Tuesday, 1 May 2012

London Olympics International Boycott Call by Irish Human Rights Activists

The appointment of two unelected Englishmen in British Occupied Ireland as unaccountable tyrants by Britain's geriatric despotic regime Her Majesty's service, is Monty Pythonesque in its absurdity bearing in mind the pretence of a peace process there. However the subsequent kidnap by the appointed British despots of one of Ireland's most respected human rights and political prisoner activists, who herself spent 200 days on hunger strike being force fed and now almost a year of torture by the appointed Ghengis Pater Son's kidnappers in solitary confinement, is truly taking agent provocateur of the process, to the extreme. 

While the appointment of the unelected Englishmen to overrule all local Irish politicians, smacks of desperation and a juvenile regard for both the Irish and the peace process, their subsequent overrule of the judiciary and even their own Majesty's royal prerogative of Mercy, confirms that the other palace on the Thames, is actually the one calling the shots of Empire from the City of London currently. The constant patronizing references to Pater Son as the architect of the Tory/Loyalist electoral alliance and his subsequent appointment to their splittist clique would be amusing in its absurdity, if it was not so callous and such a traversity of the truth of their mutual bigotry and sectarianism. 

The appointments in reality are the nepotism of the foxhunting horsey set, from their respective gentry. Internment without trial, concentration camps, blood sports both human and animal, are just the start of their mutual interests. While the local sectarian Lord Faulkner broke his neck and kicked the bucket, the English Tory currently at breakneck speed trying to emulate him, ovruling the Irish to still legally chase the Irish fox. The English Tory and would be Ghengis Khan has also been seriously injured almost breaking his own neck recently, with the blood thirsty insane sadist, said to be in considerable pain. Paddy power is giving short odds that an Irish hunter like Faulkner's, will do the business and dump the Tory autocrat properly next time.  

Mind you, since when has truth and justice ever been part and parcel of Britain’s political currency in occupied Ireland ? Hopefully the growing international condemnation of Ghengis Pater Son's internment without trial in Ireland, coupled with a growing call for an International Olympic boycott, will cause a rethink amongst sportsmen and women of conscience worldwide and cause a dramatic decrease of public interest in the olympic games in London this year. The Human Rights Boycott is believed to be gathering momentum particularly in the USA.

In the meantime, the Free Marian Price campaign and end Internment Ireland are racheting up the pressure on its own gombeen Irish politicians as well as their Irish American politicians, particularly in their Presidential race. The local and International business community, the international media along with the general public to keep the issue of Britain's political kidnap of Marian Price, internment, torture and a call for a boycott of the London Olympics firmly at the forefront of people’s hearts and minds internationally.
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