Saturday, 2 February 2008



Ah weren't we the rare oul' stock?
Spent the evenin' gettin' locked
In the Ace of Hearts
Where the high stools were engaging,
Over the Butt Bridge, down by the dock
The boat she sailed at five o'clock
"Hurry on lads", said Whack,
Or before we're there we'll all be back
Sayin' carry him if you can,
Oh the Crack was Ninety in the Isle of Man.

Before we reached the Alexander Base
A hell of a ding dong we did raise
In the bar of the ship we had great sport
As the boat she sailed out from the port
Landed up in the Douglas Head
Enquiring for a vacant bed.
To the dining room got shown
By a decent woman up the road.
Sayin',"Ate that if you can,"
The Crack was Ninety in the Isle of Man.

Next morning went for a ramble round
To see the sights of Douglas Town.
All went in for a mighty session
In a pub they call Dick Darbies.
All got drunk by half-past three;
To sober up went swimmin' in the sea
Back to the digs for the spruce up
While waitin' for the rosie
Ah we all drew up our plan
The Crack was Ninety in the Isle of Man.

That night we went to the Texas Bar
Came back down by horse and car.
Met Big Jim and all went in
To drink some wine in Yate's.
The Liverpool girls, it was said,
Were all to be found in the Douglas Head
McShane was there in a tie and shirt
And the foreign quarewans he tried to flirt,
Sayin' "Here girls, I'm your man,"
The Crack was Ninety in the Isle of Man.

Whacker fancied his good looks;
With an Isle of Man woman he was struck.
But a Liverpool lad was by her side.
And he throwin' 'the jar into her.'
Whacker thought he'd take a chance,
He asked the quare one out to dance.
Round the floor they stepped it out
To Whack it was no bother.
Everythin' was goin' to plan
Oh The Crack was Ninety in the Isle of Man.

Well the Isle of Man woman fancied Whack,
But your man stood there till his mates came back
Whack! they all whacked into Whack
And Whack was whacked out on his back.
The police force arrived as well,
Banjoed a couple of them, I'll tell,
Ended up in the Douglas jail,
Until the Dublin boat did sail,
Deported every man,
The Crack was Ninety in the Isle of Man.

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Irish Horse Racing 7min Documentary

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Revolutioncycle Ireland

Video diary following 1000km training cycle in Egypt from Aswan to Alexandria

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Surfing Ireland

A no brainer little surf vid.

Most surfing is by cain and some more with William Johny n jack.
William doen the jumps on kite and im the one falling about the place.
Songs Green Machine by Kyuss who kick ass

Been geten some good feedback, cheers everyone!

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The West Clare Wrenboys

On the 26th December each year the Wrenboys take to the road. They visit each house in the locality playing music,dancing,singing and reciting poems. The style of set dancing in Clare is symbolised by the "battering" or foot tapping that goes on in time with the music. This clip was taken when set dancing was neither profitable or popular. Every time I look at this video it raises my heart another few beats. I love it!

In Ireland, St. Stephen's Day is the day for "Hunting the Wren" or "Going on the Wren." Originally, groups of small boys would hunt for a wren, and then chase the bird until they either have caught it or it has died from exhaustion. The dead bird was tied to the top of a pole or holly bush, which was decorated with ribbons or colored paper.

Early in the morning of St. Stephen's Day, the wren was carried from house to house by the boys, who wore straw masks or blackened their faces with burnt cork, and dressed in old clothes. At each house, the boys sing the Wren Boys' song. Such as:

The wren, the wren, the king of all birds,
On St. Stephen's Day was caught in the furze,
Although he is little, his family is great,
I pray you, good landlady, give us a treat.

My box would speak, if it had but a tongue,
And two or three shillings, would do it not wrong,
Sing holly, sing ivy--sing ivy, sing holly,
A drop just to drink, it would drown melancholy.

And if you draw it of the best,
I hope in heaven your soul will rest;
But if you draw it of the small,
It won't agree with these wren boys at all.

Sometimes those who gave money were given a feather from the wren for good luck. The money collected by the Wren Boys was used to hold a dance for the whole village.

