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MI5 ‘hid’ abuse at boys’ home, says Army intelligence officer who was told to ‘stop digging’:
Posted by David Icke on Wednesday, 8 April 2015


The Irish Peace Process, which was touted by Gerry Adams and MI5, as a solution to the 'troubles' in British Occupied Ireland, was pitched on the model of the partially successful, process in South Africa. The critical element of Truth & Reconciliation, which was succesful in South Africa, has however been removed in Ireland, for very good reason by both parties, who simply cannot afford the transparent truth, for the reason, that neither Adams or MI5, would survive the truth. Child Rape was and is, a critical part of controlling the Process, just as it was, in creating the problem in the first instance. I have explained this at length in previous posts. The trauma suffered by the victims of Child Rape, leaves in many instances, an individual, who is absolutely vulnerable to mind control, by a perceived authority figure, by both manipulation and fear.

I grew up in the west of Ireland, in a home that can best be described, as a war zone between a "Blueshirt' father and a 'Republican' mother. As a result, I had many trauma symptoms, that are similar to people who grew up in homes of 'Child Rape. Gerry Adams is a good example of a person, who survived a home of Child Rape. A relatively innocent, proven example of Adams' surreal world, is when he cites, Monty Python's Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, as one of his iconic prison memories, that he and other POW's sang, after being beaten by prison guards. Problem is - the song was not written until after his release. This is jut one of numerous example of blatant lies, that the MI5 Peace Process is based on and the typical damage suffered by a Child of Rape, who cannot distinguish, the true from the false, and is the primary tool, used by MI5, to control the minds of False Flag Operations, such as the Omagh Bombing, and the 7/7 atrocity.

As a result of growing up in my home of trauma, where I perceived my Mother, as the victim of a British bloody-minded bully, I got involved in a lot of relationships with women, where my ego demanded, that I protect vulnerable women. One such case happened in 14 Algernon Road, London, the home of some of the Guildford Four, who were the innocent victims, falsely convicted of the Guildford bombings, outside London. I lived there for several years, after their conviction. I was a peaceful activist, for a Trotskyist Party of the International, with the Worker's Revolutionary Party. Other than the funeral of Irish hunger striker Michael Gaugan,  I was not involved in Irish political activity in London, up to that point.

One day, a young woman from Occupied Ireland arrived at 14 Algernon Road,  and shortly after her arrival, I could see she was in distress and lost in the big smoke of London as  an Irish country girl. I was involved with another woman at the time, but with my protective sense, I took her to the Irish Club in Quex Rd, where she could possibly acquaint herself with other Irishwomen When she saw that I already was in a relationship, she became suicidal and overdosed. After her return from hospital, I tried to be a friend as best I could, under the circumstances. She confided in me, that she had been sent, as part of a team to bomb London, with others arriving indirectly, later via Jersey. I could see she was not in a fit state, to make such calls herself and that she was under duress, where she was not making a free choice in the matter. I realized I would have to make contact with the IRA, to recover the situation. Thus began a long period of both of us, being under intense, 24 hour, surveillance, for an extended period of time, which is too bizarre to detail here. With the wisdom of hindsight, I am convinced, that what i was witnessing, was the the prototype of a false flag, which if successful, would have prevented the subsequent, proven innocence of the Guildford Four, who had lived at the same location.

During my many conversations with this Irishwoman, the name that constantly kept coming up regularly in conversation, which convinces me, that he was one of her British Intelligence handlers, by which she was being unwittingly controlled, was the name Kevin Fulton. Everything, that I subsequently witnessed, convinces me, that those who unwittingly participate in False Flag operations, are under the manipulated, mind-control of British intelligence, based on fear and most certainly are not free agents. If I were not certain, I would not publish this or betray a confidant. However it does affect the lives of many other innocent paople and I firmly believe that the truth will free my people, just as it did with the Guildford Four, and has done in my own case. Currently another, innocent Irishman is being prosecuted, as a fall guy, for another False Flag in Ireland, the Omagh Bombing, while MI5 protect their real perpetrators. He desperately needs your help urgently, and I write this, trusting, that like the Guildford Four, sufficent numbers of people worldwide, will do everything in their power, to ensure justice is served. If you care about this matter, please share this article to overcome intranet censorship. Below is one of many articles on the British agent,  Kevin Fulton.

Northern Ireland: The arrest of Kevin Fulton and the Omagh bombing

By Steve James 

The arrest of former British spy Kevin Fulton has implications that go beyond its impact on the current trial of Sean Hoey at Belfast Crown Court. Hoey, from South Armagh, has been in jail since 2003, and faces 58 charges relating to the Real IRA bombing of the town of Omagh, Northern Ireland, in 1998, which killed 29 people and was the worst atrocity of the Troubles.

The Real IRA split from the Provisional IRA in opposition to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement signed by Sinn Fein and the heads of state of the US, Britain and Ireland. The agreement established an executive and devolved government in the North, based on “power sharing” between the pro-British Unionist and the republican parties.

Fulton, a pseudonym, was subpoenaed by Hoey’s defence team. According to the Guardian, Fulton was to give information “about informants working for the Irish and British security forces inside the Real IRA.” Fulton had agreed to testify on condition that his own security could be guaranteed.

