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The Stormont Hotel Secret Sex Party when discovered described themselves as a " cross party of civil libertarian alternative to sectarian politics in British Occupied Ireland." A veteran campaigner on issues such as increased censorship, un-equality and more discrimination described it as a meeting for Irish political boss massages with prostate problems. Two of Occupied Ireland's largest British political parties both the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein instructed a former Olympic Gold medal winner to organize an orgy with hostesses and prostitutes for its VIP Politicians at Stormont Castle.

An investigator revealed that a certain young lady's love of water and her abilities both in and out of Olympic swimming pool attracted the attention of the organizers as someone with the ability to organize and orgy. She won several swimming medals and swims up to 40 kms a week. She also loves to play with British politician in the bath. She has shelled out over a quarter of a million Euros of taxpayer’s money on the orgy. ‘"Most of my fan base VIP British politicians and a few old rocker’s  who would be recreational drug users so what ?

A leading dissident has that both, "the DUP and Sinn Fein are political parties with policies that send their young supporters to jail for using the same substances they use at their orgies at Hotel Sormont". The spokesperson said. “This is unconscionable and an utter betrayel of the values of many of the people who put them where they are today. I call on all of of these politicians to repudiate their party’s drug policies and adopt a harm minimisation drug policy that is enlightened and works so well in countries like the Netherlands".

Women were paid to have sex with Lord Muck of Londonderry and the prime minister of British Occupied Ireland dressed up in nursing and PSNI/RUC police uniforms who performed stripteases initially at the the orgy.Then some women put on a 'lesbian' show who were later joined by an intoxicated leading Sinn Fein woman and later still by a wife of a Unionist VIP. A born again who attended said, "There was plenty of alcohol and 18 prostitutes there, I had no idea it would turn out like that and these organizers assumed because of my past that I would voluntarily participate. I was forced to engage in oral sex by Lord Muck and my lawyers will pursue the matter"

"Another prostitute said that like orgies in England, the women had colour-coded arm-bands, apparently there was mix up but then there is nothing so pure as a born again whore, so you never know. One colour armband was for regular hostesses while the other was for prostitutes and white ribbon prostitutes reserved for top VIP politicians  from the DUP and Sinn Fein only." The former olympic gold medalis is named as a recruiter of the women.

According to a transcript of a  telephone tap in the file of a leading investigator a leading Loyalist is heard saying: "Lily was there with her breast out kissing the Prime Minister and Lord Muck continuously. The whole place was turned into real whorehouse. All the women were given gold Olympic rings and Queen's jubilee necklaces." In a  600 pages of filed documents, it is stated that some women constantly played and stroked themselves up and down Lord Mucks face while others sat on the faces of leading loyalist politicians wives and allowed themselves to be touched by both orangemen and Sinn Feiners behaving  both provocatively and vulgarly. The file goes on to describe how there were wardrobes with varying school uniforms of Kincora boys home and convents in Derry which the women put on to carry on stripteasing while belly dancing seductively, mostly naked and in a general lesbian style.

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Dirty London in The Pouring Rain - Pogues

I wish to God I was back on the sea again
Though that belongs to the world of never will be
There was never a wilder bastard than me on the sea
I could f_ck all the whores in damnation me boys
Though they wriggled and hollered and made a great noise
Then I?d drink till I stank and then drink plenty more
And I won?t go down to the sea any more
But if I had ten pounds then I?d raise a loud cheer
And I?d toast all me neighbours both distant and dear
And I?d shoot back great belly-crippling buckets of beer
And a pox and a curse on the people round here
Wouldn?t give you me the price of a half pint of beer
Wouldn?t give you me the price of a cup of good cheer
A pox and a curse on the people round here

I met her in the Irish club in London when I was squatting in Algernon Road, a house drom where the Guilford bombers were lifted. I was an angry young man at that time, because like every dog on the street, I knew those Irish lads and English girl were innocent and they were serving something like 6 life sentences each, for something they had no idea about. I used to go up to the Irish club in Quex Road most weekends for s few drinks, a few dances and a ride.

She was a good looking blonde right enough, great body, long legs and in good shape. I think her name might have been Caroline or something like that. She knew my game right enough, I was dressed rough as hell and direct. We had a few dances and drinks and it was obvious from her dancing, she was up for it and as horny as phuck. It became clear she was sex starved with her soldier husband serving overseas.

As we stumpled our merry way back to my squat I asked her a few of the usual questions and she was straight forward enough. She told me she was married and her husband was a British soldier serving in British Occupied Ireland. That made more than my ears prick up and she was surprisingly careless with her talk bearing in mind she was with an Irishman at the height of their war on the Irish people.

By the time we got to my cot I certainly was up for it now. I had a rage and a anger in me about the British occupation of Ireland and she was going to get a right seeing to. Having said that, she was just as game as I was. Normally I go down on most bitches but under these circumstances no way, she was going down and it was clear as she sucked on my duidin, that she was already dripping anyway.

At that time, I could be quite gentle normally but on this occasion that was gone out the window. I called her a dirty rotten London whore just for starters as an entre. I will not fill you in on the rest because this is a family blog. The torrent of abuse and filth talk I threw her way didn't seem to bother her, in fact, if anything she sucked away with even more gusto and her pussy continued to drip every time I stick my finger up her pussy. She moved her attention to my anus which she thoroughly licked out and being my first experience with rimming was certainly exciting, Eventually I had to pull her away from it.

You can imagine by the time I got round to ramming my hard-on up her count, I did so with a vengeance. Now I'm not noted for being good looking as I have a rather large nose but I do have some corresponding features down below to compensate and she got a jack hammer full. She screamed at a pitch I thought would be heard in Scotland Yard but I was too far gone to give a phuck.

