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MARIAN PRICE BRING HER HOME New Lyrics to the tune Bring th... on Twitpic

MARIAN PRICE BRING HER HOME New Lyrics to the tune Bring th... on Twitpic


New Lyrics

to the tune Bring them home

In the jails that held Mc Sweeney

In the prison where he died

Lay two daughters of old Ireland

And they filled my heart with pride

For I knew that England wishes

That we'd let them die alone

But the voice of dear old Ireland

Cried for us to bring them home

Hear it ring on the air

It's the voice of my country so fair

Can't you feel can't you see

Irishmen will set them free

Twas the love of dear old Ireland

Brought her to a prison hell

But the ghosts of Pearse and Connolly

Filled her lonely prison cell

Clarke and Plunkett stand beside her

McDonagh, McDermott and Wolfe Tone

And all the voices of old Ireland

Cry for us to bring her home

Hear it ring on the air

It's the voice of my country so fair

Can't you feel can't you see

Irishmen will set her free

So I pray you men of Ireland

Don't betray our daughter true

Proudly stand beside our hero

Lest she die for me and you

Though the tyrant would deny us

We can break their hearts of stone

And all of Ireland will be singing

When we bring our daughter home

Support the CAUSE :

FREE PRICE in British Occupied Ireland @


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FREE PRICE in British Occupied Ireland

When Marian Price was a young girl of 19, she along with her young sister were taken by now wealthy politicians like Gerry Kelly to London, on the orders of Gerry Adams IRA OC, to be used as political cannon fodder in their quest for personal power and wealth. Her senior leadership betrayed her to the British and she was imprisoned. She was then force fed for 200 days. 400 times as a protesting political prisoner.

Her associates like Mr Kelly and Adams now command huge salaries on the political gravy train known as Stormont, after their surrender to the British, while administering political internment for the British, of former comrades with political conscience and other political prisoners, who refuse to collaborate with British occupation. These prisoners of political conscience suffer today, the same brutality and torture, at the hands of British sectarian thug operatives daily, that the 10 hunger strikers suffered, prior to their murders by Thatcher and the British previously.

Marian Price an icon of Irish women's resistance to British colonialism and occupation in Ireland, recently admitted her days as a militant activist are long past and over, when she said, "I cannot condemn another young person for following the same path I did." Because as a former well known member of the IRA who along with others will not accept, collaborate or inform on traditional Irish republicans who will not surrender to the British, she is being made and example and was been politically interned without trial, because of her political conscience

Yes, at a traditional annual Easter Rising ceremony she attended on April 25, 2011 which are not only legal but are simply memorials, she held up a piece of paper, which contained a prepared statement from The 32 County Sovereignty Movement, while another, unidentified person read it aloud at the City Cemetery, in Derry. The statement was not written, prepared, consented, refuted or pre-acknowledged by Marian. She simply held the paper, which contained the statement, so it could be read aloud, as it was terribly windy.

Less, than a month later, Marian was arrested, detained and charged with Promoting Terrorism for her action, on April 25, at the 2011 Easter Rising commemoration.Her actions, for which the new charge stems. amounted to nothing more than attending the rally and holding a piece of paper. The British Government devised the action to justify the charge, which cannot be substantiated. The court’s with full access to alll intelligence the British have now, decided to grant her bail on the grounds that she was not a danger to the public. The British Secretary of State to the Queen of England, Owen Patterson overruled the court and a Queen's pardon, ordering her political internment without trial, as the spokesperson for the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, and usurped the court’s decision to grant her bail along with the Queen's pardon.

Now as a result of public political pressure the British have moved the goalposts yet again. The British have now laid fresh charges on Marian on matters, she was investigated, interrogated on, several years ago. Despite no fresh evidence in the matter, the previous court's order to release her, a royal pardon ordering her immediate release, the bigoted British with new trumped up charges, have remanded her for probably several years, to await fake charges and disguised political internment.

The British Government will stop at nothing from blaming, to charging, and using Marian as a scapegoat, to justify their inappropriate use of force, injustice and violence in Ireland, involving many ordinary Irish people in the colonized Occupied Ireland. Marian as an activist for prisoners rights and in her capacity as spokesperson for 32CSM, highlighted the almost daily torture and brutality of her now fellow Irish political prisoners in her all male Maghaberry prison.