Fulton was arrested November 1 in London and flown to Northern Ireland. According to reports, over the next five days he was questioned on 30 occasions by the C2 serious crime unit of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)—most of which centred on details of murders that he had revealed in his recent book Unsung Hero, carried out during the period when he was working undercover within the Provisional IRA.

Although Fulton was subsequently released, it is expected that his arrest will effectively gag him and prevent any appearance at Belfast Crown Court. A former army intelligence handler, known as Martin Ingram, commented, “By arresting him during the trial, Fulton has had any chance of immunity from prosecution taken away.”

Ingram explained that Fulton is now at risk of incriminating himself if he gives details of his past at the Hoey trial.

Fulton’s arrest follows the British government’s decision to refuse him immunity for any statements he may make at the Smithwick Tribunal in Dublin into suggestions of Garda collusion in the fatal shootings of two senior officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1989. The Smithwick Tribunal is due to begin hearings next year.

Who is Kevin Fulton?

Fulton is one of a group of six former British agents that were inserted into paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland. The group came to public light in 2001 when they accused Britain of abandoning them and demanded pensions, compensation and trauma counselling. Since then, Fulton has made a number of serious allegations concerning alleged British agents and informants within both the Provisional IRA and the Real IRA.

A lower middle class Catholic youth from the border town of Newry, he had joined the British Army seeking excitement and a career. His undercover work followed a faked discharge from the army. He was first inserted into the Provisional IRA and then, when the organisation split, into the Real IRA.

In July 2001, the People newspaper published an article by journalist and writer Greg Harkin reporting that Fulton had appeared before the Stevens Inquiry investigating allegations of state collusion in paramilitary killings, where he charged that the man responsible for creating the Omagh bomb was a British informant.

Fulton’s claim, along with his insistence that he had issued several warnings to his intelligence handlers that a bomb attack was imminent, led Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan to launch an inquiry into the allegations.

O’Loan’s report, published December that year, stated that Fulton had contacted Northern Ireland’s Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC—now renamed as the PSNI) on five occasions between July and August 1998 regarding dissident republican activity. The report confirmed that there was a transcript of a tape confirming one of Fulton’s warnings.

O’Loan concluded that a man described as “A” should be considered a firm suspect for the Omagh bombing. His mobile phone was called from vehicles travelling towards Omagh, which have been identified as part of the attack. He also concluded that a further 10-minute warning had been made on August 4, 1998, giving notice of an armed attack in Omagh scheduled for August 15.

The report named three other individuals and another whose nickname was given. But the report was dismissed by Special Branch, despite one of those named being a known dissident republican. O’Loan noted that had this warning led to vehicle checkpoints being set up the Omagh bomb could have been prevented.

O’Loan also pointed to an internal RUC report which was highly critical of the Omagh investigation procedure, noting, for example, that the remains of the car used in the blast—vital to forensic evidence—were left in a car park with only a tarpaulin. He also stated that details of the August 4 warning call were not passed on by Special Branch to the bomb investigation team.

Then RUC chief constable, Ronnie Flanagan, denounced the report and threatened to commit suicide if the allegations were true. He resigned from the RUC shortly after and has recently been an advisor for the Iraqi police force in British occupied southern Iraq.

In the intervening years more detail has emerged. The man named as “A” in the O’Loan report has subsequently been identified as a Patrick Joseph Blair. Blair was named, using parliamentary privilege, in 2002 by Jeffrey Donaldson, MP for the Democratic Unionist Party, and subsequently by theSunday Herald and Guardian newspapers. Donaldson claimed he had been told by security sources that Blair had been the source of the Semtex explosive used to trigger the massive Omagh explosion.

Fulton claims he met Blair shortly before the Omagh attack, covered in dust and smelling of bomb-making chemicals.

The Sunday Herald stated at the time that there was a widespread belief that no action was taken against the Omagh attackers so as to protect an informer within the bomb team and that suspicions had to be directed towards Blair as working either for the Irish or British security forces. Fulton has also described Blair as his “mentor” in the IRA.

In October 2003, the Observer newspaper published an article by long-standing Ireland correspondent Henry MacDonald focussing on the role of Garda police detective John White. White recruited a former Dublin car thief, Paddy Dixon, as a police informer in the Real IRA. As of 2003, Dixon was in a witness protection programme. His role in the dissident republican group was to steal cars to order for them, while passing on details of the vehicles to the Garda.

Five planned attacks were thwarted in this way.

On July 2, 1998, Dixon warned that a vehicle had been requested for a new operation. He also told White that he was under pressure from the Real IRA. According to theObserver, White and a superior met Dixon in a Dublin pub. White’s superior told him, “John, we are going to let this one go through.” White’s concerns over the possible consequences were dismissed, as were his repeated warnings to his superiors.

The Observer reported that both O’Loan and Superintendent Norman Baxter of the PSNI were convinced that White was telling the truth. But Dixon has never been questioned. White himself has been the subject of two court cases, both of which have collapsed.

In 2004, writing in the Guardian, Owen Boycott reported that a Special Branch officer was suspected of having made the August 4 warning call, which detailed an attack on Omagh police station, named five republicans, and gave details that were never passed on to local police.