Fortunately at the time the newly feminist Cosmopolitan was giving lessons on how to control ejaculation and I had been a good pupil. I'm not the sort of a phecker who can come several times a session like these greedy bitches so it became a sort of art form. Not easy under these circumstances but I manged to ram it all night and she lapped it up like a slut. Her poor ould husband in Occupied ireland being the furthest thing from her mind.

She left in the morning rather abruptly as sometime during the night she started bleeding heavily. My ego would like to think it was from the action but like a lot of sluts she probably got extra horny leading up to her period. Either way my sheet was covered in blood and she just left without a word the dirty, filthy, bitch

Now all of this reminds me of the filth and dirt of the current whore of the Olympic games of London 2012.
Britain’s Home Office has made an appeal for contingency plans for a deadly radioactive or “dirty bomb” attack on the London 2012 Olympic Games.As British governments fears of a radioactive attack at London  2012 Olympic Games, a rapid reaction force has been ordered to deal with a “mass casualty incident.”
The force is drawn from the Army, Navy, and the Royal Air Force in addition to the 8,000 soldiers who will police the Olympic Games
Then there is dirty Dow Chemical  who claim not liable for the Bhopal gas leak, one of the world's worst industrial disasters. Farah Edwards-Khan whose aunt died in the disaster, said thousands of lives were "completely destroyed, there are a number of cancers, growth, deformities and gynaecological problems around the perimeter of the factory, which have still not been cleaned up.You can scoop up mercury with your hands. How can Lord Coe turn a blind eye?"

There is also Rio Tinto producing the Olympic medals at Kennecott Utah Copper mine in Salt Lake City, where local residents claim it is responsible for one-third of air pollution there. Cherise Udell of Utah Moms for Clean Air, said: "It causes permanent lung damage in our children. It is ironic that the company awarding the medals is responsible for limiting their athletic ability." Counter Olympics Network has said it would block Olympic lanes and hack sponsor websites.

One of Britain's principal filthy rotten scoundrels is BP or British Petroleum which as almost single handed wiped out the environment of the USA destroying it from Alaska to Florida with with oil spils,burst peipes, explosions all the result of arrogant disdain for  the American environment. The British oil company, is still unsuitable to be a major Games sponsor with  its involvement in extracting Canadian tar sands and its development of giant oil fields in the Russian Arctic.

"BP's business model involves continuing to extract fossil fuels long into the future, playing a central role in ushering in irreversible climate change. In other words, it is one of the least sustainable companies on earth. In virtually every element of BP's involvement in London 2012 there is cause for alarm as to how it got Locog's blessing and slipped past the commission's watchful eye".says a letter with signatories that  include Greenpeace UK, London mayoral candidate Jenny Jones, the director of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, the World Development Movement, the Polaris Institute, Climate Rush and the UK Tar Sands Network.Other activists have also voiced protest over corporate sponsor worldwide partners McDonald's.

But by far the most rotten and corrupt partner of the Olympic Games is the human rights abuse the British government who have broken the peace agreement in British Occupied Ireland and re-introduced internment without trial which last time lit the powder keg to 40 years of war on the Irish. Internment without trial is accompanied by torture and solitary confinement for some like Marian Price who is currently in extreme pain and disorientation as result of British torture. Britain who have already been found guilty of torture of Irish political prisoners again have broken a subsequent promise to end it practices around sensory deprivation. They have also broken the terms of the GFA agreement with their brutal treatment and internment of political prisoners.

The British continue to censor details of their ongoing ethnic cleansing and genocide. The British in fact have murdered more innocent Irish people in their engineered holocaust in Ireland, than Hitler gassed in his concentration camps. Even Churchill referred to internment as obnoxious, even in wartime. It is an act of blatant war on the defenceless Irish people in British Occupied Ireland which naturally breeds Irish resistance.

The following is an incomplete list of countries invaded by the barbarian British on orders from London. When the British wonder where the people who may nuke or plant a dirty bomb at the 2012 Olympics in London they have to look through the billions of worldwide citizens whose relatives were butchered by the savage invading British on orders from London. When their empire started to crumble, they taught their dark arts of divide and conquer to their existing W.A.S.P. partners and continue genocide in the millions today in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Iran in the not too distant future.

Ireland was Britain's first colony, which has struggled for freedom from its radioactive neighbour for 800 years. Ireland continues to be its training ground for population control and laboratory for such equipment, marketed with video footage of their brutality in action. The interned Marian Price is currently at the cutting edge of their latest techniques in the general internment of union leaders, human, rights activists or anyone involved in progressive human evolution and liberation.

