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BLOGTROTTER: GENERAL FUCKWITTAGE: "'Serious fuckwittage' Bridget said loudly. 'Yeah' agreed Shaz, 'that guy's buried himself in his own fuckwittage.' A couple ..."

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BLOGTROTTER: Justice REAL Peace Ireland BLOGTROTTER: "With thanks to Justice REAL Peace Ireland - The..."

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BLOGTROTTER: TIME TO FIGHT FAT BASTARDS: "We have been already forewarned by Presidents of the greatest Capitalist country in the world. Fasten your seat belts Irish workers ..."


BLOGTROTTER: TIME TO FIGHT FAT BASTARDS: "We have been already forewarned by Presidents of the greatest Capitalist country in the world. Fasten your seat belts Irish workers ..."

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BLOGTROTTER: 'I D'ON'T F*****G LIP-SYNCH" GAGA IN A SCUM STATE: "' I attended the Lady Gaga concert last night in the Odyssey in Belfast and was absolutely delighted to learn at long last what Gaga has b..."

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BLOGTROTTER: PAEDO PROCESS IN BRITISH OCCUPIED IRELAND: "SURRENDER PROCESS Remind me, please: on the one hand, which army is today actively recruiting in the north, among both communities? And ..."

Friday, 22 October 2010


BLOGTROTTER: PERVERTED IRELAND'S MODEST PROPOSAL TO CUTBACKS: "The Paedo Party of Ireland have come up with their own particularly Irish solution, to massive cutbacks against the people of no property..."

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Sunday, 12 September 2010


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For decades the British Occupied state in the north of Ireland was
known as a joke of a ‘country,’ made-up of a Protestant state which
denied basic civil rights to half of its population, through
gerrymandering, and discrimination. Since its illegitimate birth in
1921, to its disgraced dissolution in 1972, only one political party
ever had power in its parliament i.e., the Ulster Unionist Party. Not
surprisingly then, traditional Irish republicans would have nothing
to do with this neo-colonial British created farce.

The British created what is now commonly known among ordinary people,
as the Scum State of British Occupied Ireland, which will be simply
termed here, from now on as the Scum State, through the Government of
Ireland Act in 1920, ignoring the democratic will of the Irish people
as expressed in an all-Ireland General Election of 1918, which Irish
republicans won 73 of the 105 parliamentary seats.

The British government as usual, did not accept the will of the Irish
people and immediately separated the Scum State from the rest of
Ireland, which is known as the unfree State, creating a mess on the
island of Ireland and handing total control exclusively to an Ulster
Unionist-dominated parliament, in the relatively small island of
Ireland. Now that a British sectarian carve-up had guaranteed an
artificial majority of loyal subjects to the Crown, a British
parliament set in Stormont, was seen as the solution. Obviously no
Irish republican would recognize such a travesty of justice, denial of
basic civil rights or outside interference in the internal affairs of
the Irish Republic.

As a result of this deviant British creation, decades upon decades of
war and resistance followed, with invasions by the British army, with
induced British sectarian death squads, indiscriminate no warning
bombings by the British all over Ireland, political assassinations,
shoot to kill state execution, political internment without trial,
torture, kangaroo courts, special powers acts, disappearance of
journalists, child rape as a political tool, censorship and continuous
violation of human rights including international war crimes, all
operated by Britain under the pretext of peace keeping.

Then a British Prime minister Tony Blair, a product of the British
secret services, attired in New Labour legitimacy, was hailed by their
controlled media mafia, for engaging with Ireland and bringing a
'peace process' that is today called a 'paedo process' on the Irish
street, which involved blackmailing elements within loyalism and
nationalism, into a one party state with the illusion of local,
democratic rule, while the reality couldn't be further from the truth.
The end result is akin to the combination of National Socialist German
Workers' Party of Hitler and the Brown shirts. A Fascist Nazi like
regime in a British Police Scum State.

