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Most of you people have never met a lady who lived in Iúr Cinn Trá called Red Sarah Murphy, who died last year. She was one of the few people I met, who walked their talk, I have been wairting a long time for such a politician to appear on the Irish political stage in Ireland.The Murphy below is a rare politician in Ireland, who walks their talk.. When bad law, jails innocent people, it is time to break the law. I join with Paul Murphy, in calling on all Irish people, to get off your arse, break bad laws and make our stand, stick together at all costs insolidarity with jailed comrades! United, we can never  ve defeated behind a Real Murphy!




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Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy calls for anti water charge protesters to breach court injunction

TD Paul Murphy has called for anti-water charge campaigners to breach a court ordered injunction preventing them from interfering with the installation of water meters.

Mr Murphy said he would breach such an injunction himself, and encouraged others to do the same.
Speaking to Newstalk, he said:
“There was an injunction given to a private company, to prevent people going within 20 metres of water meters.
“There was no finding of criminal acts by the judge.
“The court should never have given such an order. People have an absolute right to protest, and to protest peacefully.”
He called for widespread defiance of any injunctions ordered by the courts.
“There should now be widespread defiance of any injunction relating to water meter installation, People cannot be intimidated from protesting.
“I would be happy to breach such an injunction, I would encourage others to breach such an injunction.
“How many people are they willing to jail to get these water meters in?”
Mr Murphy made his comments after several anti-water charge protesters were jailed yesterday for breaching a court order to stay 20 metres away from water meter installations.
The protesters can purge their contempt at any time, by agreeing to obey the court order.


Unionist councillors call-in 'Irish language first' decision on council logo name
Newry, Mourne and Down council is to use the Irish equivalent of its name first on its new logo, followed by the English version

Newry, Mourne and Down council is to use the Irish equivalent of its name first on its new logo, followed by the English version
Newry, Mourne and Down council is to use the Irish equivalent of its name first on its new logo, followed by the English version

Unionist councillors of Newry, Mourne and Down District have formally requested to 'call-in' for consideration a decision to have the Irish version of its name appear above the English on its new logo.
It was passed by 14 votes for to five votes against.

"Councillors have 5 working days following publication of the minutes of subject they wish to call in.

A spokeswoman from the Council confirmed receipt of a Call-in from eight Councillors in relation to the decision.

In a statement the council said: "This has been called in on the basis of community impact grounds and, as it is an admissible call-in under section 41(1)(b) of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014, it has been referred by the Chief Executive for a legal opinion."

Calling in the decision, DUP Group Leader Garth Craig said it was creating a "cold house" for Unionists.

He said: “This new Council is inheriting an existing workforce with an under-representation of Protestants. If this decision is allowed to stand then it would exacerbate that unacceptable situation.

"Following on from the likes of the McCreesh park decision, the intent to create a cold house for Unionists will be clear for all to see. People should take confidence from the unity of purpose their representatives are showing to oppose this attempt to discriminate."

Ulster Unionist Party Group Leader, David Taylor said: “This council area has amongst the smallest Protestant and Unionist communities of all council areas in Northern Ireland.

"The manner in which nationalist councillors have tried to steam roller this decision without fulfilling legal requirements demonstrates this is an attempt to domineer and lord it over a vulnerable minority.

"Republicans and Nationalists must face up to the fact that the rights of the minority Unionist community have to be protected. They will be resisted at every opportunity in their attempts to ride roughshod over our rights, which are every bit as legitimate as the majority community in the District."

Both group leaders called on the Alliance and Independent councillors to support their call-in of this decision.

SDLP and Sinn Fein are also backing plans to implement the policy throughout Northern Ireland. It could see three new nationalist super councils - Fermanagh and Omagh, Derry and Strabane, and Mid Ulster - adopting the same policy for their logo for corporate stationery and vehicles.

Will 'Mistress Europe' Show the American the Door?

By Finian Cunningham

February 20, 2015 "ICH" - It's an age-old, tragic relationship. The mistress and her gadfly, selfish male-benefactor, who is really not a benefactor, but instead is more like her jealous, despotic jailer. Oh yeah, sure, he festoons her with cute presents now and again, chocolates, stockings, perfumes and the like. He also professes ardent devotion and vows to protect her. In return she gratifies his basic needs. But when it gets down to it, the mistress is dispensable, a plaything that is brutally discarded when he is done.

That pretty much sums up the relationship between the United States and Europe. Macho Washington is always reassuring the Europeans of his undying love and chivalrous defence from all sorts of supposed enemies. But it's a pathetic relationship, fundamentally, of unequals. Europe is expected to link arms and parade for the master on occasion. But if she so much as attempts to assert her rights, she is slapped down with boorish contempt. "Hey, babe, shut your mouth and fix me another drink."

In 1949, among the ashes of the Second World War, the US set up the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Despite its grandiloquent, chivalrous public profession of "alliance" the real purpose of NATO was to "keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down". Those are the unguarded words of the first NATO secretary-general, Lord Ismay.