► Anglo-Egyptian Sudan‎ (1 C, 4 P)
► Basutoland‎ (2 C, 5 P)
► British Ceylon‎ (6 C, 14 P)
► British Guiana‎ (5 C, 2 P)
► British Honduras‎ (1 C, 15 P)
► British North America‎ (8 C, 40 P)
► British West Africa‎ (4 C, 14 P)
► British West Indies‎ (11 C, 22 P)
► Province of Canada‎ (8 C, 15 P)
► Cape Colony‎ (4 C, 8 P)
► Carriacou and Petite Martinique‎ (1 C, 5 P)
► Dominion of New England‎ (1 C, 19 P)
► Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland‎ (10 C, 9 P, 1 F)
► Colonial Fiji‎ (14 C, 10 P)
► British Gambia‎ (6 C, 8 P)
► Gilbert and Ellice Islands‎ (4 C, 5 P)
► Gold Coast (British colony)‎ (1 C, 9 P)
► British Hong Kong‎ (4 C, 41 P, 2 F)
► Colony of Jamaica‎ (7 C, 11 P)
► Kenya Colony‎ (15 C, 27 P, 1 F)
► British Leeward Islands‎ (2 C, 12 P)
► Malacca‎ (12 C, 13 P)
► British Malaya‎ (5 C, 82 P)
► British Mauritius‎ (6 C, 7 P, 1 F)
► Colony of Natal‎ (4 C, 1 P)
► New Hebrides‎ (8 P, 1 F)
► New Zealand‎ (20 C, 4 P)
► Colony of New Zealand‎ (16 C, 3 P)
► Colonial Nigeria‎ (4 C, 12 P)
N cont.
► Northern Rhodesia‎ (3 C, 9 P)
► Nyasaland‎ (4 C, 5 P)
► Penang‎ (12 C, 31 P)
► People of the former British colonies‎ (5 C, 1 P)
► Rhodesia‎ (18 C, 16 P)
► Rupert's Land‎ (1 C, 5 P)
► Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla‎ (9 P)
► Thirteen Colonies‎ (5 C, 21 P)
► British Togoland‎ (3 P)
► Uganda Protectorate‎ (6 C, 14 P, 3 F)
► Upper Canada‎ (10 C, 14 P)
► West Indies Federation‎ (18 P)
► British Windward Islands‎ (1 C, 15 P)
Pages in category "Former British colonies"

Colony of Aden
Antigua and Barbuda
Black River (settlement)
Colony of British Columbia (1858–1866)
Colony of British Columbia (1866–1871)
British West Africa
British Western Pacific Territories
British rule in Burma
The Canadas
Cape Breton Island
Cape Colony
Carriacou and Petite Martinique
British Ceylon
Chesapeake Colonies
Colony of Jamaica
Colony of Natal
Colony of Tasmania
Colony of the Queen Charlotte Islands
Colony of Vancouver Island
Colony of Virginia
Con Dao
Connecticut Colony
Cook Islands
Cook Islands Federation
Crown colony of Labuan
Delaware Colony
Dog Island, Gambia
East Jersey
Essequibo (colony)
Falkland Islands Dependencies
Georgia (U.S. state)
Gilbert and Ellice Islands
Gold Coast (British colony)
British Guiana
Historic regions of the United States
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New Haven Colony
New Hebrides
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Province of New York
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Colony of New Zealand
Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland Colony
Nicobar Islands
Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria
North Australia
North Carolina
Royal Colony of North Carolina
Nova Scotia
Orange River Colony
Orange River Sovereignty
Territory of Papua
Plymouth Company
Prince Edward Island
P cont.
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Province of Carolina
Province of Georgia
Province of Massachusetts Bay
Province of New Hampshire
Province of New Jersey
Province of Pennsylvania
Province of Quebec (1763–1791)
Restoration (Colonies)
Rhode Island
Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
Northern Rhodesia
Colonial history of Southern Rhodesia
Southern Rhodesia
Rupert's Land
Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Singapore in the Straits Settlements
South Africa
South Carolina
Province of South Carolina
South Sudan
Southern Colonies
Stoddart Island
Straits Settlements
Thirteen Colonies
Transvaal Colony
Trinidad and Tobago
Upper Canada
Van Diemen's Land
Victoria (Australia)
Wessagusset Colony
West Indies Federation
West Jersey
Western Australia
British Windward Islands
Zulu Kingdom

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John Bullscutter Olympics London 2012

Ding, dong, it`s Phock O`Clock! Pop Big Ben into the vibe. Screw and slide the chunky erection ring ring to the base of Big Ben's penis with stimulation facing forward. Press the timing device to start the vibrator and press again and again and again ! Ah go on ! faster and faster!. Ding-dong-dedero-ding-ding-dong- ...! Use Big Benny with or without a condom. Sit on his face and tell him that you love him ! New Hong Kong replaceable batteries last for up to two hours. Shag 3 speeds with a powerful vibe Strong erection band with replaceable Hong Kong batteries Vibrates for two hours, waterproof for the Thames with perfect Big Ben timing. Tick, tock, tick...

One rule of thumb with phucking and fighting is, crazy can overcome skill and phucking numbers, because, while a trained fighter may enjoy fighting another trained fighter, no one but no one really wants to wrestle with a crazy phucker. Crazy phuckers fighting and phucking don't know when they are winning or when they are bet. Crazy don't know when to give up and stop fighting or phucking. If you can't pull off crazy, for example, when you're in a Keizer love fest in a room with with six bi-women, stupid may be a decent substitute for crazy.

So what about this Keiser phucker in the video above, sounds real to me or is he just another crazy phucker, I don't know but I would mind meeting that co-host, intelligent, sexy Stacy. She reminds me of Panjit.  I remember it was back in July 1998. It was my first day in Phuket and I was sipping jasmine-tea on a veranda, as I stared at the early morning mist on the hill across from the hotel.

Just in front of me some tourists were getting off their bus and one had an Asian face. I took a good look, dialled and waited for her mobile phone to ring. She reached for her mobile in her bag and answered my call. ”I’m here at Hotel Bangtao, where are you?” Her voice in English was the same as what I heard from her mobile.”Not very far, look to your right,” I answered. She turned to where I was sitting and waved her hand.

”Welcome to Phuket ! I’m your tour guide,” Panjit gave her hand. “You’re much younger than I expected,” said Panjit in a very friendly way. I was expecting some kind of old age man,” she joked with a lingering look.
We had coffee in the restaurant. Later we rode a motorbike, I rented to enjoy a ceremony on the the sand at Layan beach. When we split, she told me later, she would return to the hotel in the morning. I looked at Panjit’s eyes and at her cute facial features and her fresh lips.

”Are all Thai female tour guides as cute as you are?”  I said.

”Are all Irish males as straight forward as you are?” said Panjit with a welcome eye movement.

