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Fuck It, I Quit

Guest writer, the Parisian domiciled Frankie McKillen with his views on the drugs issue.

TPQ's Belfast Rockabilly Frankie McKIllen

Fuck it, I quit.

Charlo Greene famously said those words live on KTVA after she reported on a segment about pot to concentrate on legalizing marijuana in Alaska. What she said before dramatically quitting her job was ...

Everything you've heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, fuck it, I quit.
Earlier this year Professor Nutt gave a lecture in the Isle of Man called The truth about drugs. In October 2009 he was the Labour Governments chief medical adviser and was sacked from his job because he wrote paper and claimed that alcohol and tobacco were more harmful than many illegal drugs, including LSD, ecstasy and cannabis. In the paper he argued that some top scientific journals had published "horrific examples" of poor quality research on the alleged harm caused by some illicit drugs, Nutt called for a new way of classifying the harm caused by both legal and illegal drugs. Part of what he said in his report was ...
Alcohol ranks as the fifth most harmful drug after heroin, cocaine, barbiturates and methadone. Tobacco is ranked ninth. Cannabis, LSD and ecstasy, while harmful, are ranked lower at 11, 14 and 18 respectively.

 Richard Garside, director for Centre for Crime & Justice Studies had this to say about Nutt's report ...
Professor Nutt's briefing gives us an insight into what drugs policy might look like if it was based on the research evidence, rather than political posturing and moralistic positioning. The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies is a strong advocate of research evidence informing policy making and it is delighted to be publishing this very timely and important contribution by one of the country's top drugs experts.
I personally smoke pot openly, I've never hidden the fact. I'm at a total loss as to why in certain countries it's illegal. It is only a 'gate-way' drug because it's illegal. It doesn't lead people to harder, more harmful drugs. That is one of the biggest myths.

The Truth About Heroin - UK documentary is an eye opener. It is a bit long but worth a watch. And listen to experts not government spin doctors.

Durham chief constable Mike Barton claimed the war on drugs had failed and decriminalisation was the best way to wrestle power away from criminal gangs. "Not all crime gangs raise income through selling drugs, but most of them do in my experience. "

So offering an alternative route of supply to users cuts off the gang's income stream. If an addict were able to access drugs via the NHS or some similar organisation, then they would not have to go out and buy illegal drugs.
 "Drugs should be controlled. They should not, of course, be freely available. I think addiction to anything - drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc - is not a good thing, but outright prohibition hands revenue streams to villains."

What doesn't work is prohibition and the war against drugs is as phoney as the war against terrorism. What is needed is a proper debate with fact not fiction.

Now I'm going for a spliff ... but I'll never smoke weed with Willie again.


larry hughes said...
Is the Gerry 'I never had a beard' Adams in the photo lol
sean bres said...
Nice one Frankie and an interesting topic. Strange that ecstasy was ranked as less dangerous than pot though
Tain Bo said...

the massive profits made in the drug trade would be an incentive not to win the war on drugs as the cash gets woven into the economy one way or the other.
Pablo Escobar had enough cash to finance a small country, after they stiffed him where did all his cash go the same for any drug kingpin they catch or kill.

Any dirty money seized has to end up somewhere I am fairly certain it is not to feed the poor, more likely it ends up funding some covert ops.

I know one bloke who smokes the weed and has done so longer than I care to remember his other drug of choice cigarettes and the drink. I think when they figure out how to get the maximum profit they will make things legal.

The cigarette industry has something in common with the impure dope peddlers they lace tobacco with all sorts of dangerous chemicals with about 70 known to be lethal.
I am not saying weed is chemical free but I don’t know if a person would smoke 20 or 40 joints a day like a chain smoker.
grouch said...
frankie me aul flower, i quit last christmas eve (taxi broke down and i nearly did too) feelin great thank God but still miss it. i do think the skunk thats out there now is lethal and can drive delicate people schizo. I think grass is a very dangerous drug to be honest. I only met a few people who cud have the odd joint and i wish i cud have done that instead of being a big fatskinny baked bean every night. i useta be a total paranoid hemaroid. i took magic mushroooms 20 years ago and i actually wanted to go over to serbia and give some to all the different factions coz i was convinced theyd stop fighting. however the next trip i had was a living nightmare and havent touched them since. i love paris, u are a lucky swine.
DaithiD said...
Well I had heard the stories of the Ulster pirate Auld Green Beard, but I dismissed them as folklore… are you sure the spliffs have no undesirable effects Frankie?
grouch said...
u luk like a cross between jim morison, gerry adams and darby o gill
frankie said...
Larry, Daitih & grouch... I bet you'd all love to grow a beard like mine. And before anyone ask 'is it photo shopped?' Nope. It's totally natural and Daithi is on the right path. It's a side effect from smoking too much Purple haze.. Any resemblance to Gerry Adams is down to the lighting.

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Revealed: The speech Thatcher dared not give after IRA Brighton bombing

The speech Margaret Thatcher was going to deliver 30 years ago this month could have gone down in history as the most provocative in her stormy career.

She was going to name the individuals who - she claimed - were out to destroy democracy because they were “too blind or too wicked” to understand the harm they were causing.

She was going to accuse the Labour leader Neil Kinnock of having ceded control of his party to the miners’ union President Arthur Scargill and accuse the future Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, of abetting lawbreakers.

But the speech, as drafted, was never delivered, because at 2.54 am on 12 October 1984 – less than 12 hours before she was due to speak – an IRA bomb ripped through the Grand Hotel, Brighton, where Thatcher and other leading Conservatives were staying.

