Tuesday, 22 October 2013

BRITAIN'S KU KLUX KLAN : Orange Order Bestiality

British Occupied Ireland does not have a prohibition on sex with animals, as long as the animals do not suffer, becasse they .have an Orange Parliament for an Orange people.
Orange animal owners advertise openly, offering sex with animals, without intervention from the PSNI or paramilitary police or the English Viceroyal.
Orange order animals involved, have many years of experience and Orangemen insist, the animals themselves wanted sex. 
Orangemen Pay Big for Barnyard Sex
It’s legal and it doesn’t scare horses either, say loyalist customers of  animal houses of ill repute on the Shankill Road. For many Young defenders,  it is just the latest alternate lifestyle.
British Occupied Ireland's animal bordellos, in which loyalist people pay for sex with horses and other animals, are advertising on the internet and drawing Orangemen from as far away as the Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Canada and of course Sweden.
As long as no one gets hurt, particularly the animals,  the practice of bestiality will be legal, according to the British Viceroyal, at least for now, unless british Sinn Fein take it down, like the Fleg, however political internment without trial of humans, will remain under British rule.
The Orange Order proprietors and loyalist customers, as well have convinced themselves and the British Viceroyal running the province for her majesty, that the animals are experienced and welcome the chance for this intimacy with an alien species.
FENIANS say barnyard brothels are ‘revolting’
Animal bordellos in North Belfast, where loyalist customers pay for sex with animals, are “revolting,” according to a spokesperson for FENIANS for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. “It takes what’s good and decent and is destroying it,” Martin MacGuinnes, who manages the group’s domestic animal abuse section in Derry.


  1. Patrick

    At least in the Irish Free State if you get caught f**king an animal you GO TO JAIL. What a bunch of perverts.


    Tell me whats wrong with beastiality? The animal is not harmed nor forced, Loyalists treat there animals way better then taigs, there mates not pets and most Orange lodge’s will never discard them just because they have been rejected. For example horses, Orangemen that love horses will never send them to the slaughter house thats just sick ! after all the horses have done for us in the past and this is how we repay them no use kill them and eat!


    “Every step a man makes there are hoof prints walking along aside man”


    TURN TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, turn to god and tell him/her to stay the fuck out of my life!

    Born Again Virgin

    Maybe they are lovers? Horse got headache then Orangeman goes bordello… KILL THEM ALL !

    American gigolo

    Sex with animal is legal… What a sick and decadent world we live in. And there are neanderthals retards like Spirit and Britain defendig it (“what`s wrong with bestiality?” is a question that only a retard moron would asks

    Enlightened Bush Ranger
    I'm sooooo pleased there is a place that this is legal. Orangemen have the right idea, we should follow their example to us all.

    Most people worry about other peoples pleasures and forget entirely about thier own and waste thier lives trying to stop us, its insane since most of the people eat products that are made from different animals.

    The animals killed to make food often suffer so much in the process and ultimately die, its depressing. I would love to communicate with the animal on the next level. If people don't like it, then why even try to change our ways, it wont work! There will always be a community of us and as long as British Occupied Ireland on the map it seems that it will remain legal.

    Orange Grand Mister

     You UNDERSTAND the emotional component of this.
    To all you nay-sayers, I suggest you do some research & get your FACTS straight when you make pronouncements like ‘sickko’ & such.
    Shows your level of underatanding! Its NOT ‘sick’ as you put it! Ask ANY shrink. Orangeism is NOT a mental illness, merely a harmless paraphillia; ie a FETISH!

    As LONG as no harms done to man or beast, WHAT is the problem? You dont like it? DONT Do it simple!
    YOU have no RIGHT to tell others who or what they can make love to!

    Get some logic, THEN come back and argue against the subject with LOGIC, like we do, NOT the irrational emotional rantings all of you fun spoliers seem to scream with, with child like raving tantrums!

