Friday, 4 May 2012


Argentina has upset British Tories by broadcasting a political advert filmed its territory the Malvinas, which the British call the Falklands.The advert shows an Argentine athlete training in the Falklands ahead of the London Olympics Boycott in July. Their slogan: "To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil," has been changed to "To boycott on English soil, we train on Argentine soil."

The British equivalent of Ghengis Pater Son in Occupied Ireland, Ian Hansen has complained it to be "cheap and disrespectful propaganda. It is deeply sad to see Mr Zylberberg clambering over a war memorial. Sadly this illustrates the disrespect the Argentine authorities have for our home and our people," Hansen said.  The advert is the latest action by Argentina to remind the world of its legal right to the British occupied territory it calls the Malvinas.

The work  is called Olympic Games 2012: Homage to the Fallen and the Veterans of the Malvinas, showing Argentine hockey captain Fernando Zylberberg exercising in the Falklands capital Port Stanley under the noses of the British without their knowledge or permission from the islands' colonialists. Last month was the 30th anniversary of what the British call the Falklands War, when Argentine forces retook the Malvinas, before making a tactical withdrawal.

The British government as in the instance of occupied Ireland, says it will not discuss the issue without the agreement of the British colonialists it planted there in the first place, after the Malvinas were stolen. In what is known as typical Brit speak in another phase of their unaccountable permanent neo-colonial war crimes of genocide, torture, theft and terrorism worldwide prompting Sean Penn to comment, "It is difficult to imagine that there is no correlation between the likely discovery of offshore oil reserves and the message of pre-emptive intimidation being sent by the UK to Argentina."

OLYMPIC BOYCOTT LONDON: See other posts below for details.

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