Five people were killed and 31 injured. In the middle of the night, Thatcher coolly announced in Brighton police station that the final day of the conference would go ahead as planned, but her speech had to be rapidly rewritten, with the most provocative attacks on Labour and the unions removed.

A typed draft is among a huge collection of Thatcher’s private papers from 1984, published today by the Thatcher archive, which can be read online.

One of Margaret Thatcher’s most famous phrases was “the enemy within” applied to leaders of the 1984-85 miners’ strike, and to Labour councillors who were defying the recently passed Rates Act by refusing to implement the cuts needed to keep rate increases within the law.

The historian Chris Collins, from the Margaret Thatcher Foundation, believes that she borrowed the phrase from John Wesley’s Methodist Hymnal.

She used it at a closed meeting for Conservative MPs, but never uttered it in public – though it would have featured in her conference speech, a week after the Labour Party’s rowdy conference in Blackpool.

She planned to say: “Several months ago, I used the phrase 'the enemy within'…I was referring to those people in Britain who are the enemies of freedom and democracy itself. And in case anyone doubted me, they were there for all to see in Blackpool last week.

“Mr Kinnock, for all his words – and there is no shortage of those – has been hijacked, first by Mr Scargill, then by anti-democrats at his own party conference.”

The ‘anti-democrats’ in her sights included delegates who had voted to support councillors who were defying the law. She was going to condemn that as “a rallying call to anarchy, and ultimately to tyranny, by those too blind, or too wicked, to grasp that by that road, liberty will be suppressed.”

She proposed to name Jack Straw, then a shadow environment minister, as an alleged culprit, because he had told Labour’s local government conference that “the question is not the rule of law, but which law should rule”.

Her speech was hastily rewritten on the morning after the bombing, with all attacks on Labour removed except for a short extract condemning the policy of unilateral nuclear disarmament. No Labour politicians were mentioned by name.

Over the weekend, Mrs Thatcher dispatched dozens of letters to well-wishers. The people who must have least expected to hear from her were William and Carol Thorne, of Ruffles Hair Salon in Hove, East Sussex.

Mrs Thatcher liked to have her hair done several times a week. She wrote apologising for cancelling her appointment on the morning after the bombing. "I was very pleased with the way you did my hair, and the fact that it lasted so well through Friday was the real test," she assured them.

Aggregated from the Belfast Telegraph

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EBOLA WAR Come All Ye Blueshirts

Residents of Dublin and supporters got out to stop Meter installations in their area and held a small demo in front of this truck. The gardai came in and caused mayhem.

A Wee Chat in Occupy Australia Anonymous



Katy Quill; Thank you Bernard..... IT Is Spreading Like.......Wildfire..... 

Bernard Clarke; Yes Katy there could be billions wiped out ! 

Katy Quill; NOT Could BE.....This is Deliberate....THE Aim OF The Game is Depopulation....especially ChristianS.....

Bernard; Yes Katy, as you well know the common theme among the establishment, is that the world is over populated !

Katy Quill; True... THEIR GREED..'' BUT THEY Intend To Murder ALL''' Christian ....REM BUSH.....CHENEY RUMSFIELD etc... Are ALL'' LucifarianS......

Bernard Clarke; They don't care about religion ! They will wipe out billions indiscriminately while their own can afford proper protection!

Ambrose Risen; You guys are such morons, especially you Katy

Bernard Clarke; Two English men are walking along O'Connell Street when they see a sign in a shop window. Suits £15.00, shirts £2.00, trousers £2.50. One said to the other one "Look at that - we could buy a lot of that gear and, when we get back to England we could make a
fortune, When we go into the shop don't say anything, let me do all the talking, cause if they hear our accent they might not serve us, so I'll speak in my best Irish accent."
They go in and he orders, 50 suits at £15.00, 100 shirts at £2.00 and 50 trousers at £2.50 The owner of the shop says "You're English aren't you?"
The Englishman replies "Oh bother... Yes, how the hell did you know that?"
The owner says, "This is a dry cleaners.

Katy Quill; Thank you Ambrose... Much Appreciated....Have A Pleasant DAY

Hrh Duchess Kesa Marin; Quite Frankly I do think this is a tester. The global population is getting out of control, people are once again flexing there collective muscles and voicing objections there is strength in numbers. reduce the numbers and you have a much more compliant population. You also have low unemployment, strenthening economy, growth etc... why is it the only 'cure' was given to Two American workers and there isnt anymore? spanish flu, Plaque, etc.. all reduce population which lead to social restructure and dramatic changes to life as we know it.

Katy Quill; Bernard............THEY Do Care About Religion especially '''' Christians''' Worth Reading up on THIS.... Check out Former PRES. Geo. H. BUSH.....A NAZI....Arrived on American Soil At THE End OF WW2 ....Changed His Name TO BUSH....IT Would BE Worth Reading up on BUSH....CHENEY...RUMSFIELD and The Rest... TO Really See what is Actually Going on....AMD When was THIS Planned etc.. FEW Are Aware As To What is Really Behind These Atrociities

Bernard Clarke; Bush's family belonged to the Skull and Bones Freemasonry. My own experience and take on it, is that as people materially progress, so does their politics. The Federal reserve system we live in, is one glorified Ponzi scheme. WW 1 & 2, were really about protecting the monetary system and the vast wealth of the elite. The only way to repeat this again, in a nuclear world and have elitist self preservation, would be with something like manufactured Ebola. Money has no loyalty to nationality, religion or for that matter ethics. We know the Ponzi scheme is about to collapse, especially with the de-linkage of the world's reserve currency, the Petro dollar. Billionaires are aware of the choices. So what do you think? History does repeat itself, there is more than enough evidence of that!