That defined the essential subservient role of Europe as far as the Americans were really concerned. NATO was and still is not so much an alliance of protection. It is a bondage outfit that the Americans make the Europeans wear.

The real purpose of the US-led "alliance" was, and has remained, the ability of America to straddle Europe, to assert its hegemony, and to make sure Europe always performed as a tool for US power to transcend. Europe could not ever be strong and independent in the eyes of Washington. Least of all, Europe could never contemplate having normal cordial relations with its neighbouring, some might say natural, partner in Russia. Oh no, Europe was compelled to lay back and provide a service for Washington's geopolitical desires.

When you think about the Cold War, that period of some 45 years living under the awful fear of annihilation, saw the Americans lodge their nuclear weapons in various European countries; and they are still there. It saw thousands of American troops occupy Germany; and they are still there. It saw America professing protection of the poor European damsel-in-distress allegedly from a drooling Soviet "evil empire"; and so it still goes on.

Some Europeans saw through the charade of course. German Chancellors like Willy Brandt and Gerhard Schroeder, who tried to normalise relations with Moscow, were thwarted by American (and British) mischief-making. Then there were the NATO Gladio covert terror operations that committed false flag atrocities against European citizens, which were duly misattributed to the Soviet Union. There is no reason to believe that such covert ops have been terminated, as in the current Ukrainian turmoil, as a means of keeping the Europeans frightened and disposed to "trusting" the Americans for "protection". Keeping the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down.

Today, some 25 years after the official end of the Cold War, nothing much has changed. America still vows ardently to "protect" poor little Europe from a slavering Slavic monster who, we are told, is just waiting for a chance to pounce and have its evil way with Washington's European "ally".

What protection? Europe has been endangered for decades by American base urges for its own gratification of global hegemony - at Europe's expense.

Can Europe come to its senses and rethink this tawdry relationship? Can Europe dare to assert it own rights independently from its domineering American master?

What has Europe ever really got from the overbearing, demanding American, who ultimately is deeply insecure about his own abilities and his so-overblown pretensions.

This whole Ukraine crisis has been an American ploy from start to finish, aimed at driving an artificial animosity between Europe and Russia. It should be so obvious that Russian energy supply to Europe is a major prize coveted by the Americans. Regime change with covert mass murder thanks to the ever-efficient CIA in that department, followed by massive propaganda false narratives and false flags, a war of terror on ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine, more propaganda distorting Russia, followed by economic sanctions, tensions and now vows by America to arm up the neo-Nazi regime it installed in Kiev. How deluded can Europe be not to see the glaring truth of it all?

Meanwhile, who is paying the price for this swaggering American megalomania? Why it is the Europeans of course, and as always. War on Europe's doorstep and sanctions busting the EU economy apart are the price for being in bed with this American megalomaniac.

The callous, careless American attitude is there to see on occasion when his ego gets the better of this tongue. Remember the US State Department official who on the eve of the regime-change operation in Kiev last February divulged the real attitude of Washington towards the Europeans. In a secret phone call that was leaked, the US official and ambassador to Ukraine said of the imminent coup: "Fuck the EU!"

Then we had US Vice President Joe Biden months later bragging about the fact that the effete Europeans had to be browbeaten into adopting American-led sanctions against Russia. "President Obama had to bounce the Europeans into adopting the sanctions," crowed Biden to an American public audience, as if he was referring to a sexual conquest.

So let's clear this phoney, priggish rhetoric. America doesn't give a fig for Europe. It never has done and never will. The stocking of American nuclear weapons in Europe and the threat of nuclear war with Russia has always been a bogeyman for the Americans to terrorise the European continent with, so that America can stretch out its arrogant boots.

However, something significant seems to be at last stirring over the Ukraine crisis. There is a palpable sense that Europe is slowly realising that it is being used-and-abused by the Americans for their own selfish strategic interests. Germany in particular seems to be coming to its senses. Chancellor Angela Merkel along with French President Francois Hollande decided to engage directly with Russian
President Vladimir Putin to try to broker a peace deal over the Ukraine conflict. The Americans were pointedly shown the door and kept out of the proceedings. And lo and behold, a tentative peace deal was brokered - because the Americans were shunned.

Martin Shulz, the German president of the European Parliament, recently told a German television forum - to rapturous applause - that the Americans should "back off" and let Europeans sort out the
conflict in their midst. There is thus more than a sense that the Germans and other Europeans are belatedly realising that they have been lied to and systematically cheated on by the Americans in the latter's habitual attempt to criminalise Russia over the Ukraine conflict. Russia is not the problem, Russia is not the threat to security. It is the Americans and their promiscuous regime-change libido in every corner of the world, with Ukraine being the latest victim, that is the whole damn problem.

Merkel's defiant rebuttal of American plans to arm the Kiev regime to the teeth and drag Europe into a war with Russia is a first step of Europe showing Washington the door. It's long overdue. But maybe, just maybe, Europe is finally tiring of its role of being the plaything-mistress for the macho Americans. Don't hold your breath, all the same.