    Time to grow UP people! This is reality! Its always been here! GET used to it!


    People that have sex with animals are true evil as it say’s in the bible (Lev 18:23) in (20:15-16) it states “No man or woman shall lay with a beast if so he shall be put to death and kill the beast” It’s considered just as evil as brother and sister having sex. It means you have the right to kill anybody who has sex with their siblings or animals and god won’t punish the killer.
    So don’t even compare yourself to any other group because your pure evil in itself by yourself. Your truly are sick and depraved I hate you as much as I hate child molesters and you all shall pay in the after life. I’m not gay but I don’t hate or want to kill them. I know gay people that are not perverts You beastiality motherfuckers need to die.

    God Fearing Ulster

    Also does it say in the bible that those that lie with another man or without marriage are vile pure evil sinners. The bible evolves through time, if go go back far enough in history all religions were told to hate one another and even some told there people to kill those of another religion of there own because there were pure evil. It all falls into your followings if you find it wrong then that is your beef, If Dalek finds it right than thats his own. But person I find it wrong to whore out your animals you don’t have that deep friendship as you would if it was your own animal how can you trust an animal that isn’t really yours. It is no longer about your passion and the love it is only about just fucking. There is a difference of those whom call them selves Beasts ( the are just after the sex) and those who call them selves Zoos ( The passion and love, not just about sex.)

    Official Unionist

    Now come on, you can’t just pick and choose. If you are going to cite the Bible on beastiality, then also cite it on homosexuality:

    “If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.” – Leviticus 20:13

    If you are using the Bible as your guide, then you should use the entire Bible, not just the parts you agree with because you are supposed to believe that it is the inspired word of God. Not just some parts of it, but the whole thing.

    Ah, but I am not here to comdemn people to death for their sexual practices. The Bible does that, but it doesn’t speak for me. But, do we even need the Bible to know that this sex with animals is disgusting and detestable?

    The answer is no. The average person anywhere in the world, regardless of religion, is dismayed and shocked by the practice because it is wholly unnatural and shows a deviation from the norm.

    Such people who practice zoophilia are deviants who are going down a sick path. Of course, they take offense to being called “evil” or “sick” and want special status as a minority group with rights. There are new groups like this springing up all over the world demanding their right to do whatever they want to do. Of course, if they do it, and the only harm they do is to their own body, mind and soul, then I believe they do have that right. However, since it is such a repulsive practice, they should not be surprised that the general population finds it very disgusting and out of pure repulsion, people will very likely attack them either verbally or physically if they catch them doing it.

    So my position is somewhere between the extremes: on one side is the militant zoophile who wants his “right” to have sex with animals to be normalized in society or at least left alone to go to the barnyard brothels. On the other extreme are those who quote the Bible and are really willing to kill a human being over this issue.

    If I ever saw this being done, I would be disgusted and I really don’t know what I would do. I doubt that I would attack the person doing it, but I would certainly show my disgust with it.

    As for those who have tried it and are getting hooked on it. You have a real problem and need to get help before it takes over your life. Your goal should be to have normal sexual activity with a member of the opposite sex and leave this obsession behind you. There are a lot better things to be doing with your life anyway. There is also a New World Order and frankly, these kinds of craziness are part of it.

    I blame all the Paddys for the problems with the beasts, back in there land they would fuck and thing that has half a hole. that's how aids got started a Paddy fucked a monkey and bingo aids got spread.


    That is such a pathetically stupid comment, “lost in un-reality”.

    Why does this article attract so many retards? I guess it’s in the title, but it should also be read by level-headed decent God fearing people, just so they understand that there is this sickness running through society and it needs to be addressed.

    It’s actually scary how many hits it has been getting, hundreds every day for months. There are a lot of you out there and I don’t just mean loyalists, but also religious nuts and assorted racists chiming in..

