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Why Syria is a Smokescreen for WWIII

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Perfidious Albion
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Perfidious Albion is a pejorative phrase used within the context of international relations and diplomacy to refer to acts of duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity (with respect to promises made to or alliances formed with other nation states) by monarchs or governments of Britain (or England) in their pursuit of self-interest and the requirements of realpolitik.

Perfidious signifies one who does not keep his faith or word (from the Latin word "perfidia"), while Albion is derived from an ancient Greek name for Great Britain.

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Origins and use[edit source | editbeta]

The use of the adjective "perfidious" to describe England has a long history; instances have been found as far back as the 13th century.[1] A very similar phrase was used in a sermon by 17th-century French bishop and theologian Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet:

'L'Angleterre, ah, la perfide Angleterre,
que le rempart de ses mers rendait inaccessible aux Romains,
la foi du Sauveur y est abordée.

(England, oh, treacherous England,
that the ramparts of her seas made inaccessible to the Romans,
there also the faith of Christ has landed.)

The coinage of the phrase in its current form, however, is conventionally attributed to Augustin, Marquis of Ximenez a Frenchman who wrote in a 1793 poem:

Attaquons dans ses eaux la perfide Albion.

(Let us attack perfidious Albion in her waters.)

In this context, Great Britain's perfidy was political: in the early days of the French Revolution many in Great Britain, the most liberal European state, had looked upon the Revolution with mild favour, but following the overthrow and execution of Louis XVI, Britain had allied herself with the other monarchies of Europe against the Revolution in France. This was seen by the revolutionaries in France as a "perfidious" betrayal.

"La perfide Albion" became a stock expression in France in the 19th century, to the extent that the Goncourt brothers could refer to it as "a well-known old saying". It was utilised by French journalists whenever there were tensions between France and Britain, for example during the competition for colonies in Africa, culminating in the Fashoda incident. The catch-phrase was further popularized by its use in La Famille Fenouillard, the first French comic strip, in which one of the characters fulminates against "Perfidious Albion, which burnt Joan of Arc on the rock of Saint Helena" (Carried away by his anti-English fury, the character mixes up Joan of Arc withNapoleon, who was exiled to the British island of Saint Helena).
Examples of usage[edit source | editbeta]
The term often refers to the English reneging on the Treaty of Limerick of 1691, which ended the war between the predominantly Roman Catholic Jacobite forces and the English forces loyal to William of Orange, giving favourable terms to the Irish Catholics, including the freedoms to worship, to own property and to carry arms, but those terms were soon repudiated by the Penal Laws of 1695.
In Portugal the term was widely used after the 1890 British Ultimatum, after Cecil Rhodes' opposition to the Pink Map.
In Irish political debate the term may be used in conjunction with the term 'Hibernia Immaculata' to suggest a simplistic view of Irish history in which Britain is the cause of all Irish misfortune.
The term was used by then Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney in response to the meeting in November 2008 betweenBritish Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.[2]
Fascist Italy and colonial propaganda[edit source | editbeta]
Further information: Propaganda of Fascist Italy and Nazi propaganda and the United Kingdom

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this articleby adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.(November 2012)

After the 19th century, relationships between France and Britain improved, since the growing power of Germany was a threat for both the countries. During World War I the two countries were allies in the struggle against German forces, leaving their historical rivalry behind. However, the term "perfidious Albion" would have been soon used again by fascist powers in order to criticise the global dominion of the British empire, that drains resources and occupies territories while leaving nothing to emerging powers such as Italy or Germany which had limited colonial empires.

Fascist propaganda depicted the British as ruthless colonialists who exploited foreign lands and peoples to feed extravagant lifestyle habits like eating "five meals a day". Benito Mussolini called the British Empire "Perfida Albione" after the Second Italo-Abyssinian War, because despite having carved out large colonial territories for herself, Britain approved of trade sanctions in the wake of Italian aggression against Ethiopia. In fascist propaganda, the sanctions were depicted as an attempt to deny Italy its "rightful" colonial dominions, whilst at the same time Britain was trying to extend its own influence and authority. Mussolini called "un posto al sole" (a place in the sun) the goal of the fascist expansionism, that is, an extended colonial and politic power in order to bring back the glory of the Roman empire in the Mediterranean sea and the influence of Italy in world politics.

During World War II the term Perfida Albione was again used many times by the Italian fascist regime for propaganda purposes. In Mussolini's propaganda, Western nations were winning only because they had superior industrial and economic resources, and the superior skills and valour of Italo-German soldiers were defeated only by overwhelming numbers of weapons and machinery brought by "vile", "untruthful" and "wretched" plutocratic powers – with the aid of a claimed "Zionist conspiracy" against fascist powers.