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The Stormont Junta, located at the former "Protestant Parliament for a Protestant People" by Lord Craigavon, was created  by the Pseudo Peace Process in Ireland. Unlike any democratic regime with a modicum of transparency or with some semblance of an Opposition, the Junta is above inquiry, courtesy of Her Majesty's Service in the interests of secrecy. The DUP and Provisional Sinn Fein leaders of the Junta, spent almost forty years, courtesy of British Intelligence, engaged in a profitable, British Dirty War, with both parties, publicly declaring intent of smashing it as fuel for the very bloody war. Now, they run it exclusively together. The huge scandal, around the rape of young boys, by the British Political Establishment, British Royalty, British Intelligence and British Military, at Kincora Bots Home, has been excluded from an Official Inquiry, into child rape at British foster care homes, without a murmur or a whisper, from any member of the Junta, which does not allow opposition or such questions in it's "Protestant Parliament".

In the last month, Irish people have been mesmerized by the spectacle, of a former Chief Of Staff of the IRA, make a public declaration, that his work, is inspired by Her Majesty the Queen of England. Bearing in mind the core of Republican ideology worldwide, is the removal of Royalty from public life, coupled in this instance of a Chief of Staff of the IRA, who fought in a very bloody British Dirty War, for forty years, with thousands of victims, this was a stunning and revealing declaration, indeed. It has prompted serious questions, both in Britain and Ireland about the integrity and credentials of the former Chief of Staff of the Provisional IRA and the extent of the contrived British Dirty War using Occupied Ireland, as a test laboratory, for practices, since used in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and the subsequent creation of puppet regimes.

This question was further enforced last month, by another public declaration, of the IRA enforcer of the pseudo, peace process, Gerry Kelly, another member of the Stormont Junta, who called on all Irish people, to become informers to British Intelligence and Occupation forces, on all political activity by Republican activists in Ireland. Now the vast majority of activity by Irish republicans, is perfectly, transparent, legitimate, political activity, such as the Republican Party in the U.S., which has now been criminalized by the Stormont Junta. In fact, scores of these legitimate politicos are currently, politically interned and tortured, without trial in Maghaberry Prison, overseen by the Stormont Junta. and British Viceroyal, who answer only to the Queen of England. Now this further declaration, had many Republicans, including the few who are left in Provisional Sinn Fein, reaching for their medicine cabinets, in astonishment.

However, the final coup de gras of any republican credentials, being attached to Provisional Sinn Fein, partner in the Stormont Junta, came last week. The President of the Party, Gerry Adams, who grew up in a home, where his father raped his children, while his brother is currently serving a long prison sentence, for also raping his daughter, was a bizarre, dog revelation.These child rape practices started to be tolerated within the Provisionals, after Mr. Adams became President, where previously, there was very serious consequence within his organization, for such activity. Now as anyone who is familiar with large dogs will tell you, they do have some very embarrassing habits and devious sexual practices, that can be very unhygienic, to say the least. This behavior, is often aroused by intimate human contact, particularly if the human is overtly displaying, full frontal nudity. This sexual arousal is, further aroused physically, by high octane fun and games, coupled with the intimacy. Well, what do you think, the political public of Ireland were disseminating last week. Mr Adams, Mr Gerry Adams, President of provisional Sinn Fein, declared to the world, that his free time, was consumed, in full nudity, bouncing up and down on his trampoline in his garden, consistently, with his dog who is also naked.

Now as anyone who knows this writer will attest, I myself have a particularly, liberated outlook on nudity, in fact, skinny dipping is one of my favourite pastimes and like Mr Adams, I have been known, to hug the odd tree or two but this intimate activity, is beyond the Pale. I have just spent a couple of months berating Wille Frazer along with the Orange Order, for their practice of "Riding the Goat' and decided I had enough of it and to give it a rest but Gerry Adams and his dog both naked, jumping up and down on a trampoline in private, is something else. The matter so disturbed me, that I decided to go and do some serious research on the matter. I have been assured by experts, that the practice is often used by therapists, to counter pedophile tendencies. Now I am not, for one moment suggesting Mr Adams'activity, falls under these criteria. However, the experts have confirmed for me, that the intimate practice of a naked tall man and his dog, both jumping up and down together, on a trampoline, does indeed create considerable sexual passion and arousal. So much so in fact, that as the both the dog and man, fall down regularly often in 69 positions, that premature ejaculations often occurs on the face and head of both parties, indeed in the many Kamasutra positions, thus created, a dog may ejaculate up to twenty times on the head of a human playmate. This, dear reader, is not political bias, it is the hard fact and reality, resulting from this activity. Now I have always tried to be sensitive, when writing about these matters, in relation to the Adams family but hey, I do have a responsibility to be frank with readers to whom I post. So seeing as it was suggested by the Orange Goat of the Chinese New Year, to Give Willie a Hug, I suppose I am obliged to extend the same empathy to Mr. Adams. Is there anybody out there who would like to give Gerry Adams a Hug, in  a hot shower, if he disinfects himself after a session of intimate trampolining, with his naked dog?

