Wednesday, 8 April 2015


As the picture above of Gerry Adams in Archbishop Makarios garb demonstrates, it is not difficult to manipulate, with modern technology, technical evidence against anyone. I recall addressing the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis(National Conference) in the Mansion House, when Ruairi O'Bradagh was President and I touched on the subject of 'Black Propaganda' the beard almost hit the table. I certainly had his attention for the rest of my delivery. Subsequently, there was regime change within the Republican movement, when Adams replaced O'Bradiagh as President. Pedophiles rose in the ranks and Sinn Fein adopted neocon policies to replace traditional Irish republican values, aided in no small way by spooky shadows and black propaganda. With the entry into elections, revolutionary principles, were gradually revised, with an influx of political careerists into the party. Key positions within the party were undermined, by Adams' mentored organizers and the resistance slowly run down.

Eventually, I had to resign from the party and I was not surprised a few years later, to run into it's national organizer, who later became Lord Mayor of Belfast, along with a leading army enforcer, at a petrol station, beside Birr Castle in the Irish midlands. Birr Castle, is where the children of Kincora were taken in County Offaly, which was the family home of the 7th Earl of Rosse, where Child Rape and satanic rituals, took place as confirmed by Joan Coleman. I am quite familiar with the details of all of this, because I have a large extended family, living beside the Castle, who regularly heard the screams of the children, as they were raped, tortured and murdered in satanic rituals there. T
he 7th Earl of Rosse, is Lord Snowden's stepbrother, Princess Margaret's estranged husband. The castle was built in the 1600's and the Earl of Rosse, Richard Parsons was a founder member of Ireland's aristocratic Satanic cult, The Hellfire Club, which included former Vice Royal Villiers of the same Viceroyal family Villiers of today, in Occupied Ireland. Many cult sources say that Devil worship is hereditary and handed down through the generations.

Jack Parsons, related to the Birr Castle family, was an associate of Aleister Crowley, a prominent member of 
Ordo Templi Orientis and a founding father of modern Satanism. Werner Von Braun, the Nazi rocket scientist, brought to the USA and nurtured by the Americans for the NASA space program, said that Jack Parsons deserved most of the credit. Human sacrifice has been an abhorrent reality in Ireland for as long as the British arrived on Irish soil. The British aristocracy brainwashed the naive Irish into believing, these sort of things only happen in myths. Irish history demonstrates, that the British aristocracy, especially after the arrival of the Normans, brought child rape and sacrifice, to places like Kilkenny, bringing the dark arts and devil worship to poor people of Ireland. They believe that magical powers and knowledge come to those poor, unfortunate, raped, tortured in child sacrifice. While the Orange Order replace human kids with goat kids, instead. Worshippers of the devil were persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition and were expelled from all European countries, with the exception of Portugal and Scotland. They resurfaced in Scotland in the form of the Freemasons and Orange Order. Richard Parsons, 1st Earl of Rosse, was Grand Master of Ireland's Freemasons, was also one of the founder members of Ireland's Aristocratic, Satanist cult, the Hellfire Club, along with Viceroyal Villiers, as one of its leading members. Viceroyal Villiers administered the Irish Holocaust on behalf of the British, which cost approximately, six million Irish lives.

So at this point, the question arises, as to what the pay off for MI5, and the current Viceroyal Villiers, for opening the gates of Devil Worship, to Sinn Fein are. As Sinn Fein administer Thatcherite policies of deregulation and privatization of public services in the north, they are also refusing to support the boycott of Irish Water in the south,while paying lip service to protest, which will be sold out as soon as they enter coalition, with their Neocon policies. They are also engaging in creating the political climate for all of Ireland, to re-enter the British Commonwealth. Britain is in the process of disengaging from the EU. They have already indicated, they are withdrawing from the European Court of Human Rights, because they have been found guilty of torture in Ireland. They can no longer comply with European Law, that criminalizes their Human Rights abuse in Ireland. 

As the opening statement of this post indicates, they have sent many Irishmen and women to prison for the rest of their lives, on faulty technical evidence. The most notable example being the Birmingham Six, who were convicted, primarily on the evidence of a so-called expert, who stated that the defendants had traces of residue on their person, that could only come from the residue of explosives. Shortly after their conviction, it was proven, that washing their hands in ordinary soap, would leave the same residue. It took 16 long years in prison, for the six, to have their innocence proven. This also happened with the Guildford Four. This happened again recently In Occupied Ireland with the Craigavon Two, where faulty tampered evidence, by another so-called expert, who used a tampered recording on a tape, which deleted a critical part of the recording but convicted the two. This is also apparently the critical part of the plan, to convict the innocent Seamus Daly, for the False Flag operation of the Omagh bombing, a full 19 years after the event. All of these miscarriages of justice, are a calculated campaign by Britain's secret services, to intimidate Irish people, with similar consequence, should they dare protest. They have used the intimidation of bullies, to still any dissent, since the days of hanging, drawing and quartering any Irish, who rebelled against the British Occupation. FEAR, (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL) is their weapon. This is the purpose of these systemic, regular, miscarriages of justice. This is the purpose of prosecuting the innocent Seamus Daly, 16 years after the  inter-agency False Flag of Omagh, whose real perpetrators are protected by the perverted injustice of MI5, the unaccountable, warlords, of British Dirty War in Ireland. Neocon Sinn Fein, are it's devil worshipping, political collaborators, to stifle any opposition to the Police State Junta, that administer Occupied Ireland, along with Viceroyal Villiers.

Please support the campaign, for the release of the innocent Seamus Daly, by sharing this restricted article, contacting your political representative, exerting pressure on the establishment media, to raise the many questions, these systematic, miscarriages of justice raise, and exerting any incluence or pressure you can bear, to correct these injustices, that are the source of much resentment in Ireland.

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