Immediately we were attracted to each other, with love bits growing once we realized we were both unattached. Next day was a bustling day among foreign tourists in Phuket Town and local markets. The local monks looked busy, caring for people who came before them with their offerings. Smoke from their burning aromathic incense was scenting a fresh evening sea breeze. Later we walked the bridge from  Phuket island to the mainland. Once upon a time..,” PanjiT started, ”there was a young couple, a husband and wife whom their parents did not approve their marriage, because the husband was poor and as result were ostracized, which made their life together impossible. Panjit……,” I pushed her face close to mine as I had pulled her closer from the cool night air. I put my finger on Panjit's lips.

”Ssh! Don't tell me now, I want to listen to the whole story later from you”

Panjit was upset.

”You know what makes you wonderful tonight?” I asked


”The complete moon on your sweet Thai smile.” Panjit smiled but it was interrupted as my lips landed on hers spontaneously. She did not resist. The pale light of the moon and the breeze made us intimately attached to each other.

The horizons of the east, are a  collection of fascinating colours at dawn for me. Panjit leaned against  me as we both stared at a Phuket sunrise, with the wide spread of sand and sea, behind us. Later we climbed on our bike, as we made our way from Phuket Town towards Patong. As we climbed a very steep hill on our approach, we both noticed, there was considerable soil movement and landslides.I dropped a few gears and kicked in some juice to try take us away from the landslide on the hill.

Next thing I knew was that local people and monks stood together trying to prevent me from sliding down over 300 meters to recover Panjit's body. ”Panjit!” I shouted in panic but she was still rolling down fast. Tourists standing at the top of the road could see her poor body bump over and over against the steep and rocky hillside. As I tried to make my way down for Panjit, I was firmly held by other worried tourists. It was too dangerous as I burst into tears, I broke the crowd and found my way down. ”Panjit!” I shouted hysterically.

 The accident attracted a lot of attention. Some people searched for Panjit in a safe way. I was eventually asked to stay and wait at the foot of the hill. I was desperate and I just couldn't believe Panjit had disappeared like that. After the crowds were scattered and gone for what seemed hours, there was no news as I was left alone at the foot of the hill, devastated. ”Hey are you looking for me?” I was shocked and surprised by a voice from behind me. I turned around. Panjit was there on top of a mount of clay and stones. I stared in disbelief!.

”Panjit!” I hugged her in sheer relief. ”Are you alright? How can you be here without serious injury?." I examined her body, she had no serious injury besides a few scratches on her arm face but she had a strange aura about her which I thought was the result of shock from the fall. The motor bike was write off at the foot of the hill. ”I was fell down, banging along the rough surface down. Fortunately l landed safely over her there, and I made my way safely down to you.” said Panjit oblivious to the lethal nature of the fall.

”People are looking for you everywhere, trying to rescue you,” I said.

”They may have taken the wrong way,” said Panjit ”Why don’t we just get back to the hotel? I need treatment for scratches and to clean up, let's get a tuk tuk.”

When we got off the tuk tuk at the hotel, I had to help Panjit, as she could not walk properly.

”Let's get a doctor. We should go straight to a hospital,” I urged.

”I’m ok just a little shocked, help me wash up,” said Panjit.

I took off all Panjit’s clothes at her request in my hotel room, not a bruise, cut or any wound, which seemed a miracle to me. I could not stop and wonder how fortunate Panjit was and how she could have ended up with a broken neck with severe cuts. I showered her gently with warm water and towel dried her. I could not but admire her perfect beauty without clothes on her skin. She ws stunning, I could not take my eyes off her.

”Now make it fair,” said Panjit. ”You stand in front of me with nothing on.”

I did not refuse. I slowly removed everything I was wearing. Panjit held me tightly in her arms and led me my bed. We melted into each other with Panjit on top, in a gentle, slow, rhythm of love. A lusty day and night of lovemaking belonged entirely with us in a world of our own. Just before we slept, I asked her to finish her story of Phuket's bridge to theThai mainland. She told me that the newly married Thai young lovers, bound their hands together with cord and jumped from the bridge into the ocean far below, so that they would never be parted.

I opened my eyes in the morning. I reached for my watch, it was twelve noon. Panjit was not beside me. I pushed the cover away and tried to find Panjit in the hotel suite. She was not there. I got dressed and looked around. Panjit was not there, I asked the reception and asked everyone if they had seen Panjit. Eventually I was told that she had checked-out an hour ago and took a bus to the airport. I settled the bills and as I did so, staff handed me a piece of paper, saying “I am very sorry”. It was from Panjit.

I was frozen in disbelief ! Why did she leave? I got a taxi to the airport checking all terminals and ticket records but I could find no trace of Panjit. I could find no news whatsoever of Panjit. Later I got an e-mail from Panjit. “I am sorry, my darling. I did not run away from you, I  had to go,  I will call you as soon as I can.” I did not hear another thing from Panjit. The waiting was unbearable and devastating and I could not eat. I wanted to die Then I got another message from Panjit asking me to come and see her in Bangkok.

”Welcome to Bangkok, Sir ! You come to Bangkok at a perfect time. We will be celebrating Songkran tomorrow,” said the driver from the airport to the hotel address Panjit  had given me ! I knew Songkran was a festival of spiritual cleansing by Thai Buddhists, who believe people purify each other, splashing water and getting themselves drenched. Panjit  was standing in the foyer waiting for me with a subdued smile but with an expression that could not hide her desperate longing. I gave her a very intimate hug. “ I miss you!. Chan kitteung khun!  Fuck you bitch, you left me standing there frozen in time” I said in tears!.

“I am so, so, sorry.” Panjit held me so tight.