More spies and informers

The allegations surrounding the Omagh attack come on top of other high-profile instances of intelligence penetration of the IRA and the Real IRA.

In May 2003, Alfredo Scappaticci was named as the British agent “Stakeknife.” It was alleged that Scappaticci had been deputy head of the IRA’s internal security while at the same time feeding information to his handlers in the British Army’s Force Research Unit.

At the trial of Real IRA leader Michael McEvitt, the main prosecution witness was US citizen and FBI spy David Rupert. Rupert, a former business man and adventurer, had befriended McEvitt and offered him access to computer equipment.

In December 2005, Denis Donaldson, one of Sinn Fein’s leading figures in the Northern Ireland Assembly, admitted that he too had been a British agent for some 20 years. Donaldson had also been active amongst Sinn Fein’s international supporters and had restructured its operations in the US. Donaldson was assassinated April 2006 in an isolated cottage in Donegal, where he had retreated following his exposure. His killers have never been found.

Taken together, there are strong grounds for believing that both Irish and British security services had, at the very least, some level of foreknowledge that a bomb attack was being planned by the Real IRA for August 15, 1998. There is also reason to suspect that one or a number of British agents or informants were actively involved in some way or other in preparations for the attack. Fulton’s gagging can only be understood in this context.

As the World Socialist Web Site noted at the time of the 1998 Omagh bombing, the terror attack was seized on by the British and Irish governments to build up political support for its proposed power-sharing arrangements in the North and to demand an end to paramilitary activities.

Still broader issues are raised by the events in Omagh, specifically in relation to the British government’s ongoing “war on terror.”

It is not possible to determine the level of intelligence awareness of the plans to bomb London’s subway and bus system on July 7, 2005, which resulted in the deaths of 52 people. But there are disturbing parallels between the attack and that in Omagh.

There have been numerous reports that British and overseas intelligence agencies had been warned of an imminent attack on the capital in July 2005.

On February 26, 2006, the Sunday Times reported a leak from the Joint Intelligence Committee that, prior to July 7, Prime Minister Tony Blair had been warned of a “high priority” attack on the London Underground.

According to senior US intelligence sources, British officials did receive a credible warning months before the bombings from the Saudi Arabian intelligence agency. The February 5, 2006, Observer cited senior White House sources confirming that early in 2005 Saudis reported to Britain a bomb plot involving four Islamic militants, some of whom would be British citizens, that could target the London Underground within the next six months.

The Saudi claim was denied by British security forces when first reported by the Observer in August 2005, even when it was confirmed by Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi ambassador to the UK.

It has been firmly established that three of the London bombers were known to the security services. Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shahzad Tanweer had come to the attention of a number of intelligence services, including MI5, and their phones had reportedly been bugged for an extended period. American officials also reported that a third bomber, Germaine Lindsay, was on a terrorist watch list. French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy claimed he had been informed by Home Secretary Charles Clarke that some of the suspects were arrested and released in 2004.

In addition there has never been a credible explanation given for the decision to reduce Britain’s terror threat assessment only weeks before the bombing. The bombings took place in the week when the heads of government of the world’s leading industrialised nations were in the UK for a G8 meeting, an occasion where a maximum security alert would be normal.

As with Omagh, the July 7 atrocity was used for political ends, as the pretext for broadening the Labour government’s attack on civil liberties. On July 22, innocent Brazilian worker Jean Charles de Menezes was gunned down on a London subway train in broad daylight by plainclothes officers. Army units trained in Northern Ireland were involved in the operation. His brutal murder was defended by the government and the police, who declared that the July 7 bombings had meant the “rules of the game have changed.” Within months, the Blair government pushed through Terrorism Bill 2005 which abrogated fundamental rights, including free speech, habeas corpus—protection from unlawful detention—and the presumption of innocence.

More than eight years after the attack in Omagh and 15 months after the London bombings, neither mass murder has been subjected to any form of independent public inquiry.

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“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation”...
Herbert Spencer


By Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

April 09, 2015 "
ICH" -  Were anyone to call me dishonest or untruthful he would touch me to the quick. Were he to say that I am unpatriotic, he would leave me unmoved. “What, then, have you no love of country?” That is a question not to be answered in a breath.

The early abolition of serfdom in England, the early growth of relatively-free institutions, and the greater recognition of popular claims after the decay of feudalism had divorced the masses from the soil, were traits of English life which may be looked back upon with pride. When it was decided that any slave who set foot in England became free; when the importation of slaves into the Colonies was stopped; when twenty millions were paid for the emancipation of slaves in the West Indies; and when, however unadvisedly, a fleet was maintained to stop the slave trade; our countrymen did things worthy to be admired. And when England gave a home to political refugees and took up the causes of small states struggling for freedom, it again exhibited noble traits which excite affection. But there are traits, unhappily of late more frequently displayed, which do the reverse. Contemplation of the acts by which England has acquired over eighty possessions – settlements, colonies, protectorates, &c. – does not arouse feelings of satisfaction. The transitions from missionaries to resident agents, then to officials having armed forces, then to punishments of those who resist their rule, ending in so-called “pacification” – these processes of annexation, now gradual and now sudden, as that of the new Indian province and that of Barotziland, which was declared a British colony with no more regard for the wills of the inhabiting people than for those of the inhabiting beasts – do not excite sympathy with their perpetrators. Love of country is not fostered in me on remembering that when, after our Prime Minister had declared that we were bound in honour to the Khedive to reconquer the Soudan, we, after the re-conquest, forthwith began to administer it in the name of the Queen and the Khedive – practically annexing it; nor when, after promising through the mouths of two Colonial Ministers not to interfere in the internal affairs of the Transvaal, we proceeded to insist on certain electoral arrangements, and made resistance the excuse for a desolating war.* Nor does the national character shown by a popular ovation to a leader of filibusters, or by the according of a University honour to an arch-conspirator, or by the uproarious applause with which undergraduates greeted one who sneered at the “unctuous rectitude” of those who opposed his plans of aggression, appear to me lovable. If because my love of country does not survive these and many other adverse experiences I am called unpatriotic – well, I am content to be so called.