The term has been revived in light of declassified documents that show that Churchill was protecting British nationals who helped rearm Japan during the 1920s and 1930s: Lord Sempill[3] and Frederick Rutland.[4]
Cultural references[edit source | editbeta]

Today the term is used in many contexts, and largely divorced from its historic origins.
It is used in the Irish adaptation of the folk song Foggy Dew, about the Easter Rising of 1916, "Oh the night fell black and the rifles' crack Made perfidious Albion reel".
It was used by Argentinians in the context of the football rivalry between the Argentine and English national teams.
It is also often used in a humorous context, notably in France ("Perfide Albion"), Spain ("Pérfida Albión"), Italy ("Perfida Albione"),Portugal ("Pérfida Álbion") and Romania ("Perfidul Albion")
See also[edit source | editbeta]
Anti-British sentiment
References[edit source | editbeta]

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By Paul Craig RobertsGangster State US/UK

August 22, 2013 "
Information Clearing House - On July 23 I wrote about how the US reversed roles with the USSR and became the tyrant that terrifies the world. We have now had further confirmation of that fact. It comes from two extraordinary actions by Washington’s British puppet state.

David Miranda, the Brazilian partner of Glenn Greenwald, who is reporting on the illegal and unconstitutional spying by the National Stasi Agency, was seized, no doubt on Washington’s orders, by the puppet British government from the international transit zone of a London airport. Miranda had not entered the UK, but he was seized by UK authorities. Washington’s UK puppets simply kidnapped him, threatened him for nine hours, and stole his computer, phones, and all his electronic equipment. As a smug US official told the media, “the purpose was to send a message.”

You might remember that Edward Snowden was stuck for some weeks in the international transit zone of the Moscow airport. The Obama tyrant repeatedly browbeat Russia’s President Putin to violate the law and kidnap Snowden for Obama. Unlike the once proud and law-abiding British, Putin refused to place Washington’s desires above law and human rights.

The second extraordinary violation occurred almost simultaneously with UK authorities appearing at the Guardian newspaper and illegally destroying the hard drives on the newspaper’s computers with the vain intention of preventing the newspaper from reporting further Snowden revelations of US/UK high criminality.

It is fashionable in the US and UK governments and among their sycophants to speak of “gangster state Russia.” But we all know who the gangsters are. The worst criminals of our time are the US and UK governments. Both are devoid of all integrity, all honor, all mercy, all humanity. Many members of both governments would have made perfect functionaries in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany.

This is extraordinary. It was the English who originated liberty. True, in 1215 it was the freedom of the barons’ rights from the king’s infringement, not the freedom of the commoner. But once the principle was established it spread into the entire society. By 1680 the legal revolution was complete. The king and the government were subject to law. The king and his government were no longer the law and above the law.

In the 13 colonies the Englishmen who populated them inherited this English achievement. When King George’s government refused the colonies the Rights of Englishmen, the colonists revolted, and the United States was born.

The descendants of these colonists now live in an America where their Constitutional protections have been overthrown by a tyrannical government that claims it is above the law. This raw fact has not stopped the US government or its puppets from continuing to cloak the war crime of military aggression in the faux language of “bringing freedom and democracy.” If the Obama and Cameron governments were in the dock at Nuremberg, the entirety of both governments would be convicted.

The question is: are there sufficient brainwashed people in both countries to sustain the US/UK myth that “freedom and democracy” are attained via war crimes?

There is no shortage of brainwashed Americans who love to be told that they are
“indispensable” and “exceptional,” and therefore entitled to work their will on the world. It is difficult to discern in these clueless Americans much hope for the revival of liberty. But there is some indication that the British, who did not inherit liberty but had to fight for it for five centuries, might be more determined.

The British Home Affairs Committee, chaired by Keith Vaz, is demanding an explanation from Obama’s lap dog, the British prime minister. Also, Britain’s watchman over anti-terrorism enforcement, David Anderson, is demanding that the UK Home Office and police explain the illegal use of anti-terrorism laws against Miranda, who is not a terrorist or connected to terrorism in any way.

Brazil’s foreign minister has joined the fray, demanding that London explain why the UK violated its own law and abused a Brazilian citizen.

Of course, everyone knows that Washington forced its UK puppet to violate law in order to serve Washington. One wonders if the British will ever decide that they would be better off as a sovereign country.

The White House denied involvement in Miranda’s kidnapping, but refused to condemn the illegal action of its puppet.

As for the UK’s destruction of press freedom, the White House supports that, too. It is already happening here.

Meanwhile, get accustomed to the police state:
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest book, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is now available.


Only a week ago I praised the PSNI for their good work in July, now in one night of bigoted debauchery, they have undone all their Irish goodwill, on the sacred night of the 15th of August in Kilkeel. They were caught on a republican night vision camera, raping an innocent nationalist. As the article below explains, they also abused and battered innocent Irish pedestrians, simply on a sectarian basis. How can we have peace in Ireland with such thuggery?