Ebola Outbreak: The Latest U.S. Government Lies. The Risk of Airborne Contagion?
By Prof Jason Kissner

We begin with the Public Health Agency of Canada, which as recently as August 6 stated on its website that:

“In the laboratory, infection through small-particle aerosols has been demonstrated in primates, and airborne spread among humans is strongly suspected, although it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated. The importance of this route of transmission is not clear. Poor hygienic conditions can aid the spread of the virus.”

No more; the “airborne spread among humans is strongly suspected” language has been censored and altered:

“In laboratory settings, non-human primates exposed to aerosolized ebolavirus from pigs have become infected, however, airborne transmission has not been demonstrated between non-human primates

Viral shedding has been observed in nasopharyngeal secretions and rectal swabs of pigs following experimental inoculation.”

Are we to suppose that very recent and ground-breaking research was conducted that indicated there is no longer reason to “strongly suspect” that airborne Ebola contagion occurs? Surely, the research was done three weeks ago, and we only need to wait another couple of days until the study is released for public consumption. Feel better now?

If not, perhaps the 9/30 words of the Centers for Disease Control accompanying the Dallas Ebola case will provide some solace. Or, perhaps those words just contain another pack of U.S. Government lies. Let’s investigate.

Before addressing the CDC’s Statement, we should articulate some pivotal Ebola Outbreak facts we’re apparently not supposed to mention or even think about, since they’ve been buried by the Government/MSM complex. So, consider this from an earlier Global Research contribution by this author, drawn from a 2014 New England Journal of Medicine article:

“Phylogenetic analysis of the full-length sequences established a separate clade for the Guinean EBOV strain in sister relationship with other known EBOV strains. This suggests that the EBOV strain from Guinea has evolved in parallel with the strains from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon from a recent ancestor and has not been introduced from the latter countries into Guinea. Potential reservoirs of EBOV, fruit bats of the species Hypsignathusmonstrosus, Epomopsfranqueti, & Myonycteristorquata, are present in large parts of West Africa. It is possible that EBOV has circulated undetected in this region for some time. The emergence of the virus in Guinea highlights the risk of EBOV outbreaks in the whole West African subregion…

The high degree of similarity among the 15 partial L gene sequences, along with the three full-length sequences and the epidemiologic links between the cases, suggest a single introduction of the virus into the human population. This introduction seems to have happened in early December 2013 or even before.”

The take-home message is that we now confront a brand spanking new genetic variant of Ebola. Furthermore, we still have no idea at all how the “single introduction of the virus in the human population” of West Africa occurred. And, the current Ebola outbreak appears to be orders of magnitude more contagious than previous outbreaks. It also presents with a fatality count that far exceeds all previous outbreaks combined. But it’s certainly not airborne, so who cares about nit-picking details such as these!

In spite of the above facts, we are supposed to believe that all questions regarding the current Ebola outbreak can be answered with exclusive reference to what has occurred in connection with previously encountered—in terms of genetic composition—and known—in terms of initial outbreak source—Ebola episodes.

Here are a couple of questions. When was the last time an Ebola outbreak coincided with instructions to U.S. funeral homes on how to “handle the remains of Ebola patients”? Not to worry, since Alysia English, Executive Director of the Georgia Funeral Homes Association, is quoted (click preceding link) as saying “If you were in the middle of a flood or gas leak, that’s not the time to figure out how to turn it off. You want to know all of that in advance. This is no different.” So it’s just about being prepared, you see. Of course, nothing resembling this sort of preparation has ever transpired alongside any other Ebola outbreak in world history, so what gives now?

“Oh, it’s because we now have that Ebola case in Dallas.” True, but this response suffers from two fatal defects. First, we’re not supposed to worry about one tiny case as long as it’s in America, right, since according to the CDC on 9/30:

…there’s all the difference in the world between the U.S. and parts of Africa where Ebola is spreading. The United States has a strong health care system and public health professionals who will make sure this case does not threaten our communities,” said CDC Director, Dr. Tom Frieden, M.D., M.P.H. “While it is not impossible that there could be additional cases associated with this patient in the coming weeks, I have no doubt that we will contain this.”

If the U.S.’ strong health care system (which is apparently far superior to hazmat suits) is so effective at containment, what explains the funeral home preparations again? If U.S. containment procedures are so superb and the virus is no more contagious than before, what difference does it make whether the case is in Dallas, Texas or Sierra Leone? To be sure, maybe the answers to these questions are simple, and it’s just about corrupt money and the like.

However, the corrupted money explanation isn’t very plausible (at least on its own) either, for the very simple, and extremely disturbing, reason that the “funeral home preparations” article was first published on 9/29 at 3:36 PM PST—a day before the Dallas case was confirmed positive. Of course, this makes the following language at the very head of the article all the more eerie:

“CBS46 News has confirmed the Centers for Disease Control has issued guidelines to U.S. funeral homes on how to handle the remains of Ebola patients. If the outbreak of the potentially deadly virus is in West Africa, why are funeral homes in America being given guidelines?”

If the rejoinder is that “well, people thought the Dallas case might turn out positive”, the reply must be that there were several other cases, in places like Sacramento and New York, that might have turned out positive, but resulted in neither funeral home preparations nor a rash of CDC “Ebola Prevention” tips wash those hands, since they’re running low on hazmat suits!