Marian has been a staunch advocate and supporter of Irish Republicans and helped in the aid and welfare of past Irish Republican Prisoners but has not committed any crime for close to 40 years. Her efforts have all been made in a peaceful and silent manner, since being released from prison in 1980 after being forced fed 400 times while on hunger strike for 200 days with her sister.Now as a long time vilified figure by the British Government and their media, they want their remaining pound of flesh, despite the Belfast Agreement, they’ve created a ruse of charges, and political internment to detain her in solitary confinement in a MEN’S PRISON for years.

This is illegal under European and international law and these current actions of the British Government are meant to send a couple of clear messages to anyone in Ireland with total disregard for human rights laws of Europe:

1.) In the eyes of the British Government, you too, can be detained for whatever reason.

2.) If you hold certain beliefs, ideas or philosophies, which go against or conflict with those of the British Government/Crown, which are expressed directly or implicitly in public, or anywhere on record, and refuse to relinquish such beliefs, ideas or philosophies, you too, maybe subjected to the British Government’s actions of internment without trial or other actions which may or may not be legal, or even remotely humane.

Because of British censorship, intranets and technical attacks on CAUSES related to Marian Price and her political interned comrades now numbering more than 9,000 members, we have been forced to start another CAUSE on Facebook;

FREE PRICE in British Occupied Ireland.-



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Fat Orange Woman Barred from Nightclub in Ireland

An Orange woman was turned away from a nightclub in Galway, in the west of Ireland for being too fat, then called the police. Every weekend fat women who go to the nightclub are called "sluts" because Galway men claim they are an eyesore and an embarrassment to Ireland. Others who are called "cows" have been ordered to be fat slobs in the privacy of their own homes and stay away.

Irish women are in denial about the extent to which they are overweight, according to Government research on obesity. 61 per cent of Irish women are overweight, but just over half of them see themselves as fat. The research was by a cross-Border agency involved in food safety in Ireland. Dr Cliodhna Foley-Nolan, director, said, “There is a big gap between perception and reality and that particularly relates to being overweight rather than those who are obese. It’s seen as someone else’s health problem or someone much heavier than you as an individual.”

The fat woman who was barred from the nightclub, said “I told them they were ridiculous and asked for the manager. He said they had received too many complaints from respectable Galway men about fat women. He ordered me to ‘go away home and lose some weight before you come back here again, fat bitches are bad for business.”

Having a waist size greater than 32 inches for an Irish woman is a sure sign she is carrying too much weight.

Safefood are presently running a hard-hitting, "Stop the Spread," campaign for fat bastards on TV, which is confronting Irish women in denial about their fat.

One Irish business man interviewed said, " To be honest I appreciate that some fat women enjoy being fat, but they simply eat too much and do not take enough exercise. I mean balanced weight is not rocket science, is it ?. Stuff too much food in your fat mouths ladies and you get fat, real fat. They should eat and exercise responsibly and then they could look half human, and not like whales. Ordinary Irish lads end up paying when obese women become a burden to their boyfriends and husbands for the medical services. It's irresponsible and that why more and more Irish men are going abroad for their women."

Dr Foley-Nolan says fatness was “unquestionably” the biggest health issue in Ireland, more serious than alcoholism and smoking cigarettes. The National Adult Nutrition Survey earlier this year that two thirds of women in the Irish free state were overweight. The numbers of fat women has increased considerably since 1990 with more and more Irishmen going abroad to get proper women.

Another Irish golfer interviewed, said, " Some fat Irish women might not like being fat, but sure to be honest, most of them need not be so fat, they are pure 100% lazy or often extremely greedy. I dont think its right to make fun of fat Irish women but they are a national disgrace. They are generally super overweight. The odd fat girl are good craic but they tend to have curves in the wrong places and not much craic in bed, where it counts."

The Nightclub manager when interviewed, stated, That his club had been overrun with behemoths covered in sequined tarp. We have to turn them away at the door. we tried setting high drink prices for fat women to provide a club free of muffin tops and frustrated whales. We had to try to stop young lads being hit by drunk fat frustrated girls, who are pathetic. Decent lads have been forced to call the police on these fat asses. There have been many complaints from decent lads, just out for a night of clean fun. This nightclub is a business. We do not exist for fat women who are unwanted whores with additional seventy pounds midsections. Deal with it ladies !."