That night I was both ecstatic and in agony, as Panjit did not give a hint of physical warmth in bed. She fell asleep, after a detached kiss. I was waiting naked all night beside Panjit, expecting the gentle, lusty love making, we had already known. It did not happen and when morning came Songkran started. The joyful, noisy and wet Songkran outside on the street, made Panjit smile just a little. People splashed water on each other no matter who they were.

”Are you ready to get soaking wet?” asked Panjit. ”I will be out in a moment” I agreed but noticed that Panjit got more and more pale, which momentarily explained why Panjit had no passion for lovemaking the night before.

”I must tell you, this Songkran will be very, very frightening for me.” said Panjit.

”Why is that? Is'n’t everybody  happy?” I said.

”Not this one,” whispered Panjit, squeezing my hand with a sad face.

Just then some people with buckets full of water splashed Panjit and I  with water. I  yelled as the cold water hit me. People happily soaked us more and more. I was very wet and I was shocked when I  turned to Panjit. Not one drop of water touched Panjit’s clothes or skin. ”How is it you are dry?”  I asked Panjit but she never answered me. She just smiled at me as her face quickly changed from pale, to a stunning aura or halo effect. Her face got brighter and brighter, I was mesmerized as the splashing water, now made her wet but the water seemed to just pass through her and the more she got splashed, the brighter and more invisible she became.

”Panjit?” I cried as I tried to touch her bright image.

”Now it’s time for me to go, my love. I died instantly at the foot of that hill, from the fall that day. They found my body but my spirit has always been with you, because I am always loving you and I will always miss you from the moment we met” she said in a very gentle, soft voice.

”Please get a bucket of water and splash me, it will make my leaving perfect.” said Panjit. Initially i refused to believe what she just said. Then with a broken heart and tears rolling down my face, I took a bucket of water and gave Panjit a splash as she wished for.  I could  see Panjit smile with the splash as she faded away until she became completely invisible.

I collapsed crying on the side of the street when eventually I was helped up. ”What is the matter with you, Sir? I watched you talking to yourself and splash water into empty space. Be happy in Songkran. Thai people believe this, when we splash to each other and help purify each other”

Since that time I have always been with detached love !

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


There is considerable confusion in central London after Big Ben, the big daddy of all grandfather clocks stopped ticking for the last time when his timing device was stolen, for use in a dirty bomb, set to go off for the Olympic of  London 2012.Big Ben has been ticking and tocking since 1834, but has now been dismantled, and as a result is now completely unreliable, according to Boris Phecker the Lord Mayor of the Greater London Council. A spokesperson for the GLC said; Big Ben was taken out of action at 7 p.m. and his timing device  installed in a dirty bomb due to go off at the Olympics in London.

Several Londoners were visibly shaken and upset, when told sad news. One Cockney at Bow Bells said I set my watch to Big Ben," he said, "and I give the missus a right seeing to, as Ben bongs, I bong. I don't know how I will do her properly now without his help. I have tried viagra but nothing else works. One Irishman has offered his services but I'm not sure as he has been dickying around a good bit in the South China Sea, but I will be forced to try his services. "

A new timing device made in Hong Kong has been snubbed by a few Alf Garnetts from the east end. After more than 150 years, Big Ben's silence is causing considerable grief among Londoners. It is also causing much anxiety, as it has been predicted that a great misfortune and catastrophe will befall London, when Ben stops bonging. The famous bell having chimed for the last time, never be heard again and being used as a timer in a dirty bomb for the Olympics, has disgusted many Londoners..

The four faces will be converted into neon signs for McDonalds after the Olympics, to be transformed into one of their leading hamburger sites. It will help with our global recession"said a McDonald's spin doctor. "You guys and the clock, will be and important part of our worldwide campaign, to tighten belts into a leaner, meaner bugger after the Olympics and banking crisis. Big Benny revenue will be huge and will go some way towards paying for Olympic advertising", she said.

Five terrorists penetrated Benny from the roof. The five abseiled up the south clock face of Big Benny at midday, camouflaged as Irish builders  all wearing green uniforms. They then transferred the timing device to a massively large dirty bomb onto a waiting boat on the the Thames. Big Benny's bell sound will be replaced by alternating versions of Rockall on the hour, every second hour, all over London, including the houses of parliament,  both palaces Buckingham and MI6 on the Thames. Eventually just one of the Rockall  versions will be used to replace Big Benny, with Boris Phecker already campaigning against the Irish version.

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Internment | nuclear bomb up the Thames | target London 2012 Games | British Occupied Ireland  |  Security Minister Lord West warn | Internment | real danger | Al Qaeda  | boat to transport a 'dirty' nuclear bomb up the Thames | Internment | detonate it in the heart of London | Internment | Home Office meeting room | London Olympic stadium | a dirty bomb up the Thames | Internment | London Olympics of 2012 ! the Queen | Olympic Stadium top terrorist target on earth | MI6 | MI5 | Internment | Special Forces | Internment | Metropolitan Police's SO15 Counter-Terrorism Unit | Government departments | Stadium | Teams of sniffer dogs | Olympic site | explosives | skies above London | British Occupied Ireland  | police spotter drones | traffic. Helicopters with radiation sensors |  Internment | gamma rays | nuclear device | Internment | GCHQ surveillance centre in Cheltenham | sudden spike | communications traffic | Internment | British Occupied Ireland  |

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OLYMPIC LONDON 2012 : The Alf Garnett Factor

London 2012 Olympics is located in Cockney land a unique part of London with a culture all of its own. To understand Cockney English culture, the Alf Garnett character of the BBC is a must for anyone interested in the cultural setting of Olympics 2012.