Hopefully, you are in the mood for two more big CDC lies, because they really are quite important. From the 9/30 CDC statement: “People are not contagious after exposure unless they develop symptoms.” This is a lie for three basic reasons. First, the studies that inform the CDC’s professed certainty on this issue relied upon analyses of previous outbreaks of then-known known Ebola variants. The current strain, as stated here early on, is novel—genetically as well as geographically. Second, the distinction between “incubation” and “visible symptoms” is a continuum, not discrete in nature; a few droplets might not be rain, but they’re not indicative of fully clear skies either—so the boundary drawn by the CDC is, like nearly everything else the U.S. government does, arbitrary. Third, as even rank amateurs at statistics know, previous outbreaks have consisted of too few cases to confidently rule out small but consequential probabilities of asymptomatic transmission—completely leaving aside the fact that we have a new genetic variant of Ebola to deal with.

The last major CDC lie mentioned in this article is the claim, repeated ad nauseam, that “infrastructure shortcomings” and the like is wholly sufficient to explain the exponential increase in the number of cases presented by the current outbreak. We should believe that only when presented with well-designed multivariate contagion models that properly incorporate information about Ebola outbreaks and generate findings that socioeconomic differences as between West Africa and other regions of Africa (such as Zaire) alone can fully explain observed differences associated with the current outbreak. It seems to this author that we should strongly doubt that the current contagion can be fully explained without at some point invoking features of the novel genetic strain.

Dr. Jason Kissner is Associate Professor of Criminology at California State University.

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone sincerely, who worked so hard for the release of Marian Price and Martin Corey both in Ireland and overseas. I am sure you're commitment did make a big difference and we are all happy about the outcome. Well done!

The case of the Craigavon 2, has been dragging on now over several years and Gerry Conlon of the Guildford 4, who is now deceased, was a passionate supporter of their cause. I knew Gerry sufficiently well enough, to know, that these two young men were genuinely innocent, before Gerry would get involved.

However, I was so weary over my lifetime campaigning, in both Ireland and England for innocent Irish political prisoners, that I just needed a break and decided to leave it to a younger generation, to take up their cause. Indeed many like me, are tired and would like to walk away, but the relentless injustices, just seem to never cease with the British in Ireland.

Like the Marian and Martin campaigns and I don't wish to be critical, I am frankly a little surprised by the photography used. I am frankly angry at all those careerist politicians, who rose to power on the backs of the hardship of Ireland's so many political prisoners and they appear to have done so very little, for the cause of all those interned without a proper trial, strip searched and of course, all those innocents who are used as political and policing scapegoats, for an inherently, rotten system.

Innocent young people, in every generation, since the foundation of both scum states in Ireland, have been incarcerated over the last Century and it still goes on into the 21st century. People who would otherwise, be just happy to get on with their everyday lives, are dragged back into it, time after time, year after, generation after generation. What a terrible waste of energy, of the best people, this island has to offer. We are too small as an island to make a difference on our own, in matters like this peacefully, while some of our best, over many generations, have emigrated. We need all of their help and their succeeding generations, as the British Government, seem hell bent, on creating the conditions of injustice, division and keeping them alive, that generates so much anger and bitterness. We need your help to deal with it, in a proactive, rather than reactionary way. Below is an explanation of the matter. Again thank you all so much for your help in the past and please help make this matter as international as possible,because there is massive political censorship, in both Ireland and Britain on these matters and the corporate media carries considerable disinformation on Ireland. 

beir bua! brion

Our Duty To Support The Craigavon Two #JFTC2


The illegal and criminal incarceration of the Craigavon Two by the British State is an example of everything that
is wrong with the British occupation in the north of Ireland. While the leadership of SF is currently meeting with
the commander in chief of British death squads and having tea and biscuits, the Craigavon Two are  sitting in a cell in
Maghaberry deprived of all basics rights, the most recent victims of the British Injustice system.

Their case and conviction, based on secret evidence, Diplock Courts,witness tampering and intimidation demonstrates that not much has changed since the signing of the GFA and the injustice of their incarceration is not just a crime against
them but rather an attack on justice and human rights of ALL people in the occupied six counties.

Despite the fact that their appeal has discredited any and all accusations against them, they are still sitting in
jail almost one year after this “awaiting a decision” in other words being continuously punished for their real crime, their politics. Like Price, Corey and many others the British state is trying to break them and break the movement by targeting all who are political but in this they will fail!!!

In J.P. Woottons own words (in a surprise letter that I received) he states(all spelling mistakes are mine):
“While I am confident…we will be back home again to our families and communities, it must be recognize that
this type of injustice is merely a symptom of a cruel and unjust system. Unless this is abolished it will continue
to affect more people. Take for example Gerry Conlon, Who has supported us in our quest for justice, he himself faced a similar outrage many years ago and here it is, happening again. Unless we treat the disease, the symptoms
will always reappear……If one good thing could come from all this I hope is that the real nature of the system
we live under is clearly exposed.”

It is clear to all those who are watching what is occurring under the occupation that the nature of the occupation has not changed, and any who speak out will be brutalised and criminalized and as such all who believe in the ideas of justice and human rights have an obligation to speak out and oppose this miscarriage of justice as well as to hold
the British accountable. I ask people to write to the Craigavon Two as well as contact whatever representative of British Injustice is in your area to demand their freedom now and demand and end to the illegal kidnapping of Irish Republicans by the British state.

For more info on their case please check out

Those in KKKanada please contact the British Consulate 416 593 1290

Write to the Craigavon Two

Brendan McConville

John Paul Wootton

Maghaberry Prison
Upper Ballinderry Road
Lisburn, Co.Antrim
North of Ireland
Bt28 2Pt


On the 9th March 2009 Police Constable Stephen Carroll was shot and killed while responding to an emergency 999 call in the Craigavon area. The following day police arrived at the home of Brendan McConville, a local republican, and placed him under arrest. Later that morning, John Paul Wootton, another republican from the area, was arrested in the Craigavon area and had his vehicle seized.