Kilkeel Republicans living under siege

category national | rights and freedoms | opinion/analysis author Thursday August 22, 2013 11:44author by RNU PRO - Republican Network for Unity Report this post to the editors
PSNI join Loyalist backlash
For generations the Mourne harbour town of Kilkeel has been a place where Catholics were largely expected to ‘know their place’.
Catholics in Kilkeel will tell you of a persistent underlying daily tension, of deliberately timed and calculated sectarian beatings (including upon women and priests) as well as a complete intolerance of all symbols regarded as Irish, Nationalist or Gaelic.
Republican tried to walk away from Police, but was elbowed in the face and beaten on the ground.
Republican tried to walk away from Police, but was elbowed in the face and beaten on the ground.
Just last week the BBC News reported that three men in Kilkeel were arrested and charged following ‘scuffles with police’. The rest of the report was left as vague as is possible. Some of those charged have since got in touch with RNU and with written statements and photographs explained what the BBC would not, how PSNI men fired up with Loyalist fervour launched a random attack on known republican faces.

For generations the Mourne harbour town of Kilkeel has been a place where Catholics were largely expected to ‘know their place’.
Catholics in Kilkeel will tell you of a persistent underlying daily tension, of deliberately timed and calculated sectarian beatings (including upon women and priests) as well as a complete intolerance of all symbols regarded as Irish, Nationalist or Gaelic.

Despite the town centre being bedecked in Loyalist flags and bunting virtually all year round, GAA club flags are described in statements from local politicians as ‘offensive and unacceptable’. DUP MLA Jim Wells even took the time out to complain about a nearby GAA club conducting a charity collection in the local ASDA.

As a result of such Ku Klux Klan like sentiments, GAA football pitches often have their goalposts cut down in the Kilkeel area, the nearby Attical GAA clubhouse was burned to the ground 2001. And unlike in other towns across Ireland, flags of competing GAA clubs and counties are viewed as ‘offensive emblems’ and are nearly always removed.

And despite the supposed shift in cultural and political tolerance since the Good Friday Agreement, Kilkeel’s ‘Alabama 68′ atmosphere, makes any expression of Irish Republicanism a complete anathema to well entrenched Mourne bigotry.

It was as a direct result of the towns anti-Catholic sentiment that three local Republicans found themselves being viciously attacked by the PSNI on the night of August 15th.

On the run up to a yearly ‘feast of the assumption’ march in the town, another locally elected bigot Henry Reilly (UKIP) went to the Kilkeel paper the ‘Co Down Outlook’ and laid out which brands of local nationalism were acceptable to him and to Orange supremacy in the town centre. Displaying typical supremacist arrogance Reilly stated .. “The first thing that we have to point out is that no-one in Kilkeel has a problem with the nationalist bands such as Glasdrumman Pipe Band, Longstone Pipe Band and Attical Accordion Band. “These are normal bands and respectable people, and we have no problem with the traditional bands having their parade, but we are very concerned with the antics of [Banna Fliuit Naoimh Phadraig].”

The reason for Reilly’s displeasure with a marching band named after St Patrick is clear. Unlike the other bands which are Hibernian in character, Banna Fluit Naoimh Padraig (though being unaligned) have a membership which unapologetically describe itself as Republican. A former Sinn Fein councillor, former and current Republican prisoners are amongst their ranks.

Orange supremacy has always been comfortable with Hibernian style Nationalism as it is an outlook which is easily controlled, Republicans on the other hand refuse to ‘know their place’. And so Banna Fluit Naoimh Padraig were deliberately singled out for criticism.

By the time Reilly’s comments had hit the shops a predictable campaign of Loyalist hysteria had gripped the town. A facebook hate page entitled ‘Ban dissident republicans from ‘parading’ Kilkeel town’ was established with over 1700 likes. Soon it was printing photos of what they claimed to be ‘dissident republicans’ at their place of work.

On the evening of the religious march, flag waving Loyalists gathered to protest as they had done in the morning, however unlike in Belfast they did not launch a physical attack. Worryingly it increasingly appears that task may have been left to the PSNI.

Following the march, Several members and supporters of the Naoimh Padraig band took the opportunity to get off the streets and slip into a bar in Newry Street, earlier in the day the local PSNI had accommodated two illegal Loyalist protests, now on the streets tensions were high.

In written statements provided to RNU one band member explained how
“I was on my way home from the cove bar with my finance when i seen allot of riot police outside a kebab shop, there were police all over the street and i could hear them arguing and shouting”, i tried to make my way past but my cousin was then hit by 5 or 6 policemen. I went over and asked them to stop when i was grabbed in a headlock by a police man and threw to the ground, he then started hitting me”

The Republican continued..