    Traditional Republican
    Where are the normal sane Irish people? Are there any left out there? If so, speak up!
    lost in reality

    New IRA

    You know what? Your racism is just as filthy and disgusting as the animal fuckers. There is no difference between you and them. You are all a bunch of…I almost said ‘animals’… but truth is animals are better than you all.

    It’s just sad, so sad how degenerate and crazy people are and they have no shame or desire to change. It is one thing to have a problem and admit it, but it is quite another to revel in it. That is a sign of spiritual darkness, a diseased mind.

    A Nun

    Oh yeah, another Orange psycho head case.


    this is ba,ba,ba,ba,bad.
    i dont think mr ed would approve of this,and as for dog sex,why thats ruff!

    btw if a man has sex with a cat,does that mean he likes pussy?
    whAt about sex with a tomcat?
    what would THAT be??
    inquiring minds want to know.


    seriously you Orangies are selfish .for your sefish ,self centered desires you abuse animals who cannot consent.
    stop it


    EVIL BASTARDS,i hope all of you die ASAP. Youre all so ill. and i would personally have no problem ....... and let the animals you abuse eat your remains…..you f**king sick individulas,and yesyou are i minute bunch of outcasts! rot in hell,,,and you will do just that you twats.

    Decent Catholic

    That is just gross and sick>>>>>>>>>>>>man was created for woman and woman for man and not man for beast,,,,,nor woman for beast….how can someone watch an animal and desisire than their own human beings.sick…for reasons like these the world shall perished and all the lust thereof

    Canadian orangeman

    I agree that this should be done everywhere also its a great idea, i know i would do it and its not that much of an expense, people pay for hookers and thats apprently alright to do

    American fenian

    Let me get this straight: do you mean to tell us that your husband/lover inserts his penis into your dog’s vagina, and into your vagina too?? I didn’t know that women like you existed. After reading this blog, I feel nauseated, and I think I need psychotherapy.


    Wow, what a crazy. I feel bad for animals. Those people have no rights to do that.

    I agree only that like what seems to be the majority, bestiality, Orangeism or whatever one wishes to call it is unacceptable to the vast majority of people worldwide, or at least that is my impression.

    Like many, I have to consider it some sort of mental problem or just plain sick.

    Uncle Sam
    Ugh… this makes me feel sick. I understand that bestiality has been around forever. However, it has normally been kept secret due to society’s disapproval. But in Britin they are doing it openly, apparently with the approval of society? How low can British go?


    Exactly. Next the necrophiliacs will be demanding their “rights” to defile corpses in graveyards. And it goes on…


    The ‘orangies, necro and beasties’ argument is similar. None of their partners are complaining.

    Joc Stein

    No, no, no. Don’t be dense. I don’t at all agree. I was agreeing with you that undoubtedly the next step will be ‘rights’ on the basis that none of the victims, only the tiags are complaining.


    Well, I couldn’t see how we were to construe “None of their Orange partners are complaining” any other way. But I will accept what you say based on your qualification. You should have qualified it the way you just did to make your position clear. Sorry from my end for misunderstanding you.

    Animal lover

    Sick f*cks….I wish the worst on you sick bastards, hope someone or something rapes you see how you like it.

    Matty's church
    to all the “orangies” or “animal lovers” or whatever, You claim its you “right”, and its better to have sex with an animal than to eat it? Tell me, How can you prove the animal is willing? I don’t think you can. Therefore what you do is rape as well! Now excuse me while I go puke! Jesus’s return draws near!!
    Gabacho loco 

    pretty soon the animals will be stalking their masters-partners and will be sued for rape and indecent exposure


    I guess I’m a freak for being celibate all these years. Sex with animals? That doesn’t sound right to me.

    yes but funny enough its fine to own a gun which can kill… given the choice I’d prefer the neighbour that owned a horse.

    Royal Black

    “To all you nay-sayers, I suggest you do some research & get your FACTS straight when you make pronouncements like ’sickko’ & such.”

