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ISRAEL ‘WORSE THAN NAZIS’ Prime Minister Dr Mahathir

Dr Mahathir attacks Israel, calls them ‘worse than Nazis’

The Jews are worse than the Nazis, according to Dr Mahathir speaking on the latest Israel-Palestinian conflict. In an unmerciful attack on Jews, the former Malaysian Prime Minister said the Jewish people had learnt nothing from the past.

"When Jews were persecuted by the Nazis in Germany they sought the sympathy and support of the world. But their sufferings have taught them nothing, have not made them understand the pain of suffering. Instead, they are now behaving worse than Nazis, not caring at all for the suffering and deaths they inflict upon others," he said. He added  that the Jews should be angry with the Germans and the British for atrocities inflicted upon them in the past but instead, they are murdering Palestinians because "it is easier and more fun".

They are trying to send a message the Jewish state and people are sacred and those who go against them should pay a heavy price.The Jewish state is currently bombarding the narrow Palestinian strip of Gaza, to stop escalating rocket attacks from Hamas following the kidnap and murder of three Jewish teenagers in the West Bank last month in the 
mistaken allegation it was Hamas which was followed by the abduction and murder of a Palestinian teenager in an apparent reprisal attack by Jewish settlers.

More than 900 people, including women and children, have been the victims of Israeli organized murder in an offensive into Gaza less than 3 weeks ago, with Hamas killing scores of Israeli soldiers in self defence. A couple of Israeli civilians were also killed.

Dr Mahathir added, "All the things Israel are doing are against International law, against morality, against human rights. They are criminals in every law of the civilised world. But the Israeli Jews do this with impunity. They have the whole of America behind them.They are the chosen people of God and they are above any laws, any moral code, any human values." 

The former Premier for 22 years until he stepped down in 2003, lay the blame on Britain and America for creating "this monster" and accused them of turning a blind eye towards the "atrocities" committed by Israel. "They will continue to support Israel even if the Israelis commit genocide, kill all the Palestinians. This is their way to atone for all their treatment of the Jews in the past." 

Please understand this author believes the term Zionist should be used instead of Jews. Some of my friends are Jews and they are very fine people.


Charlie Flanagan the Irish foreign minister, a Blueshirt Zionist bog shit, that came out of the arsehole of his father bogman Oliver J Flanagan. They have both disgraced Ireland worldwide and do not reflect the will of the Irish people. Charlie's father was antisemitic in the extreme while Charlie supports Gazacaust. Charlie abstained on a UN vote to investigate Israeli war crimes in Gaza, against the wishes of the vast majority of the Irish people.


How is it that we do not see any of these [Emergency Powers] Acts directed against the Jews, who crucified Our Saviour nineteen hundred years ago, and who are crucifying us every day in the week? How is it that we do not see them directed against the Masonic Order? How is it that the I.R.A. is considered an illegal organisation while the Masonic Order is not considered an illegal organisation? [...] There is one thing that Germany did, and that was to rout the Jews out of their country. Until we rout the Jews out of this country it does not matter a hair's breadth what orders you make. Where the bees are there is the honey, and where the Jews are there is the money.
—Oliver Flanagan, Dáil Éireann, 9 July 1943.[4]
Just a line letting you know we are going ahead with the Election campaign in Laoighis-Offaly against the Jew-Masonic System which is imposed on us. The people are coming to us — but it's hard to get the people to understand how they are held down by the Jews and Masonswho control their very lives.
—Oliver Flanagan, Letter to Fr Denis Fahey.

Oliver J. Flanagan (22 May 1920 – 26 April 1987)[1] was anIrish Fine Gael politician who served in Dáil Éireann for 43 years and was Minister for Defence for six months.[1] He was elected to the Dáil fourteen times between 1943 and 1982, topping the poll on almost every occasion.[2] He was Father of the Dáil from 1981 until his retirement in 1987, and he remains one of the longest-serving members in the history of the Dáil.
Flanagan was a social conservative, who famously claimed that "there was no sex in Ireland before television".[3] He bravely stood up to Jewish supremacism and freemasonry(see also, Judeo-Masonry) early in his career, he used hismaiden speech in the Dáil, on 9 July 1943, to urge the government to "rout the Jews out of this country".[4]
He was consistently popular in his own constituency, largely because of the attention he paid to individual voters' petitions and concerns. He has been described as "one of the cutest of cute hoors in the history of the Dáil".
Oliver J. Flanagan was born in MountmellickCounty Laois, on 22 May 1920. He was educated at Mountmellick Boys National School and worked as a carpenter and auctioneer.
Flanagan was secretly a Knight of Saint Columbanus and in 1978 was conferred aKnight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul I.
In 1947 he caused a controversy when he levelled accusations of corruption against members of the Fianna Fáil government, including Taoiseach Éamon de Valera,Minister for Justice Gerald Boland and Minister for Industry and Commerce Seán Lemass.[6] A tribunal of inquiry comprising three judges investigated his allegations and found them to be untrue. Despite the judges' conclusion that Flanagan had lied to the tribunal,[6] his vote increased by 45% in the 1948 general election.[2]
During a 1952 Dáil debate, after John A. Costello had said "I made no reference to an Adoption of Children Bill", Flanagan quipped "Deputy Flynn would be more qualified to do that".[7] John Flynn, who was not in the chamber at the time, interpreted this as an insulting innuendo, and later punched Flanagan in the Dáil restaurant.[8] The Dáil Committee on Procedure and Privilege condemned the conduct of both TDs.
Jewish supremacism