Both men were taken to Antrim for interrogation where they, along with a number of other individuals, were detained while the vehicle owned by John Paul Wootton was taken to Maydown Barracks in Derry for examination. Some days later police recovered the weapon used in the shooting from the rear garden of a house in the Pinebank housing estate in Craigavon. Around the same time a brown jacket with traces of DNA from Brendan McConville amongst others, and a residue which was claimed might have come from a firearm, was taken from the boot of the vehicle owned by John Paul Wootton.

Based on this finding, and under intense pressure to get results, police focused their attentions on these two men and set about constructing a case against them. The reason the police were under so much pressure was that Constable Carroll was the first police officer to be killed since the Good Friday Agreement. Adding to the pressure was the fact that this shooting took place within days of an attack on Masssereen Barracks where two British soldiers were killed.

It later transpired that the car owned by John Paul Wootton had been subject to covert surveillance at the time of the attack by means of a tracking device which had been hidden either in or on the vehicle by the British Army. This device provided data on the movement of the vehicle around the time of the shooting. It would later come to light that data from this device was wiped while the device was still in the possession of the Army. No one could explain why this had happened. The remainder of the data was used to construct a circumstantial yet arguably weak case against the two men.

Eleven months after the shooting a local man contacted the police in the middle of the night on Valentines night and, under the influence of alcohol, claimed to have seen Brendan McConville close to the area from which the shooting occurred on the night of the shooting. It should be borne in mind that in the eleven months from the shooting to this man’s statement, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton had been charged with the shooting and their identities were widely broadcast throughout the media.

This man, known only to the court as Witness M, lied continuously under oath while giving evidence. He was adamant that he had no problems with his eyesight and when asked if he had been prescribed glasses he claimed that he did occasionally wear glasses, but only as a fashion item. It was only on day two of his testimony, when confronted with evidence acquired by Brendan McConville’s legal team from an optician in Lurgan where he had previously underwent an eyesight examination, that he conceded that he had been prescribed glasses but this time claimed that they were just for reading. Evidence later given in court would show that in fact Witness M suffered from both astigmatism and short sightedness and could only identify facial features up to half the distance at which he claimed to identify Brendan McConville. At the conclusion of the case the single judge, relying heavily on circumstance and inference, found both men guilty and sentenced them to life in prison. Both men continue to maintain their innocence and with an appeal fast approaching they ask that the facts be made public so that their quest for justice does not develop into another long running saga like that of the Guilford four or the Birmingham six.

News, INNOCENCE, CRY INNOCENCE, #JFTC2, Craigavon Two, Craigavon 2, Ireland, Gerry Conlon, Brendan McConville, John Paul Wooton, Wootton, #BoycottBritish


A terrorist goes to Africa, licks a couple of infected persons blood. Returns to America same day, with around 5 days before symptoms show.
He hides in a hotel room and becomes very ill.

He contacts his friends by mobile phone, he's really ill now, virtually a virus incubation machine, that contains 8 pints of highly infective blood.

His friends are sworn to give their lives for the cause and they draw his blood. If no syringes are available, a swipe at a wrist should do the trick.

The blood is bright red, and highly noticeable, so they use an easily purchased Bretta Filter, to remove the red blood cells and leave only highly infectious, clear/yellow blood plasma, which they transfer to a score of small spray bottles, like Ickle Bockles from Amazon.

They put a couple bottles into their pockets, and keep one in hand inside a long coat sleeve, to hide the bottle. They head off to many American cities and spray as many public surfaces as they can, in the 5 days before they get ill.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Huston...

In the public places...

They spray their bottles on Taxi door handles,

Elevator buttons in a huge skyscraper.

Door handles of public buildings, libraries, cinema, restaurants, shops

Handles on subway cars.

Those little straps you hold on to while in the subway cars.

Fast food door handles.

Public phone headsets and keypads.

Newspaper/Cigarette/Drink vending machine buttons.

Cross-walk buttons.

Escalator handrails.

The locks in toilets of fast food restaurants, and on the flusher.

On shoes displayed in a shoe shop.

On money.

They've got 7 days to cover a city, they are at peace with death, so it doesn't worry them. Even when caught by someone... say spraying the elevator buttons 

Q "What are you DOING!?" ?

 A "I'm disinfecting these surfaces! I'm very phobic of germs!", he could even put it in a hand-sanitizer spray bottle for added beliveability... hold it up to them, smile embarrassedly.

How many surfaces and people, would could he infected in a week ?

It would be huge and so very simple.


Jon Cohen Martin EnserinkKai Kupferschmidt
30 September 2014 9:30 pm

At a press conference this afternoon, Tom Frieden, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), announced the first case of Ebola from the current epidemic who was diagnosed outside of Africa. The patient arrived in Dallas, Texas, on 20 September to visit relatives. Until today, the handful of people with Ebola in the United States were all diagnosed in Africa, carefully transported, and immediately provided with care in isolation units at hospitals.

The new patient had his temperature taken before boarding the flight out of Liberia on 19 September, U.S. officials say, and had no disease symptoms at the time. He first started feeling ill on 24 September, sought medical care two days later, and was hospitalized on 28 September. Labs at the CDC and the Texas Department of State Health Services both reported that his blood tested positive today for the Ebola strain circulating in West Africa.

Two ScienceInsider reporters called in to the press conference, but there was so much interest from the media that they did not get a chance to ask a question. Here, however, are some of the questions they would like to have asked.