Now some readers have questioned, why I occasionally use humour, with regard to Irish politics, Well dear reader, I can tell you, in no uncertain terms, that if you do not have a sense of humour, with regard to the British Occupation of my country, you will either be driven to drink, drugs, religion or revolution but you will not stay around for the long haul, otherwise. To return to the serious implications of all of this, Ireland is trying to come to terms with the fact that there has been serious "systemic" child rape on the island, as declared by a very expensive Official Inquiry. This has involved thousands upon thousands of innocent young children, both girls and boys, with immense cruelty. Young children were taken from the Irish Free Sate, to Belfast, to be prostituted to British Royalty. Both the British and Roman Empire, have been engaged in the practice of cultivating Child Rape, as a cultural norm for centuries. It has been used as an instrument of blackmail, by British Intelligence, to acquire political, military and judicial compliance, from much of the Irish establishment, and is currently very much alive and operating, in all arms of both scum states, that the British have artificially created. It's vile nature and practice, has fuelled Irish revolutionaries, to go out and give their lives, in their thousands, to resist British Occupation. This vile perversion, is practiced, in the torture of Irish POWs, with strip searches and anal cavity probes, that are designed to degrade, dehumanize and criminalize some of Ireland's bravest women and men, who are interned and incarcerated. It has forced 23 of Ireland's bravest, to give their lives on hunger strikes, rather than tolerate this perverse, criminal, cruel torture on their bodies. The whole of both political systems on the island, have become morally bankrupt as a result. The sad result of this practice, is that like the Stormont Junta and the Leinster House establishment, the British have infected some of their victims, with the heartless, immoral practices and blackmailed many of these who formerly resisted. The Adams family are the testament of how this sickness is passed on to the next generation, in both parts of Ireland, which as a result, is as sick, as it's numerous, dark secrets, that will require some benign, outside help, in order to recover from such endemic sickness. I appeal to anyone in a position of influence worldwide, to try and help change this, without considerable more bloodshed being inflicted on the island, which is inevitable otherwise. I demand, that the British Occupation, leave the island of my birth immediately and leave us alone to recover in peace. This article will remain largely secret, without your help to share it, if you agree.

Belfast Telegraph

Kincora victim Richard Kerr in explosive new claims as he returns to horror house 30 years on

Child abuse survivor demands UK-wide inquiry

Richard Kerr (53), who now lives in the US, visited the site of the former care home as he returned to Northern Ireland to launch legal action so the truth about Kincora can finally be told
Richard Kerr (53), who now lives in the US, visited the site of the former care home as he returned to Northern Ireland to launch legal action so the truth about Kincora can finally be told

A former resident of Kincora has made a poignant return to the notorious care home where he was abused decades ago.


'I'm haunted by survivor's guilt... it helps to have my story heard' NEW

Sorry, but a blanket denial just won't cut it any more NEW

Richard Kerr (53), who now lives in Dallas, visited Belfast this week to support a legal challenge against the Government's refusal to include Kincora in its forthcoming child abuse inquiry.

While he was here Mr Kerr went to the east Belfast site for the first time in more than three decades.

Kincora was the subject of a high-profile child sex abuse scandal in the 1980s. Three senior staff were jailed in 1981 for abusing 11 boys in their care at the home. Those convicted were the warden Joseph Mains, his assistant Raymond Semple, and Kincora's housefather William McGrath.

Mr Kerr was among the young residents who were abused. He was sent to live there in 1975 when he was just 14. Mr Kerr's evidence about Kincora is potentially explosive because he claims he was taken out of the care home and introduced to other men for sex at hotels. He also alleges MI5 involvement in the abuse at the home. This contradicts previous police investigations and a public inquiry into the scandal, which found there was no evidence of a paedophile ring connected to Kincora. Mr Kerr choked back tears as he walked through the grounds of the locked-up building.

He pointed out where abusers and victims had their rooms, where abuse took place and where abusers had parked. The visit jogged his memory. He pointed to a nearby building where he said boys were taken for sexual encounters. He also described a shed or hut in what is now a yard behind Kincora which was used for sex. "It had a chair and a mattress in it, that's about all," he said.

Mr Kerr was in Belfast High Court this week to support the application of Gary Hoy, another Kincora resident, to have the issue examined by the UK-wide institutional child abuse inquiry in England rather than the local one chaired by Anthony Hart QC.

On Thursday they were granted leave to appeal after a statement by Mr Kerr was presented to the court. He gave further statements to his solicitor, Kevin Winters, about sexual abuse which happened in London, Manchester and other parts of Britain. Some may have occurred on a weekend trip from Kincora, where he lived most of the time between 1975 and 1978.

Other abuse occurred after he was sent to live in England. One of Mr Kerr's most explosive allegations is that Joseph Mains used to send him to collect other men. Although some met him in the city centre, often near the Europa where he worked for a while, he called at some of their homes.

"One on the Shore Road seemed like he might be an Army captain, he had loads of medals," he said. He is making a list of the names, at least one of whom was a well-known loyalist.