The Alf Garnett Factor

Robert Henderson
In the 1960s one of the most celebrated British sit-coms Till Death Us Do Part appeared. Its central character was an elderly working class Londoner Alf Garnett (For American readers his character inspired that of Archie Bunker).
Garnett’s most noted characteristic was what we would call these days being non-PC, especially about race and immigration. The author Johnny Speight swore blind that he had no sympathy with the character’s views and he had created him only to show how bigoted and unpalatable they were. (The suspicion grew as the character of Garnett became more and more dominant in the sit-com and ever more outrageous in his words that Speight was actually peddling his own secret views. Speight vehemently denied this but the accusation followed him to his grave.)
The effect of the Garnett character was the exact opposite of Speight’s stated intention because he became a character who, far from being treated universally as a figure of fun or despicable, was taken by many people as a conduit for their opinions, opinions which otherwise were even in those days severely censored by a liberal media and a political class (with the exception of Enoch Powell) which had already fallen under the liberal Omerta on honest discussion of race and immigration. (The first British Race Relations Act was passed in 1965).
Something similar to the Alf Garnett effect has taken place with the BNP. It did not really matter how well or badly Griffin did on Question Time. What counted was the fact he was on it saying, amongst a good deal of confused nonsense, what large numbers of Britons felt about mass immigration and the multi-cultural reign of terror which prevents people in any normal circumstances saying what they feel about its consequences. That Griffin was crude in his claims, lacking in examples to back up his claims even where examples were readily available, for example he failed to quote one of the many Churchill statements on race which would be considered unequivocally racist today by the liberal bigot definition, and palpably nervous was of little account. What mattered was that he was saying things which had not been said in such a forum for many a long year.
The BBC, hermetically wrapped in their liberal bigot cocoon, played into his hands. There was never going to be a detailed discussion of the issues and the choice of a panel which was not only universally hostile to Griffin and to any honest discussion of immigration, but also emblematic in its make up of the grip that politically correctness has got on this country with three members of ethnic minorities out of the five panel members – Jack Straw (Jewish), Sayeeda Warsi (Asian Muslim), Bonnie Greer (black American) – ensured that the viewer would see the programme as an exercise in liberal elite control. (Had I been Griffin, before I said anything else I would have pointed out the unrepresentative nature of the panel. Coincidentally, Greer is the woman I crossed swords with over Obama’s Nobel Prize on BBC Radio 5 a couple of weeks ago. List members will be delighted to hear that for Ms Greer the panel far from being an unrepresentative travesty “celebrated a racial mix. Sayeeda Wasi was amazing and I was very moved to hear about Jack Straw’s Jewish background. I had no idea. (Telegraph 24/9/2009″. Exactly how someone supposedly very well attuned to British politics could not know Straw is Jewish is a mystery only Ms Greer, a UK resident for 23 years, can explain. Equally difficult to explain is why the BBC think she, someone who has never been elected to public office in her life, deserves to be wheeled out to give her political opinions so often.)
Add in the chairman David Dimbleby’s grossly biased questioning of Griffin – “Is it fair that the BNP has hijacked Churchill as its own?” – and the choice of questioners (disproportionately ethnic) and universally hostile questions from the audience and none but the most dishonest liberal bigot could see the programme as anything other than hideously unbalanced and unfair.
The other mistakes Griffin made were:
(1) trying to ingratiate himself with other panel members especially Greer.
(2) Smiling too much.
(3) Getting into ridiculous discussions about whether the indigenous population had been in the islands 17,000 years or not – they haven’t and even if they had it would be irrelevant.
(4) Absurdly playing the pc game by claiming that the colour of skin does not matter, the determining factor of acceptability being how long a people have been in a country, absurd because the BNP’s position has been unequivocally that race matters right up to the present, including the banning of non-whites from membership.
The most interesting single response came from Straw when Griffin was being questioned by Dimbleby on the subject of the Holocaust. Griffin said that he could not explain his original position on the Holocaust because that would put him at risk of being extradited to places such as Germany on an European Arrest Warrant. Straw immediately jumped in and stated categorically that it could not happen. This is nonsense as Holocaust Denial is one of the categories of crimes extraditable under the warrant. As a one time Foreign Secretary, a lawyer and now Justice Minister, Straw must have known that what he said was untrue. (BTW his real name is John Straw. Whilst at university he changed it to Jack Straw, in imitation of the Peasant’s Revolt leader).
It wasn’t only Griffin who was nervous on that programme, it was also Jack Straw and Chris Huhne, both of whom were utterly terrified and incoherent when the question of immigration over the past 12 years was discussed. That is why they mainstream politicians fear the BNP: they force discussion on the ultimate treason which is mass immigration. – Griffin has given so many hostages to fortune in the past with the Holocaust denial and dalliance with the likes of the Klu Klux Klan that it tells you all you need to know about the utter failure of mainstream British parties to deal with immigration that they have had the success that they have had. Griffin and the BNP are catalysts to drive the major parties towards a more reasonable position of immigration. They are doing that regardless of the quality of the membership or leader.
Some idea of the extent to which the British people feel betrayed by their political elite can be seen from the facts that 8 million tuned in – a phenomenally high number for a UK politics programme – and over 500k of hits were made to the BNP website in the next 24 hours.
The Question Time programme is on the BBC IPlayer for another 4 days. Just go to the BBC website and type in Question time and the link will come up near the top of the page. RH