There are different legends about the origin of this custom. One is that St. Stephen, hiding from his enemies in a bush, was betrayed by a chattering wren. The wren, like St. Stephen, should be hunted down and stoned to death. Another legend holds that during the Viking raids of the 700's, Irish soldiers were betrayed by a wren as they were sneaking up on a Viking camp in the dead of night. A wren began to eat breadcrumbs left on the head of a drum, and the rat-a-tat-tat of its beak woke the drummer, who sounded the alarm and woke the camp, leading to the defeat of the Irish soldiers and the continuing persecution of the wren

by clarebannerman

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The Claddagh Story part 1

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Peter Irish- Master Juggler/Juggling Video

50k views is ridiculous, this is the one of the coolest videos out there. awesome juggling, awesome footbag, and good editing and music. very nice

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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Israel tells Bush to phuk off..and Obama

It has been just revealed that the US will not attack the rogue state, which stands accused of developing it own nuclear weapons, in the Middle-east. During his recent whistle stop tour of the Middle-east, George Bush privately assured Israel, instead it will seek a "diplomatic solution" to the mounting crisis, which previously has seen the UN roundly condemn the country's government, for "fomenting international terrorism", "human rights abuses" "ethnic cleansing" and war crimes. George Bush has also condemned Israel for "failing to issue fast-food franchises, to US operators in accordance with current trade agreements".

Bush got straight down to assuring nervous world leaders, by conference call, that America had no intention whatsoever of using the big one, against Israel, despite its continuing contempt for international law.

"Hey, like, no way are we gonna go marching into Tel Aviv, guns blazing," quipped George. "Sure, it's a worry that they may have nuclear weapons, which are destablilising the whole region, but I reckon the way forward, is round the negotiating table. I mean sitting at the negotiating table, rather than walking round it. That would be stupid. No-one can have a proper discussion about nuclear weapons, while walking round and round the negotiating table."

Pressed by the UN as to how he thought any negotiations might go, Bush confided: "Well, like, we turn up and we say 'Listen, you just gotta lay off the nukes, the bulldozing of Palestinian real estate and the shooting kids and stuff' and then Ehud Olmert the Israeli Prime Minister replies 'Yeah, and what the fuc*k are you going to do about it, eh, just phuk off?' and then we move forward from there."
Suitably calmed by Bush's assurances, the UN and the assembled pimp hack pack, then pressed him as to how he was enjoying his Middle-east jaunt. "Wow, yeah, great," he enthused: "I can't wait to try your Bedouin baba ghanoush. You guys all eat baba ghanoush right? Yeah, great," he concluded, before quickly boarding a plane while shouting: "Get me to a McDonalds! Now, goddammit!.

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Monday, 28 January 2008

An Irish reply to a War Crimes Appologist

It appears you are not familiar with all of the bombs and terrorism as it was referred to then, that founded the state of Israel. You are occupying their land, what do you want them to do, lie down and die. Israel has murdered more than 40 Gazan people in the last two weeks. There have been no Israeli casualties, for a long time but you still keep bombing defenceless Gazans from the air, with your American warplanes.

The whole point of the article, is that Israel has created Gaza Concentration Camp, just like the fascists camps, Jews were enduring in Europe, thereby breaking International law. Israel uses American war planes to bomb strictly civilian areas, clearly a war crime. Israel occupies Palestinian lands contrary to International Law. Israel has nuclear weapons contrary to International law. What is a tiny country like Israel doing with atomic weapons, can you imagine if hundreds of small countries worldwide and thousands of small islands and territories, all had nuclear weapons to bully their neighbours, the world would be finished.

Oh ! no ! just because you think you are the chosen race, your believe you are entitled to Nuclear weapons. Suppose we all listened to our ego and said we are the chosen race. Suppose we in Ireland said we are now the chosen race and if Britain didn't leave our country within 24 hours, we would nuke London. You cannot have law order in the middle-east with such Egoism!.

