters at a checkpoint in a suburb of Damascus. Deborah Gembara reports
U.S. arms could create Syria 'warlords', rebel commander says: Brigadier General Abdelilah al-Bashir, who defected in 2012 and led rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces in the Golan before becoming chief-of-staff of the FSA's Supreme Military Council in February, told Reuters that Washington was bypassing the SMC in sending weapons directly to groups that were hard to control.
31 killed in eastern Iraq bomb blast: An explosive device planted inside a cemetery went off as mourners buried a local teacher killed in an earlier militant attack, the source told Anadolu Agency.
Militants seize Iraq’s second-largest city Mosul: Insurgents overran the headquarters of the provincial government in Mosul late on Monday, making further gains in a fourth day of fighting in the country’s second-largest city.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s statement in Baghdad: Insurgents seized control of the northern city Mosul, Iraq early Tuesday. Prime Minister Nouri al -Maliki delivered this televised statement in response:
Iraq government to arm citizens to fight militants: PM: The Iraqi government will provide weapons and equipment to citizens who volunteer to fight against militants, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Tuesday.
As Mosul falls to ISIS militants, doubts over US-trained Iraqi security forces: Insurgents overran much of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul Tuesday, seizing the provincial government headquarters, the airport, police stations, and prisons as members of the Iraqi army shed their uniforms and fled.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014



1. Tacit Enabler - Supports another's bad habits by staying silent.

2. Overt Enabler - Supports another's bad habits by providing assistance such as money, transportation, approval, etc...

A person who supports another person's bad or dangerous habits.

Enablers tend to fear calling others on their destructive habits because these "others" tend to be friends, family or others close to the enabler.

Thus, rather than risk losing the love, respect, friendship or contact with the person, the enabler chooses instead to play it safe and watch the other slowly destroy themselves or others through their own actions.
1. Bob: Hey Mike, I'm gonna go to the bar, slip a little something into some bitch's drink and fuck her rotten in the bathroom!
Mike, the Tacit Enabler: (Noncommital grunt)

2. Bob: Hey Mike, I gotta bring this crack over to that father of four. Give me a lift?
Mike, the Overt Enabler: ...Yeah, hold on.
by Wallbridge November 18, 2005
 281  40
someone who will assist and/or defend another person, usually a friend or family member, in their psychotic behavior; for the sole purpose of being needed to get their asses out of trouble so they can hold it over their heads and bitch about it forever.
Brenda is such an enabler, she likes to bitch about what addict kids she has to her friends/family, though she's the one that provided the drugs.
by jezebel27 December 08, 2011
 29  16
Enablers are people how start & finish the party. Usualy its a ghetto puggy drug dealer or a white slam puppy girl. They usualy get everyone fucked up and then laught about it later. There names are usualy Moe & fee but names can change.
why do fee & moe always got people fucked up?? because they are enablers
by goodgrlgon3bad21 June 21, 2011