Kevin Winters said: "My clients include three Kincora inmates - the other two are Gary Hoy and Clint Massey. I have put their names in to the Police Ombudsman who is investigating. All of these people are bringing civil litigation as well and I have another solicitor dealing with the compensation claims."


Right2Water statement on today's imprisonment of water protesters!

'We have a country where 37% of children live in deprivation and 1.7 million citizens have less than €100 disposal income monthly. Moreover, another 500,000 citizens have nothing left after bills have been paid. The communities represented by the protesters jailed today are the human face of these statistics. We again call on the Government to show common sense, halt the installation of water meters and abolish these charges. This is necessary to prevent any further unnecessary confrontation in the interests of both communities and workers...

...The ultimate responsibility for these incarcerations lies with the Government who have made a political choice to impose water charges on communities. The protestors jailed today are simply protecting themselves, their children and their communities from further political attacks on their living standards. They should be freed without delay”, the statement concluded.'
Solidarity with Jailed 5
Critical for Ireland's Future
"According to Émile Durkheim, the types of social solidarity correlate with types of society. Durkheim introduced the terms "mechanical" and "organic solidarity" as part of his theory of the development of societies in The Division of Labour in Society (1893). In a society exhibiting mechanical solidarity, its cohesion and integration comes from the homogeneity of individuals—people feel connected through similar work, educational and religious training, and lifestyle. Mechanical solidarity normally operates in "traditional" and small scale societies.[5] In simpler societies (e.g., tribal), solidarity is usually based on kinship ties of familial networks. Organic solidarity comes from the interdependence that arises from specialization of work and the complementarities between people—a development which occurs in "modern" and "industrial" societies.[5]
  • Definition: it is social cohesion based upon the dependence individuals have on each other in more advanced societies.

Although individuals perform different tasks and often have different values and interest, the order and very solidarity of society depends on their reliance on each other to perform their specified tasks. Organic here is referring to the interdependence of the component parts. Thus social solidarity is maintained in more complex societies through the interdependence of its component parts (e.g., farmers produce the food to feed the factory workers who produce the tractors that allow the farmer to produce the food)"..Wiki

Protester Arrests and Jailing Continue Apace in Bankerland

The part of the Irish administration charged with advising the government on the carve up and sale of our state’s (people’s) assets is called ‘New Era’. This utterly opaque entity is enormously difficult to get real information on. The current distraught and legitimate anger of the Irish community over the stealing of their resources in return for loans to bail out rogue bankers belongs at their door. Creeping privatization of energy resources, community and social services, health care and most importantly our sacred waters by an incestuous elite of corporate, bankster and political cronies sees little improvement in the oligarchical landscape of Ireland since the early 1800s. Different psychopaths – same old MO.

Our famous drunken prime Minister,(Brian Cowan), golfing buddy of the Anglo Irish Bankster set and the then regulator, who flushed us all down the toilet has been rewarded with a lucrative pension and a board appointment to a petrol retailer belonging to our ‘biggest tax dodging’ plutocrat. Cowan was most recently appointed to the board of Ireland’s largest private hospital. He is heavily invested in property. In fact a large cohort of our politicians are property speculators/land lords. The professional classes as a whole invested heavily in property during the bubble as a pension option. These legal, accounting and medical professionals, avoiding Troika recommendation for reform, have thus far avoided any real dent on their lifestyles.

To facilitate the will of the oligarchs the judiciary have being handing down severe restrictions on where citizens may peacefully protest their legitimate concerns, especially when it comes to CIA ‘Extraordinary Rerendition torture victim transportation’ and enforced water meter installation. Last year these sames judges claimed €1.67 million in expenses.

Ordinary citizens, muddied and billed as Ireland’s most dangerous citizens by media owned, (in most cases), by the same plutocrat whose company is a main water meter installer, and who have been found in contempt of these restrictions have met with jail sentences of up to three months. The most elderly detainee being octogenarian peace protester Margaretta D’Arcy and others being ordinary middle aged parents who have peacefully stood over their water mains connections – hail, rain and shine. (To the terrible shock of our MSM one did call the president a ‘Midget Parasite’-maybe he got an extra month for that).

By contrast the bankster buddies of both media pundits and politicians have in the main walked free with community service (in lieu of a two-year prison sentence) being the worst sentence handed down by the courts to Pat Whelan and Willie McAteer for a rogue 450 million euro scheme to unravel a secret stock trade in July 2008 that regulators feared threatened Ireland’s entire banking system.

The Irish tradition of political arrests and jailing continues apace against ordinary citizens. (Especially when it comes to natural resources). In fact a most interesting case was the deportation of Irish born political activist Jimmy Gralton from Ireland during the country’s ‘Red Scare’ of the 1930s. A dry run for McCarthyism. As the five water protesters tonight face jail the Irish tradition of the rebel song is again flowering in the following poem by Freddy Gough.

Thank you sweet protesters,

Who our furher just had jailed.

