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Easter Rising1916 by John Wight

William Butler Yeats’ epic poem on the Easter Rising of 1916 has immortalised an event which possesses all the elements of a Greek tragedy and which ninety-six years later is still capable of stirring strong emotions.

The audacity and bravery, bordering on insanity, of just over 1200 combined Irish Republican Brotherhood Volunteers, led by Patrick Pearse, and Irish Citizen Army Volunteers, led by James Connolly, unleashing an armed rising in Dublin against the British state, which at the time controlled an empire covering a quarter of the globe and had a million men under arms, is even more astonishing when measured against the lack of popular support that existed at the time among the Irish people for armed struggle.

The First World War was in the process of destroying an entire generation of Europe’s working class, including 30,000 Irishmen out of the 200,000 who’d enlisted to fight under British arms, many of those Catholics and members of the nationalist Irish Volunteers from the south of the country, where constitutional nationalism had succeeded in gaining popular support. Led by John Redmond, the constitutional wing of Irish Nationalism had won a pledge from the British government that the Home Rule Act (1914), granting Ireland self government within the UK, would be implemented at war’s end. The act had already passed through the British Parliament, only to be postponed at the outset of hostilities.

The Redmonite wing of Irish Nationalism derived its legitimacy from the constitutional path previously laid out by Charles Parnell, one of the most powerful and effective parliamentarians ever to sit in the House of Commons. By virtue of his strong personality, stunning oratory, political convictions and acumen, Parnell succeeded in enlisting the support of Liberal leader and prime minister, William Gladstone, for the concept of Irish Home Rule in the face of strong opposition from the Tories and their unionist allies in the six counties. However, a split within the Liberals, in which a large section of the party shifted its support behind unionist and Tory opposition to Irish Home Rule, saw Parnell’s First Irish Home Rule Bill of 1886 defeated in the Commons by a slim majority.

Parnell was an enigmatic character. He was closer to the Conservatives in his political instincts, yet able and willing to work in tandem with the Liberals in order to advance the cause of Irish Home Rule that was closest to his heart. While committed to the constitutional path, he was also sympathetic to the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the radical wing of Irish Nationalism, though this was probably more to do with the conservative Catholic doctrine they espoused than their political methods and belief in complete independence from British rule by any means necessary.

Despite John Redmond’s support for the war, and the enlistment of thousands of Irish Volunteers (formed as a mass organisation by the revolutionary Irish Republican Brotherhood in response to the emergence of Edward Carson’s Ulster Volunteers in the North in 1912 in opposition to Home Rule) to fight in the British Army, a sizeable minority within the organisation were against taking Britain’s side, resulting in a split. The IRB, within this minority, were not just content with staying out of the war, however. Instead they viewed it as an opportunity to strike for Ireland’s independence. The most prominent advocate of this position was Patrick Pearse, who sat on the leadership of both the Volunteers and the IRB.

Pearse was a teacher, poet, barrister, writer, and champion of native Irish language and culture. From a very early age he had been committed to the cause of Ireland’s freedom, with a romantic attachment to Irish history, both real and mythological, which combined to imbue him with the belief in the need for a ‘blood sacrifice’ in order to awaken the Irish people to action. Pearse’s romanticism is evident in the speech he gave at the funeral of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa, lifelong champion of the Fenian cause who died of natural causes at the age of 83. Pearse’s oration closed with

“Our foes are strong and wise and wary; but, strong and wise and wary as they are, they cannot undo the miracles of God Who ripens in the hearts of young men the seeds sown by the young men of a former generation. And the seeds sown by the young men of ’65 and ’67 are coming to their miraculous ripening today. Rulers and Defenders of the Realm had need to be wary if they would guard against such processes. Life springs from death; and from the graves of patriot men and women spring living nations. The Defenders of this Realm have worked well in secret and in the open. They think that they have pacified Ireland. They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but, the fools, the fools, the fools! — They have left us our Fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace”.

The leader of the minority faction of the Irish Volunteers who supported Ireland taking a neutral stance in the war was Eoin MacNeill. MacNeill was resolutely against attempting an armed rising against British rule, viewing any such undertaking as doomed to certain defeat. However, he did support the use of force in the event that the British attempted to suppress and disarm the Volunteers, implement conscription in Ireland, and/or arrest the leadership. In this regard he was tricked by the IRB, who produced a forged official British document, known as the Castle Document, stating that MacNeill and other prominent leaders of the Volunteers were to be arrested.

It was now that MacNeill was told about the plan for the Rising and the imminent arrival of German arms. Believing now that the British were about to move against the Volunteers, he reluctantly agreed to give his support. The IRB knew it would be vital in mobilising the entire membership of the Irish Volunteers, which after the split stood at just over 13,000.

However, when he learned of the arrest of Roger Casement, the man charged with organizing the German arms shipment, and the interception of the ship transporting them three days prior to the start of the Rising on Easter Sunday, MacNeill changed his mind and countermanded the orders he’d originally supported mobilising the Volunteers on Easter Sunday. This resulted in confusion and a drastic reduction in the number of men who came out, which ultimately led to the Rising only taking place in Dublin, where it had to be delayed by one day to take place on Easter Monday instead.

The leaders of the Rising in Dublin, chief among them Pearse and Connolly, were under no illusion as to their chances of success when news arrived of the loss of the German arms shipment and MacNeill’s counter orders preventing a national mobilisation from taking place.

