Thursday, 12 July 2012

Olympic Riots London 2012 in British Occupied Ireland

Massive bonfire on the Shankill, Belfast, Thursday, July 12, 2012.  Photo/Peter Morrison

Hours before daybreak of the Loyalist twelfth marches, British paramilitary police clashed with Irish nationalist on the edge of west Belfast. They arrested eight suspected protesters and said several of the British paramilitary  suffered injuries from blasts and petrol bombs.

Trouble flared as Loyalists gathered around hundreds of midnight bonfires preceding the Orange Order parades on the Twelfth, an official holiday in this British Occupied territory of Ireland. Bonfire revelers sang sectarian songs and cheered as they tossed community flags into the flames.

Police are braced for more rioting on Thursday night when Orangemen pass nationalist Ardoyne in north Belfast that has had riots for the past three Twelfths. Armored vehicles were deployed to the area in the morning.

Meanwhile the British House of Commoners was told today that the Olympic Games of London 2012 will be invaded by 17,000 soldiers of the British Army because they cannot find sufficient security, because tons of radioactive material have been found at the Olympic Park. There is alos fears of a nuclear explosion in London after the CIA revealed there are hundreds of underwear bombers from Yemen hoping to attend the Olympic Games in London.

Britain has already deployed anti-aircraft missiles on high rise building around the stadium in London to shoot down aircraft bombers over the stadium which would cause tens of thousands of victims. Tanks are also expected to invade London with the 17,000 troops.

While the rioting in Belfast last year spread to London with considerable damage it is expected that the British will extend internment without trial to London 2012 from British Occupied Ireland for the Olympic Games. Many visiting athletes particularly from the middle-east and Ireland are worried about being interned while competing at the London Olympics.

It is also believed that some athletes from India, Pakistan, China and Africa and most ex colonies of the British are considering giving the games a miss because of firsthand experience of British brutality. Some athletes from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Aden, Bahrain and the Malvinas have confirmed person boycotts of the London Olympics.

Many visitors from USA, Canada, France and Germany are also staying away fearing a nuclear armageddon at London2012 
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