Blair, selling the old wine of the Ulsterisation process, in the new
bottles of a 'paedo process', born in the spooky enabled child rape
brothels' of east and west Belfast, with their media mafia controlled
PR spin, of involving republicans and loyalists in an 'executive'.
Today organs of the British government such as the BBC world service,
appointed by British Royal charter, spin the illusion of the colonial
British acting in good faith in Ireland, keeping apart ‘two tribes’.
The British establishment is sanitizing its own well worn colonial
role worldwide, of divide and conquer, be it on a racial or religious
basis, selling their British Scum State in Ireland as incomprehensible
to all but the politicized and its victims.

Gerrymandering and discrimination have been replaced by a blackmailed,
fascist, police state. The blackmailed Evangelical-Protestant DUP and
child raping Nationalist elements have representation in a Stormont
Assembly, where the natives argue over the crumbs, like will Willy or
Paddy sell water to the city of Derry,while the colonial corporates
skim the cream. Like a spooky magician with smoke and mirrors the Scum
State is still a one-party state. The only difference is that instead
of being ruled by the British Unionist Party, it’s ruled by the
minions of the British Secret Service in London, lining their
off-shore bank accounts with the taxpayers money of the English
working class.

There is absolutely no real difference between the one-party state of
yesterday's Unionists and that of today, except the illusion of former
republicans being well paid, in undemocratic neo-colonial
institutions. They claim their reward on the backs of their dead
volunteers, saying they won the vote for the civil rights marchers and
their surrender was without defeat, because they achieved the
cancellation of one or two orange marches.

This illusionary local government is referred to as ‘the Executive’. A
subliminal admission that it is not a parliament, as the British Scum
State is not actually capable of electing a real government because of
its sectarian nature. All the spook media mafia waffle is propaganda
about ‘shared futures’, for the people of the Scum State, when the
real truth is they share less now than ever. With the ever expanding
role of the power of spook rule on the British Scum State, there is a
corresponding contraction of a genuine political progressive.

The British mentored Alliance Party of a group of supposed liberals,
expounding a middle position between British and Irish, while their
policies always turn out to be actually a continuation of British
sovereignty, in just a slightly more sanitized form. A pretence that
the Scum State can be magically transformed into a normal society,
based on a British created sectarian electorate, while Irish people
are refused the right to express their political will in meaningful
elections in their own country, will always ensure the injustice that
creates continuous revolution.

All of the parties in the Executive owe their allegiance not to the
electorate but to the British secrets services and their media, whose
sole purpose is to enforce British rule in Ireland, which takes us to
the colonial nature of policing in British Occupied Ireland controlled
by the Home Office in London with MI5, who are not answerable to any
representatives to the crown constabulary's Policing Board. Irish
citizens complain of increased instances of harassment by the the
British Police in Ireland in the form of the British paramilitary
police the PSNI.

Stop and search powers are still routinely used to intimidate the
families of traditional Irish republicans and political dissidents of
conscience. Republican opponents of the British Monarchy and its class
system of privilege, continue to experience arbitrary arrest and
detention without trial. These tactics are designed to instill British
fear and paranoia into Irish communities and culture.

The British oppression, repression and injustice in Occupied Ireland,
became clear last July, when a peaceful protest, against a fascist,
racist, Orange Order march, of a purely sectarian nature, the British
paramilitary-police of the PSNI responded with plastic bullets, water
cannon and attempts to mechanically bulldoze the local residents off
their own Irish and community streets.

The British partition of Ireland with their induced sectarianism,
maintains the division between the people of no property, fighting for
a living and jobs, making it easier to exploit all Irish workers. The
absolute necessity of the sectarian nature of the British Scum State
in Occupied Ireland, is confirmed by statistics such as 60 per cent of
applicants for rented British housing in the British Scum State are
Catholic and 40 per cent Protestant, while 60 per cent of the homes
actually go to Protestants as Irish people are forced to fight for a
roof over their own heads. Almost all of these housing estates in the
British occupied Scum State are segregated, with a lot of high walls
and barbed wire to separate workers on both sides, similar to the
Occupied Palestinian territories which the British created too.

The 'Monitoring Poverty and Social Exclusion report highlights an
increase in social inequality, with a steep rise in house
repossession, while the proportion of working-age adults not working
has risen to 34 per cent. It also says 12 per cent of children are
living in conditions described as “absolute poverty”.

