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The Celts originated from an area around the Caspian Sea and came to the west at much the same time as similar migration into India . The Celts and the Hindus shared a common ancestry in a race known as the Battle-Axe People, whose mark was a stone battle-axe, whose home was in southern Russia with the language of the Celts coming from the same source as Sanskrit, the classical language of the Hindus. The Celtic language is called Indo-European and in it figures that correspond with the Indian deities whose likenesses between the brahmins, the priest-astrologers of India, and the druids, the priest-astronomers of Europe is striking. Celtic gods are depicted seated in a similar meditation posture to the Hindu deities.  T

The peoples drifted apart. The Hindus intermarried with older Indian races and developed a dark skin while the Celts went to colder Europe and became fair with reddish hair and piercing blue eyes. Plato thought them highly intelligent, although much given to drinking. They divided society into three groups. The druids, were learned priests, shamans and judges; the military aristocracy, who were the power-holders and the heroes; and the free men were farmers and owned cattle.Diodorus Siculus wrote that the Celtic women were not only like their men in great stature who were exceptionally tall and well-built but that they were also equal in courage. Women were honoured in Celtic society and lived in an equal way with men. 

A strict legal code ensured that women could inherit property, and name and title were taken from the mother rather than the father. They could marry whom they pleased and could claim damages if molested. They took their place in battle beside the men. There were two major waves of Celtic immigration and by 700-500 BC they had emerged as one of the most important peoples of Europe. By 387 BC they had conquered Rome it fell, according to the Roman historian Livy, because of the terror inspired by the 'magic' war-cry of the Celts, who went into battle naked and by 279 BC Delphi had fallen too, although both it and Rome were retaken later. France known as Gaul was entirely Celtic 

Its a day of rest, so I will keep it brief. Still here in Aden and its a day of rest, so I will keep it brief the gateway to the east. Besides Burma which we have covered, the British of course occupied India, officially now known as the Republic of India a country in South Asia, the seventh-largest country in the world,  with the second largest population of 1.2 billion people. Four of the world's major religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhis originated there. Sneakily brought under the British East India Company, starting in the early 18th century then rules directly by the British from mid-19th century it became an independent in 1947, after a non-violent resistance led by Mahatma Gandhi and inspired by Ireland adopting the colours of the Irish-tricolour to celebrate that fact.

I felt utterly alone in India after my friend abandoned our trip east many years ago but I had never envisaged being there on my own. I pressed on hoping that destiny would reveal itself? India becamea blur of brown faces, blue elephants and pink monkeys. Crowds gathered quickly whenever I stopped moving. There was always a crowd staring at me when somebody would usually ask, “Where are you coming from?, Why did you come to India, Are you looking for enlightenment?  Questions similar to the ones I asking myself.

Everywhere I went,  in railway stations, in parks, in restaurants I attracted attention by being just there. I considered finding an ashram to take me in to quiet place where I could find the meaning of life?  I got dysentery, was robbed, I had had no passport and no money when I arrived at an ashram up in the Himalayas. One can see him being shown into a simple white-walled room…a mat, a bed-sheet and a jug of water. He likes it. I really liked to get away from the realities of India. The evening were cool with a breeze usually wafting down from the Himalayas through the Ganges Gorge with the gentle chanting of other ashrams. I was able to turn off my mind, relax and drift into meditation?

I almost forgot about myself for a while. Whatever the joy of it, it didn’t last long. One morning the ashram in charge of accommodation told me the time had come to leave. “Where will you go?” I asked. He smiled. “No, not me its time for you to leave.” “Have achieved enlightenment?” “No, no, no, we need your bungalow. We have a group coming.” So started walking back along dusty roads to the towns at the foot of the Himalayas. Farmers were watering, weeding and minding their crops. The road itself was quiet except for numerous cows and women going to market. Suddenly it descended upon me a blinding light, or a vision of the future in with hundreds of of airborne hippies with fans on their backs and flowers in their hair with a psychedelic version of John Lennon with a North of Ireland accent singing and playing his guitar, with repeated instructions to make love not war.

Almost everyone was busy trying to follow his instructions  making one big orgy in flight. I saw Gerry Adams was among them he had very long hair and he was banging away at someone from Derry who also had long hair. Most of the fenians and loyalist who were banging each other were stoned on high grade hash garlanded with marigolds, sunflowers and orange lilies. Behind all of this on the road was a large bus labeled ‘Monarchy’ The queen was also participating and she was getting the full treatment from Lord Muck of  Londonderry. Paisley was also there mounted by a nun,along with Maggie Thatcher sitting on his face in a sandwich. I realized quickly it was a vision from the future or instant nirvana. Some kind of parallel universe thing, I may write a book about it sometime, if i ever get my head together. I have to add that the nun had great thighs and she was going hell for leather sitting on Paisley's shaft, as she screamed in ecstasy riding him. Thatcher was more subdued, while at the same time sititting on his face but she was merciless grinding him down in sadistic spasms as he gasped for air.

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