Thank you for your courage,

When we know that justice failed.

Thank you for your grit your balls

Your blood your sweat and tears.

Thank you for your sacrifice,

Enduring prisons fears.

Know that I am grateful

And I’m glad you did persist.

You are the bloody knuckles

Of a tired Irish fist.

You didn’t close your door,

Ignoring frightened Irish cries

Instead you stood up tall

And chose to fight agENDAs lies.

Each and every one of you,

Should lift your head with pride.

And tell all who will listen,

Why they locked you up inside

Don't Tell Anyone in Berlin
Ironman Varoufakis’s Revolutionary Plan for Europe

By Mike Whitney

“The ongoing dispute between the German and Greek governments is nothing less than a democratic revolution against German hegemony and the attempt of the Germans and their paladins in the EU to dictate Greek domestic policy.”

–Mathew D. Rose, It’s a revolution, Stupid! Naked Capitalism

“Germany is eating itself over Greece. It is eroding its moral authority, and seems prepared to destroy the eurozone’s integrity just to make a point.”

–Paul Mason, Germany v Greece is a fight to the death, a cultural and economic clash of wills, Guardian

If you haven’t been following developments in the Greek-EU standoff, you’re really missing out. This might be the best story of the year. And what makes it so riveting, is that no one thought that little Greece could face off with the powerful leaders of the EU and make them blink. But that’s exactly what’s happened. On Monday, members of the Eurogroup met with Greece’s finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, to decide whether they would accept Greece’s terms for an extension of the current loan agreement. There were no real changes to the agreement. The only difference was semantics, that is, the loan would not be seen as a bailout but as “a transitional stage to a new contract for growth for Greece”. In other words, a bridge to a different program altogether.

In retrospect, Varoufakis’s strategy was pure genius, mainly because it knocked the EU finance ministers off balance and threw the process into turmoil. After all, how could they vote “thumbs down” on loan package that they had previously approved just because the language was slightly different? But if they voted “thumbs up”, then what?

Well, then they would be acknowledging (and, tacitly, approving) Greece’s determination to make the program less punitive in the future. That means they’d be paving the way for an end to austerity and a rethink on loan repayment. They’d also be conceding that Greece’s democratically-elected government had the right to alter the policies of the Eurogroup. How could they let that happen?

But, then again, how could they vote it down, after all, it was basically the same deal. As Varoufakis pointed out in a press conference on Monday:

“We agree to the terms of our loan agreements to all our creditors”. And we have “agreed to do nothing to derail the existing budget framework during the interim period.”

See? It’s the same deal.

This is the conundrum the Eurogroup faced on Monday, but instead of dealing with it head-on, as you would expect any mature person to do, they punted. They put off the loan extension decision for another day and called it quits. Now maybe that was the smart thing to do, but the optics sure looked terrible. It looked like Varoufakis stared them down and sent them fleeing like scared schoolchildren.

Now, remember, Monday was the absolute, drop-dead deadline for deciding whether the Eurogroup would approve or reject the new terms for Greece’s loan extension. That means the Eurogroup’s task could not have been more straightforward. All they had to do was vote yes or no. That’s it.

Instead, they called ‘Time Out’ and kicked the can a little further down the road. It was not a particularly proud moment for the European Union. But what’s even worse, is the subterfuge that preceded the meetings; that’s what cast doubt on the character of the people running EU negotiations. Here’s the scoop: About 15 minutes before the confab began, Varoufakis was given a draft communique outlining the provisions of the proposed loan extension. He was pleasantly surprised to find that the document met all his requirements and, so, he was prepared to sign it. Unfortunately, the document was switched shortly before the negotiations began with one that backtracked on all the crucial points.

I’m not making this up. The freaking Eurogroup tried to pull the old switcheroo on Varoufakis to get him to sign something that was different than the original. Can you believe it? And it’s only because Varoufakis studiously combed through the new memo that he was able to notice the discrepancy and jam on the brakes. As it happens, the final copy was just a rehash of the same agreement that Varoufakis has rejected from the onset. The only difference was the underhanded way the Eurogroup tried to slip it by him.

Now you tell me: Would you consider people who do something like that “trustworthy”?

Of course not. This is how people behave when they don’t care about integrity or credibility, when all that matters is winning. If the Eurogroup can trick the Greeks into signing something that’s different than what they think they’re signing; then tough luck for the Greeks. “Caveat emptor”. Buyer beware. The Eurogroup has no problem with that kind of shabby double-dealing. That’s just how they play the game.

But their trickery and bullying hasn’t worked, mainly because Varoufakis is too smart for them. And he’s too charismatic and talented too, which is a problem for the EU bigwigs who resent the fact that this upstart Marxist academic has captured the imaginations of people around the world upsetting their little plan to perpetuate Greece’s 6-year long Depression. They never anticipated that public opinion would shift so dramatically against them, nor had they imagined that all of Europe would be focused laserlike on the shady and autocratic workings of the feckless Eurogroup. That’s not what they wanted. What they wanted was carte blanche to impose their medieval policies on the profligate Greeks, just like the good old days after Lehman Brothers tanked. After all, that’s how a “anti-democratic imperialist project” like the EU is supposed to work, right?