To me the cry – “Our country, right or wrong!” seems detestable. By association with love of country the sentiment it expresses gains a certain justification. Do but pull off the cloak, however, and the contained sentiment is seen to be of the lowest. Let us observe the alternative cases.

Suppose our country is in the right – suppose it is resisting invasion. Then the idea and feeling embodied in the cry are righteous. It may be effectively contended that self-defence is not only justified but is a duty. Now suppose, contrariwise, that our country is the aggressor – has taken possession of others’ territory, or is forcing by arms certain commodities on a nation which does not want them, or is backing up some of its agents in “punishing” those who have retaliated. Suppose it is doing something which, by the hypothesis, is admitted to be wrong. What is then the implication of the cry? The right is on the side of those who oppose us; the wrong is on our side. How in that case is to be expressed the so-called patriotic wish? Evidently the words must stand – “Down with the right, up with the wrong!” Now in other relations this combination of aims implies the acme of wickedness. In the minds of past men there existed, and there still exists in many minds, a belief in a personalized principle of evil – a Being going up and down in the world everywhere fighting against the good and helping the bad to triumph. Can there be more briefly expressed the aim of that Being than in the words “Up with the wrong and down with the right” ? Do the so-called patriots like the endorsement?

Some years ago I gave my expression to my own feeling – anti-patriotic feeling, it will doubtless be called – in a somewhat startling way. It was at the time of the second Afghan war, when, in pursuance of what were thought to be “our interests,” we were invading Afghanistan. News had come that some of our troops were in danger. At the Athenæum Club a well-known military man – then a captain but now a general – drew my attention to a telegram containing this news, and read it to me in a manner implying the belief that I should share his anxiety. I astounded him by replying – “When men hire themselves out to shoot other men to order, asking nothing about the justice of their cause, I don’t care if they are shot themselves.”

I foresee the exclamation which will be called forth. Such a principle, it will be said, would make an army impossible and a government powerless. It would never do to have each soldier use his judgment about the purpose for which a battle is waged. Military organization would be paralyzed and our country would be a prey to the first invader.

Not so fast, is the reply. For one war an army would remain just as available as now – a war of national defence. In such a war every soldier would be conscious of the justice of his cause. He would not be engaged in dealing death among men about whose doings, good or ill, he knew nothing, but among men who were manifest transgressors against himself and his compatriots. Only aggressive war would be negatived, not defensive war.

Of course it may be said, and said truly, that if there is no aggressive war there can be no defensive war. It is clear, however, that one nation may limit itself to defensive war when other nations do not. So that the principle remains operative.

But those whose cry is – “Our country, right or wrong!” and who would add to our eighty-odd possessions others to be similarly obtained, will contemplate with disgust such a restriction upon military action. To them no folly seems greater than that of practising on Monday the principles they profess on Sunday.

* We continue to hear repeated the transparent excuse that the Boers commenced the war. In the far west of the U.S., where every man carries his life in his hand and the usages of fighting are well understood, it is held that he is the aggressor who first moves his hand towards his weapon. The application is obvious.
British philosopher and sociologist, Herbert Spencer was a major figure in the intellectual life of the Victorian era. He was one of the principal proponents of evolutionary theory in the mid nineteenth century, and his reputation at the time rivaled that of Charles Darwin. Spencer was initially best known for developing and applying evolutionary theory to philosophy, psychology and the study of society -- what he called his "synthetic philosophy" (see his A System of Synthetic Philosophy, 1862-93). Today, however, he is usually remembered in philosophical circles for his political thought, primarily for his defense of natural rights and for criticisms of utilitarian positivism, and his views have been invoked by 'libertarian' thinkers such as Robert Nozick

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The life of  Richard Kerr and many others with the same experience is horrific. Clearly the whole Kincora Saga, is an MI5 Orange Order creation, and any civilized society, should be outraged.There has hardly been a murmur from the Sinn Fein element of government for the very obvious reason that their own track record is even worse.However as is often the case, with so many tragedies in occupied Ireland, I am often forced to try find a lighter side, for the sake of sanity. The article below is not intended to offend any victims of such depravity. 