    Apprentice Boy


    You sayt hat people that have sex with animals are sick… but some of you are even sicker…

     Royal Black Chapter

    I love this blog. It’s like a zombie movie, but the characters are not dead, just hopelessly and blindly absorbed with themselves. Zoophiles who think they are in romantic love with animals, Nazis who blame Jews for their beer guts, hemorrhoids and jock itch, Christians who believe that every word of the Bible is direct communication from an all-powerful invisible friend. Then there is Royal Black, whose members somehow understand how a horse emotionally interprets sex with a human.

    …and I REALLY love animals. I consider my dogs to be friends. I truly love them dearly. I understand communication and affection across species. But I’m not sticking my dick in them. That’s disgusting…and nothing more than what I think.


    Thank you for remaining human, and sensible, knowing your place, your pets’ place and where to put your Johnson and where not to.

    Papal nuncio

    I totally agree. Disgusting, Sick, sick, sick. And stupid.

    Reverend Mother

    Thanks to you, too. Your input to this seems consistently sane. I appreciate that your “weapon of choice” is common sense. The only thing that borders on the insane is that both of us are spending time addressing orangies, Nazis, fundies and others who care absolutely nothing about what anyone else thinks or says.


    So it’s OK to have sex with animals, as long as they don’t get hurt?

    What does one do, ask the horse if he likes getting porked in the ass by a pervert?


    So this is How Swine flu ….was able to cross transmute .

    im sorry but anyone what wants to have sex with an animal isn’t right in the head, there is nothing natural, its not ethical and itss just plain weird.


    people will have sex with anything these days, makes you sick.

    Heavy Metal

    i read an article about a guy who had sex with his car, thats pretty disturbing.

    Irish Bishop

    first of all what nasty son of a bitch would want to sleep with a smelly animal. Second of all the male parts on these animals is disqusting. Completely gross, This world is coming to an end. who cares what feels good. just because it feels good doesn’t mean it is moral and right. People just can go around an do whatever they want. It is completely disqusting and I hope everyone who does this will burn in hell. and they probably will. What a sick world this has come too. Not to mention that is how Aids came about, some sick fucker slept with a monkey. probably how the swine flu came about. And the animal doesn’t get hurt. animals have a sense of right and wrong, they know that it’s not right. not to mention it would also be like, well I can sleep with my house keeper, because she is less of a species than me, as long as I don’t hurt her. Go to church people, this road is going to send you all straight to hell


    What the f**cks wrong with all the do gooders, the is no GOD and if there were a GOD he wouldn’t have allowed such things to on. I don’t agree with animale sex altho i have done it as a dare when i was younger, now days i would rather a 3 some with a couple. GOD is a fairytale made up many years ago, he never was and never will be. Get over it and leave people to there own doings.

    Clonard Monastery

    I say to each his own. I mean as long as no person or beast is harmed there shouldn’t be a problem. I personally never participated in it but there are things I do that would be frowned upon andI wouldn’t want to be judged by it. As far as the Bible goes yes it does say its ok to kill someone that does this but it also says your children should be put to death for cursing at you or being a brat… so what does that tell you? Everyone has there things the do behind closed door and its usually the 1st ones the point the finger who have the biggest secret. No one is perfect so we should be so harsh and so quick to judge.


    SHOULDN’T be so harsh an so quick to judge*


    This is about abusive power not sex, hence this is why I’d expect a few Bilderbergers to be doing this kind of thing.

    Sister Mary

    Most sensible answer yet. and the truest…

    There are two basic reasons why this is occurring.1) The spread of Pagan Practices by the CONDEMNED Tribe of Dan from antiquity.2) The continued deliberate undermining of the word of God and destruction of Morals and family values by the same God-less beings and the Secret Societies they belong to. Read the book “The Curse of Canaan” a Demonology of History By Eustace Mullins for a concise well researched book on untold, behind the scenes history you are not meant to know about. Reality is stranger than fiction and this is not fiction! Remember, God has no secrets with his children…so who does?