  1. John B 
    Yes. It is somewhat similar to what was happening just before the 1979 election but I fear there is no Margaret Thatcher around (for all her short comings) to pick up the ball and run with it. So it is a different ball game, indeed.
  2. The ruling ‘elite’ and the BBC have been betraying their country and they concocted a sordid lynch job in the belief that they’d fooled everyone for so long, they could carry on doing so.
    Hoist by their own petard. Rumbled, scorned.
    Prior to QT, they hadn’t realised quite how seriously they’d been rumbled by the electorate. Even the sleepiest, most docile of people are aware that there’s something rotten in the stables and it has the whiff of Labour all over it.
    The Tories wonder (publicly) why they’re not doing better in the polls. But they know very well that they’re not conservative – they’re wet liberals with rich friends and ambition for high EU/UN office.
    So different are their principles from those of this conservative country’s bedrock that they might as well be Labour under a different guise.
  3. Graham Davies 
    I would have like to have seen more made of Jack Straw’s communist past by Griffin – that would have been an open goal when the ad hominems started flying(about 0.02 seconds into the programme). Nor have I seen anyone mention the fact that the panelists seem to have been briefed at taxpayers’ expense by the fake charity Searchlight, all the material that was thrown at Griffin originated from this organisation several years ago.
    I’d imagine this programme will have polarised society in its own small way. Some will be embarrassed at Griffin’s performance and some will be sympathetic towards him. The most certain aspect is that it has laid out the bias of the BBC and the remoteness of modern politics for all to see.
  4. It seemed more of a show trial than a lynch mob. It was discncerting, to say the least, to find a senior minister and lawyer so seemingly playing the role of prosecutor in a forum run by our BBC. It was a sad night. Bonnie Greer came off best. All out of Africa and much good law out of Rome. CL

VETERAN IRISH Republican Marian Price has been imprisoned without trial since May 2011. This harks back to the British government’s widespread use of internment in the 1970’s as a way of silencing opposition to its rule in the north of Ireland. This repressive policy only succeeded in broadening the scale of the anti-Unionist and anti-British revolt.
The 57 year old activist had been given a life sentence following the Old Bailey bombings in 1973, then released in 1980 following a prolonged hunger strike in which she had been force-fed over 400 times. She had been suffering from tuberculosis and weighed five stones. Her release had been based on a royal pardon.
Northern Ireland secretary Owen Patterson signed an order revoking her parole licence claiming that she had encouraged support for an illegal organisation. This amounted to holding up the script of a message read out at an Easter commemoration from a masked man representing the Real IRA.
Marian’s lawyers pointed out that she was not on licence and there was no legal right to detain her as her release was based on a royal pardon. Patterson’s lawyers were unable to find the royal document – the only copy of which it would appear was conveniently destroyed in 2010 – hence their claim it was not a pardon but a conditional release! After her arrest, the judge granted her bail only for Marian to be immediately rearrested on Patterson’s orders.
Last July Marian was further charged with “providing property for the purposes of terrorism”, linked to the Massereene shootings of two soldiers. But as Eamonn McCann points out, she “had been questioned for two days about this allegation in November 2009 and released without charge. There was no change in circumstances in the interim and no new evidence offered.” Again the court offered her bail only for Patterson to overrule.
It is patently obvious that Marian’s detention is not about her being guilty of a serious crime, but about the British government’s desire to silence her. As Bernadette McAliskey commented at a recent protest in Belfast: “This is a clear message that no dissent will be tolerated. You challenge the status quo at your peril.” In short, don’t oppose the Good Friday Agreement!
The British government would love to fool us into believing that a just peace reigns in the north of Ireland – but the reality is different. It is British repression that reigns supreme. Maghaberry republican prisoners are still subject to beatings and strip-searches. Loyalist parades continue to march through nationalist areas. Raids and beatings are regularly dished out in the pursuit of ‘dissident’ republicans. The northern state is still a sectarian prison house for all those that identify with a united Ireland.
Marian has been illegally incarcerated for a year now. She had been locked up in the all-male prison at Maghaberry and put in isolation. This long-term solitary confinement is a form of torture. Due to a serious deterioration in her health she has been transferred to the hospital wing of Hydebank prison where she still remains in isolation. The authorities are intent on breaking her body and spirit. Many protests have taken to the streets in Ireland.
We must demand Britain drop the charges and release Marian Price now!

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Monday, 4 June 2012


I'm frightened by SF vote surge

Monday, 4 June 2012
Belfast Telegraph
I'm both bemused and frightened by the upsurge in support for Sinn Fein in the Republic.
As a former history teacher, I can see many parallels between Sinn Fein and the Nazi Party of the 1930s. While the Nazis blamed the Treaty of Versailles (1919) for Germany's ills, Sinn Fein blames the 'austerity treaty'.
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Demographic change will enivitably increase their vote.
In NI better having SF in charge than people who hate you simply because of your religion.
No address with this letter, I can only assume that poor old George is writing from The Befuddled And Confused Ex-teachers Retirement Home.
1 reply · active 53 minutes ago
cashy222's avatar - Go to profile
Where to start with this letter. I first had to double check the calender and make sure it wasn't April 1st today.

If you had a good grasp of southern politics, you would realise it's hard for government parties to show good support in polls especially the junior party, hence Labour's awful current poll rating.

Take away Fine Gael and Labour and disregarding the ULA and independents, you've really just got toxic bank louts Fianna Fail or Sinn Fein to chose from.

Also something that SF is doing extremely well down south, when ever they have a repersentative on a current affairs show, he/she is very,very, well upto date on their brief, it wasn't like that years ago. They're coming across as very articulate with figures and facts to back up their arguement.

People more and more don't see SF as Gerry Adams or M.McGuinness, it's now Mary Lou McDonald, Pearse Doherty, Peader Tobin and the others.