Pearse, as stated, was a romantic and an idealist, consumed with the desire to make what he described as a ‘blood sacrifice’ in the cause of Irish freedom. He desired martyrdom, believing it would inspire future generations to take up the cause. Connolly on the other hand was a committed trade unionist, socialist, and Marxist, whose being was consumed with the objective of winning the Irish working class to the cause of mass revolutionary struggle.

Born in Edinburgh to Irish parents, Connolly early on developed a devotion to Ireland. He’d led an active life, during which he had stood as a socialist candidate in municipal elections in Scotland, been a full time organizer with the Wobblies in America, and been a full time trade union official back in Ireland, where he played a key role in the famous 1913 Dublin lockout, when the bosses grouped together to lock out thousands of workers in an attempt to break the growing influence of the Irish Transport and General Trade Workers Union (ITGWU), led at the time by James Larkin. Out of this struggle, during which the police baton charged thousands of workers during a protest meeting, came Connolly’s support for the formation of a workers’ militia, which became the Irish Citizens’ Army.

As well as a brilliant organizer and natural leader, Connolly was also a major thinker and theorist, his work around the National Question was in particular a significant contribution to the Marxist canon. It seems strange then that he would embrace the desperate tactic of an armed uprising that by the time it began he knew was doomed to fail. The reason can be found in his devastation at the sight of thousands of Irish working class men enlisting to fight in an imperialist war under British arms, the same British arms that were holding his beloved Ireland in colonial subjugation.

“This war appears to me as the most fearful crime of the centuries. In it the working class are to be sacrificed so that a small clique of rulers and armament makers may sate their lust for power and their greed for wealth. Nations are to be obliterated, progress stopped, and international hatreds erected into deities to be worshipped.”

It was this which decided him on the desperate course of an armed rising by a committed minority, hoping it would raise the consciousness of the Irish working class to follow their example and struggle against the British state. This turn to action preceding consciousness on Connolly’s part dovetailed with Pearse’s commitment to a ‘blood sacrifice’ in Ireland’s cause, responsible for two of the most unlikely of allies joining forces to make history.

That said, Connolly was never under any illusion about the deep political differences that existed between his conception of a future Ireland and the one held by the ultra nationalists of the IRB. He knew that the plight of the Irish working class would not be improved one inch by replacing the Union Jack over Dublin Castle with the Tricolour. It is why he urged his volunteers to keep hold of their weapons in the unlikely event of a victorious outcome to the Rising, as they would need them to carry out the next stage of their struggle to turn a political revolution into a social one against their erstwhile allies.

But, as mentioned, by the morning of the Rising on Easter Monday 1916, Connolly knew that he and his men were about to embark on a disastrous course. As they formed up outside their Liberty Hall HQ, he turned to a trusted aide and said

“We’re going out to be slaughtered.”

What followed was a story of courage and sacrifice that has elevated the Easter Rising to the status of legend throughout the world. The romantic symbolism of the reading out of the Irish Proclamation to bemused passersby outside the GPO in the middle of O’Connell Street, was matched by the rebels’ naivete in taking up fixed positions throughout the city, trusting that the British would be reluctant to bring artillery to bear on Dublin, the closest city within the British Empire to London, to force them out. The forlorn hope that events in Dublin would inspire the remaining Volunteers around the country to mobilise despite MacNeill’s orders to the contrary never came to pass either. Initially taken by surprise, the British responded with overwhelming force, bringing thousands of reinforcements and artillery into Dublin from the mainland to batter the rebels into submission after six days of heavy fighting, when Pearse finally gave the order to surrender.

The aftermath proved as dramatic as the Rising itself. The rebels were initially vilified by their fellow Dubliners, who blamed them for causing the destruction of large parts of the city. As they were marched off to confinement by British troops they were harangued and pelted, especially by women whose husbands and sons were at that moment fighting in the trenches. But public and popular sentiment soon fell in behind them as the leaders were executed one after the other without trial or due process apart from military courts martial.

Here the British government made a catastrophic error in handing responsibility for the fate of those who’d surrendered to the British military authority in Dublin. In the end fifteen were executed by firing squad, including the seven signatories of the Irish Proclamation – Padraig Pearse, James Connolly, Thomas J Clarke, Sean Mac Diarmada, Thomas MacDonagh, Eamonn Ceannt, and Joseph Plunkett. Another name that can be added to the aforementioned list is that of Roger Casement, who was later hanged in Pentonville Prison for his role in attempting to organise the shipment of German arms.

Casement was a colourful character who despite enjoying the benefits of a privileged background devoted his life to ending the cruel treatment suffered by the victims of colonialism in Africa and the Americas.

Some of the most moving testimonies ever given by condemned men were made by the leaders of the rising in the hours and days before their execution. James Connolly said during the court martial held in his prison cell prior to being shot that

“Believing that the British government has no right in Ireland, never had any right in Ireland, and never can have any right in Ireland, the presence, in any one generation of Irishmen, of even a respectable minority, read to die to affirm that truth, makes the Government for ever a usurpation and a crime against human progress”.

Patrick Pearse testified that

“When I was a child of ten, I went on my bare knees by my bedside one night and promised God that I should devote my Life to an effort to free my country. I have kept the promise. I have helped to organise, to train, and to discipline my fellow-countrymen to the sole end that, when the time came, they might fight for Irish freedom. The time, as it seemed to me, did come, and we went into the fight. I am glad that we did. We seem to have lost; but we have not lost. To refuse to fight would have been to lose; to fight is to win. We have kept faith with the past, and handed on its tradition to the future. I repudiate the assertion of the Prosecutor that I sought to aid and abet England’s enemy. Germany is no more to me than England is. I asked and accepted German aid in the shape of arms and an expeditionary force; we neither asked for nor accepted German gold, nor had any traffic with Germany but what I state. My object was to win Irish freedom. We struck the first blow ourselves, but I should have been glad of an ally’s aid. I assume that I am speaking to Englishmen who value their freedom, and who profess to be fighting for the freedom of Belgium and Serbia. Believe that we too love freedom and desire it. To us it is more than anything else in the world. If you strike us down now, we shall rise again, and renew the fight. You cannot conquer Ireland; you cannot extinguish the Irish passion for freedom. If our deed has not been sufficient to win freedom, then our children will win it by a better deed.”