“The policeman kicked me on the side and i was telling him i couldn’t breathe, be he repeatedly kept hitting and kicking me. My fiancé ran over to help me and pulled me off the road”.

This man was later advised by paramedics to go to hospital due to injuries to his face, but he refused instead waiting to see how his cousin was.

His cousins accounts of events include.

“On the 15th of August i was leaving the Cove bar on Newry Street with some friends, we were en route home when PSNI officers approached me and pushed me off the side of the road, i said to the officer that ‘there was no need to push me’, then he and 5 other officers forced me into the front door of the Archways Bar telling me i was under arrest”.

Not yet formally under arrest, the man’s frightening ordeal continued.

“While this was happening police with riot gear were doing something in the middle of the road, i just didn’t want to be there so i tried to make my way towards the direction of the Police station, then i was elbowed in the face by one of the five riot Police, they then beat me with batons and kicked me while i was pinned to the ground face down. I kept saying ‘im not resisting’ but they still hit me. They were twisting my right hand as if trying to break my wrist. I was then arrested and taken to Banbridge Police station and charged with disorderly behaviour, resisting arrest and assaulting a Police officer”.

Eyewitness accounts of what occurred in Kilkeel on the 15th of August appear much more detailed than the PSNI version of events which claimed ‘the disturbance was not linked to any parades.’
Those assaulted and arrested describe an atmosphere of menace in Kilkeel that day, emanating from the utterances of Loyalist politicians and street protests and directed at the Catholic procession in general and the Naoimh Padraig band in particular.
It is the stated opinion of Kilkeel Republicans that the PSNI played up to the Orange mood in Kilkeel on the night, waited outside a bar for certain individuals to appear then launched an unprovoked sectarian attack upon them. RNU have no reason to disbelieve those who claim this.

We pledge to do what we can to assist progressive Republican activists, trying hard to exist in this most hostile of towns.
Related Link:
Local Cllr Henry Reilly (UKIP) singled out the Naoimh Padraig band in the press.
Local Cllr Henry Reilly (UKIP) singled out the Naoimh Padraig band in the press.
Local MLA Jim Wells. Offended by GAA clubs conducting charity collections in ASDA.
Local MLA Jim Wells. Offended by GAA clubs conducting charity collections in ASDA.

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In British Occupied Ireland British False Flags are a regular feature of the Brutish occupation to justify their State Terrorism, of murdering journalists, human rights lawyers, human rights activists, internment without trial on the basis of their false terrorist narrative. British WMD False Flag propaganda, primarily delivered by the paedophile blackmailed, BBC World Service as justification for the invasion and high;y lucrative war in Iraq, that caused the war crime, of more than a million civilian murders. So too was similar British claims for their war crimes in Libya. Now it is happening again in Syria.

 Documents allegedly "hacked" belonging to UK-based defense contractor Britam (official website here) appear to show the company considering an offer from Qatar to use Libyan chemical weapons in Homs, Syria in order to frame both the Syrian and Russian governments. The plan involves using Britam's Ukrainian mercenaries and Soviet-era chemical weapon shells brought in from Libya's large, Al Qaeda-linked, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) controlled arsenals.


The e-mail reads:
We've got a new offer. It's about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington. 
We'll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record.

Frankly, I don't think it's a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion?
Kind regards
It should be remembered that this is not confirmed - and there is most likely no way that it can ever be confirmed. However, in light of recent, and continuous attempts by the Israelis and NATO to justify a military intervention in Syria based on fears of "chemical weapons," and considering how a nearly decade-long war and occupation was fought in neighboring Iraq under similar and patently false pretenses, every potential piece of evidence should be taken seriously.

It should also be remembered that during the Iraq War, British special forces were caught carrying out false flag attacks, dressed as sectarian extremists in Basra, Iraq, and shooting at Iraqi policemen. After the British soldiers were arrested, the British army attacked the police station they were being held at to free them. The precedence of Western nations using false flag operations, including terrorism, to achieve geopolitical objectives beyond their borders most certainly exists.

The Libyan Connection 

Mention of acquiring chemical weapons from Libya is particularly troubling. Libya's arsenal 
had fallen into the hands of sectarian extremists with NATO assistance in 2011 in the culmination of efforts to overthrow the North African nation . Since then, Libya's militants led by commanders of Al Qaeda's Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) have armed sectarian extremists across the Arab World, from as far West as Mali, to as far East as Syria.