Political cartoon featuring Ariel Sharonand George W. Bush.
Jewish supremacism is the belief, and promotion of the belief, that the Jews are superior to all others and should rightfully have control over non-Jews in all matters. The religion of Talmudic Judaism itself claims that the Jews are a race "chosen" by God ahead of the rest of humanity. Jewish supremacists believe that they are morally, intellectually, religuously and genetically superior. The purpose of this belief is to have an excuse to commit crimes such as the black slave trade, the Red Holocaust and Zionism. These crimes are used to establish social, political, historical and/or industrial dominance by Jews. The supremacist views are often "supported" by fallacious scientific research of which the outcome is predetermined so that the supremacist views are "confirmed".
Jewish supremacism is rooted in ethnocentrism and a desire for hegemony and power, and has frequently resulted in violence against non-Jews. Different forms of Jewish supremacism have different conceptions of who is considered Jew, and not all Jewish supremacist organizations agree on who is their greatest enemy. Jewish supremacism distinguishes itself from other forms of supremacism, as Jewish supremacist groups can be found in all countries with a Jewish minority or majority population, whereas this cannot be said of other forms of supremacism: for example not all, countries with a black minority also have black supremacist groups. Unfortunately, in most countries even militant Jewish supremacist organizations are not watched closely by law enforcement officials, but instead often subsidized by the governments under influence of the Zionist lobby.


Jewish supermacy
Israel maintains supremacy in the Levant, and maintains anethnostate through the use of terror. It considers non-Jews to be second-class citizens and bans intermarriage.
Although "Zionism" was originally a movement to create a Jewish state for the first time since the breakup of Khazaria, the term "Zionism" and "Zionist" today refer to Jewish supremacists and aggressive Jewish nationalists generally, especially those living outside Israel. Zionism (Jewish nationalism) is the most prominent or "visible" example of Jewish-Supremacism in the 20th century. It is often overlapping with Neoconservatism.


By the 1980s, a collection of ex-Trotskyist Jews formed the Neoconservativemovement, which gained control of U.S. foreign policy by the 1990s and 2000s. The neoconservatives' single aim is safeguarding Jewish interests while weakening European interests, particularly they aim to support the geopolitical interests of theZionist State in Palestine. They typically use WASPs in badly fitted suits such as John Hagee and a whole band of Evangelical Zionists to act as their footsoldiers. By the 2000s, some major news media sectors, such as the Murdoch-owned Fox Newsnetwork supported the neo-con wing of Jewish supremacy (while MSNBC and others support the cultural Marxist wing of Jewish supremacy).


Opposition to Jewish Supremacism has been widespread among Europeans throughout history and in contemporary times, some Mohammedans and Africans. Opponents are today called "anti-Semites" by Jewish supremacist media sources.
David Duke, an American politician, wrote a book titled Jewish Supremacism, in which he exposes anti-Gentilism and the domination of society in the United States by Jewish-supremacist ideology.
Jewish-Supremacism has taken many forms all representing various Jewish survival strategies. It can be argued that many of these strategies that have emerged have been instinctual rather than conspiratorial. Some have been subtle, and others openlygenocidal.

David Duke'sJewish Supremacism
What all share is a desire by powerful Jews to 1.) Get gentiles to fight on their behalf, 2.) Weaken gentiles, 3.) Strengthen the relative position of Jews. The end-goal is said to be setting up a world "safe for Jews", in which other nations are too weakened to oppose them, e.g. by miscegenation.

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The Children of Gaza Speak about the Nakba (Arabic for "Catastrophe")
The Child Poets of Gaza

compiled by Michael R. Burch, an editor and publisher of Holocaust and Nakba poetry

I lived as best I could, and then I died.
Be careful where you step: the grave is wide.