Since the GFA and the surrender of weapons by the provisional IRA,
aside from policing powers still being kept in London, there has been
a retention of large amounts weapons for ex-RUC, UDR and local British
army personnel, along with retaining the hated RUC reserve, with an
overwhelming Protestant composition, while the Nationalist communities
are once again back to where they were at the start of the troubles
forty years ago, when the were burnt out of their homes by loyalists
armed to the the teeth, while they were left defenceless.

The British have removed restrictions on Orange marches into
nationalist areas again, while Gerry Adams' party only complain mildly
about these and the abolition of the Parades Commission! The Adam's
gang are collaborating with the Unionist veto, which is now stronger
than ever, as a result of even more concessions to a sectarian and
privileged British Scum State enabled by the richly rewarded Adams'

The obscenity that is the Scum State, is once again demonstrated by
their recent brutalization of Republican prisoners. The sectarian
make-up of the Prison warders in the Scum State, is synonymous with
thuggery and sectarian bullying, with their role in inflicting
repression and the maximum pain, well documented.

Last year the wife of the first minister of the Scum State attacked
gays as an “abomination” in the Scum State and said that
homosexuality was “viler” than child rape, which is regarded as
politically correct in the scum state's largest political party. Aside
form being wife of the first minister, she was herself a leading
elected representative. Her affair with a toy boy paid with Orange
political patonage and her full statement recently saying she has been
mentally ill for years, exposes the religious hypocrisy and bigotry of
Unionist politicians for all to see. So one of the ruling parties
enables child rape while the other condemns gays as being worse than
child rapists.

In a Scum State familiar with pogroms against Catholics and
immigrants, gay people would be very vulnerable. Her party was
compromised some years ago in the cover-up of an associate loyalist
paedophile brothel of children, for visiting British royalty, their
lords, their ladies and their top intelligence officials, raping Irish
children in Belfast. With the revelations of more than fifty years of
similar activity by the supposedly nationalist Adams family. The cover
up of child rape by the Adams family, with the help of the British
paramilitary police, ensured the British got everything they wanted,
from the surrender of the compromised Adams' party, in negotiations to
rubber stamp Ulsterisation. After fifty years of brave resistance with
many sacrifices, the genuine Irish cause for democracy, justice with
real peace without British interference in the island's internal
affairs, was taken backwards not forward by the Adams' paedophile
gang surrender.

The sectarian British Scum State is still a ‘Protestant state for a
Protestant people’, where Catholics are in fact third class citizens
of the British monarchy, subject to systemic discrimination in jobs,
housing, education and social attitudes. Oppression of Catholics is
used by the British to keep the Protestant workers onside. This was
the standard tactic ofBritish imperial divide and rule, in all of its
colonies worldwide and with its own working class at home.

Since the Adams'gang appointed representatives to a Policing Board
without power in 2007, the increased harassment by the British
paramilitary police, has trebled its stop and search operations over
last year to almost 10,000. Republican opponents, aside from this
harassment have been shot dead in cold blood unarmed by the Adams'
gang, who have been given carte blanche by the British, opposition, to
murder any traditional republican or political dissident they want.

The above is one of the remaining compiled dialectics by the
'DISAPPEARED' Irish journalist Brian Clarke, referencing sources as
diverse as Spiked and the Fifth International before he went missing.
Aside from lawyers and journalists already murdered by the
British/Adams/Loyalist regime, this journalist highly critical of
Adams' enabling the cover up of his brother's child rape and others in
his gang, has recently been 'DISAPPEARED' with an enforced media
blackout by the British in all of Ireland's media. Adams also stands
accused of a number of charges of covering up sex abuse allegations
against fellow republicans to enable a defeat and surrender to the
British. In this climate of censorship try to pass on this article to
you friends to update them as to what is really happening in British
Occupied Ireland.

JOIN THE IRISH CAUSE NOW ! Lobby your friends and pass it on !