Q: Dr. Frieden, it sounds like the patient wasn't tested for Ebola when he first sought medical care, on 26 September, even though he had just arrived from a country with an Ebola epidemic. Why not? Did the health care provider who saw him know he had arrived from Liberia six days earlier?
Q: How many health care workers and how many others came into contact with the patient before he was isolated?
Q: You said the patient's contacts are now being monitored. Can you give some details about this? Does it include going to their homes and taking their temperature daily? Or do you communicate with them by electronic means, such as phone calls, text messages, and e-mails?
Q: Are contacts being told to isolate themselves from their friends and family while they are being monitored?
Q: Does the government have any legal authority to force potential contacts to cooperate if they don't want to? Are they free to travel?
Q: Has the house where the patient was staying been disinfected, and if so, how exactly?
Q: What experimental therapies are available now for the patient, should he want to use them? Would you recommend anything specific?
Q: Does the patient or his family members have an idea about how he got infected?
Q: Virologist Heinz Feldmann has described procedures at the airport in Monrovia as a "disaster" and said it was the most dangerous situation he encountered during his visit to Liberia. Could the patient have become infected at the airport? Is that possibility being investigated?
Q: What is the estimated number of people entering the United States each week who have recently been in one of the countries affected by the epidemic?
Q: The number of Ebola cases is roughly doubling every three weeks; CDC's own worst case-scenario says there may be as many as 1.4 million patients by 20 January. Should the US and other countries prepare to see imported cases on a regular basis?
Q: The World Health Organization has raised the possibility that Ebola could become endemic in West Africa. If that happens, how should the U.S. deal with people traveling from these countries in the future?
Q: One more question, Dr. Frieden. The United States is paying a lot of attention to this single case right now. Do you think that will increase the amount of money and number of people the U.S. is willing to dedicate to containing the outbreak in West Africa?

*The Ebola Files: Given the current Ebola outbreak, unprecedented in terms of number of people killed and rapid geographic spread, Science and Science Translational Medicine have made a collection of research and news articles on the viral disease freely available to researchers and the general public.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I don't know about you, but right from the off when MH370 went missing, my gut has been nagging me about the whole debacle and as time has gone by, it has become a symbol of how our world is ruled today and strong feelings, there being something fundamentally out of sync about it's foundation. 

With regard to MH370 we can only come up with theories, that are adding to the disinformation and taking us farther away from the truth. I put my hands up on this one and like the man above in video, I can only pray for the truth on MH370. 

I pray first for the families who must be going through absolute hell but I suspect, all of our future may depend on it. I hope some of you can come up with your own prayer on this. I am not personally religious but I have learned the hard way, the power of prayer. They suggested to me to try it, even if I didn't believe and see for myself, if it works. It does!. So I ask the Big Spirit that I don't intellectually understand, to help bring us all, the truth about MH370.

Juno and the Paycock

"I ofen looked up at the sky an' assed meself the question - what is the moon, what is the stars?" - 'Captain Boyle, Act I

"Th' whole worl's in a terrible state o' chassis" - Captain Boyle, Act III . The Final line of the show.

“Never tired o’ lookin’ for a rest" - Juno Boyle, Act I

"it's nearly time we had a little less respect for the dead, an' a little more regard for the living." - Juno Boyle, Act II

"Isn't all religions curious?-if they weren't you wouldn't get anyone to believe in them" - Captain Boyle, Act II

“It’ll have what’s far better- it’ll have two mothers" - Juno Boyle, Act III

"A darlin' (noun), a daarlin' (repeat noun)!" (Joxer's habitual exclamation throughout the play.)

"It doesn't matter what you say, ma - a principle's a principle." - Mary Boyle speaking about the strike

Monday, 29 September 2014


According to the Belfast Telegraph, which is regarded as gospel by the God fearing people of British Occupied Ireland, a former British police officer, who investigated abuse and child rape of children in Kincora Boys’ Home by British Secret Police MI5, it has been revealed, that the British police never bothered to question the MI5 officer responsible for the intelligence gathering operation, at the Boys home turned child whorehouse.

The ex-RUC man told the newspaper, the Sunday Life that British detectives, were not allowed access to the MI5 officer, to find out what he knew about the rape and prostituting of Irish children, placed at the Orange Order Belfast child whorehouse. He also revealed, how police had some polite interviews, with a a number of leading politicians, in what Britain calls Northern Ireland, including the DUP boss Ian Paisley. Paisley was interviewed, as he knew Kincora housemaster and Orange Order chief, boy rapist and pimp William McGrath personally. Usually the Orange Order, focus on raping goats in their initition ceremonies more than children, although the population is not sure anymore, as they are carefully kept in the dark.

The investigating officers, asked Paisley if he was gay, a question which provoked a cute smile, from the passionate preacher, founder of the Free Presbyterian Church. His poor wife is still trying to figure out why the Church he founded, banned him. The British cop said, that the Kincora investigation team, was initially given the orange light, to speak to an MI5 officer in Lisburn but was then told, that the officer, who was directly responsible for intelligence gathering about Kincora, disappeared. The policeman later said, “We were given a name, but told that this particular officer, was now based in the USA and was not available. Nobody from MI5 ever appeared to give any detail of what had happened inside Kincora or any detail about the intelligence operation or what they knew,” the former RUC/PSNI paramilitary said.

A probe was launched following the death of a teenager, who committed suicide by jumping off the Liverpool to Belfast ferry in transit to a job on the British mainland. When a newspaper wrote, that he had taken his life, because of the sexual rape and abuse he endured at Kincora, a criminal investigation was forced on the then Chief Constable Sir Jack Hermon. It resulted in the convictions of leading Orangeman William McGrath, who was an MI5 ‘asset’ with wardens Joe Mains and Raymond Semple.

