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FREE PRICE in British Occupied Ireland

When Marian Price was a young girl of 19, she along with her young sister were taken by now wealthy politicians like Gerry Kelly to London, on the orders of Gerry Adams IRA OC, to be used as political cannon fodder in their quest for personal power and wealth. Her senior leadership betrayed her to the British and she was imprisoned. She was then force fed for 200 days. 400 times as a protesting political prisoner.

Her associates like Mr Kelly and Adams now command huge salaries on the political gravy train known as Stormont, after their surrender to the British, while administering political internment for the British, of former comrades with political conscience and other political prisoners, who refuse to collaborate with British occupation. These prisoners of political conscience suffer today, the same brutality and torture, at the hands of British sectarian thug operatives daily, that the 10 hunger strikers suffered, prior to their murders by Thatcher and the British previously.

Marian Price an icon of Irish women's resistance to British colonialism and occupation in Ireland, recently admitted her days as a militant activist are long past and over, when she said, "I cannot condemn another young person for following the same path I did." Because as a former well known member of the IRA who along with others will not accept, collaborate or inform on traditional Irish republicans who will not surrender to the British, she is being made and example and was been politically interned without trial, because of her political conscience

Yes, at a traditional annual Easter Rising ceremony she attended on April 25, 2011 which are not only legal but are simply memorials, she held up a piece of paper, which contained a prepared statement from The 32 County Sovereignty Movement, while another, unidentified person read it aloud at the City Cemetery, in Derry. The statement was not written, prepared, consented, refuted or pre-acknowledged by Marian. She simply held the paper, which contained the statement, so it could be read aloud, as it was terribly windy.

Less, than a month later, Marian was arrested, detained and charged with Promoting Terrorism for her action, on April 25, at the 2011 Easter Rising commemoration.Her actions, for which the new charge stems. amounted to nothing more than attending the rally and holding a piece of paper. The British Government devised the action to justify the charge, which cannot be substantiated. The court’s with full access to alll intelligence the British have now, decided to grant her bail on the grounds that she was not a danger to the public. The British Secretary of State to the Queen of England, Owen Patterson overruled the court and a Queen's pardon, ordering her political internment without trial, as the spokesperson for the 32 County Sovereignty Movement, and usurped the court’s decision to grant her bail along with the Queen's pardon.

Now as a result of public political pressure the British have moved the goalposts yet again. The British have now laid fresh charges on Marian on matters, she was investigated, interrogated on, several years ago. Despite no fresh evidence in the matter, the previous court's order to release her, a royal pardon ordering her immediate release, the bigoted British with new trumped up charges, have remanded her for probably several years, to await fake charges and disguised political internment.

The British Government will stop at nothing from blaming, to charging, and using Marian as a scapegoat, to justify their inappropriate use of force, injustice and violence in Ireland, involving many ordinary Irish people in the colonized Occupied Ireland. Marian as an activist for prisoners rights and in her capacity as spokesperson for 32CSM, highlighted the almost daily torture and brutality of her now fellow Irish political prisoners in her all male Maghaberry prison.

Marian has been a staunch advocate and supporter of Irish Republicans and helped in the aid and welfare of past Irish Republican Prisoners but has not committed any crime for close to 40 years. Her efforts have all been made in a peaceful and silent manner, since being released from prison in 1980 after being forced fed 400 times while on hunger strike for 200 days with her sister.Now as a long time vilified figure by the British Government and their media, they want their remaining pound of flesh, despite the Belfast Agreement, they’ve created a ruse of charges, and political internment to detain her in solitary confinement in a MEN’S PRISON for years.

This is illegal under European and international law and these current actions of the British Government are meant to send a couple of clear messages to anyone in Ireland with total disregard for human rights laws of Europe:

1.) In the eyes of the British Government, you too, can be detained for whatever reason.

2.) If you hold certain beliefs, ideas or philosophies, which go against or conflict with those of the British Government/Crown, which are expressed directly or implicitly in public, or anywhere on record, and refuse to relinquish such beliefs, ideas or philosophies, you too, maybe subjected to the British Government’s actions of internment without trial or other actions which may or may not be legal, or even remotely humane.

Because of British censorship, intranets and technical attacks on CAUSES related to Marian Price and her political interned comrades now numbering more than 9,000 members, we have been forced to start another CAUSE on Facebook;

FREE PRICE in British Occupied Ireland.-



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