Israel murdered the last Irish reporter, who told the truth about whats happening in the middle-east. Well the threat of Mossad, will not stop or silence Irish people like me telling the facts about your war crimes. Israel regularly commits war crimes and atrocities when they invade Jenin and Shatila refugee camps, along with Gaza Concentration Camp. Israel shot and bombed thousands of innocent, unarmed innocent women and children, just like the Nazi's gassed Jews in the Holocaust. Israel murdered several Irish people who were pacifist volunteers demonstrating against Israeli barbarism. They drove a bulldozer over a defenceless, pacifist young Irish girl, who was lying on the ground peacefully demonstrating and then reversed back over her body, to make sure she was dead when they broke her back.

It is incredible that an old Jewish civilization of talent and intelligence, after the holocaust experience, can commit such barbaric war crimes, almost on a daily basis. I am quite certain that the American taxpayers, would not be handing you, hundreds of billions of dollars, to commit such atrocities, if the international media, was allowed to tell the truth or the corporate pimp media were truthful in the US, of what is actually happening and you were making American taxpayers complicit, in your campaigns of murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing. It is a crime to stand idle while your soldiers are murdering so many people.

Did you ever wonder why these Zionists seem to have problems in every country in the World they travel. Is it possible that you are always right and the whole world who condemn you, are always wrong. I know there are many thousands of good, honest, humane, Jewish people world wide who do not agree with what is happening, it is time to organize and make your voices heard. Evil will prosper, while good people remain silent.

For those of you who disagree, I ask you to look into the eyes of Huda on Gaza beach and try to understand, or have some compassion, for a young Palestinian girl, whose lands have been invaded, turned into a Concentration Camp and family destroyed.

It is time to stop this barbarity, we the ordinary people have to stop it now !.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Gaza Concentration Camp an Irish Perspective

Everyone keeps referring to the Hamas terrorists. What about the state
terrorism of Israel, below is a video that was made by an intelligent
honest Jewish person. It shows that the Zionists in Israel, are doing
exactly what the Fascists in Europe did, more than 50 years ago. Israel
with Nuclear weapons and billions of US tax dollars have been trying to
bully Palestinians for more than 50 years. I am Irish and I do not take
sides, in distant wars, neither am I particularly fond of the Islamic
religion, in fact I detest all religions, I also understand there are
some very fine Jewish people. Two wrongs however, do not make a right
and what Israel is doing is very very wrong, its barbaric, and
inhumane. Its just as bad as what Hitler did and Israel is committing
war crimes, every day it uses warplanes to bomb totally civilian areas.
This latest chapter, using collective punishment of a whole people, by
imprisoning them, starving them, letting them die in hospitals without
electricity, is an en exact copy of what Hitler did in Warsaw to the
Jews. Concentration Camp Gaza is an Israeli war crime without any
shadow of a doubt.

has created Concentration Camp Gaza and killed international pacifists
including, Irish volunteers who wanted to settle this peacefully. You
cannot discuss this matter with Zionists because they are blinded with
racial hatred, of logic and fact. I do not support the indiscriminate
use of Islamic suicide bombers to resolve this either. If Israel keeps
attacking the Palestinian people you cannot blame them, for defending
their families and property with sticks , stones and firecrackers.

solution to all of this is very, very simple, every dog on the street
knows the answer. Israel should return to the Pre - 1967 borders in
their entirety and withdraw from all Palestinian land, including
east-Jerusalem totally and unequivocally. Israel should also give up
all its nuclear weapons with Iran also showing compliance. The UN
should ensure compliance, even if it has to disarm Israel itself and
remove them from the occupied terrortries. The Arab governments should
ensure that these International Jihadists are brought to heel and cease
their activities worldwide, immediately. The USA should withdraw
themselves totally from the middle-east, mind their own business, stop
aggravating the situation and stay out of it.

The alternative to all of this, is imminent World War 3, with Israel as the prime culprit using its illegal Nuclear Weapons..

am sick and tired of this whole problem, it has occupied the News
headline now for more than 50 years and all of my friends are sick of

George Bush is not part of the solution he is part of the
problem. He is not a peace maker, he is a warmonger, guilty of invasion
and war crimes, he should be taken out and shot, for the murder of more
than1,168,058 Arab people. The culture in the US is creating millions
of blood thirsty individuals, who can only make war and cannot make

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