The former detective, who remains anonymous, in fear of Orange Order assassination, said it was clear from all police interviews, that child rapist McGrath would not give any information, “McGrath was cold and never admitted anything. Whether McGrath was an MI5 asset, we were never told, but we never got to speak to the man, who might have been his handler.”

British Ex-army intelligence officer Brian Gemmell, said he was ordered to cease investigating about sex abuse allegations at the boys home, because McGrath worked for MI5 and senior members of British the establishment. He also said that loyalist Red Hand Commando leader John McKeague was also an MI5 agent, after being filmed and blackmailed in a homosexual act. Most politicians in British Occupied Ireland, are believed to be blackmailed by the British in a similar fashion, to force them to support the Union with Britain. Police investigation detectives were forced, because of a public outcry, to interview many unionist political figures and Orangemen, as well as Loyalist politician Joss Cardwell, who subsequently committed suicide. Ian Paisley was asked, very politely, if he had ever visited the home and if he had ever had any personal or intimate contact with McGrath.The final question put to Ian Paisley during his interview was ‘Are you a homosexual?’

“The boys were ready to bolt for the door, expecting an explosion of anger from Dr Paisley but he just erupted into a huge belly laugh.”



Thomas Russell, of County Cork, bosom friend and devoted comrade of Tone and Emmet, organised County Down for the United Irishmen in 1795. One night, in 1996, he entered an inn or tavern in County Down, either Killyleagh or Loughinisland, where a number of local men were gathered. They were United Irishmen, but Russell didn't know it, and they didn't know him or why he was there. One of them, long years after, tells of that night, and tells where and under what circumstances he saw Russell again. The Warwick mentioned in the poem was a young Republican Presbyterian Minister who was hanged at Newtownards. Thomas Russell was hanged on 21st October, 1803.

Florence Wilson's ballad imaginatively recalls the outline features of Thomas Russell's activity in 1795 and 1803.

The opening verses depict Russell's work in Co Down during winter of 1795 when reconstruction of the United Irish movement was under way. F. J. Bigger, in his Four Shots From County Down, assumes that Andy Lemon's tavern was the Buck's Head at Loughinisland. It should be noted that in 1803 the proprietor was James Fitzpatrick, who gave evidence at Russell's trial of Russell's attempts to raise Down in Emmett's Rebellion.

Later verses depict 'the time of the Hurry' when in 1798 people "quet from mindin' the farms" to fight under McCracken and Munro. 'Young Warwick' is the Reverend Archibald Warwick of Kircubbin who was executed along with the Reverend James Porter of Greyabbey. Both were Presbyterian clergymen.

As the ballad moves to a close it re-echoes the supposition that French help was under way in 1803 -'Boney had promised help to a man in Dublin town'. A hint of the debacle in July-August 1803 is given in the lines:

"but no French ships sailed into Cloughey Bay

and we heard the black news on a harvest day

that the cause was lost again."

The dramatic final verses connect Russell's last words to the impression he made on his listeners during his visit to their townland on that 'night of snow' in winter 1795.

The Man From God Knows Where

Into our townlan' on a night of snow

rode a man from God knows where;

None of us bade him stay or go,

nor deemed him friend, nor damned him foe,

but we stabled his big roan mare;

for in our townlan' we're decent folk,

and if he didn't speak, why none of us spoke,

and we sat till the fire burned low.

We're a civil sort in our wee place

so we made the circle wide

round Andy Lemon's cheerful blaze,

and wished the man his length of days

and a good end to his ride.

He smiled in under his slouchy hat,

says he: 'There's a bit of a joke in that,

for we ride different ways.'

The whiles we smoked we watched him stare

from his seat fornenst the glow.

I nudged Joe Moore: 'You wouldn't dare

to ask him who he's for meeting there,

and how far he has got to go?'

And Joe wouldn't dare, nor Wully Scott,

And he took no drink - neither cold nor hot,

this man from God knows where.

It was closing time, and late forbye,

when us ones braved the air.

I never saw worse (may I live or die)

than the sleet that night, an' I says, says I:

'You'll find he's for stopping there.'

But at screek o'day, through the gable pane

I watched him spur in the peltin' rain,

an' I juked from his rovin' eye.

Two winters more, then the Trouble year,

when the best that a man could feel

was the pike that he kept in hidin's near,

till the blood o' hate an' the blood o' fear

would be redder nor rust on the steel.

Us ones quet from mindin' the farms

Let them take what we gave wi' the weight o' our arms

from Saintfield to Kilkeel.

In the time o' the Hurry, we had no lead

we all of us fought with the rest

an' if e'er a one shook like a tremblin' reed,

none of us gave neither hint nor heed,

nor ever even'd we'd guessed.

We men of the North had a word to say,

an'we said it then, in our own dour way,

an' we spoke as we thought was best.

All Ulster over, the weemin cried

for the stan'in' crops on the lan'.

Many's the sweetheart and many's the bride

would liefer ha' gone to where he died,

and ha' mourned her lone by her man.

But us ones weathered the thick of it

and we used to dander along and sit

in Andy's, side by side.

What with discourse goin' to and fro,

the night would be wearin' thin,

yet never so late when we rose to go

but someone would say: 'do ye min' thon' snow,

an 'the man who came wanderin'in?'

and we be to fall to the talk again,

if by any chance he was one o' them

The man who went like the win'.

Well 'twas gettin' on past the heat o' the year

when I rode to Newtown fair;

I sold as I could (the dealers were near

only three pounds eight for the Innish steer,

an' nothin' at all for the mare!)

I met M'Kee in the throng o' the street,

says he: 'The grass has grown under our feet

since they hanged young Warwick here.',

And he told me that Boney had promised help

to a man in Dublin town.