Finally on your point about SF use of austerity treaty, how about how the Irish government called it a 'stability treaty' it was the fiscal treaty, nothing more, nothing less, and it will bring some continued level of austerity, the stability, I have serious questions on that front.
God help Ireland ! I do predict a united Ireland and Sinn Fein in charge believe it or not. The sinners foot soldiers are like nazi stormtroopers. It is their way or no way. Beware the 100 year anniversary in 2016. Hopefully I am wrong, but Ireland will be a disaster with in charge, if you think it is bad now, just wait. Ask the S.D.L.P. about how S.F. took over in the working class communities in N.I. They were threatened, intimidated, and assaulted by S.F. supporters. Is this democracy?
Sinn Féin, the only party with elected representatives in both parts of the divided country, are merely a symptom of a major problem. They, in and of themselves, aren't the real problem. As for comparing Gerry Adams' party to Hitler's Nazis, Sinn Féin have no plans for world conquest,. Ther main objective is to reunite their homeland and make it a single political entity, as it had been for 7½ centuries when ruled by monarchs and governments in London. Remove the superfluous Partition and you eliminate Sinn Féin.
Just because the Nazis rose to power following an economic crisis doesn't mean that every group that does the same is fascist or otherwise bad. Sinn Féin and Nazis are polar opposites so you have nothing to worry about there. Fine Gael actually has historic ties to fascist groups created to fight Sinn Féin and the IRA (I am not saying FG is fascist). Did you teach your history classes about the Blue Shirts? Somehow I bet you wouldn't care if a fascist party was gaining in popularity, as long as it was pro-partition.
Your former pupils have my full symphony, Mr Coe.

We can only hope you lost your marbles after you retired.
Tough luck George.It's called democracy.Get used to it.
Godwin's law (also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies) is an observation made by lawyer and author Mike Godwin in 1990. It states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches." In other words, Godwin observed that, given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably makes some comparison to Hitler and the Nazis.

Well done to Mr. Coe for single-handedly accomplishing both the first mention of the initial subject and the subsequent Nazi analogy in just over 50 words.

Wife of dissident republican accuses police of 'heavy-handedness' ahead of Creggan rally

Sun, 03/06/2012 - 20:08 -- Editor
The wife of a Derry republican, who was arrested last night in Creggan on suspicion of dissident republican activity, has accused the Police of 'heavy-handedness'. She was speaking to Newswire before a rally was held in Creggan organised to highlight local people's anger at police raids in the area.
The rally, entitled Creggan Under Siege, was organised after Gabrielle Lancaster's house in Circular Road was raided and her 50-year-old husband, who is a member of the 32CSM, was arrested. Mrs Lancaster claimed her 20-year-old daughter and 22-year-old son were 'man-handled' by police officers during the house raid.
She alleges that a police officer 'grabbed' her daughter by the wrist as she made to open the living room door and that her son 'was pinned to the sofa' by another officer. She also alleges that police officers were drilling in her attic during the raid.
Speakers at today's rally included dissident republican Gary Donnelly, who claimed the media, church and politicians were turning a blind eye to the 'onslaught on the Creggan community'.
"I want to make an appeal to the politicians, the media, the church," he said. " Stop trying to ram the PSNI down our throats as the new police force. Children are being seriously traumatised here. This cannot go on. It wasn't acceptable when it was the B-Specials, the RUC and now the PSNI."
A spokesperson from the PSNI refuted claims of heavy-handedness.
"The PSNI have a responsibility to tackle and investigate crime and the vast majority of the community in Creggan have made it clear that this is what they expect of their Police Service. A number of searches were conducted in the area in relation to dissident republican activity. Police make no apology for tackling criminality in any form.
"Police refute any allegations of ‘heavy-handed’ policing during the search operations in Creggan area. Police carried out their duties in a proportionate manner with professionalism and respect. It is disappointing that the actions of police have been criticised, at a time when they are working to minimise risk to local residents.
"Police will not be deterred from providing the service the community have asked for and will continue their work with local residents to make the area a safer place for everyone.
"Anyone who is unhappy with police action should report it to the Police Ombudsman."

Anarchists are vowing to wage “low-intensity warfare” in the weeks leading up to this summer’s Olympic Games in London — and claim their “guerilla” attacks have already begun.
Raging in an Internet manifesto, the Informal Anarchist Federation states its reason for wanting to cause havoc before London becomes an athletic stage for the world: “We don’t want rich tourists — we want civil war.”
The anarchist group, according to The Telegraph, plans to use its “urban” warfare strategy against financial institutions, transportation structure and the military.
The Italian anti-establishment group claimed responsibility for burning railway signal systems last Tuesday along a route that was targeted because it is used by Ministry of Defense employees.
In its missive on the anti-capitalist website 325.nostate, the group explains its motive:
“In the United Kingdom of clockwork control and domestication, we’re some of the ‘unpatriotic ones’ who find the 2012 Olympics — with the ensuing spectacle of wealth (when so many here struggle to feed themselves and their families) ... and escalating police state — frankly offensive.”
They say they are beholden to no one.
“No union or movement calls our shots, and we have no inhibition to use guerilla activity to hurt the national image and paralyze the economy however we can,” the missive continued, promising a “new generation of urban, low-intensity warfare.”
“The purpose of guerilla attack is to spread the struggle into different territories and facets of life,” they wrote.
The group previously claimed responsibility for shooting the chief executive of a nuclear power firm in the kneecaps during a drive-by attack in Italy, The Telegraph reported.
A private sector security consultant told RT, a Russian English-language news channel, that attacks could have serious consequences.
“If they are serious about trying to disrupt the Olympics by using simple techniques such as these, they are capable of causing utter havoc,” the consultant said.
In the railway attack, the anarchists said all they needed to do was lift up concrete slabs to gain access to the signal technology.
Earlier this month, the Guardian newspaper reported that Britain’s bill for hosting the 2012 Olympic Games could exceed the budget of $9.3 billion pounds — $14.6 billion in U.S. dollars — due in large part to increasing security costs.


I like the sound of

I like the sound of this...LETS GO ANARCHISTS!!!!!!!!

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