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Sex Ireland: Adams Family 2 FAMILY VALUES OF A SCUM STATE


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At least one out of five Irish boys and one out of three Irish girls in British Occupied Ireland will be abused or raped before they reach the age of eighteen. Some of the conditions that arise as a result of abuse are: alcoholism, drug addiction, self-injury, prostitution, promiscuity, eating, sleeping disorders, migraines, back, stomach pains, sexual dysfunction and suicide.Later overeating, sex, alcohol and drugs block out or deaden painful memories of the abuse temporarily. 

The word “enabler” is used to describe people like leading politicians for example who provide an environment for paedophiles to operate in. It’s a secondary act of abuse against the innocent child. Enabling is illegal in Israel, where it is criminal in instances of failure to report child abuse or where reporting is required or mandated by law or where the enablers interfere with the course of justice. The head of Finland's Amnesty international's, Mr. Frank Johansson has just termed Israel a "scum state. Many agree. The President of British occupied Ireland's largest political party, Gerry Adams was elected in the full knowledge of a forced admission prior to his election, by one of the largest majorities of voters, including parents, in Britain's last General election.

The question Brian Clarke asked before he was 'DISAPPEARED' was ; 



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BLOGTROTTER: LET'S EAT IRISH BABIES IT'S POLITICALLY CORRECT I...: "'I grant this food may be somewhat dear, and therefore very proper for Landlords, who as they have already devoured most of the Parents, s..."

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Selfish Occupied Ireland Where Child Rape is Normal

This article is personal because I have a hard time wrapping my head around how any educated castle Catholic parent, can look their child in the eye and vote for a party with a President, who enables child rape, particularly in the wake of all the recent attention this matter has received in Ireland.


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Selfish Occupied Ireland Where Child Rape is Normal

This article is personal because I have a hard time wrapping my head around how any educated castle Catholic parent, can look their child in the eye and vote for a party with a President, who enables child rape, particularly in the wake of all the recent attention this matter has received in Ireland.

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Monday, 19 July 2010


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Custom UD mugs
with your fave defNow available
1.Paedo401 up75 down
Short for 'paedophile'. One who molests young children.
*Walking down the street when a men grabs a five year old child's ass. Somebody spots this and shouts "PAEDO!"*
by G Nov 23, 2003 share this
2.paedo329 up76 down
Short for paedophile. Abuser of children.
"I heard his dad was a dirty paedo"
by gramsci Jul 24, 2003 share this
3.Paedo123 up13 down
Pronounced 'Pedo', Paedo is a slang word for Paedophile, meaning the act of older people hooking up, perving on, following or wanting to get in close sexual contact with younger peers.
"My new teacher is such a Paedo, he keeps looking at me."
4.Paedo95 up382 down
From the Greek 'Paedo=Child Phile=Love'
Not a child molestor but a person romantically, physically and sexually attracted to children.
"Why are we so alone when we are so many"?
The worst, darkest group of 'designated perverts'
Pedophiles exist just like homosexuals exist. But there is a HUGE hysteria about a sexual orientation that has existed since the early times of humanity.
by Aries2004 Apr 27, 2005 share this
5.paedo101 up413 down
A person like you and me, who lives in self-denial from such a precious gift of loving children. You might demonize the term for your own evil, perverted needs (helped by the stupid scandalous media that only wants to make profit out of this taboo instead of finding the real truth) but when nobody is looking you are having a crush on a little girl.

From the Greek 'Paedo' which means 'Child' and 'Phile' which means 'Love'
A sexual orientation that has been demonized and criminalized for centuries.

It is simply having a romantic, physical and sexual attraction towards children. It has been heavily misused to compare pedophiles with child molestors. Two different things.
Most pedophiles do not ever molest any children. We have doctor, teachers, artists, policitians, your regular joe, anyone really who is a pedophile.
It is also used to deny children from their own romantic, affectionate and sexual rights.
There are pedophiles just as there are homosexuals. The big difference is pedophiles are todays 'designated perverts' by society in its big, increasing need to hate on someone. The more we keep pedophilia as a taboo and a dark-underground mystery the less we're gonna know the truth behind it.
by Aries2004 Apr 28, 2005 share this
See LINK for Details