Monday, 28 January 2008

An Irish reply to a War Crimes Appologist

It appears you are not familiar with all of the bombs and terrorism as it was referred to then, that founded the state of Israel. You are occupying their land, what do you want them to do, lie down and die. Israel has murdered more than 40 Gazan people in the last two weeks. There have been no Israeli casualties, for a long time but you still keep bombing defenceless Gazans from the air, with your American warplanes.

The whole point of the article, is that Israel has created Gaza Concentration Camp, just like the fascists camps, Jews were enduring in Europe, thereby breaking International law. Israel uses American war planes to bomb strictly civilian areas, clearly a war crime. Israel occupies Palestinian lands contrary to International Law. Israel has nuclear weapons contrary to International law. What is a tiny country like Israel doing with atomic weapons, can you imagine if hundreds of small countries worldwide and thousands of small islands and territories, all had nuclear weapons to bully their neighbours, the world would be finished.

Oh ! no ! just because you think you are the chosen race, your believe you are entitled to Nuclear weapons. Suppose we all listened to our ego and said we are the chosen race. Suppose we in Ireland said we are now the chosen race and if Britain didn't leave our country within 24 hours, we would nuke London. You cannot have law order in the middle-east with such Egoism!.

Israel murdered the last Irish reporter, who told the truth about whats happening in the middle-east. Well the threat of Mossad, will not stop or silence Irish people like me telling the facts about your war crimes. Israel regularly commits war crimes and atrocities when they invade Jenin and Shatila refugee camps, along with Gaza Concentration Camp. Israel shot and bombed thousands of innocent, unarmed innocent women and children, just like the Nazi's gassed Jews in the Holocaust. Israel murdered several Irish people who were pacifist volunteers demonstrating against Israeli barbarism. They drove a bulldozer over a defenceless, pacifist young Irish girl, who was lying on the ground peacefully demonstrating and then reversed back over her body, to make sure she was dead when they broke her back.

It is incredible that an old Jewish civilization of talent and intelligence, after the holocaust experience, can commit such barbaric war crimes, almost on a daily basis. I am quite certain that the American taxpayers, would not be handing you, hundreds of billions of dollars, to commit such atrocities, if the international media, was allowed to tell the truth or the corporate pimp media were truthful in the US, of what is actually happening and you were making American taxpayers complicit, in your campaigns of murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing. It is a crime to stand idle while your soldiers are murdering so many people.

Did you ever wonder why these Zionists seem to have problems in every country in the World they travel. Is it possible that you are always right and the whole world who condemn you, are always wrong. I know there are many thousands of good, honest, humane, Jewish people world wide who do not agree with what is happening, it is time to organize and make your voices heard. Evil will prosper, while good people remain silent.

For those of you who disagree, I ask you to look into the eyes of Huda on Gaza beach and try to understand, or have some compassion, for a young Palestinian girl, whose lands have been invaded, turned into a Concentration Camp and family destroyed.

It is time to stop this barbarity, we the ordinary people have to stop it now !.

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