In addition to small arms, heavier weapons are also making their way through this extensive network. The Washington Post in their article, "Libyan missiles on the loose," reported:
"Two former CIA counterterrorism officers told me last week that technicians recently refurbished 800 of these man-portable air-defense systems (known as MANPADS) — some for an African jihadist group called Boko Haram that is often seen as an ally of al-Qaeda — for possible use against commercial jets flying into Niger, Chad and perhaps Nigeria."
While undoubtedly these weapons are also headed to Niger, Chad, and perhaps Nigeria, they are veritably headed to Syria. Libyan LIFG terrorists are confirmed to be flooding into Syria from Libya. In November 2011, the Telegraph in their article, "Leading Libyan Islamist met Free Syrian Army opposition group," would report:
Abdulhakim Belhadj, head of the Tripoli Military Council and the former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, "met with Free Syrian Army leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey," said a military official working with Mr Belhadj. "Mustafa Abdul Jalil (the interim Libyan president) sent him there."

Another Telegraph article, "Libya’s new rulers offer weapons to Syrian rebels," would admit
Syrian rebels held secret talks with Libya's new authorities on Friday, aiming to secure weapons and money for their insurgency against President Bashar al-Assad's regime, The Daily Telegraph has learned.
At the meeting, which was held in Istanbul and included Turkish officials, the Syrians requested "assistance" from the Libyan representatives and were offered arms, and potentially volunteers.
"There is something being planned to send weapons and even Libyan fighters to Syria," said a Libyan source, speaking on condition of anonymity. "There is a military intervention on the way. Within a few weeks you will see."
Later that month, some 600 Libyan terrorists would be reported to have entered Syria to begin combat operations and have been flooding into the country ever since.

Image: Libyan Mahdi al-Harati of the US State DepartmentUnited Nations, and the UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf)-listed terrorist organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), addressing fellow terrorists in Syria. Harati is now commanding a Libyan brigade operating inside of Syria attempting to destroy the Syrian government and subjugate the Syrian population. Traditionally, this is known as "foreign invasion." 
Washington Post's reported "loose missiles" in Libya are now turning up on the battlefield in Syria. While outfits like the Guardian, in their article "Arms and the Manpads: Syrian rebels get anti-aircraft missiles," are reporting the missiles as being deployed across Syria, they have attempted to downplay any connection to Libya's looted arsenal and the Al Qaeda terrorists that have imported them. In contrast, Times has published open admissions from terrorists themselves admitting they are receiving heavy weapons including surface-to-air missiles from Libya.

In Time's article, "Libya’s Fighters Export Their Revolution to Syria," it is reported:
Some Syrians are more frank about the assistance the Libyans are providing. “They have heavier weapons than we do,” notes Firas Tamim, who has traveled in rebel-controlled areas to keep tabs on foreign fighters. “They brought these weapons to Syria, and they are being used on the front lines.” Among the arms Tamim has seen are Russian-made surface-to-air missiles, known as the SAM 7.

Libyan fighters largely brush off questions about weapon transfers, but in December they claimed they were doing just that. “We are in the process of collecting arms in Libya,” a Libyan fighter in Syria told the French daily Le Figaro. “Once this is done, we will have to find a way to bring them here.”
Clearly NATO intervention in Libya has left a vast, devastating arsenal in the hands of sectarian extremists, led by US State DepartmentUnited Nations, and the UK Home Office (page 5, .pdf)-listed terrorist organization LIFG, that is now exporting these weapons and militants to NATO's other front in Syria. It is confirmed that both Libyan terrorists and weapons are crossing the Turkish-Syrian border, with NATO assistance, and it is now clear that heavy weapons, including anti-aircraft weapons have crossed the border too. 
The Guardian reported in their November 2011 article, "Libyan chemical weapons stockpiles intact, say inspectors," that:
Libya's stockpiles of mustard gas and chemicals used to make weapons are intact and were not stolen during the uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, weapons inspectors have said.
But also reported that:
The abandonment or disappearance of some Gaddafi-era weapons has prompted concerns that such firepower could erode regional security if it falls into the hands of Islamist militants or rebels active in north Africa. Some fear they could be used by Gaddafi loyalists to spread instability in Libya.
Last month Human Rights Watch urged Libya's ruling national transitional council to take action over large numbers of heavy weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, it said were lying unguarded more than two months after Gaddafi was overthrown.

On Wednesday the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said the UN would send experts to Libya to help ensure nuclear material and chemical weapons did not fall into the wrong hands.
And while inspectors claim that Libya's chemical weapons are in the "government's" hands and not "extremists'," it is clear by the Libyan government's own admission, that they themselves are involved in sending fighters and weapons into Syria.

Bottom Line

It cannot be said for certain whether the e-mail allegedly sent by Britam is genuine, but the West is openly subverting Syria through the funding and arming of terrorists from across the Arab World. Terrorists are confirmed to be moving through NATO-member Turkey, with the Turkish government's explicit assistance. Heavy weapons are both being supplied and paid for by the West, and likewise brought across Syria's borders through NATO-member Turkey.