Pearse was proved right. His sacrifice and that of the others who were executed lit the flame of Irish resistance to British rule, which ended with the formation of the Irish Free State in 1922 after a bitter guerrilla war lasting three years, followed by a brief civil war between former comrades over the terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty enshrining the partition of six counties in the North, which remained British.

As Yeats wrote in his poem, with the Easter Rising of 1916 a terrible beauty had been born. Ireland would never be the same.

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The Omagh bombing, was an inter-agency False Flag operation, with many victims, designed to discredit the armed struggle, against British Occupation in Ireland, and to consolidate a Pseudo Peace Process, built by Pedophile Rings, controlled by MI5. In my capacity in running the Newry Sinn Fein office, I found a written communique, regarding an appointment by British Secret Service, with an agent, within the Republican Movement, related to British facilities in Ballykinlar, for military training.

I have written in previous posts of my efforts to clarify, with senior Republicans, the status of certian matters in Newry. Unfortunately within Sinn Fein, it was not possible to find at that time, someone trustworthy, with regard to this and other critical matters. I concluded from personal experience, that pedophile rings had considerable influence, not just within Sinn Fein but also MI5, the RUC, the Judiciary, Special Branch, the DPP or PPS office in Occupied Ireland. I consequently resigned.

Everything I have witnessed since the signing of the Peace Process confirms my previous conclusions, in fact there is considerable evidence, that the problem is now consolidated within all of the political establishment in Ireland, who collaborated in both False Flag operations of the Omagh and Dublin/Monaghan bombings. The truth is still being witheld, with regard to both False Flag Operations, within Dublin Castle, and is directly resposnible for the ongoing political internment of Seamus Daly.

Thruthtellers on such matters are generally assassinated or meet an untimely death, in the ongoing Dirty War in Ireland. I believe the lawyers Pat Finnucane and Rosemary Nelson were assassinated by the British, because they were repositories of considerable client privilged information, that would confirm all of these facts. They were also the two most effective lawyers in garnering international help, with regard to the systemic corruption and perversion of the course of justice, within all elements of the establishment in Occupied Ireland.

Seamus Daly is yet another innnocent fall guy, politically interned by remand, like the Craigavon 2, the Guildford 4, the Birmingham 6, to fill the vaccum created by an absence of a proper conviction. The Omagh Bombing, was as much a British Secret Service Operation, as was the Dublin and Monaghan bombings by British agents and the use of Pedophile rings by British Intelligence, is the glue that binds all parties together, in secrecy, in an age where loyalty is at a premium. There were more than 62 casualties of both atrocities and the British still have not found the perpetrators, which creates the vacuum, that requires an innocent fall guy, such as Seamus Daly.

The considerable number of  victims, from such atrocities, creates the false political climate in Ireland, to enable the British, to use Ireland, their first colony, as their backdoor laboratory, perfecting counter-insurgency techniques, to be exported worldwide, to Governments, who use this expertize, to quell all internal dissent. A byproduct of this activity, is a generted climate of fear, that prevents many, asserting their rights and empowering their communities with their natural birthrights. The internment by remand of the innocent victims of politcial internment in Occupied Ireland, requires the collaboration of politcians, lawyers, judges, police, state prosecutors and the Prison Adminstration, which is the result of an extennsive, network of blackmailed pedophile rings, which administer Occupied Ireland for the British. Mentored Child Rape, Political Internment, division, dis-information and paedophile blackmail are the principal tools used by Britain's Secret Services, to perpetuate their oppression.

Please follow the video link below and it will also take you at the end to another video  of Annie Macheon, a former MI5 agent, who elaborates on this matter.


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I have attempted to explain recently, on the political whoremasters of Child Rape in Ireland with recent articles, how British secret services in Ireland, are using Child Rape, to infiltrate, control and pervert, all of the politcal parties, in the Irish establishment, including the junta in Occupied Ireland, which are, as result, subservient to London. If that were not serious enough, they are committing further crimes, in perverting the course of justice, extending their Dirty War, which employs Dirty Tricks, to infiltrate policing, the judiciary, the DPP's office and the Prison Administration. Many people voted for the now almost defunct Irish Peace Process, on the back of promises made to a war weary people, twenty years ago, that there would have be a Reconciliation & Truth Commission, along with Justice. Neither of these elements have materialized. Political policing, secret diplock courts, years of political internment without trial, continue, because the course of justice has been perverted by MI5, Britain's secret police, who have clearly compromised both the judiciary, and the DPP's office, with their perverted manipulation, and the use of their black book. The internment of both Marian Price and Martin Corey, are the best known examples of numerous cases of political internment without trial, that has happened. It is meant to intimidate and silence opposition, in what is clearly an undemocratic, sectarian, corrupt, occupation by the British, in Ireland. These Irish victims of British oppression, desperately need international help, to have justice and freedom in their own land. I am reluctant from experience to be involved in any campaign for justice, unless I am certain of all the facts. I am absolutely satisfied, that Seamus Daly is an innocent man. Do not take my word for it, you can do your own research, but once you are convinced, as I am, I would ask you to please share these facts, as far and often as you can, because they will be generally censored. I would also ask you to network internationaly on this campaign.