Right, except now Varoufakis and his Marxist troopers have thrown a wrench in the Eurogroup’s plans and put the future in doubt. The tide has turned sharply towards reason, solidarity and compassion instead of repression, exploitation and cruelty. In just a few weeks, the entire playing field has changed, and Greece appears to be getting the upper hand. Who would have known?

If you look at the way that Varoufakis has handled the Eurogroup, you have to admire the subtlety, but effectiveness of his strategy. In any battle, one must draw attention to the righteousness of their cause while exposing the flaws in the character of their adversary. The incident on Monday certainly achieved both. While David never really slayed Goliath, Goliath is certainly in retreat. And that’s alot better than anyone expected.

As for the “cause”, well, that speaks for itself. The Greek bailout was never reasonable because the plan wasn’t designed to create a path for Greece to grow its way out of debt and deflation. No. It was basically a public relations smokescreen used to conceal what was really going on behind the scenes, which was a massive giveaway to the banks and bondholders. Everyone knows this. Check this out from Naked Capitalism:

“According to the Jubilee Debt Campaign, 92% of €240 billion Greece has received since the May 2010 bailout went to Greek and European financial institutions.” (Naked Capitalism)

Yep, it was all just one big welfare payment to the moocher class. Meanwhile, the Greeks got zilch. And, yet, the Eurogroup wants them to continue with this same program?

No thanks.

As far as Greece’s finances are concerned, they’ve gotten progressively worse every year the bailout has dragged on. For example, Greece’s debt-to-GDP ratio has gone from 115 percent in 2010 more than 170 percent today. The country is headed in the wrong direction, which is what makes Varoufakis’s remedies so compelling. It’s because everyone knows that ‘if you are already in a hole, stop digging’. That’s the logic behind Varoufakis’s position; he simply wants to “stop digging.” But that can’t be done by borrowing more money to repay debts that only get bigger with each new bailout. And it can’t be done by implementing excruciating belt-tightening measures that increase unemployment and shrink the economy. It can only be done by reducing one’s debts and initiating programs that help to grow the economy back to health. This isn’t rocket science, but it is anathema to the retrograde ideology of the European Union which is one part bonehead economics and one part German sanctimony. Put the two together and you come up with a pre-Keynesian dystopia where one of the wealthiest regions in the world inches ever-closer to anarchy and ruin for the sole purpose of proving that contractionary expansion actually works. Well, guess what? It doesn’t, and we now have six years of evidence to prove it.

It’s worth noting that the Eurogroup hasn’t budged one inch from its original position. In other words, there really haven’t been any negotiations, not in any meaningful sense of the word. What there has been is one group of pompous blowhards reiterating the same discredited mantra over and over again, even though austerity has been thoroughly denounced by every reputable economist on the planet. Of course that doesn’t matter to the ex-Goldman swindlers at the ECB or their hairshirt counterparts in Berlin. What they want is to extract every last drop of blood from their Greek victims. That’s their game. And, of course, ultimately what they want to do is annihilate the entire EU welfare state; crush the unions, eviscerate pensions, wages and health care, and privatize everything they can get their greasy hands on. That’s the real objective. Greece’s exorbitant debts are just a means to an end, just a way to decimate the middle class in one fell swoop.

Keep in mind, the EU just narrowly avoided a triple-dip recession in the third quarter, which would have been their third slump in less than six years. How do you like that track record? It just illustrates the stunning mismanagement of the Union’s economic affairs and the incompetence of the bureaucrats making the decisions. Even so, these same leaders have no qualms about telling Greece to step in line and follow their diktats to the letter.

Can you believe the arrogance?

Fortunately, Greece has broken from the herd and set out on a new course. They’ve disposed of the mealy-mouth, sellout politicians who used to run the country and put the A-Team in their place. And, boy, are they happy with the results. Syriza’s public approval ratings are through the roof while Varoufakis has become the most admired man in Europe. The question is whether this new troupe of committed leftists can deliver the goods or not. So far, there’s reason for hope, that is, if we can agree about what Varoufakis’s strategy really is.

In earlier writings, Varoufakis said that he wants a New Deal for Greece. He said:

“Unless we have a new deal for Europe, Greece is not going to get a chance….It’s a necessary condition that the eurozone finds a rational plan for itself…. until and unless the eurozone finds a rational plan for stopping this train wreck throughout the European Union, throughout the eurozone, Greece has no chance at all.” Naked Capitalism)

