Saturday, 7 July 2012

Olympic Riots London 2012

London riots already started ahead of Olympics in British Occupied Ireland.

Youths  in London are  warming-up with a 100 metres swagger that includes throwing a brick through a window and grabbing the biggest flat-screen TV. 

Ablaze: Riots have raged over the last few days in London

Times of India : ' Will London be safe enough to stage the Games? Fresh violence in Hackney, close to the main Olympic stadium in East London, seemed ominous.' 

The People's Daily in China : 'With insufficient manpower and financial resources the police will inevitably be overwhelmed with problems in maintaining social order.' 

Hands up: A riot officer stands in front of a burning car in Hackney

A burning car in Hackney beside the Olympic stadium.

Of course, there will be security firms scanning and searching  with their eyes peeled and the secret services monitoring for an expected attack, while many believe riots that have already erupted in British Occupied Ireland will spread to the London Olympics, while over-stretched police are busy waving Royalty and their VIP entourage along their Olympic lane. 
London Olympic stiff upper lips have curled a little already, with a beach volleyball test event called off, because of rioting in nearby Hackney, while a cycling pre-Olympic road race is in doubt. There is concern that the IOC  may  even at this late stage, be forced to call the event off, due to public safety concerns. The issue was raised already by the chairman of the IOC's co-ordination commission, with other nations sneering at the British.

Because London is an old imperialist city, with a very bloody background of ethnic cleansing in Ireland and colonies all over the world, safety questions are being asked of it, because of its ongoing human rights abuses in Ireland and worldwide. There are also echos of the same fears expressed about South Africa  but with far more shootings and stabbings happening in London. 

Destruction: The riots have spread from London across the UK
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