The Internment of Seamus Daly, mirrors exactly what happened to myself, almost 40 years ago in London, at the birth of my first born son. I was arrested going to the hospital, after i was informed by telephone, that my wife had gone into labour. I was told that I was going to be charged with several political murders in England. By the time I was released, my wife had given birth, but was unconscious, and close to death, as a result of being incorrectly medicated, following my absence, to sign the document necessary, and give the appropriate information, related to my wife's blood type and previous medical history, so that she world not receive inappropriate medication. The doctors apologized to me and were extremely worried about her survival at the time. Fortunately, they are both alive and well today in Occupied Ireland. 

The case of Seamus Daly, is the umpteenth example of the DPPs Office in Occupied Ireland, being as corrupt as it was 40 years ago, colluding with the British Dirty War, that includes sectarian, political, policing. A broad unified front, needs to be organized, to uncover, the corruption, that affects every activist, resisting British Rule in Ireland, along with uncovering the corrupt collaboratiors, of a fake peace process, that has neither a Truth & Reconciliation or a Justice element, to it. As Ms. Trainor articulated with clarity, in the above recording, this material needs to be assimilated for international bodies such as the UN, and for the public to be informed of it's consistent history and pattern of perveting the course of justice, by all the political parties and bureaucrats involved. As was clearly pointed out in the interview, this is the same method of political internment, employed in the internment of Martin Corey, Marian Price, Sean Hoey and numerous others, so there is clearly, MI5 interference in the PPS Office. It is also the same perversion of justice, that has innocent people like the Craigavon 2, serving long prison sentences, like the innocent Guildford Four and the innocent Birmingham Six. The H-Block/Armagh Commitee, is the best example, that I can remember, of a broad front, to articulate these issues. Without Unity and Clarity, this task is difficult. Many people are not getting involved, not because of fear, but because of contradictiory public statements on prisoner issues, which are muddying the waters and causing misunderstandings. The British probably believe, that they are in a win, win, situation on this, in that the more public the issue becomes, the more it refreshes the False Flag of Omagh, which causes further division. A solution needs to be found on this, and I believe a focussed campaign on what is actually happening at the DPP or PPS s Office and the serial nature of their Diplock, conveyor belt internment, needs to be internationally revealed. Maybe this is the best way forward, combined with making it an international issue, along with liasing, with the UN rapponteur Juan Mendez, on psychological torture. Replacements need to be found, for the two Irish lawyers assassinated, by the British, who were very effective internationally on these matters.

MI5 Alex McCrory a Case History

'I told spooks — I'd rather serve a life sentence in prison than work for you'

Suzanne Breen,

A leading dissident republican last night sent a defiant message to MI5 –'I'd rather serve a life sentence in prison than work for you.'

Ex-IRA prisoner Alex McCrory returned to Grosvenor Road police station where less than a week ago, spooks dramatically entered his cell and tried to recruit him when he was under arrest.

He told the Sunday World how MI5 warned him that, without their help, he could face another lengthy jail sentence.

And he revealed how his 15-year-old son, who has no involvement with republicanism, was also arrested and held by cops at the same time in what he claims was a deliberate attempt to apply pressure to make him turn tout.

McCrory, from West Belfast, served 14 years in the H-blocks for the Provisional IRA. He was one of the youngest ever blanketmen, joining the dirty protest when he was just 17.

The veteran republican refused point-blank to have any dealings with the three spooks who approached him on Monday night, ordering them to "get the f**k out of my cell".

McCrory said: "No amount of money MI5 could pay, nothing they could say or do, could ever get me to work for them. They told me their offer was just between me and them and not to do anything silly like go to the press.

"I'm speaking out because spooks skulk in the shadows, totally unaccountable. It's time to flush them out. There's no shame in being approached by MI5 – the shame is in working for them."

The republican revealed how MI5 had intensified their recruitment drive. Dozens of republicans and their friends were approached every week but most were "too embarrassed" to go public.

The entire encounter in Grosvenor Road was captured on the barracks' internal CCTV system. McCrory's solicitor, Kevin Winters, has written to the PSNI asking for the tapes.

Winters said: "The law allows MI5 to try to recruit people. What we object to is sinister developments like this where children are used to pressurise parents."

The lawyer has lodged a complaint with the Chief Constable and the Police Ombudsman.

One of the MI5 trio – who uses the name Harry – has repeatedly tried to recruit McCrory, ringing him at home and on his mobile. The republican logged every approach with his solicitor and even put Harry's phone number on the internet.

The latest attempt came after McCrory was arrested by police in connection with a local, non-political dispute in the Falls Road area. He was interrogated by detectives about allegedly making threats during the incident.

McCrory said: "After police had questioned me, two plain-clothes guys walked into my cell. Another stood outside. I knew immediately they were MI5. I said 'get the f**k out'.

"They told me to calm down. I pushed past them and told the civilian guard in the corridor these men had entered my cell against my will. He said everything was being recorded on CCTV."

McCrory returned to his cell and sat on the mattress. He picked up an autobiography of an ex-SAS man which was there and started reading it. "This annoyed the spooks because I wouldn't even look at them," he said.

The intelligence officers, one of whom was 'Harry', referred to Massereene and Constable Ronan Kerr's murder. "They said compared to the Provisional IRA campaign, dissident activity was futile," McCrory revealed.