—Michael R. Burch, "Epitaph for a Palestinian Child"

Some of the poems and essays below were written by students of a school in Gaza. Their teacher agreed to help us bring their words to the world's attention. We have agreed to conceal the students' identities, in order to protect them and their families. We wish we could share their names with you, and we hope and pray for a day when such precautions are not needed. Other poems were written anonymously by the Child Poets of Gaza and are so indicated.―Michael R. Burch

We Love Gaza

I live in Gaza. 
My hope for the future is to free Palestine. 
Living in Gaza is like living in prison. 
The borders are closed, no airport like other countries, wars, people dying.
We want freedom like other countries. 
When I hear bombing I’ll be afraid. 
I really really wish for freedom.

The births of all things are weak and tender,
therefore we should have our eyes intent on beginnings.
Michel de Montaigne

If we are to have real peace in the world,
we will have to begin with the children.

If you are unfamiliar with the real history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, or have been told that Israel is "only defending itself," please read Albert Einstein's 1948 letter to the New York Times, then click your browser's "back" button to return to this page. If you want to understand how the the theft of Palestinian land relates to Israel's new offensive against Gaza, known as Operation "Pillar of Defense" or "Pillar of Clouds," please click here Amud Annan "Pillar of Fire." If you want to hear the opinion of the former U.S. president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate who negotiated peace talks between Israel and Palestinians, please click here Jimmy Carter: "Israeli policy is to confiscate Palestinian territory."

Frail Envelope of Flesh
Frail envelope of flesh,
lying cold on the surgeon’s table
with anguished eyes
like your mother’s eyes
and a heartbeat weak, unstable ...

Frail crucible of dust,
brief flower come to this—
your tiny hand
in your mother’s hand
for a last bewildered kiss ...

Brief mayfly of a child,
to live two artless years!
Now your mother’s lips
seal up your lips
from the Deluge of her tears ...
—Michael R. Burch

In the photos below, the pictures on the left are from the Jewish Shoah (Hebrew for "Catastrophe"), while the pictures on the right are from the Palestinian Nakba (Arabic for "Catastrophe"). During the Holocaust, Germans made Jewish children a "special case" and you can see the results on the left. Now Israelis have made Palestinian children a "special case" and you can see the results on the right. Something is obviously, profoundly wrong when we see children being collectively punished for the "crime" of having been "born wrong."

My nightmare 

I had a dream of Jesus! 
Mama, his eyes were so kind!
But behind him I saw many Jews and Christians
hissing "you're nothing," so blind!―The Child Poets of Gaza

As an Israeli, I have come to understand:
there is no way to love Israel and reject a two-state peace,
no way to love Israel and reject Palestine.
Yael Dayan, daughter of Moshe Dayan, Israel's most famous general and Defense Minister

If you are a student, teacher, educator, peace activist or just someone who cares and wants to help, please read How Can We End Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide Forever? and do what you can to make the world a safer, happier place for children of all races and creeds. 

The poem below was translated from the Arabic of a small Palestinian girl around age 12 or 13, by a translator who has agreed to help provide us with the accounts of Palestinian children in their own words. The translator's comments appear after the poem. The translation is a bit "rough" in spots, perhaps because the girl was distraught and our translator couldn't tell exactly what she meant. 

Jews entered our house
They opened the door with a ram
They entered and put their hands on my family as if they wanted to kill us
They took us from the house
Jews fired shots at my family
There were people around the house and the occupiers' tanks also
We went to the house of my uncle
After an hour the army entered and made us leave again
They took us to another house
Where the Jews shot at us again
The owners of the house introduced us to their home 
We sat three days without water or food
Even the young children cried from hunger
And then my brother and cousin left to bring wood so the children could eat
After that the Jews killed my brother and my cousin's foot was injured
Then they killed my mother and four sisters and my brother's son and I could not provide them with assistance
Then all my brothers and sisters were found and killed
I stood still
I could not move
All my family died
I looked at what remained when the others found them
Because they were under the rubble
And people talked with the Jews
Then the Jews left us
We called the ambulance but they did not come because the Jews were firing at them
I lost all my family
My father ... 
My brothers ... 
My family I used to play with ...
I lost my mother ... 
Who will teach me?
Where can we go?
We sat at my grandfather's house
My family stayed 16 days on their own 
They are dead because no one came to rescue them
And I am not the only one to lose everyone
My uncle killed Jews in front of his children 
He asked his son why the Jews had slain his father
Then they killed him also
Why tread on us after that?

Translator's comments: "When I heard this speech I cried from the depths of my heart!"