Today, Irish Blog in the interest of objectivity, following complaints from Sinn Fein, that they have been receiving a bad press from us, is releasing an interview, with a Sinn Fein Pimp, to hear their side of the pedophile story. With more than 140 sex traffickers/pimps, child pornographers, and sex workers, working with them in Belfast alone, below is an interview from a spokesperson who wishes to remain anonymous, and goes under the pseudonym of Brownie. Sinn Fein sex workers and activists have been saying, perhaps "shouting for decades" is more accurate, that the debate about their sex lives is conducted by a media, who have no direct experience of sex work, as either pimps, MI5 traffickers, or sex workers themselves.

Sinn Fein Pimps feel misrepresented.

A lot of Sinn Fein Pimps hate, that people, call them pimps. "In my mind, Sinn Fein Pimp is a derogatory word," Brownie tells me. It seems that the image "Sinn Fein Pimp" calls up "Broad Black Brimmer" and is antiquated, with everyone wearing a hood now. "Sinn Fein Pimp is like the tooth fairy, from the old films, with big Broad Black Brimmer and big holsters. That's not me, I never pulled a trigger or handled a stick of dynamite," said Brownie. "There should be a different name altogether, for those who were formerly described as pimps like for example, politicians or entertainment touts." he added. Brownie said, "What's happening now, is nothing like what it is used to be, we are now repentant republicans. Now, it is just for money and career prospects. I don't know if you heard of whoremaster. I think most are political whoremasters now.

Of course, Irish Blog has to account for some self-reporting bias on these..... whoremasters. You know, people formerly known as republicans. (Should I call them WHOREMASTERS?) I have an old leftist habit, of trying to respect Sinn Fein, but maybe I will just keep calling them POLITICAL WHOREMASTERS, My audience, will hopefully understand and forgive me, if they object to the term, or at least some of them will. The consistent Brownie theme is that his reality, does not quite resemble the Hollywood idea of a pimp, as they once did, if they ever did.
Sinn Fein Pimps don't think they're as bad as MI5 sex traffickers.

There is a lot of disdain for "the international British Secret Service shit, holding Sinn Fein bitches hostage." One Sinn Fein Pimp admits, what sounds like sincere concern about their political whores, who choose the profession, strictly for the money. Brownie maintains they choose the profession because they were groomed for this from a very young age and it is more like a family tradition. Our cailin are not like the British, being forced into it, after being taken from their country, not even knowing the language. I know a couple of girls, who were locked in someone's house for a whole year, and couldn't leave with just the MI5 Spooks coming and going. How did they get there? Were MI5 just going abroad and finding them? None of the Spooks had a big enough heart to see they were trapped and didn't do anything?

Brownie expresses his concern, after self-servedly claiming, that most of his rides are not forced into sex work, claiming they are all born naturals

"No Sinn Fein girl is forced into prostitution, I am telling you the truth, if they want to get away, they always can." Brownie maintains that Irishwomen sometimes recruit Sinn Fein to be pimps. Several Sinn Fein Pimps told Irish Blog that they sort of stumbled into pedophilia and pimping ass-backward, when aspiring youngsters approached them, looking for protection. brownie maintained that he regularly had Irish women, who ask him, "Will you be my pimp?" and he answers them by saying, "I deny being a pimp, but I'll look out for you and get you a few MI5 clients."

Sinn Fein recruitment seems to start as early as primary school

One day I was leaving football practice, and my school was right there on the blade. According to Brownie, "Girl going to primary school approach Sinn Fein and say, "We're from the Shankill but we see how you handle these fleggers and that they have 've been doing it in east Belfast, since they were 13 or 14 and want to move up-market to Hollywood or a bit of smuggler action, where the real money is at, down in South Armagh. Of course,we have MI5 do a security clearance first.

Brownie admitted, that they often manipulate their sex workers.

Brownie claimed, that only about twenty per-cent of Sinn Fein Pimps and MI5 sex traffickers, would use violence, to control their rides, although Irish Blog points out, that there is probably some self-reporting bias there again and there is plenty of MI5 psychological manipulation. Brownie identifies it as a skill learned in the home. It's just a skill of talking females and occasionally males, into having sex with me and a couple of the boys. Having the gift of the gab and being able to talk a bit of blarney, to convince a young female to see my point of view. It's like a challenge and seeing how far you can get a girl or a boy to go. That's how I started at a young age. Just seeing what I could talk other kids into doing, just like politics.

That said, I learned the gift of manipulation from my father. It's like sales and marketing and how to influence people.

Irish Blog: Is there a certain type of girl who can be manipulated?

Brownie: I believe any female is doable, I mean going out to sex to make money. I have seen girls that come from school, that come from serious money, who have been changed by my process.

Irish Blog : How long does the change take?

Brownie : It can take anything from a day to a few months.

Irish Blog: Do you think that it's a difference between a day and month if they come from a rich family?

Brownie : The sex business is like the rest of northern Ireland, it's sectarian. For example, a widespread attitude among the Orange Order is that a Fenian sex worker has less value than a kid goat or an Orange kid and Sinn fein cannot charge as much. However Sinn Fein Pimps have standards and ethics. Our Pimps implement safety procedures, providing services like advertising, and from now on our Pimps will be known as business managers. They also fire those who do drugs, just like they would at Dunne's Stores."