    Lapsed Vegetarian

    Wait a minute, you mean after some perverted farmers and their friends have sex with their cows and pigs…they import them to America and we’ve been eating them? No wonder Organic Home Grown was invented. Gotta go and brush my teeth I just had a BLT.

    Gun conrol

    So what if people fuck animals?
    At least they don’t go around shooting children i schools…


    It’s funny when fucking idiots want to control other people’s lives when they are having fun. I believe that if both of the subjects are not hurt and that both subjects don’t mined intercourse with each other (in mined the human being the one receiving action from the animal) I believe that it is not wrong.


    I can’t believe that something as disturbing as animal brothels exist in British Occupied Ireland.. I don’t understand what kind of loyalist people run them and more importantly pay to sleep with animals. It is certainly a warped society we live in, where this is allowed. And i’m not sure how any country would allow this. I believe there have been countries in the past where pedophilia and necrophilia were also legal, which again is even sicker.
    There is something wrong with a country’s society and government that allows legal animal brothels, even worse people defending them and even admitting to being Orangemen. However they put it. Orangemen abuse. They take advantage. They molest animals. Some animals can die such as snakes and chickens and other small beasts. But also it’s a form of cruelty messing with there heads and forcing themselves on animals. I mean if an Orangeman just pounced on a woman in the street and started having sex with her. he’d be quite rightly be seen as a sexual predator.
    Orangeman who needs to be stopped and animals need to stop suffering in silence

    California babble

    I think everyone is missing the point. People who have sex with animals are obviously missing something in their life and trying to fill it with this. If we actually address real human needs instead of pigeon holing everyone, this sort of thing would not be so prolific. Everyone needs to stop the hate and get an idea.
    The Salvation Army

    Many Caucasians have 4% Neanderthal DNA, so this kind of practice of having sex with animals is normal for them. Please do the research and you will find this to be a scientific fact.

    In Northern Ireland - A Grotesque Carnivals of Vilification

    By Finian Cunningham
    uly 14, 2013 "Information Clearing House - To many people around the world, the violence in Northern Ireland this weekend may seem incomprehensible. After all, it is nearly 15 years since the political conflict in the British province of Ireland was officially declared over, with the signing of the.

    That agreement was meant to signal the peaceful end of a nearly 30-year conflict that cost the lives of more than 3,000 people, which proportionate to the population of Northern Ireland represented a huge number of deaths.

    Now it appears that street violence has once again returned with scenes over the weekend from the main city Belfast looking like a war zone. Dozens of policemen were injured in riots, properties and vehicles were set ablaze, family homes were targeted by petrol bombs and hundreds of police reserves had to be flown in from England, Scotland and Wales to back up the overstretched security forces.

    Adding to the bewilderment of observers is that the rioting crowds are supporters of a seemingly arcane institution called the Orange Order. Their members dress with strange-looking orange-coloured sashes, wear quaint black bowler hats and carry swords and flags to commemorate a battle that occurred more than 320 years ago between rival Protestant and Catholic English kings on Irish soil.

    The commemoration of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, in which Protestant King William of Orange defeated the Catholic King James, is held every year on the 12th July. The annual Orange marches are held by Protestant descendants of British settlers who invaded the North of Ireland as part of Britain’s colonial conquest and demographic engineering against the native, mainly Catholic Irish.

    The truth is that every year these marches are accompanied by violence, even in recent years of so-called peace. Why? Because the Orange Order was from its inception nearly 200 years ago set up deliberately as a sectarian instrument of British colonial domination in Ireland. The Order was exclusively Protestant, pro-British and rabidly anti-Catholic. The British colonial authorities fomented the Order and its vicious sectarianism as a way of driving a wedge between the communities and in particular to subjugate the rebellious Irish.