I am just fourteen

Hot tears racing down my cheeks
Deep wounds that shall never heal
Dreams of peace that had already ceased
Corpses, blood everywhere
Greed is to blame
Beauty and peace no longer there
Just in fantasies they lay
Souls and objects full of life
Eaten away by fresh fire
Destruction, deception that is left
What good will they get
Murder, death of loved ones
Filling hearts with bitterest desires
Terror and fear surrounding me
Closing in upon me
I stand silent, in a silent scream
That nobody can hear
For God’s sake I am just fourteen!

When I am President

When I am president, I will be the president of Spain because I love Spain a lot. 
I will live in Barcelona and the first thing I will do 
is that I will collect my army and go save Palestine 
and control Israel and give it back to Palestine.
I will buy limousines, Jeeps, phones, laptops and bodyguards. 
I will make everybody happy and I will let everybody call me the best president ever!

Thoughts of Their Teacher
I met two toddlers who were waiting for the borders to open, but would most likely die before they were able to get the treatment that could save their lives. Two beautiful babies who had done nothing to offend anyone except to be born Palestinian. 

And for this, they are given a death sentence.

I gave them a toy and prayed for a miracle.

I have a dream ...

I have a dream ... 
that one day Jews and Christians
will see me as I am:
a small child, lonely and afraid,
staring down the barrels of their big bazookas,
knowing I did nothing
to deserve this. 
―The Child Poets of Gaza

Suffering in Gaza…through the eyes of a teenager
I want to write about the suffering of the people in these days of siege...

We can’t get basic things…I think that there is no future for us…I mean for Gaza’s people. There is no safe place we can go there, even we can’t communicate with our friends because networks are down. Our life is centered around those who have been killed.

There is horror every minute and it’s clear, especially in the lives of children…

I just want to ask the people who are living outside of Gaza...

Imagine your life with no electricity or basic things? Destroyed home, a lot of children who don’t have parents, the sounds just like the roll of thunder…BOOM…all the time. Imagine your children tell you through their eyes and cries, “We are afraid, we can’t take it anymore and we can’t even sleep!”

Imagine yourself with no one beside you, to take care of you or even to look after you…and the people around you are strangers…How long could you stand it?

If the world stood with us we will not stand it any longer or anymore. But unfortunately there is no ”doings” just other people who are trying to help us by saying words, not more. They don’t do for us any good things.

We are now better than before, at least we can go to school everyday instead of seeing others dying.

I hope Gaza will change and be as the other countries…we just have to pray all the time!

We just want PEACE.

Living in Gaza

Living in Gaza is not always easy. When I came to Gaza, I did not believe what I saw. I saw buildings that were bombed, houses that were burned and people who were happy. I didn’t think people could be happy living like this. Now that I have been in Gaza for months, I realized that we don’t need to have the best stores, the best restaurants, or the best houses. As long as we have our friends and family, we can be happier than the people who have those things.

While I am in Gaza, I have learned to make better use of my time. I used to think that when the power goes out it would be hard to do anything. You actually can have a fun game or talk to your cousins. I can’t say I hate Gaza because it is where I am from so I am happy here. I am proud of where I am from and happy to be here.

My Hope for the Future
Future – it’s a big word for me and I have a lot of dreams. One of my dreams for the future is that I want to be a journalist. Two years ago I decided to be a journalist because I saw that my friend was so happy with that work and I like to write and take photos and things like that. These days, I started to think about that idea.

My friend is Egyptian and she traveled to China, India, Iraq – all those places, so I thought of being a journalist just like that; traveling, shopping, taking some photos and writing essays but I forgot that I live in Gaza and those things are impossible for us.

I can’t travel at any time or write anything here. No one writes anything except about war and enemies (Israel) so my dream started to vanish.

Now I don’t know what I want to be and have no dream.

Thoughts of Their Teacher
Gaza is a world of contradictions. 
Beautiful people, ugly confinement. 
Wide open blue skies, walls all around. 
The laughter of children, 
the agony of adults who want to make something of their lives.

As we made our way around the Gaza Strip, I saw so much devastation. 
There were broken buildings, broken roads, and broken lives – 
but if you looked further into the distance, 
you could see across the border and into Israel, 
to the pristine treeline, the beautiful buildings, grassy fields. 
All of which Gazans are denied.

Every day Gazans are reminded of what is constantly being taken from them. 

I can’t wait to go back. 
The people so appreciated a visitor from outside. 
They were excited and welcoming that people would actually brave the borders and the bombing 
to come and sit with them, 
to come and share in a slice of life in Gaza. 
They were grateful that we came so we could understand what it’s like to be Palestinian.