Despite this, the momentum of NATO's armed, proxy-aggression toward Syria has been broken multiple times. Threats of a no-fly zone are waning as NATO's proxies are neutralized with little left to establish a no-fly zone over. The fear now for NATO and its various partners across the region, from Israel to Erdogan in Turkey, to Qatar and Saudi Arabia, is that there will be nothing left of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) to intervene on behalf of.

With time running out and the Syrian people still stalwartly defending their nation, it is possible that the desperate measures described in the alleged e-mail from Britam have been considered - as the rhetorical groundwork to accommodate such measures has already been long-ago laid out by the complicit Western media.  The purpose of exposing this alleged e-mail is not necessarily to accuse Britam, but to remind readers to be vigilant. And should "chemical weapons" be used in Syria in an apparent joint Syrian-Russian operation, Britam, the United Kingdom, and Qatar should be the first suspects that come to mind."


The song was written by my wife's uncle, Jim "Doc" Whelan, when the Irish Government was intent on building Ireland's first nuclear power plant in Carne, near Carnsore Point in 1978. There was much protest at the time, and a number of anti-nuclear festivals were held in Wexford. Christy was a frequent artist at these.

BBC LINK : Japan nuclear agency upgrades Fukushima alert level

Military Madness: Has Our Species Become Insane?