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As the picture above of Gerry Adams in Archbishop Makarios garb demonstrates, it is not difficult to manipulate, with modern technology, technical evidence against anyone. I recall addressing the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis(National Conference) in the Mansion House, when Ruairi O'Bradagh was President and I touched on the subject of 'Black Propaganda' the beard almost hit the table. I certainly had his attention for the rest of my delivery. Subsequently, there was regime change within the Republican movement, when Adams replaced O'Bradiagh as President. Pedophiles rose in the ranks and Sinn Fein adopted neocon policies to replace traditional Irish republican values, aided in no small way by spooky shadows and black propaganda. With the entry into elections, revolutionary principles, were gradually revised, with an influx of political careerists into the party. Key positions within the party were undermined, by Adams' mentored organizers and the resistance slowly run down.

Eventually, I had to resign from the party and I was not surprised a few years later, to run into it's national organizer, who later became Lord Mayor of Belfast, along with a leading army enforcer, at a petrol station, beside Birr Castle in the Irish midlands. Birr Castle, is where the children of Kincora were taken in County Offaly, which was the family home of the 7th Earl of Rosse, where Child Rape and satanic rituals, took place as confirmed by Joan Coleman. I am quite familiar with the details of all of this, because I have a large extended family, living beside the Castle, who regularly heard the screams of the children, as they were raped, tortured and murdered in satanic rituals there. T
he 7th Earl of Rosse, is Lord Snowden's stepbrother, Princess Margaret's estranged husband. The castle was built in the 1600's and the Earl of Rosse, Richard Parsons was a founder member of Ireland's aristocratic Satanic cult, The Hellfire Club, which included former Vice Royal Villiers of the same Viceroyal family Villiers of today, in Occupied Ireland. Many cult sources say that Devil worship is hereditary and handed down through the generations.

Jack Parsons, related to the Birr Castle family, was an associate of Aleister Crowley, a prominent member of 
Ordo Templi Orientis and a founding father of modern Satanism. Werner Von Braun, the Nazi rocket scientist, brought to the USA and nurtured by the Americans for the NASA space program, said that Jack Parsons deserved most of the credit. Human sacrifice has been an abhorrent reality in Ireland for as long as the British arrived on Irish soil. The British aristocracy brainwashed the naive Irish into believing, these sort of things only happen in myths. Irish history demonstrates, that the British aristocracy, especially after the arrival of the Normans, brought child rape and sacrifice, to places like Kilkenny, bringing the dark arts and devil worship to poor people of Ireland. They believe that magical powers and knowledge come to those poor, unfortunate, raped, tortured in child sacrifice. While the Orange Order replace human kids with goat kids, instead. Worshippers of the devil were persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition and were expelled from all European countries, with the exception of Portugal and Scotland. They resurfaced in Scotland in the form of the Freemasons and Orange Order. Richard Parsons, 1st Earl of Rosse, was Grand Master of Ireland's Freemasons, was also one of the founder members of Ireland's Aristocratic, Satanist cult, the Hellfire Club, along with Viceroyal Villiers, as one of its leading members. Viceroyal Villiers administered the Irish Holocaust on behalf of the British, which cost approximately, six million Irish lives.

So at this point, the question arises, as to what the pay off for MI5, and the current Viceroyal Villiers, for opening the gates of Devil Worship, to Sinn Fein are. As Sinn Fein administer Thatcherite policies of deregulation and privatization of public services in the north, they are also refusing to support the boycott of Irish Water in the south,while paying lip service to protest, which will be sold out as soon as they enter coalition, with their Neocon policies. They are also engaging in creating the political climate for all of Ireland, to re-enter the British Commonwealth. Britain is in the process of disengaging from the EU. They have already indicated, they are withdrawing from the European Court of Human Rights, because they have been found guilty of torture in Ireland. They can no longer comply with European Law, that criminalizes their Human Rights abuse in Ireland. 

As the opening statement of this post indicates, they have sent many Irishmen and women to prison for the rest of their lives, on faulty technical evidence. The most notable example being the Birmingham Six, who were convicted, primarily on the evidence of a so-called expert, who stated that the defendants had traces of residue on their person, that could only come from the residue of explosives. Shortly after their conviction, it was proven, that washing their hands in ordinary soap, would leave the same residue. It took 16 long years in prison, for the six, to have their innocence proven. This also happened with the Guildford Four. This happened again recently In Occupied Ireland with the Craigavon Two, where faulty tampered evidence, by another so-called expert, who used a tampered recording on a tape, which deleted a critical part of the recording but convicted the two. This is also apparently the critical part of the plan, to convict the innocent Seamus Daly, for the False Flag operation of the Omagh bombing, a full 19 years after the event. All of these miscarriages of justice, are a calculated campaign by Britain's secret services, to intimidate Irish people, with similar consequence, should they dare protest. They have used the intimidation of bullies, to still any dissent, since the days of hanging, drawing and quartering any Irish, who rebelled against the British Occupation. FEAR, (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL) is their weapon. This is the purpose of these systemic, regular, miscarriages of justice. This is the purpose of prosecuting the innocent Seamus Daly, 16 years after the  inter-agency False Flag of Omagh, whose real perpetrators are protected by the perverted injustice of MI5, the unaccountable, warlords, of British Dirty War in Ireland. Neocon Sinn Fein, are it's devil worshipping, political collaborators, to stifle any opposition to the Police State Junta, that administer Occupied Ireland, along with Viceroyal Villiers.