I love Gaza and I love the people there. 
I will continue to do all that I can to join hands with them and support them in their time of need.

Living in Gaza
Living in Gaza is like living in a cage. We can’t travel, we can’t take our own opinion and we should always be ready for anything unexpected to happen, such as a bomb far or nearby, war or a problem anywhere. You could even be kidnapped for a political reason.

In Gaza, each day that passes by, there should be 8 hours without electricity.

But, whatever you hear about us...we are powerful, we are strong and we have brave people but we don’t have the minds to work on our case. We sometimes make ourselves happy just to run away from worries. It’s as making ourselves confident.

In Gaza, the only thing stopping us from peace is that we should be on one side, not including the games of political parties. We also, in Gaza, share anything around the world. We are people the same as any country. I guess so…!!!! 

The things that we love in Gaza is our friends and family. It is the only thing that we are alive for!!

In the Future
In the future, I will make a factory for cars and I will make it in Gaza because Gaza doesn’t have a car factory. I will make a car company and I will sell them to Gaza’s people and I will give them to my dad and mom. I will give each of them two cars and to my brothers I will give them each two cars. My uncle will let me study with him and I will give him the latest model. I will bring a quad for myself. I want the quad now.

The future will be nicer than we are now.

[When] I am President
I will bring to Gaza everything. I will let the people who are very sick go to the doctors in Egypt, Israel and London. They will become very happy because they were very tired.

I will be the president of Egypt and I will bring new mobiles to Egypt and bikes and motors. I will bring construction and cars.

My Hope in the Future is to be a Business Man
and become a famous man and it could make you rich. Maybe you’d have companies, malls, cities like “City Stars”, hotels, restaurants and towers. This is the life of a business man. Maybe your children will live a good life if you’re a business man.

I love this work. I might work in business when I will finish studying because my dad is a business man and I want to be like him.

I wish when I will be, inshallah, I will make a business in a lot of countries, Europe, Americas and at the first Asia (Palestine). It is really nice work to work in. That is my opinion.

Their Teacher on the Bombings ... 

Today one of my classes started making some artwork that will be displayed in a Palestinian Cultural event in Oregon, US.

I told them to draw how they feel about living in Gaza. What do they see? What is a memory that keeps coming to mind?

As they drew, they started talking ...

One very sweet, bright boy told me the story of one of his friends. The boy's father was arrested by the Israelis for something and he was killed. The father of his sister's friend was also arrested by the Israelis, this time for burning an Israeli flag at the end of the war. He was taken, murdered, then his body was wrapped in a blanket and delivered to the doorstep of his home. The ones who delivered the body knocked and walked away.

The wife and daughter of the deceased man came to the door and found something wrapped in a blanket. They pulled the blanket back to find it was the father of this family. I could hardly breathe, imagining such a horror.

Another boy told me that in the first day of the war, Israeli soldiers entered his home and broke everything. "Why did they break it?", he asked. Of course, I had no answer. He went on to tell me that there were people being killed all around where he lived, including women and children, and that when the ambulances came, the soldiers would let them take out the dead bodies but not allow them to rescue the injured. 

I wanted to cry.

We just can't imagine what these children have witnessed. These kids are in grade six now, so they were in grade four when all of that happened. Some of the kids weren't finished yet, so I told them they could finish next Sunday. One of my students asked if she could also write something for you so I told her she could.

One of my girls called me over to her and told me quietly that the Israelis are planning to attack again but no one knows when. I told her I had heard that too. She said softly, "It makes me afraid".

PLEASE impress upon people what these children have suffered and the ongoing psychological terrorism that continues. A few days ago, Israel held "mock airstrikes" during our first period.

Last night they bombed somewhere for real. They are always bombing and you can tell when they are close because many of the younger children show up to school the next day looking completely haggard and worn out. The dark circles around their eyes show their lack of sleep. It is barbaric for Israel to continue to terrorize these children.

I woke up at four this morning and didn't know why until I got to school today and learned about last night's bombing. It was at four am. I must have been sleeping deeply enough not to hear it but not so deeply that I was able to sleep through it.

The children are afraid because the images of the last war, of all the death and fear, are still so fresh in their minds.

Their Teacher on "Gaza's Real Treasures"
It's a new school year and Gaza has a new teacher. I have the awesome privilege of feeding young minds from kindergarten to grade twelve at the American International School in Gaza.

During my first class with the grade six students, I encouraged the children to introduce themselves to me. I wanted them to tell me a little about themselves. Child after child gave me their name and a few personal details as we all got to know each other a little better. Every child is beautiful, bright and angelic in their own way.