Says he: 'If you've laid the pike on the shelf,

you'd better go home hot-fut by yourself,

an' once more take it down.'

So by Comber road I trotted the grey

and never cut corn until Killyleagh

stood plain on the risin' groun'.

For a wheen o' days we sat waitin' the word

to rise and go at it like men,

but no French ships sailed into Cloughey Bay

and we heard the black news on a harvest day

that the cause was lost again;

and Joey and me, and Wully Boy Scott,

we agreed to ourselves we'd as lief as not

ha' been found in the thick o' the slain.

By Downpatrick goal I was bound to fare

on a day I'll remember, feth;

for when I came to the prison square

the people were waitin' in hundreds there

an' you wouldn't hear stir nor breath!

For the sodgers were standing, grim an' tall,

round a scaffold built there foment the wall,

an' a man stepped out for death!

I was brave an' near to the edge of the throng,

yet I knowed the face again,

an' I knowed the set, an' I knowed the walk

an' the sound of his strange up-country talk,

for he spoke out right an' plain.

Then he bowed his head to the swinging rope,

whiles I said 'Please God' to his dying hope

and 'Amen' to his dying prayer

that the wrong would cease and the right prevail,

for the man that they hanged at Downpatrick gaol

was the Man from God knows where!

Language of the Irish Heart

Thomas Russell was one of the few leaders of the United Irishmen who tried to learn Irish.

Born in Co. Cork in 1767 and brought up in Dublin, Russell joined the army aged 15 and served in India. He first came to Belfast as a soldier, returning later as a penniless activist.

Handsome and charming, Russell was popular with Belfast radicals, and became close to the McCracken family. Dr James MacDonnell put him up in his house, and also recommended him for the post of librarian to the Belfast Society for Promoting knowledge, which later became the Linen Hall Library.

Established in 1788, the Society collected a wide range of books, including manuscripts in Irish.
Russell became librarian in February 1794, and soon found premises for the library in Ann Street.
Here he took Irish lessons from Patrick Lynch (Pádraig Ó Loinsigh), a well-known scholar and teacher. Lynch had grown up speaking Irish in Loughinisland, Co.Down, where his family ran a school.

Lynch taught Irish at the Belfast Academy, a school founded by the town’s business community, and also taught privately. In April 1795 the Northern Star, paper of the United Irishmen, publicised his services thus: “This language recommends itself to us, by the advantages it affords to the Students of Irish and Eastern Antiquities, especially to those who wish to acquire the knowledge of Druidical Theology and Worship, as sketched by Caesar and Tacitus.

It is particularly interesting, to all who wish for the improvement and Union of this neglected and divided Kingdom. By our understanding and speaking it, we could more easily and effectually communicate out sentiments and instructions to all our Countrymen; and thus mutually improve and conciliate each others affection.

“The Merchant and Artist would reap great benefit from the knowledge of it. They would then be qualified for carrying on Trade and Manufacturers, in every part of their native country.

“Such knowledge, we understand, could be easily acquired in three of four Months by the assistance of Mr. Lynch.”

In September 1795 Russell and Lynch produced the first and only issue of a bi-lingual magazine titled Bolg an tSolair, meaning “miscellany” (literally “provision bag”). This was a chunky pocket-sized book printed by the Northern Star.

Russell may have written the preface, while Lynch must have provided the teaching material. The preface says that foreigners would think it unnecessary to recommend their own language to Irishmen, but “seeing that the Gaelic has been not only banished from the court, the college and the bar, but that many tongues and pens have been employed to cry it down, and to persuade the ignorant that it was harsh and barbarous jargon, and that their ancestors, from whom they derived it, were an ignorant, uncultivated people - it becomes then necessary, to say something in reply.”

The virtues of Irish are then extolled, including “the harmony of its cadence”, its fitness for expressing “the feelings of the heart”, its rich vocabulary and its antiquity.

Despite all the difficulties imposed on it, “even to this day, the Irish is spoken by a great majority of the inhabitants of the kingdom.”

But literacy was declining, with serious implications: “At present, there are but few who can read, and fewer that can write the Irish characters; and it appears,that in a short time, there will be none found who will understand an Irish manuscript, so as to be able to transcribe or translate it.

“It is chiefly with a view to prevent in some way measure the total neglect, and to diffuse the beauties of this ancient and once-admired language, that the following compilation is offered to the public.”

The Irish vocabulary ranged from nature to government, reflecting the turbulent times with words such as power (cumhacht), persecution (guerleanmhuin), gallows (croich), sons of Irishmen (clann na ngaoidhiol), dissention (eas-aontas), misery (amghar), native county (duthchas), equality (codromacht), liberty (saoirseacht), conspiracy (comh-run), and rebellion (athchogadh).

Useful phrases range from “Do you speak Irish?” (An labhrann tu gaoileag?) to “she is drunk” (ta si air misge) - her Lynch was following Muiris Ó Gormáins phrasebook.

Two dialogues feature a farmer and a merchant haggling over the price of sheep. A priest arrives and mediates. He asks the farmer about the merchant:

Priest: Car ab asdon duine uasal?
(where is the gentleman from?)

Farmer: Breathnaigim gur ab as Bealfairsde dho.
(I judge he is from Belfast.)

Priest: As Bealfairsdel nach raibh se labhairt gaollig riot a nois fein.
(From Belfast! was not he speaking Irish to you just now.)

Farmer: Labhran se gaoidhlig go hiomchuibhuidh
(he speaks Irish tolerably well.)

Priest: Is comhartha sin gur gaedhiol e.
(That is a sign he is an Irishman.)

Courtesy of the Irish Post