"They asked why an old school republican like me was wasting time with 'these dissidents'. They told me I'd eventually come a cropper." The spooks claimed legendary republican heroes like Bobby Sands and Brendan Hughes were turning in their graves in horror at dissident attacks.

McCrory saod the MI5 men claimed they wanted to "build a relationship" which could benefit both him and them: "They said I could be jailed for up to seven years in connection with the charges I was being questioned about.

"They remarked it had been my 50th birthday a few weeks earlier and I was too old to go back to jail. They said they'd friends in high places who could make my current problems disappear if I co-operated.

"They said my 15-year-old son was now in trouble with the police and surely I didn't want him to end up like I'd done, spending years in jail." As they left McCrory's cell, the spooks told him they'd spend the night in the police station – in case he changed his mind about working for them before he was charged the next morning.

McCrory appeared in Belfast Magistrates Court on Tuesday charged with making threats. He is strongly denying the charges. His son was released from custody but a file has been sent to the PPS.

McCrory, who comes from a well-known republican family, became disillusioned with Sinn Féin's political strategy and support for the PSNI in recent years.

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Irish: Séamas Ó Conghaile or Ó Conghalaigh, June 5,1868 – May 12, 1916) was a Scottish-born Irish socialist politician and fighter against British rule. He became involved in the socialist movement while in Scotland, and when back in Ireland founded the Irish Labour Party. He was Commandant of the Dublin Brigade during the Easter Rising, and after being captured by the British, was shot by firing squad.


If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs.
Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.

'Those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword' say the Scriptures, and it may well be that in the progress of events the working class of Ireland may be called upon to face the stern necessity of taking the sword (or rifle) against the capitalist class..."

Under a socialist system every nation will be the supreme arbiter of its own destinies, national and international; will be forced into no alliance against its will, but will have its independence guaranteed and its freedom respected by the enlightened self-interest of the socialist democracy of the world.

Such a scheme .. the betrayal of the national democracy of Industrial Ulster, would mean a carnival of reaction both North and South, would set back the wheels of progress, would destroy the oncoming unity of the Irish labour movement and paralyse all advanced movements while it lasted.

The cause of labour is the cause of Ireland, the cause of Ireland is the cause of labour.

Theobald Wolfe Tone

Theobald Wolfe Tone (1763-1798) was born of the Protestant ascendancy class in Ireland. He was also a rebel, one of the founding members of the United Irishmen, and is regarded as the father of modern Irish Republicanism. He organized a convention of elected delegates that forced Parliament to pass the Catholic Relief Act of 1793, and staged a rebellion against British rule in Ireland in 1798. He was captured by British forces in Donegal and taken prisoner. Before Tone was due to be executed he attempted suicide and consequently died from his wounds a week later, thus avoiding being hanged for his involvement in the 1798 rebellion.

Some of his quotes:

"To subvert the tyranny of our execrable government, to break the connection with England, the never-failing source of all our political evils and to assert the independence of my country - these were my objectives. To unite the whole people of Ireland, to abolish the memory of all past dissensions, and to substitute the common name of Irishman in place of the denominations of Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter - these were my means."

"If the men of property will not support us, they must fall. Our strength shall come from that great and respectable class, the men of no property".

As can be garnered from his sentiments, Tone, although a Protestant, recognised the oppression and injustices inflicted upon the indigenous Irish Catholic people by the British ruling class, and wanted nothing more than to discontinue British rule in Ireland with the aim of creating an egalitarian Ireland independent of the British crown, and one where "Protestant, Catholic, and Dissenter" could live in peace and harmony and as equals.

I ask you, what was wrong with that attitude then? And what is wrong with it now?

By Wikiquote

by Billy the Prod

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Victims of IRA atrocities say they have been "stabbed in the back" by the Government after being told they would get no help in their legal battle for compensation from Libya.

The dictator's Semtex was used in dozens of IRA attacks across the UK, including Enniskillen and Ballygawley in Northern Ireland and Harrods and Warrington in England.

However, as victims slammed the Government snub last night, fresh hope emerged when Labour leader Ed Miliband said if he became Prime Minister he would pressurise the Libyans.

A damages case was brought in the US courts but collapsed seven years ago. An email obtained by a UK newspaper showed how Tony Blair, with the knowledge of the Foreign Office, intervened on behalf of Gaddafi over the compensation claims.

It led to a deal between Libya and the US in which American victims of Libyan-sponsored terrorism received multi-million-pound payments but UK victims received nothing.
The UK victims have continued their campaign and David Cameron had promised to help. Last year, Mr Cameron appointed Sir Kim Darroch, his national security adviser, to assist in what families hoped would be a concerted effort to secure compensation.

But now Sir Kim has written to victims' relations and lawyers telling them the Government cannot intervene on their behalf.

Sir Kim wrote: "Individual compensation claims are best pursued through private campaigns. So the Government will not directly lobby for payment of specific claims."

Enniskillen Poppy Day bomb survivor Stephen Gault said: "It doesn't surprise me that the British Government has done this. Tony Blair has stabbed the back of the innocent victims yet again.

"He was part of the negotiating team when the Americans secured compensation but he did nothing. He is afraid to go against Sinn Fein and the IRA.

"The whole thing is rotten. The British Government is rotten and we have just been stabbed in the back yet again. We thought we would have an ally in the Conservatives but that is not the case as they have let us down again.

"I would feel betrayed by the British Government. It always seems they are appeasing the terrorist. This is just another nail in the coffin for victims."