Finally, it was time for the girls to my left to introduce themselves to me. The first girl, with a thick blonde ponytail, bright hazel eyes and a gorgeous smile asked in her sweet voice, "Can I talk about the war?"

I was caught off guard, not expecting such words to come out of such an innocent face. I paused to catch my breath, not wanting these children to know that tears were almost filling my eyes.

I softly said, "Yes, if you want to."

She proceeded to tell me about the first day of bombing and how scary it was for her family to have bombs dropping all around her home. She told me, in vivid detail, where each member of her family was, how frantically her mother was trying to locate all of her children. She told me how terrified she was when her home was filled with smoke so no one could find each other, how they all called out for each other, hoping that everyone was alright.

I held my breath as I listened to her. This innocent child is the same age as my youngest son. As I heard her story, I thought of how I would feel if my own child was forced to live through such a nightmare. My mind was blank.

She continued her story for the next few minutes, taking me through every step of that first day, letting me relive it with her and suddenly she said, "And then it was over", and her story ended. I could breathe again.

I was so grateful that this is now her version of the story. In spite of the detailed horror of that first day, the next thing that came to mind was "and then it was over".

I am truly and deeply blessed to share in the lives of some of Gaza's children. I hope I can give them something back to help them as they look forward in their young lives.

They are bright, intelligent and beautiful inside and out and I hope and pray that we can find the way to give them the very best.

It's the least we should do

Dare to dream, to believe, to succeed! 
Peace IS possible! Pray for Palestine

Their Teacher Expresses Her Thoughts on Gaza
I wanted to comment about my trip to Gaza.

Gaza is a place of profound contradictions. There is remarkable beauty and heart-crushing agony.

I learned from Sohaila Terazi, the director of the Ahli Arab Hospital, a Christian hospital, that they are seeing at least 10 burn cases a day, that is, children being burnt. Why? Because the closure [the blockade of Gaza by the Israeli military] is cutting off the necessary supply of cooking gas, leaving residents to resort to other fuels to cook in their homes.

People are using wood, and even gasoline, to cook with and as a result, hundreds of children every month are being rushed to the hospital to be treated for burns.

Another, more subtle effect of the situation in Gaza is on the day that PA salaries are deposited into the accounts of former PA employees, the line ups at the bank are literally in the 100s, all hoping the bank will not run out of cash before everyone is served. ATM cards in Gaza are not like we have here, where you can use them at every bank. If your ATM is not working, as was the case with one, then you have no choice but to get in the long line during banking hours to withdraw any money.

The closure means that the motherboard required to replace the broken one in the ATM is coming from Ramallah, but the borders are closed ... so it’s anybody’s guess just when the one piece of equipment will arrive.

The siege grinds the soul and sanity of Gazans. There is nothing to do, no place to go and no feeling of security. The restrictions on the amount of fuel that goes into Gaza means that the electrical power plant cannot run at full capacity, thereby being unable to serve all of Gaza at once, which results in revolving blackouts. It’s summer now and it’s hot, but you may or may not be able to even have a fan on to give a little relief. Gazans are denied even that.

What is the effect of this soul-sapping deprivation? Patience can be a little thin, morale a little low, tempers can run close to the surface.

In this land of some of the most gracious people I have ever encountered, this land of immeasurable hospitality, the agony and frustration is often hidden by a smile of resignation and a shrug. ”What can we do?” I heard time and time again.

This is no way to live. When a person has to deal with limitations brought about by their own choices, they can take heart in the knowledge that even as they got themselves into a jam, so they can also get themselves out.

No so for Palestinians. They’re in a jam, alright, but there is nothing they can do to remedy it.

I got a small, very small taste of what this is like. On the day I was supposed to leave, Friday June 12, to catch my plane out of Cairo the next morning, I was unable to leave. Egypt controls the Rafah border but they do it in cooperation with Israel.

I was told that I could not go through the border that day. I was told the border would also be closed on Saturday and Sunday so I should try again on Monday. Try again?

On Monday morning, I showed up again, this time with a friend, Wessam. She is a local news anchor who had arranged to go to a training program for work in Dubai. Her company had made all of her arrangements.

As Wessam and I sat in the hot desert sun and waited, we passed the time talking, watching people and wondering what the outcome of our day would be.

Eventually we got the news that I would be allowed to leave, but not my friend. The reason? Again, there was no reason for her to be denied access, except for the fact that she is Palestinian.

The four of us, Wessam and I and our husbands, had spent all morning at the border but three of them had no choice but to go back. Wessam still has not been allowed to attend her training program.