    British partition of Ireland in 1921 into a nominally independent southern state and a British-run northern province has always been a bone of contention for the northern pro-independence Irish. They have felt alienated within a British gerrymandered northern state, denied of their national rights and dominated by a false pro-British Protestant majority. For the maintenance of this injustice, successive British governments have relied on the sectarianism of the Orange Order to enforce their unlawful imperialist presence in Ireland.

    Every year, the pro-British Orangemen would march through the mainly Catholic nationalist villages, towns and areas of Belfast in a demonstration of the second-class status that the native Irish were assigned by the British authorities. The Orange Order and its triumphal boorish marches were aimed at denigrating the Irish Catholics, to remind them that the British state bestowed its favor on the Protestant, pro-Unionist community. The marchers would be draped with British Union flags and the foulest insults would be chanted or sung while the processions passed by Catholic homes and churches.

    One of the popular songs of hatred sung by the Orangemen is ‘The Sash’. With drums banging out the rhythm, the marchers would sing: “We’re up to our knees in 
    Fenian blood.” Can you imagine the humiliation and terror that Catholic households must have felt during these grotesque carnivals of vilification conducted right outside their homes?

    Here is another example of the depraved mentality of these Orange marches. In one mainly Catholic area of Belfast called the Lower Ormeau a group of five unarmed men in a sporting office was slaughtered by a British paramilitary death squad in 1992. In subsequent years when the Orange marchers would parade past the Catholic residents, the Orangemen would in unison raise their arms with five fingers pointed at the households and neighbors of the murdered men. That was meant as a sickening degradation of that community aimed to demonstrate British-state-sanctioned superiority of the Orangemen.

    Typically, the 12th July marches - thousands of them all across the British territory of Northern Ireland - would proceed in the morning through the Catholic areas on the way to a designated gathering point for dozens of Orange lodges emanating from different directions. All day in the field, the Orangemen and their paramilitary supporters would listen to bloodcurdling speeches denouncing Catholics as “enemies of the British state”. Copious amounts of alcohol would be consumed to fire up the hatred.

    Then in the evening, the Orange marchers would make their return procession through the same Catholic areas that they had debased earlier that day. That is when the violence would often ignite, mostly provoked by the Orange side. To compare the Orange Order to the Ku Klux Klan is a fair assessment. Can you imagine the KKK being allowed to march through an African-American district of New York, Los Angeles or Georgia? Maybe a few centuries ago such a supremacist provocation could have happened against African-Americans. But only a few years ago, in the heyday of the British Orange state of Northern Ireland with its state-sanctioned discrimination against Catholics, the Orange Order would be fully facilitated in its provocative marches by the mainly Protestant-manned police force; and all with British government tacit approval from London.

    Today, such outrageous state backing of sectarian provocation and humiliation is no longer acceptable or countenanced. The Good Friday Agreement of 1998 stipulated “equality” for all cultural traditions in Northern Ireland. The Police Service of Northern Ireland replaced the hated sectarian and death-squad-colluding Royal Ulster Constabulary, and a Parades Commission was set up to restrain the worst excesses of the Orange Order.

    Nevertheless, it is still reprehensible that any Catholic community in Northern Ireland should have to endure any level of sectarian menace from the Orange Order and its paramilitary supporters. The latest violence in Northern Ireland has flared because the Parades Commission ruled that the Orangemen could not make their “traditional” return march through the Catholic North Belfast area of Ardoyne. During the decades of conflict, the community in Ardoyne saw hundreds of its people killed by British-state-sanctioned Protestant death squads. Yet, the same like-minded bigots in the Orange Order are aggrieved because their days of coat-trailing triumphalism through Catholic areas like the Ardoyne are now on the wane.

    The Orange Order and its supporters make the absurd claim that such restrictions amount to “an erosion” of Pro-British Protestant culture. Of course, British media and politicians in London are wringing their hands over the latest upsurge in Orange violence.

