Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Olympic London 2012 : PHUCKIN PROSTITUTES

The crumbling civilizations or "primitive" social structures compared to the prostitute were a throwback by the British, to rationalizing their imperial expansion of greed and murder as a "civilizing mission." A rationality implying the channeling of sexual instincts in ways, that the British colonialists maintained were beyond the reach of backward peoples. 

Asia's  problem according to the British was primitivism and the vices of nature contain in sex without boundaries which prevented productive profit making for the British, rather than the existing purpose of sensual pleasure.. Prostitution's emphasis on pleasure rather than procreation, also was an excuse by the Christian preachers of British morals of exploitation, to judge the natives obstructing their sexual ideas, of their strictly procreative and their biblically ordained duty. The native being judged as wallowing in sensuality. The British judged the natural or people with nature still in them, as being a state of savagery.

It nevertheless was common for British travelers and colonial officials to accept that paid sex was widespread across their empire, they rarely however acknowledged the changes their colonial rule had in effecting profound changes in the manner of the existing culture of prostitution. Trading in sex was a phenomena as old as any society but the effects of colonialism, created new types of commercial sex from the materialism that colonialism imposed.

The British and colonial officials agreed that prostitution was living evidence of native disorder. Colonialists perceived their newly created culture as looser than the industrialized west. Burmese women said a colonial doctor in 1875, were organically unchaste and "if not prostitutes," were "next door to it." C.P. The Colonial Office in China perceived their Chinese populated colonies as, "prostitution is more or less of a recognized character." In India they stated that there were too many "phases and varieties of prostitution" to explain.

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