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said yesterday: "I met recently with Sir Kim and I impressed upon him the importance of the Government continuing to support the victims in their quest for recognition and indeed for compensation, it is therefore disappointing to read the contents of the letter which has been issued to the victims.

"It is something we will be raising with whoever forms the next government because we have had a Labour government and a Conservative government, neither of whom have been able to help victims from across the UK who are seeking compensation from Libya."

Jonathan Ganesh, who survived the Canary Wharf bombing in London, said: "It is very disappointing. These people desperately need help. I have met many of these people. I have been to Northern Ireland several times, all different people of different religions have been affected.

"And we must remember the Americans were compensated." - Belfast Telegraph

At the end of 1985 Frank Hegarty from Derry worked with the Quarter Master General’s department in the IRA, helping shift weapons which were starting to arrive, which included plastic explosives from Libya. After the Hunger Stirke, Libyan Intelligence and the IRA made a deal. The Libyans would supply hundreds of tons of weaponry and millions of pounds to the IRA, provided  they made life hell for Mrs Thatcher’s government, something the IRA rank and file were enthusiastic about. Libya wanted revenge for the expulsion of their Diplomats from London, after policewoman Yvonne Fletcher was shot.

Martin McGuinness a former Chief of Staff of the IRA, had fellow Derryman, Hegarty cleared to be part of the unit, that moved 80 AK-47’s, smuggled from Libya in August 1985, to two temporary dumps in Roscommon and Sligo, where they were discovered by the Garda Special Branch, who were responsible for everything that happened in that area, and raided the dumps. The British & Irish intelligence, came very close to discovering, the Libyan arms smuggling at a very early stage. Hegarty realized that his previous expulsion from the IRA would become known, when the IRA investigated the arms seizure and that he would be the prime suspect, for betraying the weapons, so he fled to England where MI5 kept him in a safe house. The IRA learned, that Martin McGuinness had cleared Hegarty for the operation and was aware of Hegarty's previous expulsion. McGuinness wnated to be Chief of Staff again but the whole episode sullied his reputation. He enticed Hegarty back home, with assurances to both Hegarty and his mother but after Hegarty was interrogated by an IRA Internal Security Unit, he was executed, saving McGuinness from the ame fate in the process. 

McGuinness is a very wealthy man today, as a result of all the money the British and Gadaffi gave him, so it seems rather odd that the victims do not pursue him, as he is the only wealthy individual around, who was involved with the plastic explosives, that killed all of the victims. The victims would need to do so promptly, before the same fate happen's to McGuinness, as happened to Gadaffi. McGuinness is now an old man and will soon be going where  he belongs from now on, into the dustbin of history. Apparently, there are many around, who would like to speed that process up, so the victims would need to act quickly, to recover his vast wealth offshore, otherwise they will miss out once again, as they have no chance of ever recovering monies from Libya, which is in total disarray, after Gadaffi met such a cruel death. It would indeed be a sad day for the victims, if McGuinness was buggered and tortured like Gadaffi, before they received their money, but for others, there would be celebrations all over Ireland, as when his good friend Thatcher, finally kicked the bucket. There were many young boys, buggered in Ireland like Gadaffi, during McGuinness's watch. Personally I have forgiven him not because I wanted too but because it sets my own Spirit Free and besides I believe everyone is entitled to jury of 12 jurors , so it's not for me to judge.However there is little doubt that he has betrayed the Irish people of no property, who gave him mandate to lead, instead of being a twisted servant of Her Majesty, the Queen of England.

Monday, 30 March 2015


Denial of Child Rape by Irish families and friends never ceased to amaze me for many years. Children are being raped within Irish families, everyone knows it is happening, but they would prefer shoot the messengers, while almost everyone, at the same time, pretends to be surprised, that the children are behaving in dysfunctional ways. Worse in the dysfunctional, island of Ireland, many Irishwomen discuss it among themselves or seretly to outsiders, to get knowledge of the situation, but are in denial about the real cause. Children are sent for all kinds of superficial “help” where for politcal reasons, the real problem, which is child rape, is avoided. These enablers relieve their conscience with this superficial help and praying, while drawing more attention to themselves, in the process, rather than confront the monster of institutional child rape, in both parts of Ireland. Even if the issue arises, there is even further denial, with the use of the term "child abuse"  being used, rather than the accurate term, 'Child Rape.'

Ireland has the fourth highest suicide rate in world, among teens in certain categories and the denial in Ireland, about this horrific crime is pervasive. It is rationalized away in communities, with conversations such as; she is like that because she was born premature; he avoids his parents because he is on drugs and it upsets them, his parents are working hard so that he can have the best, while his life is in shreds as he skims through school friends and seems to be always in trouble or stealing. Why doesn’t she want to kiss uncle Patrick? I cannot understand. Her mother is on drugs and has an alcohol problem, but she would never let her child do that. In families of drug users, promiscuity, alcoholism and child rape, they will often ask, why she shames her family, by getting into fights, running away or stealing all the time? They will usually avoid the cause of the problem or pretend it is not happening. The Criminal State method of avoiding responsibilty and covering it up, is through a network of handpicked, nepotism, with constant inter-agency referral and "professional" client priviliged confidentiality, as a distraction, from the real problem of cultivated Child Rape. When enabling politcians are confronted, they wil use soundbites, based on thes referral agencies of official denial.