Okay, so Varoufakis wants to stay in the EU, but he wants a change in policy. (Reducing the debts, ending austerity, and boosting fiscal stimulus.) But he also has more ambitious plans of which no one in Brussels, Frankfurt or Berlin seems to be aware. He wants to change the prevailing culture of the Eurozone; gradually, incrementally, but persistently. He wants a Europe that is more democratic and more responsive to the needs of the member states, but he also wants a Europe that is more united via institutions and programs that will strengthen the union. He believes that success will only be achieved if concrete steps are taken “to unify the banking system”, mutualize debt (“the Federal Government having its own debt over and above states.”) …”And thirdly we need an investment policy which runs throughout the Eurozone… a recycling mechanism for the whole thing. Unless we have these things,… I’m afraid there is absolutely nothing to avert the continuation of this slow motion derailment.” (Naked Capitalism)

So, there you have it. Nationalize the banking system, create a Euro-wide bond market, and establish mechanisms for fiscal transfers to the weaker states like we do in the US via welfare, food stamps, gov contracts, subsidies etc. to create some balance between the very rich and productive states like California and New York and the poorer states like South Dakota and Oklahoma. That’s what it’s going to take to create a viable United States of Europe and escape these frustratingly recurrent crises. Varoufakis knows this, but of course he’s not pushing for this. Not yet at least.

Instead, he’s decided to take it slowly, one step at a time. Incremental change, that’s the ticket. Just keep plugging away and building support until the edifice cracks and democracy appears.

That’s Varoufakis’s plan in a nutshell: Revolution from within. Just don’t tell anyone in Berlin.

Mike Whitney lives in Washington state. He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion (AK Press). Hopeless is also available in a Kindle edition. He can be reached at

Here's a beautiful and truthful quote from the new economy minister in Greece -- he's absolutely RIGHT in every way.__"The problem with capitalism is not that it is unfair but that it is irrational, as it habitually condemns whole generations to deprivation and unemployment and even turns capitalists into angst-ridden automata, living in permanent fear that unless they commodify their fellow humans fully so as to serve capital accumulation more efficiently, they will cease to be capitalists. So, if capitalism appears unjust this is because it enslaves everyone qwefkew

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Sinn Fein leader Gerry Kelly, who last month called for Irish people to become informers to British police, is seriously implicated in new PSNI corruption charges, made by a British Police officer, who is a serving member of the PSNI. Leading media sources, including a British Unionist newspaper, are reporting, bullying and corruption, involving brandy, cigars and wild parties, that implcate Gerry Kelly and senior PSNI paramilitary police officials in corruption. The PSNI officer says he has "witnessed many abuses of power by higher ranks". The revelations are believed to be just the tip of the ice berg, of the PSNI's role in Britain's ongoing Dirty War in Ireland. One senior official, is quoted as saying, that since the force was handed back to a former RUC officer, who has taken charge, the PSNI has descended into, 'depravity' and that it is business as usual for the RUC, who were briefly disbanded, for their part in the Dirty War and their systemic role, in the killing of numerous inncocent civilians. The story, at this stage is just breaking and unti all of the facts, around further revelations are confirmed, they cannot be published for legal reasons but they relate to several wild parties at police headquarters, involving male and female officers, members of the public, that also includes drugs and perverse sexual practices. Below is an article, from today's British newspaper, the Belfast Telegraph. The Newspaper has previously stated, that more than half the Provo leadership, were always agents for the British Dirty War in Ireland, however Irish Blog has not yet, been able to confirm this.

PSNI whistleblower sparks probe over claims of corruption and bullying

Exclusive: Police officer threatened to expose 'deals made over brandy and cigars' in an email to all officers and staff


A PSNI 'whistleblower' has sparked an internal investigation after making claims of bullying and wrongdoing within the force, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal.

He also threatened to expose "corruption" within the force as well as "deals made over brandy and cigars".

The officer, who joined the police in 2002, said he is now too afraid to return to work and admitted that by publicising his concerns he had "committed career suicide".

His shocking claims were made in an email which he forwarded to all PSNI officers and staff on Friday.

Once senior management was alerted to the existence of the email it was immediately deleted from the PSNI's internal mailing system.

An internal investigation has now been launched into the officer's conduct.

The PSNI said: "The matter is being investigated but the officer has not been suspended or disciplined. Inquiries are ongoing at this time."

In the email, which has been seen by the Belfast Telegraph, the officer said that since he joined the PSNI he had "witnessed many abuses of power by higher ranks".

He added: "I have witnessed bullying from my first week in Garnerville (the police training college) until present day. I am now in a position where it is impossible for me to return to work without fear of continued harassment and other sinister acts aimed at myself."

It is not known if the officer had raised any of his concerns with the PSNI before circulating his email. He claimed, however, that "pushing a bullying and harassment case against higher ranks is career suicide".

"I have already committed this (career suicide) and I now intend to do my best to expose everything that is wrong about the PSNI," he added.

The officer said he was gathering information on a number of issues he had concerns about within the organisation and intends to publish his findings.

"The PSNI like to appear (whiter) than white by coming down hard on Constables and dragging them through the mud.

"They see Constables as expendable and the people of rank have the privilege of protection, leaving them to do what they like and treat people how they want," he said.

The officer added: "This is not a one off and I am not going away. You can still contact me long into the future."

He then signed the email with the Latin phrase veritas vos liberabit, which when translated means "the truth shall set you free".