    London-appointed Northern Ireland minister Theresa Villiers said of the mayhem this weekend: “This sort of behavior does nothing to promote ‘Britishness’ or the pro-Union cause.”

    Ms Villiers and her London government are woefully ignorant of history or are feigning ignorance. For it is precisely British colonial policy in Northern Ireland that instigated and fomented the sectarian psychosis of the Orange Order and its followers over many centuries and until recently. Every year, Irish people, both Catholic as well as many decent Protestants, have to endure the hate-filled legacy of British misrule in Ireland. The only viable long-term solution to Ireland’s ongoing political problem is for the British government to remove its unlawful imperialist presence in Northern Ireland, give way to long-denied Irish self-determination, and for the British misrulers to take their poisonous sectarianism with them.

    Finian Cunningham, originally from Belfast, Ireland, was born in 1963. He is a prominent expert in international affairs. The author and media commentator was expelled from Bahrain in June 2011 for his critical journalism in which he highlighted human rights violations by the Western-backed regime. He is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in journalism. He is also a musician and songwriter. For many years, he worked as an editor and writer in the mainstream news media, including The Mirror, Irish Times and Independent. He is now based in East Africa where he is writing a book on Bahrain and the Arab Spring.He co-hosts a weekly current affairs programme, Sunday at 3pm GMT on Bandung Radio.

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    Comments (24)

    Marabu's avatar
    Marabu· 14 weeks ago
    Aaaah, yes. Religion doing its thing once again.
    4 replies · active 14 weeks ago
    Tee's avatar
    Tee· 14 weeks ago
    Fecking hate these marches, they march in Glasgow as well and are equally disgusting here...
    Jigsaw's avatar
    Jigsaw· 14 weeks ago
    There is a serious madness in that society which is brought to the boil every July. The politicians now seem to be trying to be responsible, it's the ordinary people who are insane. The psychoses of a dead empire and the afterbirth of an incomplete settler colonisation program played out year after year.
    Michael W's avatar
    Michael W· 14 weeks ago
    It's about time that Ireland was one country; this has gone on too long. As for these marches, as the writer correctly states, they are the same as the klan, and as such should be banned. It is one thing to be proud of your country, but it is something completely different to be a nationalist, as this causes hatred and racism.
    Darryl's avatar
    Darryl· 14 weeks ago
    History of British Colonialism throughout the world has left many marks on the present and previous colonies, many of them have been
    divided as separate people. As long as the divided colonies do not make a serious effort to reach across the dividing line and respect the other half, the legacy of the British policies of divide and conquer will subjugate both sides. British mistreated the indigenous people of the colonies
    as worthless animals, while they robbed them of their natural resources. British destroyed the humanity within their colonies, to me it seems like the Orange Order itself is victim of destruction by the British Colonialism.
    1 reply · active 14 weeks ago
    Alex's avatar
    Alex· 14 weeks ago
    I guess when they ban IRA marches I might agree... As for the writer he seems to forget that the majority up north want to stay British.... The Irish I seem to remember wiped out the original indigenous people of Ireland. If it becomes one island do you think the trouble will stop or will the Irish ethnical cleanse the north of the pro-Brits?
    3 replies · active 14 weeks ago
    David Kennedy's avatar
    David Kennedy· 14 weeks ago
    Having lived in Ireland for some years, I have no doubt that both religion and colonialism have much to do with the ongoing problems there. Catholicism forbids contraception and abortion. Non-Catholics don't like this imposition on their freedom. The British elite certainly follow the age-old policy of 'divide and rule' and so are happy to see internal disputes absorbing attention about which they can feel very superior, while exploiting both sides. Furthermore, positions become entrenched so that people cannot see beyond the brick walls erected in their minds. Catholicism has often allied itself with extreme political viewpoints, including imperialism and fascism. This too complicates the situation in Ireland. Rule by priests and brainwashing by religion is inimical to true democracy. These are problems not just for Ireland, but in many countries all around the world.
    3 replies · active 14 weeks ago
    Brian's avatar
    Brian· 14 weeks ago
    The British have invaded every country in the world with the exception of ten. They then set about dividng the population on iether racial or religious lines and aggravate these divisions, to both justify their presence and to make it easy.