Please support the campaign, for the release of the innocent Seamus Daly, by sharing this restricted article, contacting your political representative, exerting pressure on the establishment media, to raise the many questions, these systematic, miscarriages of justice raise, and exerting any incluence or pressure you can bear, to correct these injustices, that are the source of much resentment in Ireland.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Today, there is a man on his 23rd Day of Hunger Strike, to highlight how he was abused by the so called justice system of British Occupied Ireland. Like Seamus Daly, another victim in the perversion of the course of Justice in Ireland by the British, Christy Walsh while on 23 days of Hunger Strike, has written regularly to the ruling Junta's First and Deputy First Ministers, to inform them of his predicament and his Hunger Strike. From reading his correspondence Christy is still criminalized by the perverted justice system, that has failed him and continues to fail both himself and Seamus Daly. 

Like Seamus Daly he was jailed in 1991, in another miscarriage of justice, where Christy spent 7 years in prison, until his conviction was quashed by a Judge, who had not been blackmailed by MI5, following a third appeal in 2010. However the corrupt system will still not clear his name. The innocent  Seamus Daly has now spent a year in jail, despite another judge, also not blackmailed by MI5, called Bernie Kelly stating in Jnauary last: “If there is, even at this stage, a possibility that this might well not be proceeded, then it is incumbent on all of us to ensure Mr Daly is not incarcerated for an hour longer than necessary. I would have thought it highly unlikely that a senior prosecutor or directing officer is going to go against the decision of a senior counsel.”

Despite this, Seamus Daly has been remanded in custody for over a year now, despite his lawyer stating, that there is not a shred of new evidence in the last 16 years against Seamus. Still the Public Prosecutors office is adamant, a full sixteen years later, that senior police in Occupied Ireland and police in the south of Ireland, will meet on the 13th of April to discuss mobile phone evidence, and find out why it has not been provided, a full sixteen years later. A spokesperson for the prosecutors office, stated that, "The directing officer does not anticipate that there will be any great difficulty about that." So what then was the problem for the last sixteen years, is an obvious question that nobody seems to asking? The prosecution commissioned an expert report, on mobile phones and it was received sixteen years later, they would have us to believe. Supposed evidence was held by police in the south for sixteen years, that is still outstanding. The perverts expect the public to believe, that critical evidence with regard to the killing of 29 people, was overlooked for 16 years, to date.

The Public prosecutors office, indicated six weeks ago, that all the material would be available by today, yet still it is clear, that material is not available. The Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory met with police, after which a decision was made to seek talks with police in the south, following which,  there was a statemnt, that it definitely was going to take place on the week of the 13th of thsi month, adding that other material was already in the process of being prepared for the trial, when the phone records arrived, they would be checked and added to the evidence papers. A re we suppsoed to accept that the overiding, unaccountable authority of MI5 in Occupied Ireland will noy tamper with this evidence, while they have no scruples about mentoring Child Rape and using it to blackmail the injustice system and political system of their Police State into submission?

Technical evidence in this day and age, a full sixteen years later is not credible for obvious reasons and it certainly is not credible, with proof of Britain's secret services, perverting the course of justice in ireland. Like the case of the Craigavon Two where tapes were perverted and portions deleted, it was tampered with and reponsible, along with the blackmaile evidence, from a witness, who is virtually blind, it neverttheless sent two innocent young men to prison, for more than 20 years, in the perverted police state. 

So much for the fake promises of Truth & Reconciliation, promised in the Pseudo Peace Process. In any other state, with even the rememblance of democraccy, there would be a public outcry of foul play, from the politcians but nothing from the MI5 groomed Junta, of the Police State of Occupied Ireland. Meanwhile the political whoremasters of Sinn Fein,  are still scratching their tiny balls and penises in anticpation of the next child sacrifice and orders from MI5, on how to handle any collateral damage.This perverted collaboration must be called out and uncovered for all to see. It must be challenged by every possible means.

Monday, 6 April 2015


Ken Livingstone said:-

"I was raising in parliament against Mrs Thatcher the Kincora Boys Home
where boys were being abused and MI5 was filming it because they were
hoping to be able to blackmail senior politicians in Northern Ireland.
They were hoping to catch one of Ian Paisley's MP's - and they never did
- and give themselves some leverage. The truth is there's been an awful
lot of covering up of paedophiles and paedophile rings for decades and

The statement above, proves that politicians from all parties knew for decades, about MI5 and the RUC/psni, being involved in the Child Rape of innocent Irish children. It further demonstrates that MI5 and the RUC/psni are not just involved in the cover-up of such crimes but are actively using Child Rape as an instrument to control politicians and judges.This power over politicians and judges in Occupied Ireland, has given MI5, the instrument to create a Police State, where organised criminal activity of  this insidious, rogue, secret service, is conducted with impunity and protected from public scrutiny.

The Rogue Police State, known by the British as Northern Ireland, runs International Drug Trafficking, the Child Rape business industry, which includes, illegal child trafficking and child sex trafficking. This Rogue State, run by MI5 is in reality, a highly sophisticated Criminal Network, which through the use of filmed Child Rape, guarantees secrecy, by blackmail,  arranging that only the plebs, who are not allowed a cut, from this highly lucrative, criminal activity, will, if caught, be prosecuted. They will prosecute anyone, who would expose their Criminal State, while protecting those useful to them, such as paedophiles in Sinn Fein and DUP. 