By Jim McCluskey
August 19, 2013 "Information Clearing House -  Helen Caldicott is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and a world renowned campaigner against nuclear weapons. She says that our species is ‘mentally sick…
The whole society is sick’1. We are in the grip of a death wish. She points out that 1 in 25 people are sociopaths with ‘no moral conscience’ and these are the people who rise to the top; who are in charge. Is she right? Have we really become insane? There is good reason to believe so. By insane behaviour I am referring to avoidable behaviour which will result in our own destruction and would be seen as such if we were ‘in our right minds’.
There are many reasons for the belief that much of our behaviour has become insane. Here are some of them.
1.      Nuclear Weapons on High Alert – 2000 nuclear weapons are held ready for launch at the press of a button. This could happen by accident, misunderstanding or malicious intent. It came within hours of happening in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It came within seconds of happening when the drunkard President Yeltsin had his finger on the button after being told Russia was under nuclear attack. It could happen now at any time. Is this sane?
2.      Nuclear Arsenals – There are seventeen thousand nuclear weapons in existence; enough to incinerate everyone on the planet many times over as well as destroying most of the other nine million species we share the planet with. Is this sane?
We are not told the destructive power of the weapons being deployed but we do know, for example, that the 180 B61 American bombs now in Europe can be 30 times more destructive than the Hiroshima bomb. President Obama has recently put $537 million in his 2014 budget proposal (total cost is expected to be $10 billion) to upgrade these bombs and make them more accurate!2 Each bomb can destroy a major city the size of London or New York. Is this sane? All this is totally unnecessary. A perfectly sane alternative is available – an enforceable treaty banning nuclear weapons. The existence of a feasible sane option compounds the madness.
Harbouring arsenals of nuclear weapons undermines our very humanity. As the Nobel Laureate in Literature, Kenzaburo Oe, declared  “The most terrifying monster lurking in the darkness of Hiroshima is precisely the possibility that man might become no longer human.”
3.      Nuclear power and radiation – Contamination from a single failure at Chernobyl spread right across Europe. The struggle to keep the lethal emissions at bay is going on still, 27 years later. At Fukushima three complete meltdowns of reactor cores have been emitting radioactive material for over two years and nobody knows how to stop it. If the wind had been blowing the other way when the disaster started Tokyo would have had to be evacuated and a large part of Japan would have become uninhabitable for 300 hundred years3. If another earthquake occurs the cooling ponds of reactor 4 (loaded with fuel rods) could lose their coolant releasing sufficient radiation to pollute the entire northern hemisphere3. Two and half years after the triple meltdowns started the general manager of TEPCO, the responsible corporation, announced, referring to the discharge of radioactive cooling water into the sea, “We understand that this discharge is beyond our control and we do not think the current situation is good.”4
Humanity is refusing to abandon a technology which can, through a single accident, pollute countries and continents. Is this sane?
4.      The Arms Trade – The arms trade fuels the world’s wars. It is a major cause of human suffering.Each year, around $45-60 billion worth of arms sales are agreed. The 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council (US, Russia, France, United Kingdom and China), together with Germany and Italy account for around 85% of the arms sold between 2004 and 20115. Most arms sales (something like 75%) are to developing countries5. The leaders of selling countries are shameless. Prime Minister Cameron recently led a bevy of arms dealers on a selling spree to Saudi Arabia (the only likely use of weapons sold to the Saudi government will be against their own citizens when the Arab Spring finally arrives). Senior UK Minister Dr Cable MP took another ‘defense delegation’ to India. Dr Cable publicly justified the UK government’s behavior by saying if we didn’t do it someone else would. This does not earn a reprieve for other criminal activities like robbing banks. Another common justification is ‘The arms industry creates jobs’ – jobs for killing people. Can any of this be considered rational behavior by mature human beings?
5.      Wars – Global military spending is over $1.7 trillion dollars; more that 2/5th of this is by the US5. The western powers purport to be peace-loving. The only countries on the planet who currently routinely invade other countries and kill their citizens are the UK and the US.  The western powers claim to be law-abiding. Yet the United Nations forbids armed attack on other states. The 1970 UN Declaration on Principles of International Law declares, ‘Every State has the duty to refrain in its international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any State, or in any other manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations. Such a threat or use of force constitutes a violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations and shall never be employed as a means if settling international issues’. Clear enough?
In order to stop terrorism we invade other countries where we think there might be terrorists and slaughter their families. Like dousing a fire by throwing petrol on it.
Despite thousands of years of experience to the contrary our leaders still behave as though the best way of solving a dispute is to kill the opposition. Madness.
6.      Global Warming – The planet is warming (up 0.8° F since start of 20th c). Scientist are over 90% sure the primary cause is human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation6.
Lowest estimate of rise is 1.1 to 2.9 °C (2 to 5.2 °F); highest estimate 2.4 to 6.4 °C (4.3 to 11.5 °F). Acceptable level of rise is generally considered to be 2.0 °C. Our response is to continue with a system of fossil fuel dependency for billions; a system which is expanding round the globe.
A 2012 report in the Guardian states ‘The first phase of Kyoto, the only international binding treaty on emissions cuts, has failed to slow global carbon emissions’7.
A recent World Meteorological Organisation Report (WMO) gives current actual trends based on measurements. The report confirms the upward trend of temperatures. The recent decades was the warmest ever recorded for the northern and southern hemispheres. This is true of both land and sea temperatures. The rate of temperature rise in the past two decades has been unprecedented and moreover the rate of sea level rising is accelerating8. The extreme weather of recent years which has caused countless deaths is believed, by most meteorologists and climate scientists to be an indicator of what is to come from climate change.
The fact that climate change is happening and that pollution is a contributing factor has overwhelming scientific support. Yet our species is in a state of denial. There is a lack of political will and denial is encouraged by powerful economic interests.
Excessive increase in global temperature will result in famine, floods, water shortages, large population movements, and land and resource wars. Surely a rational sane world would ensure that this does not happen due to human pollutants by agreeing and imposing necessary limits on polluting emissions.
7.      Sociopathic and psychopathic leaders – The gratuitous wars started and waged by the US and UK governments result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. These governments support and/or turn a blind eye to kidnap and torture and terrorise innocent villagers in Afghanistan and Pakistan with drone attacks. Both governments authorise the use of the nuclear agent depleted uranium which deposits radiating materials injurious for thousands of years and which condemn the unborn to a lifetime of suffering. Since the war there has been a huge increase in cancers and the number of deformed babies born in Iraq9. In Fallujah doctors have advised women not to have babies because of the terrible risk10. Deeds which would be prosecuted as major crimes if performed by citizens are routinely enacted by our leaders yet they take no responsibility for these crimes and exhibit no remorse. They act without conscience; they are sociopaths and, in some cases, psychopaths (occupying the extreme end of the sociopathic range).
  Sociopaths and psychopaths are characterised by their lack of empathy11,12; the ability to experience the feelings and emotions of others. Guilt and remorse are a foreign land. They are both irresponsible and have an overblown sense of entitlement. Nothing is ever their fault. All these are characteristic which we can readily recognise among the power elites of our mad world; in politics, in banking, in the world of ‘defence’.
At one time psychopathology was called moral insanity, an apt term ripe for reinstatement.
As stated above 1 in 25 people are sociopaths13 and, like oil in water they pollute the top layer of society; their ruthless drive facilitates their access to power.
The renowned US writer and journalist William Blum declares, in an article referring to ‘Washington’s endless bombings and endless wars’ and Kerry’s hounding of whistleblowers, that we are witnessing ‘Unlimited power in the hands of psychopaths’ He adds, ‘My own country truly scares me’14.
Corporations which in some cases seem to be more powerful than governments are also reported to suffer from the same malaise. We are told that ‘People like Thom Hartmann have suggested that to be the head of a fortune 1000 corporation, one must be a sociopath. A researcher on corporate psychopaths puts the numbers between three and 12 percent of managers’15. The book ‘Snakes in Suits’ by the psychologist Robert Hare is about psychopaths in the world of corporations.
The psychopathic behaviour of our political and corporate leaders is clear for all to see; but what about ourselves, the citizens. There are very many more of us than there are of them. Why do we tolerate their crimes? Is our passivity not itself a form of madness?
13.    See book ‘The Sociopath Next Door’ by  Dr. Martha Stout, psychologist and clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

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Published on Aug 9, 2013
Íoslódáil MP3 anseo:
Liricí thíos:
Stiofán Ó Fearail in éineacht le scoláirí & foireann chúrsa C lena leagan féin de "Wake Me Up" le Avicii.
Chuaigh an t-úfás oibre agus réiteach isteach sa bhfíseán ceoil seo agus tá súil againn go dtaitneoidh sé libh

Fáinne fí i gcoim na hoíche.
(Níl) 'tada riamh nach mbíonn thart.
Diabhail fhios a'm cá bhfuil deireadh mo scéil
Ach táim ar an mbealach ceart.