    Wherever the British have been, they have left division all around the world. They invented the Concentration camp and were engaged in a holocaust in Ireland that disappeared more than 6 and quarter million people.

    Irish republicans do not engage in sectarianism, which is the anthitesis of what the principles of republicanism is about. Republicanism was taken to Ireland after the French revolution by Protestant leaders who originally established it in Ireland, where it still has many Protestant members.

    Many if not most of active republicans are not in fact religious at all but British propaganda world wide like the BBC world service broadcast this lie world wide.
    The problem is British colonialism. Currently despite a Peace Process in British Occupied Ireland they are politically interning Irish people without trial. For details seewww.releasemartincorey.com
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    jerry· 14 weeks ago
    Ireland is under the same strains many nations today suffer with. Divisions along every line in the sands of humanity is destructive to any people but yet these affinities often moored deeply in the past seem to raise the ugly heads and cause undo strain in Northern Ireland each year.

    When the population of any given nation begons to aggregate around social justice issues, demands for sane foreign and economic policy and cares and protections for the poor, the old clubs of division march against to their own drummers seeking marchers for their causes unknowingly dividing and conquering themselves in this way/

    It's deceptive rhetorics that incite such arcane battles to rise up as memorials to days gone by past glories or newfound radical resistance against established orders. Is it really important if one is a Cathilic, Protestant, Millenial generation x,er or a baby boomer, liberal, conservative, gay straight or Jewish, Christian Islamic or other? Why do people even bring up these lines in human sands and instigate tensions between peoples? Is it history repeating itself, is it society so enthralled with combative competitiveness between sects, parties, money making and gun weilding prowess that we humans prefer agumentative hate fests to community appreciation days, acceptance of others as they are??? Is this natural for citizens under duress of bankers barkers and press charlatans to bicker and fight incessantly while their commons are brutally raped and pillaged by fat cats and their bullshit spewing theoreticians ? It may well be that the common folks of common bonds under the quack boots of empire cant get our shit together to mount a couter reprisal to the divisionists among us and in this state, we just bicker as neros fiddle while our neighborhoods burn down along ethnic, generational and egotistical lines in our sands not even drawn by us, but obeyed none the less by our lives. How often do Catholics get along well with Protesatants, how often to Gays get along well with straights, liberals with conservative, baby boomers with millenials, crats with gop, crown royals with their peon subjects? The answer is most of the time but as we see those nice times of congeniality, cooperative common bonds of poverty and human need for love make us friends rather than competitors.

    Finian writes this up well, he decides not to throw wood on the fire and just decry the wrangling over old hurts and restates that Northern Ireland has troubles along political lines drawn on religious scripts, the religion is nothing, the politics is the problem, but look above, whom seeks to blame evry human toil trouble and burden on one thing alone when it is known, even in middle eastern strifes that reliion has nothing to do with the wars, it;s politicians exploiting writers bents of various sectarian divisions and sicking them on their quarry after pinching their hearts then blaming it on their religious counterparts. To my eyes, the worsening of these divisions isnt a natural thing at all, but a deviant strain of hatred encouraged by alpha dogs of their respective realms trying to aggregate power via fear of others under their domain names and auspicies, it isnt about people undying anomosity against each other, it;s about the instigators of such divisions remaining hidden behind the veils of their snarky and hatefully disgraced clubs/
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    Vilified· 14 weeks ago
    When, in the 50s, our VP-5 navy Neptune landed in North Ireland on a good will tour, we had to fill a questionnaire which, among other questions, asked what our religions were. Since some of our crew were Catholics, we were restricted as to where we went in Belfast.
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