Women who visit neighbours, regularly notice for example, the oldest daughter never leaving her younger sister’s side, while her Mother’s boyfriend is around, even if it causes a fight, when the boyfriend wants the little sister, to accompany him to the kitchen on some excuse. This is an example of non-normal behaviour, but Irishwomen, often pretend it is, with the mother usually taking the side of the boyfriend, forcing the little girl to go with him. Irish women often do this for financial benefit, which is part of the problem, for other women it means they don’t have to satisfy a sexual need, that they thmeleves don’t wish to perform. For others it is a fear of violence, for other selfish, self-centred, women, it is simply too much of a bother to get involved in the messy horrific affairs of Child Rape, especially if they hardly survived it themselves, so it carries on, in an inter-generational nightmare of spreading an insidious community, disease.

This is the root of the problem. Denial of Child Rape keeps every generation in such Irish families, trapped, unless it is stopped by someone telling the truth, publicly. When families and friends, stay in denial amongst themselves, they are forcing Irish children, deeper into a surreal world, which the child needs to create, in order to survive. This is why many survivors, that have been raped as children, appear to be compulsive liars when talking about their everyday lives. They are forced to survive, by bringing their make believe world, into the real world. To survive they have made both, one and the same. They truly cannot differentiate, between the true and the false. This has been happening for generations in Ireland.  A few brave women, have decided it stops with them, and they will not let it happen to future generations of Irish children. Only the truth, will set these survivors and their future generations of Irish children free. Sadly most Irish women, would prefer, if they kept quiet and allow them to keep on pretending, it never happened. This denial has enabled dysfunctional homes, to spread the crime of Child Rape, into every community in Ireland, to the point, that the whole island, that both dysfucntional and fractured in the extreme.

While this problem exists in every society, Ireland because of 800 years of British colonial child rape, and more than a thousand years of exploitaion by the Roman Catholic Church, as opposed to the Celtic Church, both secretly using Child Rape, as an excellent tool of social control over Ireland. By a combination of violence, blackmail, manipolation and mentoring their pawns, in this dark art of social control, they have created an establisment in Ireland, with a bureaucracy of secrecy, to control the island. Truthtellers are disappeared, discredited, intimidated, jailed and executed. Recent British law, now states that the secrets of Child Rape in state institutions, such as orphanages, correctional facilities or homes, housing children, taken from their family home, making them the most vulnerable, without a blood guardian, are to remain secret, under lock and key, for a minimum of 75 years. The Government of the so called 'free state' of Ireland, is currently about to introduce, precisely the same legislation. Coincidence? I don't think so, neither does the seasoned observers of the machinations of covert British Rule in Ireland. An extremely expenisve inquiry, a few yers ago in the south of Ireland, concluded, that Child Rape was both "SYSTEMIC" and ENDEMIC." Despite this horrific conclusion, neither the Government or the people have learned anything, as can be seen from the proposed legislation of secrecy. The north of the island of Ireland, is already under the oppression of existing British secrecy laws, that have excluded, places like Kincora Boys Home and Nazareth Lodge, from a British mainland inquiry, for political reasons. All of the extablishment politcal parties in Ireland, are guilty of a long, criminal history, of enabling Child Rape, as is an emerging politcal party, that may well be part of the next Governing Coalition in the south, while already being part of the Governing Junta in the north. I will post more about this in the future, if I am still alive and I hope this post, will help you realize, how important it is, to lift the secrecy of Child Rape in Ireland. Friends of these survivors, are about to go public. I urge you to support them, as they are confronting some very powerful, ruthless, extremely wealthy, powerful, people in both Ireland and the UK. This subject is heavily censored, and if you feel it is the right thing to do, it will help be of great assitance, if you can share this. In an informal chat on Facebook yesterday, you can find a way to contact these brave women, from the link below. They desperatley need your support along with the thousands of children, still being raped in Ireland on a daily basis.


An Earthbag Round House For Less Than $5,000

A Solution to Ireland's growing Homelessness?

Looking for a very stable design which does not only come cheap from the start but also makes you save money in the long run. Due to its shape and materials used, the earthbag house has less area than your normal home, so it’s cheaper to keep it supplied with energy. Don’t be scared if you never built circular structures before, because the example shown here used a technique called the compass arm which you can easily learn. Recycled or salvaged materials were used wherever it was possible, like in the door or on the floor. The tutorial has photos showcasing almost each step of the building process so if you decide to replicate the project, use it to help and guide you along the way. At the end you will have the comfort of 450 ft² with less than $5,000 spent overall.
Earthbag-House-2Starting on the rubble trench foundation. Railroad ballast was used for the rubble.
Earthbag-House-14Covering over our sediment fabric with pea gravel.
Earthbag-House-15Two rows of stem wall – 80 lb sack concrete. 2 strands of barbed wire go between every row. The thing in the middle is our building compass, made from chain link parts, used to keep the walls round and level.
Earthbag-House-16Firewood used to hold the barbed wire in place. The row of gravel bags going in.  When tamped, they are about 2 inches thick.
Earthbag-House-18Door frame up.  The bottom layer of bags are double bags filled with gravel to keep water from wicking up into the walls.
Earthbag-House-19A strip anchor to hold the door in place. Filling a bag with a mix of clay soil from on-site and “screenings” from a gravel quarry.
Earthbag-House-20Mary Jane and Morgan on right
Earthbag-House-4The little window near the camera will also be a cold storage in the winter. Note our first lintel over window in back.  This keeps the wall stable over an “open” area such as a door or window.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


MP for Derry, Gregory Campbell asks British Junta in Occupied Ireland to Regulate the Sale of 'spirit boards'.