Deir siad liom gan a dhul sa tseans,
Nach dtagann ciall roimh aois.
Bhuel 'sé m'aistear é, Ní léir cén fhad a mhairfidh sé,
'Sé togha ar aon chaoi.

So Lig mé saor ón suan 'tá orm.
(Tai)speáin 'om bóthar éasca cothrom.
Bainfidh mé ceann scríbe amach, sí m'aidhm,
Cíbe treo átá i ndán.

(Tá) Mé ag iompar úalach mór an tsaoil
Ach níl a'm ach péire lámh.
Suile troma is an ghrian a dhul faoi
Ach ní chodlaíonn mé go sámh.

"Bris amach agus tú fós sach óg."
Chinnigh mé le dul in aghaidh.
Seo mo ré, Seasfaidh mé an fód,
'S leanfaidh mé ar aghaidh.

English translation of lyrics:

Amhránaí: Stiofán Ó Fearail as Seo Linn

Foireann Camera: Tree Light Pictures

Foireann Solas: Blacklight

Published on Jul 15, 2013



    Íoslódáil MP3:

    Cór chúrsa B faoi stiúir Jenny Ní Ruiséil. An chéad ceann de thraiceanna cúrsa B atá á chuir beo. Beidh liricí agus nasc chun mp3 a íoslódáil a chur anseo go luath. Coinnigí ag faire!

    'Nois is muid tagtha, bígí linn go luath,
    (Beidh sí a'ainn, go luath)
    'Nois, is muid tagtha, bígí linn le bhur gcroí, uilig le chéile
    (Beidh sí a'ainn, dúinne an t-am, dúinne an t-am)

    (Tiocfaimid le chéile lenár dteanga)


    Ón lá gur leag muid ár gcos ar an talamh,
    Comh fíor leis an ngrian os ár gcionn
    Ár nglór ag tabhairt faoi, rud nár chuala siad riamh
    I bfhad níos mó, ma thagann tú liom

    Go leor anseo linn inár dtír,
    Nach mbeadh daoine in ann a thiontú
    Ach an las' ar mo aghaidh, dath nach féidir a roinnt,
    'Sé ag rá, go n-éiróidh linn

    I roth mór an tsaoil
    D'ár gcasadh fós,
    Ón maitheas go holc,
    Muinín is grá
    Go rachfaimid,
    Ár shlí fhéin, san roth mór
    Roth mór an tsaoil

    I roth mór an tsaoil
    D'ár gcasadh fós,
    Ón maitheas go holc,
    Muinín is grá
    Go rachfaimid,
    Ár shlí fhéin, san roth mór
    Roth mór an tsaoil

    "Pompeii" le Bastille as Gaeilge

     Íoslódáil Mp3 anseo:

    Keith Ó Briain in éineacht leis na ranganna sóisir (Cúrsa B) ag canadh leagan breá den amhrán Pompeii le Bastille. Leagan na rangann sinsir d'amhrán leis na "Imagine Dragons" ag teacht amach an tseachtain seo chugainn. -- Coinnigí ag breathnú amach dó.

    Uair a bhí me ag ligeann scíth
    Rith smaoineamh liom
    Mol an óige 's tiocfaidh sí
    Mar is dual di

    'S muid ag lorg ár n- áit
    Dár dtír bheag álainn
    In san domhan
    Tá ár tseoid fhéin a'inn
    Ach í a labhairt amach le cion

    Ach dún do shúil(e) go ciúin
    Agus samhlaigh
    Go bhfuil sí fós a'inn inár gcroí(the)
    'S bí brionglóid go suan
    Agus cuimhnigh
    Bhí sí linn ón gcéad lá riamh

    Gabhadh muid ó neart go neart ar scáth a chéile
    Gabhadh muid ó neart go neart ar scáth a chéile

    Tá mo chroí dóchasach
    Feicim fíor na spéire
    Íomhá is deise liom
    Éirigh na gréine

    'S muid ag lorg ár n- áit
    Dár dtír bheag álainn
    In san domhan
    Tá ár tseoid fhéin a'inn
    Ach í a labhairt amach le cion

    Déan do chuid fhéin ar a son
    Sé suas dhuitse 's dhom