To be faced with walls, fences and razor wire on every side eats away at your sanity day after day. There is always the sound of “boom boom” as we called it, especially at night.

I learned to differentiate between the boom boom being on the eastern border or at sea, targeting fishermen. I learned to recognize tank fire when I heard it.

And I was only there for two weeks.

Palestinians are human – just like us. How long could we tolerate such treatment? How long would we tolerate being imprisoned, starved, robbed, poisoned, bombed, burned and mocked?

Would we not expect to reach a saturation point of frustration? I have no doubt I would.

And yet there is the universal shrug “What can you do?”

Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank may not be able to change what’s going on around them. They are powerless to influence the politics around them, but we can do something!

Support those who are suffering in Gaza, let them know they are not alone. Let them that what happens is not in our name.

Love, true lasting love straight from God’s own heart is what is needed to bring real peace to this wounded and troubled region.

Please take action now and help save lives before it’s too late. So many have been lost while waiting.

In my conversation with Dr. Mustafa of the Al Nasser Children’s hospital I learned that children are literally dying because of the closures imposed on them. Doctors can’t bring in necessary diagnostic supplies to accurately assess patients and neither can they evacuate critically ill patients out to other hospitals for treatment.

I met two toddlers who were waiting for the borders to open, but would most likely die before they were able to get the treatment that could save their lives. Two beautiful babies who had done nothing to offend anyone except to be born Palestinian. 

And for this, they are given a death sentence.

I gave them a toy and prayed for a miracle.

Gaza is a world of contradictions. Beautiful people, ugly confinement. Wide open blue skies, walls all around. Laughter of children, agony of adults who want to make something of their lives.

As we made our way around the Gaza Strip, I saw so much devastation. There were broken buildings, broken roads, and broken lives – but if you look further into the distance, you could see across the border and into Israel, to the pristine treeline, the beautiful buildings, grassy fields. All of which Gazans are denied.

Every day Gazans are reminded of what is constantly being taken from them. 

I can’t wait to go back. The people so appreciated a visitor from outside. They were excited and welcoming that people would actually brave the borders and the bombing to come and sit with them, to come and share in a slice of life in Gaza. They were grateful that we came so we could understand what it’s like to be Palestinian.

I love Gaza and I love the people there. I will continue to do all that I can to join hands with them and support them in their time of need.

Does Jesus Love Me, a Palestinian Child?

Does Jesus love me?
How would I know,
when his disciples
torture me so!
     I'm only a child
     but they say I'm defiled
     while God is beguiled
     by each child who's a Jew.
           How about you?
           What do you say? 
           Is Christ a bigot?
           Are his feet racist clay?
     Please tell me, Christian — 
     is God a bigot?
     Does his grace flow for you
     through an open spigot
     while his favors are showered
     on Israelis who steal
     my poor father's land?
     Is your Jesus a heel?
Does Jesus love me?
How would I know,
when his disciples
abuse children so!
     Does Jesus love me,
     dripping with blood — 
     his and mine mixed
     in a bright crimson flood
     while people like you
     claim his grace and ignore
     the angel who came
     and expired at your door?
Does Jesus love me?
How would I know,
when his disciples
crucify us so!
―for the Child Poets of Gaza, by Nakba


MI5’s murky role in Kincora scandal yet to be exposed

Kincora Boys Home – scene of homosexual prostitution scandal and never the subject of an inquiry. Photograph: Pacemaker
Kincora Boys Home – scene of homosexual prostitution scandal and never the subject of an inquiry. Photograph: Pacemaker
The former British intelligence officer Colin Wallace told Radio Ulster last weekend that any inquiry into Kincora Boys’ Home will not be able to get to the truth if it doesn’t have access to evidence about the role of MI5. If that’s so, the chances of the truth coming out are near to nil. Wallace has been trying for 40 years to expose child sex abuse at the east Belfast home. He has been ridiculed, ignored, lied to and lied about, and, as Paul Foot demonstrated in “Who Framed Colin Wallace?” in 1989, fitted up for manslaughter. Peter Robinson has suggested the Belfast home be added to the remit of the UK Child Abuse Inquiry. Others want a dedicated Northern Ireland inquiry. It matters little. MI5’s interests will take precedence over the rights of raped children. In the early 1970s, Wallace was based in Lisburn, a member of an undercover “psychological warfare” unit which worked closely with MI5. He was involved in “Operation Clockwork Orange”, a MI5 plot to smear Labour prime minister Harold Wilson and “wets” in the Tory opposition.