The Criminal State of Northern Ireland, operates a cell like structure within the Police, Intelligence Services and the Judicial System, while perverting the the course of justice for every man, woman and particularly children in Occupied Ireland. They have for decades destroyed the integrity of Irish society, extending their paedophile rings, to also blackmail, the police, intelligence services and Judicial System in the south of Ireland. Using blackmail, death threats and bribery, that has almost destroyed, the entire Irish civil justice system and perverted Irish Justice, into the service of an even bigger and more dangerous Criminal Organisation, the City of London.

The motive by the elite in the City of London, to permit and enable all of this, is to control the politicians by blackmail and the Irish communities through fear of the drug gangs on the street. M15 routinely, have police from the RUC/psni, seconded to them and visa versa, blurring any distinction between civil police and political police, with the full co-operation of compromised politicians, of the ruling Junta, Sinn Fein/DUP. Independent evidence of MI5 Paedophile Rings, has been seized and suppressed by MI5, while they persecute fall guys, for their crimes, while shielding their protected perpetrators. By these methods, they protect their Criminal Organisation and elite Paedophiles, in False Flags Operations such as the Omagh Bombing and Dublin/Monaghan Bombings.

Seamus Daly, a totally innocent Irish man, is the latest fall-guy, for their involvement in the Omagh Bombing, while the Craigavon 2, like the Guildford Four and Brimingahm Six, are other examples of MI5 perverting the course of justice in Ireland. Human Rights Activist, both in Ireland and abroad, should demand that MI5 and their servants in Dublin Castle, hand over all evidence, without delay or omission, related to these matters. They have the video's, photographs, the names related to these matters, and also know many of those who murdered Irish children, after first raping them. All genuine Irish people, must demand to see the complete records immediately, before they too are destroyed. We also demand the immediate release of both the innocent Craigavon 2 and Seamus Daly, prior to the removal of MI5 perverts of justice, from Ireland.

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Mi5 and Mi6 Perverting the Course of Justice in N.Ireland Video Link

During my tenure as Chaiperson of Newry Sinn Fein, while running the office in Newry, a son of a British serviceman who was shot, came to my wife's door one night, and held a knife to my wife's throat, to wait for my return. I had to report the incident to a C/O in Muirhevnamor, a Republican stronghold, outside Dundalk, at the time. However, it transpired a few weeks later, that a complaint of child abuse, crossed my desk, against the still acting C/O, who had been moved out of another part of the North, because of other allegations, but was still serving in this senior capacity. In subsequent events, before I resigned from Sinn Fein, it became clear to me, that a considerable part of the leadership, was compromized, and I resigned. It further became quite clear to me when MI5 were trying to turn me into an informer, that they had also compromized the Judiciary in Occupied Ireland, because I was told, that they could arrange, that I was would be tried by specific judges, that they controlled. Obvioulsy as a result of their cover-up of child rape and their paedophile networks, MI5 control all of the justice system in Occupied Ireland, and as a result are perverting the course of justice, which is an extremely serious crime. This is obviously happening in the case of the innocent Seamus Daly, with regard to Omagh and also the Craigavon Two. It's the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four, all over again.

With such damning evidence, how can any British Government, claim to have anything remotely resembling a justice system in Ireland?

How can they claim to have anything remotely resembling a democractic system in place, with compromised politicians, in their ruling junta there?

How can they claim to have anything remotely resembling a Peace Process of consent, when it 's politicians and political parties, are remotely controlled by MI5?

How can they claim to have a genuine police force, when a secret service such as MI5, are the unaccountable overiding authority?

Obviously the prosecutors office in Belfast, are aware of all of this and are co-operating with a completley corrupted judicial process?

How can any genuine Human Rights activist, campaign for justice in such a corrupted society, which has assassinated human rights lawyers and journalists?

If you listen to the tape below the  anomalies and contradictions in the internment of Seamus Daly are obvious, as is the case with the Craigavon Two. I ask all readers to contact your local politcian, wherever you are in the world, to campaign to end this nightmare of Britsih injustice in Ireland. Please share this restricted blog and articles as best you can. Please organize a broad front, to protest this monstrous crime against humanity and the mentored networks of Child Rape, being used by intelligence networks, to expand their power-base far beyond Ireland. Please organize internationally, to end this. Please contact the UN to start taking responsibilty. The British are withdrawing from the European Court of Human Rights, because of obligations they cannot comply with. Before they do, please bring this to the attention the European Parliament. Please exert whatever pressure you can on the mainstream corporate media, to investigate and highlight this matter further. I make a special appeal to all mothers, not just in Ireland but across the UK, to organize and protect your children. It is not an exaggeration to state, that these MI5 mentored Paedophile Networks of Child Rape, are reaching epedemic levels, across Occupied Ireland and in Britain. It could be your child next! We must organize to stop it.To those who are already helping spread the word, a special thank you.

Spread the Word! Protect our Children!

Organize to Smash All MI5 Child Rape Networks !

Free Seamus Daly !  

Free the Craigavon Two !