The DUP's Gregory Campbell was told by the Junta, after he had the cheek to ask them the question, that the MI5 Junta, will not regulate the sale of Ouija boards in Ocupied Ireland. Secret societies all over Ireland, were celebratring last night. Satanic Paedeophile rings from all over Belfast, to Kilkenny, to Birr Castle, to the Hellfire Club outside Dublin, engaged in secret orgies of Child Rape, to celebrate the occasion.The Orange Order had hundreds of goats, imported from Killorglin, for their bestial celebrations. The Catholic Church requisitioned thousands of altar boys, to celebrate the occasion. Sinn Fein also cracked open all of their safe houses for the occasion. Secret Societies were mushrooming all over Ireland last night, in secret seances with 'spirit boards' and Ouija boards. Irish Blog cannot reveal further details, due to new legislation being introduced by the Government in Ireland, that will jail journalists, who reveal or make public any details, particularly if the childrne are bought, from orphanages or industrial schools. Suffice it to say, there was considerable weeping and gnashing of kid's teeth, both human and goat, in every part of Ireland.

A DUP Spokesperson says: "Mr Campbell was asked about the issue by a constituent, and tabled the question on their behalf. He has passed on the reply to his constituent for their information." The constituent, who is believed to be a papist widow, with 20 young children(some of them twins and triplets)was traumatized by the news, was sedated with alternative medicine yesterday. However it hasn't worked, because she now fears being kneecapped or disappeared, for using the medicine. She is now said to be considering Jonathan Swift's Modest Proposal, of selling her children to be eaten, as a better alternative, to the bleak future she now fears is ahead, for her children, in the Occupied Territories of Ireland, which is facing the prospect of fierce Thatcherite cuts, adminstered by the Junta.

The Satanic boards are a piece of wood with letters, numbers and planchette, that indicate the spirit's message, by spelling it out during séances and satanic rituals, which include child rape and human sacrifice on special occasions. The Ouija boards are a source of great disturbance for God Fearing DUP Bible thumpers. The DUP Fuerher, Peter Robinson and his wife Iris, often talk of the a time when their home was haunted by Provo spirits, leading to the discovery of an Ouija board in their attic. The Fuerher's wife Iris, recalls an inexplicable incident which caused the couple to move a new home. It is also believed to have driven her into the arms of a toy boy for comfort, but she has moved on, after psychiatric counseling and now prefers women's company.

Iris said: "We were renting a house at Lenaghan, one of Belfast's quiet, residential areas. From the moment we moved in, I hated the place. I really can't explain the atmosphere but it was definitely eerie.I recall one time when I awoke to the sound of someone moving around downstairs. At first I just lay there listening. Then Peter wakened and, like me, he too heard the noise. We were certain there was an intruder." Mr Robinson further explained, "I assumed we had a burglar. I grabbed a stool and went to investigate. To my amazement, there was no one there. A few days later friends visited and they also heard noises. Yet, after searching the place, we discovered nothing. It was only when we were moving that we found things like Ouija boards in the attic. At some point the house had been a venue for occult practices. We were happy to leave." It is now believed to have been the headquarters, of the MI5 Pedophile Ring, of a notorius gang in Belfast. Gregory Campbell said he will not be 'dictated to or deflected' after receiving a death threats following his comments to the Junta, while Gerry Adams responded to Campbell's comments by issuing the order, "break these bastards."

PHUKET: The Phuket Gazette joins the rest of the island in extending its condolences to the family of young Scotsman Liam Colven, who died at a newly-opened shooting range in Thalang from a gunshot to the head last weekend (story here).

News of the death has resonated in the social media as the story touches on so many relevant issues here in Phuket, including the widely-perceived, yet statistically unproven, high incidence of foreigners who choose the island as a ‘last resort’ destination to end their lives.

Detailed accounts of what specifically led to Mr Colven’s death have yet to be revealed as this goes to press. By all accounts, it followed a heated telephone argument that sent him in search of a place ‘to shoot’ – a wish quickly and easily obliged to by a local taxi driver in Thalang, home to the island’s newest and growing number of tourist-oriented shooting ranges.

Reaction among older readers is almost unanimous in recognizing that the greatest tragedy is the young age at which Liam’s life ended: just 21. Many of us remember the intense emotions that engulfed us when we were of a similar age, when a broken heart or similar negative passion could feel so overwhelming as to make life itself seem no longer worth living.

Most of us who have lived through similar experiences see in hindsight that they ultimately make us stronger, more insightful and wiser in the long run, deepening our appreciation for this inconceivably precious gift of sentient existence – even if it comes at the stiff admission price of being aware of one’s mortality.

The issue of terminally-ill patients in chronic pain choosing to end their own lives, as well as to have such decisions respected and supported by society, are often understood, but the Gazette deeply laments deaths like this one among young people apparently acting on impulse alone.

As for the proliferation of tourist-oriented shooting ranges on the island, we hope this tragedy will at least prompt authorities to review their role in the island’s tourism industry. Do we really want island roads lined with huge billboards filled with graphic images promoting gun use?

Further, is it wise to allow such facilities on a tourist island that has at least once been linked to the ongoing insurgency in the Deep South, where more than 6,000 people have been killed over the past decade and the sight of soldiers carrying automatic assault rifles is all some school children have ever known?

We need to carefully consider how well these shooting ranges really mesh with the oft-stated goal of attracting ‘quality tourists’, as well as the wider safety ramifications of handing over firearms and ammunition to each and every tourist who asks for them, no questions asked.

After all, in this day and age, it is far from inconceivable that the next tragedy could involve a customer turning his rented weapon on fellow shooters, with even more horrific results.

This article first appeared in the March 28 – April 3 issue of the hard-copy Phuket Gazette newspaper