Clockwork Orange

In October 1974, Wallace told his superiors that he wanted out of Clockwork Orange. He then wrote a memo explaining in detail that destitute boys were being systematically sodomised by members of Kincora staff and were being supplied for abuse to prominent figures in unionist politics. The abusers – among them MPs, councillors, leading Orangemen and other influential individuals – became potentially important intelligence assets.
MI5 had come across Kincora through its interest in paedophile “housemaster” William McGrath, also leader of an eccentric loyalist organisation, Tara. The agency didn’t report the scandal, but allowed it to continue while monitoring the abusers. It wasn’t until an Irish Independent expose in 1980 that official notice was taken. An RUC investigation led to the imprisonment of McGrath and two other Kincora staff. Two inquiries were then established in succession by secretary of state James Prior. The first, under complaints commissioner Stephen McGonagle, collapsed on its first day when three of five panel members resigned upon being told they couldn’t delve into any matter which might be the subject of police investigation. The collapse of an inquiry after one half-day session may be a unique occurrence.
Prior pledged to the Commons that a second inquiry under retired judge William Hughes would investigate allegations of a cover-up involving state agents. But Hughes announced he would examine only “the administration of boys’ homes” and wouldn’t take evidence about “allegations [of] any cover-up”.

Roy Garland, who had briefly been McGrath’s second-in-command, had complained about Kincora in 1972 and identified McGrath as the main abuser. Hughes refused to call him. Robert McCartney QC, for the Kincora boys, expostulated: “Are my wits leaving me? A man who . . . put the finger on a man subsequently convicted for some of the most brutal acts of sodomy is not a relevant or material witness?”
Wallace’s offer to give evidence if allowed to deal with the role of security services was turned down. He sent a dossier to Mrs Thatcher, asking that it be passed to Hughes. It was not, and was later discovered to have been lost.
Hughes did have a document from Wallace showing that he had raised Kincora back in 1974, but rejected it because there was no evidence that it wasn’t a forgery. His report found no fault with MI5.
There were other bizarre events. Wallace supplied his dossier to Tory MP Teddy Taylor. It was stolen from a locked cupboard in a locked office at Westminster. MPs were furious at this encroachment on their rights. David Owen MP complained that even the Commons wasn’t safe from burglary. Some time later he opened his office in his Southend constituency and found the file on his desk. And so it goes on.
At a meeting in Downing Street in October 2011, David Cameron told the family of Pat Finucane that he couldn’t deliver a promised public inquiry into the murder of the solicitor in February 1989 by a UDA hit squad briefed by MI5.

‘An inquiry’

Human rights campaigner Jane Winter, who was with the family, quoted Cameron saying, “Look, the last administration couldn’t deliver an inquiry . . . and neither can we, because there are people all around this place who won’t let it happen.” Ms Winter recalled that as he said this, Cameron raised a finger and made a circular motion in the air.
Much, much more on MI5’s Kincora role is contained in Foot’s meticulously researched account, as explosive a book as has appeared about the North. It was virtually ignored when published 25 years ago but it should now be urgently reprinted. Meantime, the surviving boys of Kincora can have no reason for confidence that the story of a British state agency facilitating certainly hundreds and likely thousands of child rapes will be told any time soon.
"Lie Down And Die Quietly"
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State Sanctioned Murder
Joseph Wood dies almost two hours after execution begins

By Ed Pilkington in New York

Convicted killer 'gasped and snorted' as officials attempted to execute him, as lawyers filed an emergency motion to halt the process. 
What If Our Democracy Is A Fraud?
Perhaps we’re not as free as we think

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What if you were allowed to vote only because it didn’t make a difference? 
Running for Their Lives: The Child Migrant Crisis

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U.S. policies stoked the gang violence Central American kids are fleeing. 
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Propaganda alert: State Department: Blame for downed plane ‘lies directly’ with Putin: State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf on Wednesday said blame for the crashed Malaysian Airlines flight "lies directly at President [Vladimir] Putin's feet," as the Obama administration looked to raise pressure Russia. Harf said Putin was responsible not just for the downed commercial airliner, "but every incident we've seen” throughout the conflict. "Period."
If Russia is behind MH17 crash, where’s the evidence? – Defense Ministry: Russia has so far been the only nation to release evidence related to the MH17 crash, the Defense Ministry said, urging other countries to follow suit. Though there have been a lot of claims of Russia’s involvement, none have been backed by proof.
MH17: Russia accuses US of fabricating evidence: Russia's deputy defence minister says US evidence 'mostly cited social networks' and did not correspond to reality
US hasn’t shown ‘smoking gun’ on Malaysian airlines crash: Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.). The Intelligence Committee’s ranking member, said Wednesday that he and Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein were disappointed with the information released by the Obama administration on the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
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