The woman who called the police said, “I am disgusted he has the bloody nerve to say this. My companion, who is only a size 14 is not allowed in either."

However the manager said, "That Irish women are feckin outrageously, fat in a world of a fat epidemic!". He said, "Ireland has some of the fattest, drunk obnoxious donkey-sounding women in the world presently. Their fat arses, cross mouths and out of control drinking are seriously affecting the nightclub business. These fat women are not entitled to sex. My nightclubs is not just for “fun”. Sometimes its simply a meat market and my club has the choicest meat.

These glittery fat arses with blood pumping through their black hearts, come into my nightclub and I have to raise the music, so these loud women don’t sound so stupid. Then I find them, blowing some lads from respectable Irish families in the bloody men’s room. Only sickos have blowjobs from fat women in the men's room, when there are plenty of other perfectly decent women about. 

Their excuse when confronted, is that fat women give better head, as they are grateful to get anything at all but let’s get real, we’re talking about real people. Real people get hungry and when fat women get something in their mouth, half way through they are so greedy they take a bite. That’s why fat women aren’t allowed in my nightclub, they are a health hazards for the decent young men of Galway. Besides they are sluts but my club is not for garden variety sluts, not fat sluts and my clients want their women to be at least fuckable."

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Neil Lennon & Celtic Say Free Price The internment witho... on Twitpic

Neil Lennon & Celtic Say Free Price The internment witho... on Twitpic

The British Torture of Marian Price in Occupied Ireland continues. Our last Cause for Marian had 1,549 members but it is censored. It continues here reborn just add the previous 1,549 noble members to the total who have joined Marian's CAUSE.

An unelected Englishman in Occupied Ireland has overruled the Queen's pardon of Marian Price for activity 40 years ago, ordered by Gerry Adams Belfast OC. The British courts ordered her release but this Brit Tory illegally overrules both.

Marian Price has been politically interned now without trial in British Occupied Ireland for almost 8 months in solitary confinement. After previously been force fed 400 times while on 200 days of hunger strike, Marian now has serious health problems and is in considerable constant pain, as result of her previous treatment. She had previously received a Royal pardon which would mean she should be released immediately, the British now say they have lost it.

The UN special rapporteur on torture recently called for solitary confinement to be banned in all but 'exceptional circumstances' and for it never to last more than 15 days. The British are also ignoring the first Geneva Convention of 1864 in the treatment of Marian, as per her injuries from their previous torture. Despite a court ordering her release, this political internment ordered by an un-elected Englishman in Ireland is administered by provisional collaborators who were both directly involved in the specific activity Marian is tortured for. Both Gerry Adams IRA OC who ordered her to London and Gerry Kelly who brought her there as a 19 year old girl, have the power to free her.

See Link -

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The internment without trial by an unelected British Tory in ... on Twitpic

The internment without trial by an unelected British Tory in ... on Twitpic

The internment without trial by an unelected British Tory in Occupied Ireland of Marian Price, a political prisoner of conscience, is illegal in every sense of the word.

1. It breaks the terms and spirit of the much touted, so called Peace Process in Occupied Ireland.

2. It overrules the orders of their own British courts to release Marian Price immediately.

3. It overrules a Queen's Pardon given to Marian Price for activity ordered by former IRA O.C. and President of today's British Sinn Fein Gerry Adams almost 40 years ago.

Marian's internment is a provocation by the British and their industrial war complex, for further war in Ireland, to experiment and develop counter insurgency with bloated securocrat budgets, techniques and equipment. Irish resistance will always meet that challenge until there is a genuine peace based on JUSTICE for everyone in Ireland.

Marian Price and her human rights have suffered the following at the hands of the British

‎a.) Politically Interned

b.) The only female in a male prison.

c.) In Solitary Confinement for 8 months.

d-) Force fed 400 times on 200 days of hunger strike.

e.) Censored by media on order of British.

f.) Tortured

If you are a civilized human being, with a bit of nature and commonsense still left in you, please sign the following link for Marian's immediate release at her CAUSE in the following link;